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2-9689 - Rupture Disk Monitoring done Wirelessly - to meet Safety and Regulatory Requirements Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryA Refinery in SLC needed to monitor several rupture disks in the HF Alkylation process of the refinery. Adding a monitoring system for a rupture disk that is reliable and easy to install and will meet safety requirements is typically very difficult and expensive to do, particularly in a potentially toxic portion of the plant. A low cost and reliable solution was presented to the refinery in the form of wireless pressure transmitters. This workshop will show the cost analysis, field installation, integration into the DCS, long term results and lessons learned. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Garrison
Tony Searle
3-9709 - How to transfer SIS trips between two SIS technologies with a single database Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryA North America mining project was initially developed with M-series controllers. An expansion later in the project introduced S-series controllers, CHARMS and Charm Safety Logic Solvers (CSLS). Both M-series and S-series devices work within the same DeltaV Zone in a multi zone database. SIS Trips between CSLS and SLS 1508 are shared by hardwired signals between cabinets. 45 minutes Workshop Javier Cob Briceno
2-9610 - Get Connected - Using the Micro Motion Coriolis 5700 Ethernet transmitter with a Rockwell System Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryEntegris integrated the new Micro Motion Coriolis 5700 Ethernet transmitter into an EtherNet/IP system to improve batch accuracy and to collect data for QC monitoring. The transmitter was easy to integrate into Rockwell’s RSLogix due to the Add On Profile (AOP) that Micro Motion provided. Because the transmitter works with existing Micro Motion sensors, our sensors will be retrofitted saving us approximately $12,000 per flowmeter. Overall we are seeing increased system efficiency and product production with less scrap and rework. This has directly translated into savings at the bottom line. 45 minutes Workshop Paul Cramer
Andy Burnett
Dawn Kelsch
6-9615 - DeltaV Cybersecurity Services Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateProcess control system cybersecurity is not a single project, but rather a day-to-day journey. Constant attention must be paid to how cybersecurity measures are installed, maintained and enforced for each DeltaV system. At times, the myriad of solutions and standards can be overwhelming. Emerson’s cybersecurity services framework will identify the appropriate solutions and measure your progress as you continuously improve cybersecurity. Come learn about the latest enhancements to our portfolio of cybersecurity services, including our newly released McAfee solutions. 45 minutes Workshop Ben Jackman
Rick Gorskie
2-9634 - Interface Measurements in Three Phase Separator Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateInterface level measurement in a three phase separator with only 2 nozzles can lead to incorrect level measurement as a result of the inability of the hydrocarbon to equalize in the chamber. These applications can benefit from the use of chambers with multiple nozzles by providing more level equalization points between the vessel and the chamber. In a continuous use high pressure vessel the probe can be difficult to remove from the process. Using a chamber allows the probe to be isolated for repair and cleaning. Also, for interface service a chamber allows for easier setup and commissioning. 45 minutes Workshop Rohan Oak
David Hughes
Panthini Patel
6-9949 - Data Integration (EIOC & OPC) Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIn this session participants will learn about how easy it is to integrate information into the DeltaV system from 3rd party systems in the plant or from the MES and ERP layers. Participants will learn about the Ethernet I/O card (EIOC) functionality that was introduced in the DeltaV V13.3 system to interface with Ethernet based devices; as well as a refresher of OPC.NET in order to securely and easily interface with OPC servers and clients. 45 minutes Workshop Juan Bravo
1-9230 - Chevron Phillips Chemical the sweet feeling of success, a 5 year modernization plan completed Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryCPC Pasadena has just completed a modernization 3 plant areas converting to DeltaV from Honeywell based control begining in 2011.Plant Area 7&8 have been completed and are operating, Plant Area 6 is awaiting installation and commissioning.All 3 plant areas utilize a unique solution of CHARMS in the field in order to meet the shutdown schedule.Additionally the site was experiencing the existing Honeywell equipment at the end of support or have received a date for end of support.This paper will discuss the solutions implemented to meet the challenges, best practices used and the results/benefits 45 minutes Workshop Chih-An Hwang
Marc Troy
Yusef France
5-8509 - How to apply Stage/Gate-processes for DCS-projects Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn order to obtain sustainable and predictable performance for its automation projects, Hexion has developed engineering guidelines and standards for DCS/SIS-projects and applied these in a stage/gate manner. Stage/gate is a well known project management tool, but often not specific enough for automation projects. This workshop introduces the stage/gate process that Hexion applies for its Global Epoxy DCS Modernization program. This includes deliverables for each stage and checklists and other tips for gate reviews. 45 minutes Workshop Jan de Rijke
Frank van Dijk
3-9095 - Automating Smart Instrument configuration Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedIn the plant and process automation world, we deal with various types of wired and wireless networks for sensor data acquisition and process control. •Configuration of transmitter on site always takes tremendous amount of effort. •One of the key solution to configuring large number of instruments in a project is to leverage central configuration and management system through control system to build and upload the configuration to each individual device 3 45 minutes Workshop kash behdinan
Megan McCoy
1-9103 - Fast-Track Commissioning & Start-up at Red Chris Mine - Lean & Mean! Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryAre you challenged on your plant commissioning & startup schedule? This presentation addresses fast-track commissioning planning best practices, creative solutions and lessons learned at the Red Chris copper & gold mine commissioning and start-up. We will discuss how we planned for and executed a world-class start-up that exceeded expectations. 45 minutes Workshop Thomas Gross
Andrew Yick
6-8629 - Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) Analysis of a DeltaV System Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryElectronic control systems are fairly robust in nature and experience few failures when operated within design parameters of temperature, humidity, and dust. However, when we subject these components to environments that may be outside the design characteristics, failures increase. In a recent Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) of a Delta V system, potential causes of early onset failure were identified and applicable predictive technologies were selected to detect those potential causes so remedial action can be taken. This is critical for reliability in challenging environments. 45 minutes Workshop Dennis Belanger
Emeka Anosike
3-9329 - Safe by Chance or Safe by Choice? Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThere has been much effort to improve the conduct of operations posture at industrial plants, laboratories and research facilities. Even as conduct of operations has steadily improved, we still encounter accidents and other operational issues that result in significant injuries, negative impacts to corporate image, and serious financial penalties. This can be daunting when you operate in high-hazard, high-consequence industries like weapons, nuclear power, and chemicals. What can be done to ensure workers and facilities remain safe, even when the unexpected occurs? 45 minutes Workshop Greg Stephens
3-9090 - Modernize your plant with IIoT at your own pace Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceIndustrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables richer process and asset data for more effective operation. You can modernize your plant with IIoT without replacing the DCS. This session teaches how to get started to take advantage of new networked sensors and analytics software. Take a phased approach to implementation; start within the plant, only connecting to the Internet for cloud and Remote Monitoring Services much later; in 6 steps. 5 real world installations from different process industries and business models are summarized to provide guidance and savings indication. 45 minutes Workshop Jonas Berge
EDU-11229 - Coriolis Installation Best Practices & Smart Meter Verification Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This Micro Motion short course is for anyone that is connected with the efficiency, safety and maintenance of any plant process and who wants to maximize profitability, uptime and product quality. The growth of Coriolis Flow and Density meters continues to displace other technologies. Whether you already use Coriolis or not, you will learn about how to apply it to challenging applications in your plant and also learn about Smart Meter Verification and the Data Historian feature of the new 5700 Transmitter. 1 Hour Educational Services Steve Lopez
Anthony Gentile
4-10158 - Predictive Maintenance using analysis advance variables from smart positioners Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: AdvancedOur gas plant in most of their process lines have control valves installed, yet most of them do not have bypass to perform online maintenance. This is the main reason why we use as far as we can positioners with advance options and diagnostics. 45 minutes Workshop Paul Alarcon
Silvia Rojas
4-10165 - Electronic Steam Pressure Reducing Control for District Heating Systems Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryConsolidated Edison, the largest utility in NYC, delivers 200 PSIG Steam to over 1,600 customers. After metering, the pressure is reduced one of two ways; pilot-operated regulators or pneumatic control valves. Until recently, pneumatic controls had been the preferred method. Utilizing the FloBoss 107, Fieldvue positioners and Rosemount transmitters these stations have been retrofitted to electronic control which can be accurately monitored/controlled locally and via BMS. By reducing steam pressure in response to demand, buildings have shown reductions in annual consumption resulting in ROI. 45 minutes Workshop Joe Lambert
2-10211 - Emerson's Reciprocating Monitoring Solution Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryReliability Solutions (RS) is now offering an extension on rotating machinery program: Machinery health monitoring for Reciprocating Compressors. This solution includes our big differentiator: Compressor valve monitoring, utilizing PeakVue, to identify problems on the compressor valves. This provides a leading indicator for valve leakage compared to conventional PV analysis that provides a lagging indication. RS customers are including monitoring points for: frame and crosshead vibrations, rod drop, pressure monitoring and temperatures 45 minutes Workshop Brian Overton
Mark Granger
6-10134 - Misconceptions Regarding the Differences between Control and Isolation Valve Standards Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryToday, more than ever it can be challenging to understand what standards apply to each valve in your facility. In a world full of endless information it is very common to have misconceptions and generalities regarding valve standards. This workshop will you help you understand and talk coherently about what standards apply to control valves and which ones apply to isolation valves, some of the key differences between the two and why it’s important to specify the correct one. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Nymeyer
Andrew Prusha
3-10127 - Quickly and Safely Retrofit H2S Fields with Automation Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryAfter an acquisition, my customer had a high producing oil field with no automation. Unfortunately in addition to oil yields, this field also produces a lot of H2S. Wanting remote access to production data, our biggest challenge was how to deploy an effective automation strategy while not compromising employee safety. A Wireless automation strategy was selected because of the high level of data reliability and the fast and easy installation. This allowed us to minimize the time spent in the on site keeping potential H2S exposure to a minimum. 45 minutes Workshop Alexander Miller
3-10153 - Zeta Lab Freeze System with DeltaV in a shoebox size - Made for Life-Science Research and Development Application Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis presentation will discuss a recently performed proof of concept for a Zeta Lab Freeze System as an example for a DeltaV Life Science Research and Development (DeltaV R&D) Application. We are glad to share the news, that DeltaV can be as small as a shoebox, while even executing Batch phases. The Zeta Lab Freeze System is designed for studying the dynamics of freezing processes and their effects on solutions of biological active ingredients such as proteins. The data it delivers can form the basis for intelligent scaling-up of the freezing process, so DeltaV R&D enables easy tech transfers. 45 minutes Workshop Sven Franke
Klaus Erni
1-10329 - Considerations when implementing a Privileged Remote Access (PAM) solution for providing world class support of your DeltaV Control Systems Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateRemote access to systems spread across the country present a problem for timely support when you have a primary central support group. Being able to access your control systems quickly, securely and anytime/anywhere is paramount for world class support. This presentation identifies options for managing access to control systems in a way that provides ironclad security and minimizes complexity for users interfacing to the system. 45 minutes Workshop Marty Martin
Travis DeBenedetto
3-10331 - You too can implement Automated Patch Management Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedImplementation of patch management can be overwhelming depending on the size and complexity of the customer's DeltaV system. Emerson has made the DeltaV Patch Management 'easy' by providing our customers the option to implement Patch Management on their own. The newly released "Automated Patch Management Installation and Configuration Manual" allowed Georgia Pacific to install Patch Management on their own without support from Emerson. 45 minutes Workshop Kurt Russell
Rick Gorskie
1-10350 - ONGC set to recover $3M Annually by reducing gas custody transfer uncertainty Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateONGC Gas plant at Uran, India supplies over 353 MMSCFD gas to various consumers. They had custody transfer systems based on orifice metering with uncertainty of 0.9%. ONGC wanted improvement in the system. Emerson proposed, designed & implemented Daniel Ultrasonic gas flow custody transfer systems to reduce measurement uncertainty to 0.3%. Emerson India manufactured the skid locally to reduce the project cost & schedule. The new system pays for itself in an year and will help ONGC to recover $3M annually from their custody transfers. Paper discusses project details & savings calculation. 45 minutes Workshop Keven Dunphy
Shardula Nogaja
5-10355 - Motivation in the Workplace: "How to Drive Team Synergy" Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntermediateMotivation is one of those ambiguous things that is hard to define but easy to identify when it's missing. The stresses of today's work environment demand more of our employees and give less in return, often leaving those ill-prepared to suffer at the team’s expense. Applying this nebulous social phenomenon and making it work in your team can make the difference between a team win or a calamity of misaligned expectations and outcomes. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Helbling
4-10292 - Wireless Valve Position Indication Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryPipeline splitter locations are typically located in remote areas making it difficult to test valve operation and determine accurate valve position. Keyera Energy implemented wireless valve position transmitters on a large pipeline splitter site, which was easily integrated with existing Bristol Control Wave RTU. Feedback of valve position to control room, eliminates operations having to drive to location, and be onsite with risk of injury. Addition of position feedback also improved reliability of valve system by knowing valves are operational and not stuck in one position. 45 minutes Workshop Trevor Andrews
Neal Tetreault
3-10552 - A Unique approach to maximize Refinery margins throught optimal use of Opportunity Crudes Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateCrude diet characterization is crucial for Refinery Optimization. It affects firstly Planning and Scheduling activities and secondly Process Optimization of individual Units as also Blending Plants. A good understanding of the crude entering to the refinery has an impact on the planning and affects all the Refinery operations. Crude Oil qualities available on the market today are wider than in the past. Indeed, new Oil fields coming with conventional or synthetic Crude oils as well as with Shale oils make more critical Crude Oil Management at the Refinery gate. 45 minutes Workshop Marcelo Carugo
Didier Lambert
5-10569 - Career Jungle Gym Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryStop thinking about careers as a ladder with a set path to take. It’s a jungle gym with many possibilities. With a focus on self-awareness, this session will provide career planning tips and tools for building your career development muscles. A self-assessment tool will be provided and we will guide you through plans for developing your strengths, strategies for networking, approaches for in-role growth, and determination of level of risk you are willing to accept. This session applies to both individual contributors and managers looking to create collaborative career development plans. 45 minutes Workshop Donna Gilligan
Leah Stanley
4-10576 - Emerson's Natural Gas Solutions: Worker-Monitor Dilema Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryEmerson's natural gas product portfolio allowed Equipment and Controls, Inc. to find the best solution for NRG New Castle with their worker-monitor setup feeding a natural gas power plant. NRG New Castle Required an SPL of <=85dB(A), but also needed to accurately and reliably control the natural gas that was feeding their power plant. As such, they turned to Emerson with our all-in-one solution across many business units. The solution allowed NRG New Castle to obtain the control and reliability that was needed, as well as maintain a safe noise level during operation. 45 minutes Workshop chris vergos
Michael Stinn
2-10571 - Improve Safety Proof Test Capabilities with Intelligent Instrumentation Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductorySafety Instrumented Systems are designed to be the most critical line of defense against a catastrophic failure. Ensuring that each component of the system is working properly is required, often leading to downtime and significant maintenance costs. Utilizing advanced features in Emerson's intelligent instruments, such as smart meter verification and partial stroke testing, users can monitor for common failures in their safety instrumented function while also extending the period between proof tests. 45 minutes Workshop Erik Mathiason
Tonya Wyatt
Afton Coleman
3-10610 - How to Improve Complex Separator and Pump Controls Using DeltaV and DeltaV Simulate Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateDuring development of a major offshore platform, the control strategy for the H|P separator evolved into a complex array of control loops. Elements included variable speed drives for the transfer pumps, which were used to help control the separator level. 45 minutes Workshop Robert Armstrong
Natalia Sandberg
Sumiti Lamichhane
3-10615 - IoT Your Plant for (Almost) Free Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe Internet of Things, or IoT, is a popular buzzword in the technology community. In short, IoT means multitudes of sensors will make their data available via networks for viewing and analysis. If the sensors are collecting data from secure process control systems, then transporting that data on the public Internet for analysis can be a frightening proposition. What are some technologies available to securely publish data? One option includes expensive proprietary hardware. What if you could use simple off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software to do the same? 45 minutes Workshop Ben Bishop
5-10627 - Human Factors – how your business culture and organisation can cause a disaster or prevent it Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceHuman Factors touches every aspect of our lives both inside and outside work. This presentation will draw comparisons with other industries like Aviation, NASA and Medical practices to examine the similarities and differences to the Process Sector. By looking in depth at the causes of a well-documented Aviation incident, it will establish which learnings we can apply to our daily environment operating a process plant. Human Factors make the key difference between the way processes are designed, operated and maintained, yet in practice these are often the most difficult to assess or influence 45 minutes Workshop Julian Annison
Travis Hesketh
1-10689 - AkzoNobel Improves Safety with Wireless Monitoriing of Safety Showers Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryAkzoNobel is a worldwide chemical company, and their facility in Houston, TX needed to improve safety by monitoring all of their safety shower and eye-wash stations. They wanted instant alerts when a station had been activated, as well as the location of the station so they could provide quick response time to any related incidents or need for care. Emerson's wireless safety shower and eye-wash monitoring system provided these features along with significant cost savings as compared to traditional wired solutions. Rosemount worked with local partners to implement this solution. 45 minutes Workshop Terry Stroud
Marcio Donnangelo
Alex Patterson
6-10709 - Blood, Sweat, and Fears: Solving Your Metering Challenges with the New Emerson Vortex Portfolio Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryVortex flowmeters are a unique technology that can be utilized for rugged process flows as well as clean utility flows. With the release of the new Rosemount 8600 Utility Vortex Flowmeter, Emerson is now one of the only vortex manufacturers with a truly tiered portfolio offering both utility and premium products. Whatever you value, from performance to price point, this complete portfolio offers solutions for users to meet all of their process and utility flow requirements. A truly unmatched portfolio is why Emerson is your global leader in vortex technology. 45 minutes Workshop Andrew Rogers
Ryan Bowlds
4-10711 - Optimizing SIS Digital Valve Controllers for Maximum Diagnostic Benefit on Large Accessorized SIS Valves Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateA proof test is required to meet a safety instrumented function’s (SIF) safety integrity level (SIL). When the calculated proof test interval frequency is greater than the scheduled maintenance intervals, partial stroke testing (PST) can be used to safely extend the time between proof tests to better align with maintenance intervals. We will discuss how BP Whiting utilizes the Fisher FIELDVUE SIS digital valve controller to perform intelligent PST and methods to diagnose and test large accessorized valve assemblies. 45 minutes Workshop Robert Ancrum
Afton Coleman
6-10723 - Emerson Presents: Pervasive Sensing Apps Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryUsers have more data than they ever have had before but don't have an easy way to use the data to make good business decisions. With the introduction of Pervasive Sensing Apps, users can have at a glance insights to many of their assets. Apps are being launched around many assets including steam traps, Pressure Relief Device, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Cooling towers, and multiple others. During this session, users will be presented with a brief overview of the app platform. It will include an overview of the dashboard, asset summary, and details pages. 45 minutes Workshop Melissa Stiegler
Brian Joe
4-10735 - Develop an Auto-Reset Slum Shut for the Natrual Gas Regulating stations of GNEA Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateENARSA is the Argentinian State owned Energy Company, focused on Natural Gas, Power and Renewable Energy projects. GNEA Project is Argentina’s North-East Gas Pipeline. It has a Total extension of 1448 km, divided into 3 main sections (Formosa, Chaco and Santa fe). 45 minutes Workshop Jorge Seva
Tomas Ghigliazza
4-10773 - Starting from Scratch, How Emerson Delivered a Valve to Marathon Petroleum Using Additive Manufacturing Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateEmerson’s investment in additive manufacturing has the customer at its core. Traditional manufacturing has inherent limitations, which led to Emerson’s desire to expand design capabilities and manufacturing flexibility utilizing Additive Manufacturing which removes traditional hurdles. Ultimately, the investment Emerson is making in this technology is to improve Emerson’s ability to deliver the products our customers need to achieve upper quartile performance. Marathon Petroleum recognizes these challenges, and partnered with Emerson to trial this process. 45 minutes Workshop Pat Sanders
Christine Hunt
Rebecca Rutishauser
4-10817 - Eliminate Remote Field Service Requirements and Improve Operational Efficiency of Natural Gas Pipelines Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryPensacola Gas runs a large natural gas distribution network. Automating the control of the pressure regulators in the pipeline eliminates low pressure situations resulting from changes in demand or environment, allowing the network to be optimized in real-time. This automation eliminates significant manual monitoring and intervention saving $85,000 per year and eliminating dissatisfied customers and lost revenue for businesses on the network. 45 minutes Workshop Anthony Hartman
Wendell Love
3-10780 - Evaluating technologies and adapting work practices maximized value from AMS and Smart transmitters. Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryDuring 2015 Wacker brought into operation a Polysilicon plant using Smart HART instrumentation on a DeltaV System. The group understood that some tools can provide options to streamline the commissioning process. Evaluating options, making early decisions and being willing to change procedures allowed Wacker to benefit from some of the tools that were available. The Loop check and commissioning procedures were then updated to take advantage of the AMS Device manager and Smart HART transmitters with great results. 45 minutes Workshop David Sheppard
4-10797 - Triple Offset Valve Proves Best Choice for Steam Service Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductorySNC Lavalin approached Emerson as a trusted solution provider, seeking a large bore valve for a critical isolation application in steam extraction service. A review of process conditions indicated a 36" 300# Virgo triple offset valve over other valve options. This resulted in a more robust valve from a readily available design. With the Virgo TOV, Emerson avoided the cost of custom engineering and provided the end-user savings on a safe solution and peace of mind that comes with years of reliable zero leak operation in steam service. 45 minutes Workshop Peter Alfonsi
Bernie Evers
4-10879 - Prioritizing Maintenance using Valve Diagnostics Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateThe two conventional units at the NRG Bowline site are critical to NYC’s peak season power needs. If control valve malfunction were to impact plant availability, the negative impact could reach $500K/day. In an effort to minimize this risk, NRG Bowline contracts Fisher Lifecycle Services for valve diagnostics. These diagnostics allow the site to prioritize work, limit maintenance costs, and spot latent problems before they can affect plant availability. For a small, per-tag cost, tens of thousands of dollars of avoidable maintenance spend were identified and eliminated from the outage scope. 45 minutes Workshop Stephen DiPilato
6-10829 - Dirty Jobs: Wedge solution for Flow Metering of Abrasive, Highly Viscous, and Dirty Applications Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryOriginally invented for the mining industry, wedge meters have been used for over 40 years. Wedge meters function using the same principles as Conditioning Orifice Plate, Annubar Averaging Pitot tube, and other Differential Pressure (DP) flow meters. Wedge meters are capable of measuring fluids that are not options for other DP flow meters. This workshop will discuss the principles of operations, key applications, and novel solutions of wedge meters. 45 minutes Workshop Shelby Traverso
3-10843 - Product blending at PEMEX case study of systems upgrade at Tula refinery to meet low sulfur environmental regulations while producing economic value Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateRefineries are finding their blend control systems, metering infrastructure and tankage are obsolete. PEMEX Tula refinery in Mexico underwent a project to upgrade their complete blending infrastructure as part of their Low Sulfur Gasoline Project. They added process units, had changing gasoline specs, new components, replaced an old Provox blending system that had become obsolete and could not cope the low sulfur modernization. 45 minutes Workshop Alfredo Martinez
Patrick Truesdale
Ed Schodowski
MTE-11238 - Measure and Analyze Application Best Practices and Common Mistakes Learn about best practices in specifying, installing, operating, and maintaining Rosemount Pressure, Temperature, and Analytical instrumentation.  Talk to the panel of experts about your application and instrumentation questions.  Learn about the most common installation mistakes that Rosemount engineers see from the field.  Get a glimpse at new Rosemount technologies and how they can further address instrumentation challenges.  1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Shrey Prajapati
Jason Rud
Kyle Stewart
Michael Olivier
Ben Louwagie
Dan Herzog
IF-11269 - Challenges in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry: A Journey of Survival Through Automation of the Field - Industry Forum As oil prices continue to stabilize, the focus on operational efficiency and lower cost continues.  While the lower price component of cost reductions are temporary, the fundamental cost structure improvements that increase operational efficiency will weather future market cycles.  This forum will address the best practices of leading production operators in functional areas of facility design, wellpad operation, and managing produced fluids in a changing world of increased regulatory standards of emissions and safety. 1.5 Hours Industry Forums James Haw
Justin Iglehart
Hilary Gleitz Jr
Laura Schafer
Steve Kinz
IF-11271 - Pulp and Paper Industry Forum "Sustainability in the Industry"   What are today's mills doing to ensure their sustainability in order that they remain profitable in the future (world class and best practices)?   Topics of Discussion will include: *  Reliability (uptime, maintenance costs, predictive, etc.) *  Sustainability (water, energy, stream, air) *  Variability (measurement & reduction, advanced control, etc.) 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Keith St.Thomas
Devin Marshman
Tom Elenz
Jim Dunbar
Sunand Mohan
Doug De Bruin
Danny Streets
MTE-11240 - Emerson Backup and Recovery This session will deep dive into deployment of the Emerson Backup and Recovery software. Topics will include system architecture, physical requirements, Emerson Backup plans, data integrity, and best practices. Typical usage issues and end customer questions will be covered. There will be time allotted for a Q&A session. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Phillip Smith
Kurt Russell
Milton Pollard
Otis Raring
NE-Networking - Networking Event - TX State History Museum Let the history of Texas inspire you as you connect with your peers at Thursday Evening’s Networking Event at the Bullock Texas State History Museum.  Located in the heart of the Capital of Texas, less than 2 miles from the Austin Convention Center, the Bullock Texas State History Museum is a stunning backdrop to enjoy delectable Austin fare and local brews. 3 Hours Networking Event
TR-11290 - Industrial Internet of Things The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is something that Emerson has been developing for decades. The PlantWeb digital plant architecture is a network of devices and systems with predictive intelligence. With the advent of wireless sensor networks, secure connectivity, on-premise platform capabilities, and cloud data processing, a new set of capabilities for data collection, predictive analytics, and performance monitoring is emerging. With this comes new business models and new ways of working that can help solve major industry problems by better leveraging expertise and computing power. Join a panel of experts in a discussion on what is being done today and where things are headed in the future. 1.5 Hours Technology Roundtables Carl Coken
Jason Shepherd
Dominic John
Peter Zornio
Mike Boudreaux
RDM-11752 - Reliability Solutions Product Roadmap - Reliability Solutions 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Duncan Schleiss
RDM-11757 - Syncade Product Roadmap - Syncade 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Kevin Stembridge
EDU-11221 - Fundamentals of Vibration Analysis Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This short course is for those with no prior experience in vibration analysis. Students learn about causes of vibration and methods of measurement. Emerson's CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer will be used to demonstrate vibration principles. 4 hours Educational Services Darin McDaniel
Mark Daniels
5-10913 - Multi-tasking in Today's Fast Paced, oh wait, a new email... Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryAs the pace of the world increases around us, we are all pressed to do more and more work with less and less time to spend on each task. One seemingly simple solution to this conundrum is multi-tasking. We have all sent messages from our phones during meetings, worked on other tasks during conference calls, and clicked the little Outlook pop-ups to read incoming email in the middle of other tasks. Unfortunately, research shows that multi-tasking actually lowers productivity by up to 40%. 45 minutes Workshop Nikki Bishop
Brian Atkinson
1-11029 - Thin Clients for Remote Areas Track: 1. Solve & Support Technical Level: Introductory The virtualization architecture for the DeltaV system with thin clients as a technology have grown to be the preferred solution today for the process control industry. Emerson has direct thin client solutions for office environments; but what can be done when approved thin client solutions are required for industrial or process environments? This presentation will show remote thin client solutions plant environments with wide temperature variations (-20 to +60C) or even hazardous areas, where commonly used commercial thin clients are not suitable. 45 minutes Workshop Karen Balentine
Aaron Severa
EDU-11219 - Temperature Measurement Fundamentals - Basics and Utilizing New Technologies Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This course will provide solutions to common temperature measurement pains and challenging applications, and introduce new temperature measurement technology. Advantages and disadvantages of common temperature measurement technologies will be explained. Attendees will get hands-on experience installing and using devices on live demos to see the actual effects of common installation considerations. 4 hours Educational Services Jason Rud
Dan Herzog
EDU-11214 - DP Flow Measurement Fundamentals - Basics and Utilizing New Technologies Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This course will cover everything from selecting the right DP Flow technology, to installation and commissioning of the DP Flowmeters. Advantages and disadvantages of common DP flow technologies will be explained. Attendees will get hands-on experience installing and using devices on live flowing demos to see the actual effects of common installation considerations. Other topics will include straight piping requirements, troublesome impulse lines, the effects changing process conditions, MultiVariable transmitter configuration and cost effective technologies for larger line sizes. 4 hours Educational Services Dave Winters
Shelby Traverso
Eric Beltz
1-7789 - Superior Flexibility: Activity-Based Recipe Structure Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceSome equipment operations vary significantly from process to process. In general the equipment may run the same set of unit operations but the order differs. In the past, a unique recipe structure would be built for each process where the unit operations are strung together in sequence. A new, single recipe structure has been created that allows for flexibility between processes. This “Activity-Based” recipe uses a looping structure which allows the user to define the sequence of activities as formula parameters within the recipe and can be used for all of the unique process sequences. 45 minutes Workshop Christian Plautz
1-9209 - A Phased Migration of a Legacy PROVOX DCS to the DeltaV PAS Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateOur semiconductor manufacturing plant located in Austin, TX has been operating on the legacy Emerson Process Management PROVOX™ DCS since 1994. We evaluated several approaches to update our PROVOX system to the latest technology and ultimately selected DeltaV™ S-series products; specifically migration controllers for PROVOX I/O and Electronic Marshaling – I/O on Demand - CHARM’s. We are one year into the five-year phased migration project. This session will explore our project justification, vendor selection process, cutover issues to date, and lessons learned. 45 minutes Workshop Gary Houck
Scott Ross
3-9449 - How does BP avoid costly project delays and shutdowns using a homegrown demo lab? Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateBP Westlake has built a state of the art lab in Houston to test Integrated Control & Safety Systems and field instrumentation. This facility has been dedicated to testing BP's control systems, which are deployed globally, before they are put into operations in the quest to avoid costly shutdowns caused by faulty equipment. This facility provides an opportunity to find any interoperability issues early in design stage as it is much more expensive to do it later during commissioning. This facility also provides an opportunity for newcomers to get trained on control systems. 45 minutes Workshop Gahan Mullen
Maruti Dey
4-9451 - Partial Stroke Testing - Why Do It and What Does it Tell You Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateThe ISA TR 96.05 working group is presently working on a revision to the current partial stroke testing (PST) technical report. PST has been implemented and used many different ways and this revision focuses on the diagnostic coverage available from the various types of PST implementation used in industry. The revision identifies 4 methods of PST implementation commonly used and discusses the diagnostic coverage provided by each and, more importantly, how to interpret the results in order to assess whether the valve will perform its intended safety function. 45 minutes Workshop Stan Hale
Loyd Hilliard
Vince Mezzano
1-9829 - Austin We Have An Alarm Problem - Now How Do We Fix It? Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateMany tools exist to help facilities determine if they have an alarm problem within their control system. After all of the info is gathered and analyzed, if a problem exists then the real work starts. Having a completly broken alarm system, we needed to act, as the current system was not only frustrating but unsafe. Alarm rationalization projects in our company have failed in the past, leaving management leery of trying once again. Utilizing Exida’s SilAlarm,DeltaV Analyze and xLReporter we were able to focus on getting the maximum effect out of our project dollars, participants and timeline. 45 minutes Workshop Benji Kidmose
Jamie Errington
MTE-11233 - Safety Instrumented Systems Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are extensively used for Emergency Shutdown (ESD). In this open discussion forum, we will explore some of the other common applications besides ESD including: – Burner Management Systems (BMS) – Fire and Gas (FGS) – High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) You will have an opportunity to pose questions and participate in the discussion on the real issues related to these safety applications. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Gary Law
Adam Koth
Chuck Miller
Sergio Diaz
David Sheppard
5-9014 - Show Me the Money! Need to Justify Your Automation Project? - Let's Dive into the Methods Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceCompanies have limited capital available for investment. Whether a complete system modernization or an improvement to an existing strategy, investments in process automation have to compete for funds against other investments. Justifying process automation projects via sound financial means is critical for approval. This workshop identifies areas to find automation benefits. Rules-of-Thumb and financial benefits found from automation will be discussed. Methods to estimate financial savings will be presented. The mathematical models will be explained in detail and examples will be shown. 45 minutes Workshop John Dolenc
EDU-11226 - Produced Fluids Management and Well Optimization Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. Optimizing Well Pad Automation with Pre-engineered Applications - E&P Workforce and budget reductions test the mettle of Industry professionals to achieve production gains and Health, Safety and Environmental compliance. Custom software requires specialized staff to program, is expensive to maintain and can often expose producers to unwanted regulatory scrutiny to ensure compliance. This course will introduce you to the implementation of standardized pre-engineered well pad software applications which speed well pad completions, reduce operational costs and improve inventory accounting through deployment of Well Optimization, Surface Control Automation, and Produced Fluids management applications using the ROC800 RTU/Flow Computer. 4 hours Educational Services Tanner Rundall
Alfredo Sanut
3-9595 - How to Troubleshoot WirelessHART Networks Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateTroubleshooting something you can see has its challenges, but troubleshooting something you can’t see and can’t measure with traditional tools can present additional obstacles. In this session, engineers and technicians will learn, by presentation and demonstration, about WirelessHART communication network structure, terminology, and how to navigate the Wireless Gateway User Interface to find and evaluate relevant data. The session includes a description of the tools used and helpful tips to make troubleshooting wireless networks less challenging. 90 minutes Short Course Dale Perry
6-10812 - TerminalManager - Your one-stop solution to terminal operations Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryCustomers are in need of a single point solution that can manage their terminal needs from order to execution to billing. It is essential for terminal operations specially in storing and distribution of material that could either be via ship / barge, truck, railcar, pipeline or from tank to tank for recognizing the availability and filling of order most effectively and efficiently, without any overspills and contamination. System to provide ease in entering orders that can be seamlessly validated against customer contracts and be scheduled for execution, delivery and timely billing. 45 minutes Workshop Shoyeb Hasanali
5-9932 - Taking Advantage of "Smart" Plant Technology Track: 5. Business Management & Career Development Technical Level: Introductory Every day we see the continuing advances in sensor, automation, and communication technologies in our personal lives. Applying these technologies in the process industries can significantly improve operational safety, increase plant flexibility and improve operating margins. In combination they can lead to what is termed “The Smart Plant.” In this presentation, actual implementation case studies, recent advances in relevant technologies and probable trends are used to explore today’s “state of the art” and forecast likely future changes and their impact. 45 minutes Workshop Douglas White
2-8249 - Reducing Risk: Using Rosemount Wireless to Protect Heat Exchangers from High Temperature H2 Attack at BP Whiting Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateAs a result of utilizing the revised non-PWHT carbon steel Nelson curve API CMIP-118 issued by API in October 2015, a potential emerging risk existed on the shells of both E-5E and E-5K Heat Exchangers as they appeared susceptible to High Temperature H2 attack at current normal operating temperatures and H2 partial pressures. High temperature hydrogen attack could lead to catastrophic failure of the exchanger shells,resulting in a flash fire or jet type fire 45 minutes Workshop Christopher Trino
2-9292 - Sodium Bicarbonate plant saves significant time and money with wireless deployment Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateNatural Soda uses solution mining production well pads around their plant to get their raw product out of the ground. These wells need to be automated to ensure their raw material is properly extracted from the well to be moved into their processing facility. Demand for their raw products has continued to increase over the last few years, so their number of wells has more than tripled. We will discuss how wireless made this expansion very easy and where we are looking to use the technology next. 45 minutes Workshop Raymond Pfister
Karl White
2-10750 - Food Plant Improves Throughput & Reduces Costs with Improved Steam Trap Maintenance Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryA major food company works to continuously reduce energy consumption across its plant network. Breakfast cereal production utilizes large amounts of steam to maintain proper temperature control. Steam traps failed in the closed position leave water and non-condensible gases in the steam system, both of which affect process temperature or heat transfer effectiveness. Continuous monitoring allowed this plant to identify trap failures immediately, so they could be replaced before process problems occurred. Energy savings were also achieved by early detection of leaking traps. 45 minutes Workshop Joel Lemke
2-10755 - How to achieve a perfect allocation system with reliable fiscal measurement technology Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediatePetrolera Entre Lomas S. A. is an energy Company dedicated to the exploration, operation and development of áreas located in both the Nequen and the San Jorge Basin. PELSA operates the concessions Entre Lomas, Bajada de Palo y Agua Amarga that belong to several JV. Additionally, these sites are located in different states, paying royalties to two different provinces 45 minutes Workshop Guillermo Pisano
Patricia Cioni
5-10882 - Retaining and Improving the Loyalty of Millennial Workers Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryMillennials now make up the largest and most disloyal percentage of the workforce by generation with a full 66% planing to leave their current employer in the next 5 years. In order to retain talent, it is important to understand the desires and motivations of this new generation and begin to make changes. By making small changes in the way we communicate to and mentor new talent we can greatly improve millennial loyalty. 45 minutes Workshop Sara Wiederoder
Zeke Domowski
4-10894 - "Custom" Valves From Local Stock Provide Turn Key Solution Track: 4. Final Control & Regulate Technical Level: Intermediate When Anadarko learned Fisher's portfolio now includes manual isolation valves, they turned to their Local Business Partner to find a solution for their Saltwater Disposal Station in Vernal, Utah. The ball valves needed to meet special DART requirements for manual operator lock-out as well as OEM ball modifications to prevent freezing in the body cavity. The project schedule inspired a local stocking and delivery plan that ensured product would be on sight when required. The close work between Virgo and LBP provided Anadarko with a turn-key, cost effective solution. 45 minutes Workshop Kevin Hayward
Trey Gore
2-10832 - Solving Challenging Combustion Oxygen Measurements in Harsh Kiln Applications Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateImerys Minerals processes diatomite using multiple rotary kilns averaging 35,000 cubic feet each. An oxygen analysis system was installed to ensure process efficiency and allow real-time adjustments to critical inputs for controlling product quality. A combination of a zirconia oxygen probe and insulating jacket allowed reliable measurements in harsh kiln conditions which include temperature up to 2100°F and high levels of dust and particulate. This critical oxygen measurement allowed Imerys to control the grade and quality of several million dollars of product each year. 45 minutes Workshop Kyle Stewart
6-10870 - Emerson's New OSI PI Based Equipment Monitoring Platform Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEmerson has partnered with OSIsoft and Process Plugins Inc. to provide state of the art performance and condition monitoring solutions across industries. Within the solution, the visualization leverages OSIsoft’s PI Process Book, PI Data Link, PI Web Parts, PI Coresight, PI Web Services, PI Data Access, and PI Notifications for complete access to performance and condition data. Additionally, through OSIsoft's Cloud Connect technology, remote monitoring of equipment performance is as easily available as on premises, allowing a seamless transition into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 45 minutes Workshop Pete Sharpe
Brian Atkinson
3-10849 - Multi-Component Measurement in Multi-Phase Environment Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedA leading snack foods producer has been working to optimize and control their potato chip production lines for decades, implementing over 20 key measurement points. Many of these points involve manual sampling or are heavily influenced by operator interaction. The ability to measure yield losses in real-time at key processing points is critical to optimizing, improving quality, and reducing operating cost. Implementing measurement systems utilizing Micro Motion Coriolis with advanced software (APM) and custom concentration curves provides the critical data in real-time as desired. 45 minutes Workshop Justin Hollingsworth
Charlie Averyt
MTE-11234 - What's the Health of Your Valve? Experts Talk Wireless, Safety, Low-Bleed and Remote Diagnostics What’s the status of your valve? Fisher instrument experts talk about accessing your valve health and condition monitoring via a variety of integration technologies such as AMS, ValveLink, ValveLink DTM, and wireless solutions.  Additional topics will also include SIS and low bleed valve-based instrument solutions from Emerson. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Afton Coleman
David Ingram
Sean Raymond
Steve Hagen
Kurtis Jensen
Lorin Miller
IF-11289 - Refining and Petrochemicals Industry Forum "Refining-Petrochemical State of the Industries, Best Practices with Revamps, and Applications to Improve Reliability, Safety and Efficiency" With crude oil prices lower, downstream manufacturers are taking advantage of lower cost feedstocks including higher demand for gasoline.  For integrated upstream and downstream business, more pressure is on the downstream operations to help make up shortfalls with upstream.  Those refiners without upstream ties are making significant improvements in operations with the increased margins, while integrated refinery-petrochemical facilities are unsure what impact the new ethylene production capacity will have in 2017.   The refining and petrochemical industry forum will discuss these topics of iinterest; there will also be an opportunity for the audience to participate in the discussion.  If you have specific questions on these topics, you can forward them in advance of the event to   Topics for Discussion: - Refining - Petrochemical State of the Industry and Forecast   *  IHS Energy - Best Practices with Revamps and Modernization Projects - Wireless Applications to Improve Reliability, Safety and Efficiency 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Jeff Dudley
Andras Marton
Bo Luan
Alan Weldon
Tim Olsen
TR-11291 - Reliability Programs of the Year: Technology & Best Practices Ever wonder how some companies are able to proactively manage their site reliability while others seem to struggle to keep up with day-to-day firefighting?  During this session, four companies with best-in-class reliability programs will present their company’s reliability program, highlighting their effective use of reliability-based technologies, effective work processes, integrated maintenance best practices, leadership commitment and return on investment.  There will be time for questions at the end of each customer presentation.  At the end of the second session of the week, a panel of external and internal Emerson reliability experts will recognize the company with the best reliability program and award them the “2016 Reliability Program of the Year” trophy. 1.75 Hours Technology Roundtables Frédéric Thivierge
Michael Andrews
Paula Hollywood
Greg Evans
Luis Tirado-Maldonado
Terrence O'Hanlon
Mathieu Fyfe-Leblanc
Eyad Al-Basrawi
Klaus Blache
Bruce Hawkins
2-10914 - Solving pH challenges at Rio Tinto Alcan Saguenay Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryRio Tinto Alcan is an Aluminum Smelter built in 1936 to process bauxite into alumina, a material essential in producing aluminium. Bauxite is transformed into alumina using the Bayer process, which involves harsh and abrasive chemicals. Because of that , pH probes are easily poisoned by the process. The process effluent pH is a critical data point monitored by both Alcan and local environmental regulators to ensure that after recirculation, wastewater is treated in compliance with very strict quality standards and ecological targets, before flowing out to the Saguenay River. 45 minutes Workshop Bruno Dube
3-10919 - Wireless Mobile Worker, DeltaV Batch, and Electronic Batch Records allow Greenfield Blends facility to startup in 9 months Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateICL Performance Products in St. Louis, MO developed a Multi-component Blending operation in order to meet customer demands for customized products. In order for this operation to be successful and cost competitive the process needed to be a single operator process. The facility was faced with a need to bring the control system to the field therefore the Mobile Worker platform allowed ICL to utilize a single operator to produce their products. The Wireless technology empowers the operator to fully control the process without being glued to the control room. 45 minutes Workshop David Kaltwasser
Nic Grither
3-10921 - State-based Alarming and Control in DeltaV - A MOD5 Modernization Case Study Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateProcedure automation for continuous processes (also known as state-based control, or "batch for continuous processes") is an approach to process control that can help improve safety, reliability, and operator performance. The ISA 106 committee set out to develop a standard for just these reasons. Many of these state-based control concepts already exist today inside MOD5 systems developed by Dow Chemicals over the years. In this workshop, we will use a MOD5 system modernization project as a lens to show how these state-based concepts can be implemented seamlessly in DeltaV today. 45 minutes Workshop Joel Galmor
Aaron Crews
EDU-11215 - Energy Management Strategies for Process Plants Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This short course will review methods and technologies for improving energy management on an industrial process site. Topics will include an introduction to the ISO 50001 methodology, review of technologies for measuring the major energy streams (WAGES - Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam), techniques for improving the energy performance of significant energy process units such as boilers, heaters, and distillation columns, and the basics of implementing a site wide Energy Management Information System (EMIS). All attendees will receive a copy of the Sustainable Energy Efficiency User Guide (132 pages) and other materials to support development of energy improvement projects at their sites. 4 hours Educational Services Eric Schmidt
Andrew Verdouw
Bob Sabin
3-7949 - How We Achieved Alarm Management Success Using DeltaV Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThe Lyondellbasell Matagorda site located near the gulf coast of Texas is a High Density Polyethylene production facility and has a DeltaV DCS of about 6000 I/O. A team was tasked with reducing the alarm metrics in three main categories (Alarm counts/Alarm floods/Standing Alarms). Using tools available in DeltaV and custom code, the team significantly reduced the alarm metrics to rise from the worst in the company to one of the leaders in the company. 45 minutes Workshop Neil Redfearn
Ron Price
EDU-11210 - DeltaV Virtualization Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. The DeltaV Virtualization short course is intended for DeltaV system administrators and IT personnel who support DeltaV Virtual Studio on the Dell VRTX hardware. Students will be given an overview of the virtualization technology and VRTX hardware followed by hands-ons workshops utilizing DeltaV Virtual Studio and VRTX hardware. Workshops will include creating DeltaV workstation virtual machines, modifying virtual machine prosperities post deployment, live migration between cluster hosts, configuring thin clients with DeltaV Remote Desktop Connection and editing virtual networks. 1 Hour Educational Services Jesse Parker
Matthew Kane
MTE-11241 - The Role of Proper Material Selection in Process Equipment Reliability The role of material selection may be an important factor in dependability of product components. Specialists will be available to discuss material selection considerations, such as industry standards, criteria for different application requirements, or properties of material families. Participants may submit questions at the Final Control area at the Technology Exhibit throughout the week for this interactive and informative “Meet the Experts” session. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Mark Bell
Meredith Bell
Nick Rohrdanz
Rebecca Turner
RDM-11753 - Remote Automation Solutions Product Roadmap - Remote Automation Solutions 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Bryan Sauer
RDM-11789 - Bettis Actuation Technologies Product Roadmap - Bettis Actuation Technologies 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Dianne Eldridge
3-10591 - Transient Vibration Analysis using CSI 2140 and AMS MHM Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedTransient vibration analysis is very powerful technique to analyze rotating equipment problems, it takes the analyst beyond the normal waveform and spectrum analysis and provides higher level and extremely useful information about the equipment. The transient analysis mainly includes (but not limited): bump test, start up, coast down and raw waveform measurement. The resultant of transient analysis are many types of useful displays like: Bode-plot, Nyquist, cascade, shaft center line and others. In this short course you will learn how to use CSI 2140 and AMS in vibration transient analysis. 2 Hours Short Course Fathi Mayoof
EDU-11222 - Wireless Level Solutions and Advanced Diagnostics Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. Learn the ins and outs of setting up wireless devices, especially the wireless guided wave radar and the wireless vibrating fork switch. See how easy they are to set up and configure, learn key features, and how they work, and discover some great applications. Also learn how to access advanced diagnostic features. Get hands on experience setting up a wireless network and with wireless level devices. 4 hours Educational Services Kevin Thomas
Dale Perry
EDU-11227 - Introducing the FB Flow Computer Technical Level: Introductory This short course is for anyone concerned with fiscal measurement in the oil & gas industry and will highlight how to perform critical tasks using Emerson's new family of Flow Computers, the FB 1000 and 2000 Series. Students will be given an overview of the devices and configuration software, followed by a hands-on workshop utilizing FBxConnect and the FB2200. The workshop will include using the FBxConnect configuration software to connect to the FB2200, perform initial configuration, set up meter runs and control, calibrate field devices, and perform typical operational tasks. 4 hours Educational Services William Wyre
Alfredo Sanut
MTE-11239 - Reducing CAPEX and OPEX Cost Through Well Pad Optimization Coping with the latest downturn in the Oil & Gas markets has intensified attention on minimizing Capital Expenditures and Operating Expenses.  The optimization of well pad facilities has been shown effective in assuring an operator receives the full value of what is produced. This session will focus on Produced Fluids Management, which involves the measurement, tracking, and accounting for the liquids produced from allocation to custody transfer. Recognizing that producing areas are not all the same, experts with hands-on knowledge in the major shale plays including the Bakken/Niobrara, Permian/Barnett, and the Marcellus/Utica will be present to discuss applications in their regions. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Mike Bonanno
Al Majek
Christoffer Widahl
Ric Strong
Laura Schafer
Colin Pelton
6-9229 - DeltaV Engineering Tools Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis workshop will provide an overview of new DeltaV product features that enable you create optimum automation solutions for your process. Learn how Emerson continues to innovate with improvements to key Engineering Tools like Explorer and Control Studio that help your teams execute projects more efficiently and easily maintain system configuration. This session will also provide the growing community with an opportunity to provide direct input to Marketing and influence future product offerings. 45 minutes Workshop Debbie Colclazier
1-10940 - Project Certainty - A Methodology for Success Track: 1. Solve & Support Technical Level: Introductory This workshop will discuss the approaches, benefits, and ways around obstacles to improving Capital Project Efficiency using components of Emerson's Project Certainty solution. Discussion includes ways to reduce complexity and cost, while successfully accommodating changes in project scope and schedule. 45 minutes Workshop Deston Day
6-8029 - Rosemount Temperature X-well Technology Overview Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryIntroduction to a new to the industry capability from Rosemount temperature. Rosemount 648 and 0085 Temperature Measurement Assembly with X-well Technology utilizes a surface sensor to provide an accurate process temperature reading, eliminating the need for a thermowell. This means no more wake frequency calculations, designing and specifying thermowells, and welding to install. 45 minutes Workshop Caitlin Breen
Alena Johnson
2-10197 - Proving Best Practices for Coriolis Meters in Crude Oil Custody Transfer Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateMicro Motion performed field tests on a critical crude oil custody transfer station. New best practices for proving large Coriolis meters with Small Volume Provers were developed. 45 minutes Workshop Marc Buttler
Zach Littlejohn
2-10229 - Using DeltaV OPC mirrors to integrate WirelessHART Power Meters Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryTo monitor and diagnose operation-critical separations system, UT Separations Research Program (SRP) utilized WirelessHART power meters to measure electrical load and energy consumption in their Absorber Blower Motor and Distillation Bottom Pump. Once the wireless meters were integrated into SRP’s DeltaV system they were able to view the real-time power usage information to indicate compressor performance and their impact on system stability. With the new meters SRP is able to track energy consumption each month and quantify the performance and reliability of the primary separations system. 45 minutes Workshop Robert Montgomery
Brian Atkinson
Yicheng Pan
1-10231 - PROVOX Migration - A Successfully CHARMed Approach Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryEmbracing technology is the only way to keep up in our evolving market. ERCO Worldwide's Sodium Chlorate facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada has operated with a PROVOX DCS system since 1989. To future proof the plant's reliability and improve operations & safety, the PROVOX system was upgraded to a Delta-V (BPCS/SIS) CHARM based system. We will discuss the steps taken in the project and our team approach (LBP's, CORP Engineers & Site Personnel) which lead to a smooth migration. We will also share the improvements made & benefits realized as a result of this upgrade. 45 minutes Workshop John Sommers
Michael Chrapala
Kyle Olson
3-10236 - Automated MES and DCS Excursion Management Collection System for Real-Time Exception Resolution Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateWithin a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facility the Batch Review and Release is a very manual labor intensive activity. MES has allowed for Review by Exception on the resulting Batch Records; this can still cause the Batch Release Review to require a cumbersome review process to close lingering Exceptions. A Real-Time Excursion detection and resolution system that allows Operators to review and resolve issues on the floor at their earliest convenience. Quality is also able to begin closing issues before the Batch is completed reducing the number of open issues when Ready for Release. 45 minutes Workshop Stephen Britton
3-9995 - Can We Build it Fast and Build it to Last? Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: Intermediate“Build it Fast or Built to Last” was the focus of several industry related forums held between Emerson and high level midstream infrastructure developers, Integrators and engineering companies. The topic was chosen to stimulate conversation relative to how midstream players expect to run their business in the next 5 years. Participant’s stated the “Building it fast might equate to building it right; but there is a lot of subjective opinion to say that we are building it to last”. This session looks at the commercial implications of this development strategy relative to cost and performance. 45 minutes Workshop Chuck Miller
1-10154 - Reduce Project challenges & capital cost: Follow these proven strategies! Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceOn Carmon Creek Project, Shell faced several challenges such as aggressive project timeline, modularization strategy, minimize site labor and capital cost reduction. Shell engaged Emerson early on the Project (Pre-FEED) and integrated into their team. The integrated team's decision to go with innovative technologies like DeltaV CHARMs and Virtualization combined with standardized cabinet design and effective replication strategies has contributed to overcoming these challenges faced by Shell. 45 minutes Workshop Ramesh Somasundaram
Rusty Barras
1-10332 - Leveraging Electronic Marshaling and Vendor Packages Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryUtilization of Electronic Field Junction Boxes (EFJBs) and programming of packaged equipment logic within the ICSS eliminated a vendor-provided Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), standard junction boxes, and home run cabling. 45 minutes Workshop Valeria Deryabkina
Gary Bridges
Dennis Blackwell
2-10560 - Reduce Operating Expenses on 3-Phase Heater Treaters with Emerson Flow & Measurement Products Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryWPX has multiple producing O&G fields in NA. The Bakken has been looking for ways to reduce Operating Expenses related to operation and measurement off their 3-phase vertical heater treaters. Utilizing Emerson's Rosemount and Micro Motion Flow products for Oil, Gas and Water measurement WPX is able to save on average ~$30k per new well, and over half a million based on a projected 20 well completion schedule. Emerson's Flow meters give real time Flow and Diagnostics Data to reduce man hours and optimize treater and production operations, all while increasing safety. 45 minutes Workshop Seth Harris
Chris Zink
Ross Ready
6-10212 - Improving Connectivity; Catching the EtherNet/IP Wave Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEthernet protocols are quickly gaining momentum in the industrial space due to the massive amount of data that is available, the simplified interfaces that become possible and the ability to leverage existing infrastructure for the installation. This session examines the ethernet connectivity that has been introduced for the Rosemount magnetic flowmeter product line, and the benefits that it can provide. 45 minutes Workshop Trever Ball
3-10469 - Adoption of technologies for automation of P &ID loop drawings with ERP systems. Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateRashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. (RCF) a Government of India undertaking is a leading fertilizers and chemicals manufacturing company. RCF also produces almost twenty industrial chemicals that are important for the manufacture of dyes, solvents, leather, pharmaceuticals and a other industrial products. Company has been accredited ISO 9001:2008, 14001: 2004, 5001:2011 & OHASAS 18001:2007 international standards. Emerson wireless field instruments & automation systems are majority installed for monitoring & control. P&ID loop drawings to be integrated with automation & ERP systems. 45 minutes Workshop Hanumant Kadam
2-10623 - Wireless Lab Monitoring Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryEli Lilly’s Lab Monitoring System team is charged with delivering monitoring, alarming, and historization reliably and efficiently. Previously, monitoring of 480+ analytical points on remote lab equipment throughout the 550,000 sqft process development building relied on costly legacy hardware with long implementation times, high rates of failure and unplanned downtime. Now an extensive building-wide Emerson Rosemount wireless infrastructure provides a fast to implement, economical, and reliable mobile monitoring solution, including solutions for control. 45 minutes Workshop Jay Yantis
Chris Meyer
Chris Seifert
3-10577 - Single Platform to support Predictive technology Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryRio Tinto IOC in Labrador City selected CSI AMS/MHM and Meridium to create a Single platform for Asset Management and Decision Support tools 45 minutes Workshop Jamie Stagg
Michel Portelance
3-10584 - Biometric Signatures: how positive biometric identification reduces time and cost of compliance Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryEmerson and Xyntek Inc. are helping customers meet legal and compliance requirements more efficiently. This session presents how customers have used biometric identification in operations management applications to simplify authentication, ensure the identity of the signer and the integrity of documents, and minimize the risk of credential theft. Biometric authentication such as iris, fingerprint, palm-vein, or voice scanning leverages the uniqueness of the individual to deliver faster sign-offs and better documentation while maintaining tight security. 45 minutes Workshop Donna V Petro
Bob Lenich
1-10596 - Using Delta V Software to Simulate Foundation Fieldbus Instrumentation Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateFoundation Fieldbus instrumentation is designed to only be simulated directly from the instrument itself. However, there are times when it is more convenient to simulate directly from the Delta V software itself. This workshop will discuss techniques and coding used to simulate values directly from the Delta V to aid in the commissioning of new equipment. The workshop will show how it is possible to avoid going to each and every instrument to simulate variables during commissioning runs and software testing. 45 minutes Workshop Vincent Wojtaszek
Matt Sarcopski
3-10659 - Knee deep in nuisance device alerts - NO MORE! Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceYou want to take advantage of status & diagnostics in intelligent devices, but within a short amount of time you are inundated with alerts. Sometimes a single root cause results in a device generating five or more alerts. Instead of sorting through the mountain of nuisance alerts, use AMS Device Manager to rid your system of spam information so you can focus your attention on more important decisions. New alert management functionality as well as a quantitative analysis of a pilot program at Monsanto will be presented. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Hokeness
Joel Holmes
Mike Fredericks
3-10609 - Leveraging Virtualization to Split your System Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateIn September of 2014 Chevron Phillips Chemical company made the decision to separate the process control network at its Borger TX facility. The process control team was challenged to separate all of the process control networks with minimal impact to either half of the plant. CPChem turned to Emerson’s DeltaV Virtual Studio and the Dell VRTX to help resolve that challenge. This presentation will discuss how we moved from the decision to a completely separated, virtualized, and upgraded system with 9 months of planning and 1 week of implementation. 45 minutes Workshop Michael Plunk
Billy Young
2-10611 - Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Best Practices - Who, What, and Where Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryMany industrial processes involve dangerous gases and vapors: flammable, toxic, or both. With the different sensing technologies available, and the wide range of industrial applications that exist, selecting the best sensor and locating them properly for the job at hand can be a challenge. This workshop will help you get a better understanding of application challenges, learn basic installation best practices, and understand the benefits of using flame and gas detection solutions. 45 minutes Workshop Sean Mcleskey
Megan McCoy
3-10685 - Ethernet IO card and High Density cards - Eliminates various Project Challenges!!! Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductorySonatrach Algeria, are building a new Gas Compressor stations at Hassi Messoud, to help boost declining production . The awarded EPC faced a challenge of aggressive schedule, control budget overrun, no compromise over quality standards and supply latest technology. Emerson adopted the Project Certainty approach and showed the customer how to mitigate the above risks. Emerson's EIOC, High density cards and best cost execution philosophy provided an overall 10% savings to the project. 45 minutes Workshop Sachin Sethuram
Salah Belfar
3-10736 - Video for Hazardous Area Process Monitoring & Worker Safety Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThe new Etileno XXI petrochemical processing complex in Mexico is slated to be a major supplier of polyethylene products. Given the hazardous chemicals processed at the facility, the safety of workers and equipment and the security of the plant needed to be addressed. Rugged, industrial cameras and video management software have been integrated with Emerson DeltaV to provide seamless monitoring of the facility perimeter and hazardous areas. This new IP-based CCTV system enables more vigilant security and faster response to events while significantly reducing personnel requirements. 45 minutes Workshop BRAULIO HERNANDEZ
Dipak Sagar
1-10798 - Using DeltaV CTO Field Enclosures with the Roxtec Gland Option Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe DeltaV Configure to Order CHARM Field Enclosures provide an off-the-shelf solution for faster project execution and reduced installation costs. A variety of options are available for selection when ordering the cabinets, including the Roxtec flexible sealing system. An upstream arctic facility expansion project used the Roxtec gland option on the CTO cabinets, resulting in a savings in time as well as ease in installation. This paper examines the savings and installation success realized from this application with CTO cabinets as well as the potential for similar savings on other projects. 45 minutes Workshop Craig Fowler
Mike Sosbe
6-10786 - The World's First Wired HART Vibrating Fork Switch Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe new Rosemount 2140 HART vibrating fork switch with advanced, industry leading capabilities is here. This new to the world product will take overfill prevention to a new level of reliability by utilizing advanced diagnostics and HART communication. Customers will be able to track device heath, vibration frequency, and statistical process monitoring to identify trends before they become a problem, identifying process or instrument issues before an unexpected and costly shutdown occurs. 45 minutes Workshop Kevin Thomas
Lydia Miller
1-9471 - Does Electronic Marshalling live up to its expectations in an extremely remote African Mine? Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateMetso Minerals Canada Inc. (MMCI) Kelowna Office was challenged with providing a powerful, user friendly DCS for the new B2Gold Otjikoto Gold Mine. The plant is remotely located in African savanna, near the Namib Dessert. After Local LBP, Spartan Controls, showed the benefits of CHARMs electronic marshalling, DeltaV was chosen using CHARMs in Remote I/O (RIO) cabinets. The benefits foreseen: reduce complexity; reduce design impacts due to change; reduce field cabling; reduce installation and maintenance labour; improve construction schedule; reduce commissioning time for a very tight schedule. 45 minutes Workshop Jess Wilson
Don Umbach
3-9589 - More for Less: Smart Optimisation Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateOver the past 2 years Emerson has developed and implemented on-line optimisation for the Oil & Gas, Refining and Steel sectors. These solutions combine 3rd-party modelling / optimisation software, with either DeltaV or OSI-PI for Gas Lift Optimisation, Fuel Blend Optimisation and Boiler Fuel Allocation. The workshop shows how on-line process optimisation delivers significant benefits. Details include architecture, the client applications, lessons learnt and the applicability of Emerson’s applications to other processes. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Hawkins
6-8909 - DeltaV Alarm Management and Logbooks Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIn this session participants will be introduced to new alarm functions available in the DeltaV V12.3.1, V13.3 and V13.3.1 system releases, the DeltaV Analyze V4 release and DeltaV Logbooks. These capabilities help you operate your plants more safely and ease compliance with the ISA-18.2 and IEC62682 alarm management standards. 45 minutes Workshop Kim Van Camp
3-8930 - Do what we say, not what we did! : Key learning from Emerson Automation Migration Projects Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThis workshop will share with you some of the key learnings from past projects and focus on the common, critical lessons learned that you can apply to your System Migration project. Emerson has worked with leading companies across various industries; while the industries differ widely, the desire to run a safe, reliable, current automation system remains constant. This workshop will highlight commonalities amongst industries performing system migrations to DeltaV, and how you can leverage learnings for your migration project. 45 minutes Workshop david selvaraj
5-9729 - Better Listener, Better Life! Learn to Listen Like a Pro Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceDo you find yourself listening just long enough to respond? Do you have a difficult time focusing on what others are saying? You are not alone and even science backs up the practice. Humans speak at 175 words per minute, listen at 250 words per minute, yet can think at 1000-3000 words per minute. That processing time gap leaves lots of opportunity for distraction so it's no surprise that we have a difficult time focusing both our ears and brain on what is being said. 45 minutes Workshop Bruce Smith
Nikki Bishop
2-9630 - LyondellBasell works to prevent unplanned unit shutdowns and saves money utilizing transmitter diagnostics and AMS alert monitor on SIS systems Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceDecrease lost profit opportunity (LPO) events by utilizing smart instrument diagnostics and AMS monitoring of SIS systems. LyondellBasell has prevented multiple LPO events since utilizing these tools that Emerson has developed. One example would be a total unit shutdown prevented using the 3051SMV diagnostics and AMS alert monitor. The AMS identified failures that enabled prevention of subsequent unit shutdowns. This loss avoidance opportunity (LAO) saved the company $953,000. Savings like this are driving LyondellBasell to create new positions that focus on managing AMS systems. 45 minutes Workshop Ben Krueger
John Scott
3-9015 - Syncade Equipment Tracking Eliminates Logbooks Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryFollow along the journey where Cook Pharmica LLC leveraged the Syncade Equipment Tracking module to eliminate over 140 paper log books. Anyone running a plant knows that issuance, upkeep, and tracking of paper log books can be a challenge. Couple that with the need to keep track of the physical location of portable equipment, you have an even greater challenge. Electronic logbooks was the solution. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Clayton
4-9849 - Control Valve Performance - It's no Longer 0, 25, 50, 75, 100%! Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateIn the 90’s, a study of over 5000 control loops revealed that 30% were INCREASING process variability due to poor valve performance. On a recent control foundation improvement project, over 50% of the loops had poor performance due to significant control valve performance issues. Properly specifying valve performance metrics such as dead band, resolution, process gain, step response time, and response regions which are vital to performance of the control valve. The definition and importance of these performance metrics will be explained and field examples will be provided. 45 minutes Workshop James Beall
2-9969 - Advanced Level Measurement System for Solid Low Dielectric Materials Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryA company that produces a low dielectric specialized chemical compound had a legacy measurement challenge with obtaining accurate tank level measurements. A variety of technologies from different vendors had been deployed by previous plant owners over the last decade. A project was initiated and the Rosemount 5708 3D Scanner was deployed and successfully resolved the longstanding measurement challenge. Accurate tank measurements helped to improve product throughput and to enhance plant safety by reducing the risk of tank overfilling and shutting down operations. 45 minutes Workshop Eric Daggett
5-9231 - Leverage the power of IBM Rational for successful Control System Management Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryFrom customer requests to completed tests, IBM Rational is a valuable all-purpose tool for managing control system projects and change requests. Requests link to tasks that are easily prioritized and scheduled. Web-based access allows managers and customers to see dashboards that provide real-time information about the status of changes. Communication is provided directly on the change requests through a discussion post and an email notification is generated upon updates, allowing the free flow of information between all stakeholders. 45 minutes Workshop Ryan Hyde
Laura Sheets
1-9990 - QuickCheck Snap-On for Loop/Device Verification Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateAccurate and efficient loop checks are paramount to facilitate a sound transition between the construction and commissioning phases. We developed a novel method driven from the DCS/AMS using QuickCheck. This method allowed for device location, range, alarm and continuity verification from the end device through to the HMI. Time savings were tallied at around 30%. This method was also safer as the transition to brown-field would require hot work permitting when opening devices. 45 minutes Workshop Steve Wheeler
Edward Smigo
1-9635 - Building an integrated Operator Training Simulator environment with Serial Device Server, and combining DeltaV and legacy Bailey control systems. Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateSimulated connectivity with serial I/O devices present unique challenges in the design and implementation of an Operator Training Solution (OTS). Emerson OTS engineers have developed a solution, in which disparate systems were unified into a single, seamless training environment using DeltaV Connect and IP to Serial Device Server technology. 45 minutes Workshop Tracy Wang
Paul McCloskey
1-9010 - Merge two DeltaV Systems with Simultaneous Upgrade Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryCabot Corp in Marshall, TX had two DeltaV Systems operating at different versions of DeltaV and using different server hardware. By performing an upgrade of the target DeltaV System and then merging the two into one total DeltaV System, the plant eliminated costly support and maintenance hurdles by providing a centralized server room, hardware, and DeltaV database. 45 minutes Workshop Michael Brannon
Christiana Spencer
5-8550 - Exercising the Emerson Exchange Experience for a Successful DeltaV Virtualized Upgrade Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntermediateCook Pharmica is a biopharmaceutical CDMO. A validated DeltaV version upgrade project was executed on both the production and development systems, to a virtualized infrastructure. Cook Pharmica leveraged learning from 2014 Emerson Exchange attendance, along with proper planning, risk scoring and mitigation, and team integration for a successful upgrade. This workshop will review the elements of success, touching on aspects of technology, processes, planning, testing, and stakeholder involvement, along with lessons learned, to achieve a comprehensive cutover in 5 days, and within budget. 45 minutes Workshop William Meltzer
Chris Miskowiec
Matthew Small
1-9104 - Commissioning and Start-Up (CSU) "NEW Best Practices" to Eliminate Late Start-Ups, CSU Cost Overruns & Production Delays Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateCommissioning and Start-Up (CSU) success trends have been heading the wrong direction for 5 yrs.. More than triple the number of late plant start-ups, 5.7% or greater Cost and Schedule Overruns, and $billions in production and profit loss. CII RT-312 (Construction Industry Institute), studying over 100 closed projects, has recently released "NEW Best Practices" information for the complete reversal of this negative CSU trend. 16 Critical Success Factors, 5 enabling technologies and specific tools & recommendations have been identified, tested, and verified. Demos included. 90 minutes Short Course Dr. James T. O'Connor
Brian Nordmann
Marcos Peluso
6-9349 - Reliability Solutions - Lifecycle Services Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateAre you tasked with minimizing unscheduled shutdowns, high product quality requirements, environmental challenges and high level safety standards to archive your goals? Are you struggling with retiring workforces, fewer specialist and more complex processes so that it is difficult for you to stay always in the top quartile? This Emerson reliability solution for machinery health presentation will give you an overview of the different services that will help you achieve your goals. 45 minutes Workshop Hermann - Josef Rehnen
Sam Tanyous
6-9096 - DeltaV Historian Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIn this session participants will be introduced to the Emerson line-up of history collection products and best practice deployment architectures. 45 minutes Workshop Kim Van Camp
3-10159 - Maximizing the Value of HART in DeltaV without Shooting Yourself in the Foot Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThere is tremendous value in the information available with the HART protocol within DeltaV. However, taking advantage of this value without unintended consequences is more difficult that it seems. This workshop will guide the user through the various aspects of configuring HART within DeltaV and prevent making common mistakes that lead to undesirable behavior. Users will learn how to generate maximum value from the information available in today's HART instruments. 45 minutes Workshop Jay Colclazier
2-10161 - Major Power Plant Achieves Reliable Boiler Drum Level Control with Rosemount Guided Wave Radar Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: AdvancedMany power plants use varying technologies to measure drum level. With this being one of the most critical measurements in the plant, reliability was necessary to ensure continuous operation. With process design conditions exceeding 2300 psi and 650°F, the Rosemount 5300 with DVC provided fully compensated level measurements, independent of pressure and temperature, resulting in accurate and reliable level readings during all start-up and shut-down conditions, regardless of the weather. 45 minutes Workshop Joseph Laughter
Matthew Brummer
4-10192 - Selecting the Right Valve for Your Application to Reduce Cost and Increase Performance Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateSelecting the optimum valve for the application can sometimes be a daunting task, even with a “simple” on/off valve, especially when the process operates at high or low temperatures and/or has high levels of particulate. This workshop will cover process variables that should be considered when selecting a valve. Also, the merits and tradeoffs of each valve type will be discussed in order to understand how to best reduce cost and increase performance. 45 minutes Workshop Robert Lange
Tony Foster
Leah Stanley
3-10200 - Mini-Automations = Big $$$ Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedNominated for Best in ConferenceWriting ‘little’ sequential programs is typically not what excites automation engineers; we want flashy plant startups. While our facility does have ‘big’ programs, it is our collection of ‘minis’ that make the big $$$. These unsung hero ‘mini’ programs serve two roles: 1) do repetitive or tedious tasks 2) respond rapidly to plant upsets. Come see how 13 years of experience has honed a set of mini-automations that, like Mary Poppins, is ‘practically perfect in every way.’ We will look at the structure, function, and documentation of several sequences. Warning - this will be fun, but technical. 45 minutes Workshop Jim Coleman
1-10717 - Mine Water Distribution with 60% Process Variability Improvement! Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryGlencore mines nickel and copper from their 5-level mine in Ontario, Canada. The mine uses surface water for cleaning equipment, fire suppression, and dust abatement supplied by a pipeline at different levels. They were using ratio valves as pressure reduction valves which were not automated, unstable at low flows, and caused water hammer and damaged piping resulting in unplanned downtime. Lakeside Process Controls provided Glencore the Fisher Cavitrol III as an automated solution which provided cavitation protection and 2-sigma variability reduction from 16.9 psig to 9.4 psig. 45 minutes Workshop Don Sarpong
Sylvain Millette
Mary Barker
2-10907 - Copper Concentrate Warehouse Inventory Management System Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryWhen Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold upgraded their filter and copper concentrate storage, their old method of performing bi-weekly inventory was no longer viable so they needed a new approach. Implementing the Rosemount Model 5708 3D Solids Scanner solved the problem of knowing how much copper concentrate is stored in their warehouse. At any time, they now have real-time access to the inventory via their DeltaV DCS System, as well as having access to historical data in their OSI Pi System. 45 minutes Workshop Ted Hinderman
3-10554 - Successful Shutdown, Turnaround, or Outage Programs based on Successful Reliability Programs Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryABC Company uses time-based maintenance strategies to determine which assets they need to work on during their turnarounds. Most of the equipment doesn’t need work, and they don’t have the correct spares to fix the problems they do find, so they end up expediting parts and working overtime to repair the equipment to avoid delaying the turnaround schedule. Learn how a solid Reliability program helps eliminate these wasteful, outdated practices, and better scope, plan, and manage your turnarounds, shutdowns, or outages. 90 minutes Short Course Paul Cronin
6-10650 - Improve Your Operations Performance - DeltaV Operate and DeltaV Mobile Track: 6. Emerson Presents Technical Level: Introductory Maximize your site's operations potential with new updates to DeltaV Operate and DeltaV Mobile.  This session provides an overview of DeltaV Operate improvements in v13 such as higher resolution monitor support and new DeltaV Operate themes.  It also introduces the new DeltaV Operate High Performance Dynamos, which remove clutter yet keep information at operator's fingertips while supporting the operator graphics hierarchy as recommended by ISA-101. Finally, an introduction and demo of DeltaV Mobile will be presented. DeltaV Mobile is an intuitive native mobile app experience that provides intelligent messaging and context for abnormal process situations. It allows users to monitor their process with personalized watch lists of process values and alarms, view real time and historic process data, receive alarm notifications, and view process context around alarm events. DeltaV process engineers, operators, and plant managers can now have the plant at their fingertips whenever they need it.  45 minutes Workshop Mariana Dionisio
Camilo Fadul
3-10578 - Project Certainty Using Emerson's OTS in the Oil&Gas Industry Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryA project is complete when the process is started and ready to produce. The ICSS configuration is usually tested by forcing values, which does not always take into account how the ICSS will respond when connected to the process. Emerson provided a medium fidelity OTS for a North Sea offshore oil processing facility with a dynamic simulation embedded with the DeltaV database. Although the primary goal was to provide to a tool for operator training, it also uncovered a number of teething problems in both operation and control system design, prior to commissioning. 45 minutes Workshop Ramona Siriorean
Glyn Westlake
1-10566 - Planning and Executing a Provox Migration for a Large Facility Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateTo move any plant from Provox to DeltaV requires lots of planning, coordination, testing, and tools to make it happen well. Couple that with poor documentation, a short cutover window, and other challenges, and the pressure increases. This is a case study on a move from Provox to DeltaV for a Cargill Corn Syrup plant. Many different tools and techniques including the Renaissance Approach, Multiple I/O strategies, Wireless Mobil Worker Tablets, and a Commissioning / Bug Tracking Database were only a few of the methodologies used to make the project a success. 45 minutes Workshop Blair Stephens
Matt Forbis
3-10580 - Analyzing Vibration Amplitude Diversities from Different Instruments Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateOverall vibration is a main parameter for vibration protection and prediction analysis. It has been observed that the overall vibration differs for the same case depending on the instrument being used. Mainly observed when using portable devices to acquire vibration data from online system. Al Ezzel Plant in Bahrain in conjunction with Emerson experts evaluated the main causes of it to come up with the right explanation of these diversities and establish the optimized database configuration in AMS Machinery Health Manager for using CSI 2140 in compatible with any online monitoring system 45 minutes Workshop Salman Mohammed
Fathi Mayoof
3-10600 - Automating Marine Waste Tank Farm and Terminal with Emerson Solutions Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductorySingaport Cleanseas has a marine waste collection, storage and treatment facility at Pulau Sebarok island off Singapore. An automation program is being currently implemented for automatic operations, remote monitoring through pervasive sensing and improve the safety measures. DeltaV system, Radar tank gauging with wireless connectivity and Tank Master software, EIM actuators for tank farm remote operation and fire & gas detectors for Pump House will help to reduce the manpower for operations, increase the safety of the facility and is expected to provide a savings of about $100,000/year 45 minutes Workshop Murali Krishnan Thiagarajan
2-10617 - Industrial-Agricultural Site uses Opacity and Dust Density Monitoring to Reduce Biomass Emissions and Meet Environment Regulations Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateAceitera General Deheza (AGD) has a strong commitment with environment and local communities. As a part of their emission reduction program they are replacing fossil fuels by biomass and this change leads to a new variable to care about: particulate matter emission to the atmosphere. Emerson designed a solution combining the Rosemount OPM 3000 Opacity Monitor as a downstream complement of baghouse filters. Continuous measurements provide real time data. This information is then used by the process manager office to adjust the process and make decisions in order to reduce pollutants emission. 45 minutes Workshop Mauricio Pulido
Juan Manuel Perez
Kyle Stewart
6-10655 - Emerson Presents: Wireless Non-Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring Track: 6. Emerson Presents Technical Level: Introductory Corrosion monitoring systems use unique sensor technology, wireless data delivery and advanced analytics to continuously monitor for metal loss from corrosion or erosion in pipes, pipelines or vessels, and reliably deliver high-integrity data from even the harshest environments. In this session, you will learn about the ultrasonic, wireless sensors.  Through this monitoring, users can have confidence in asset manage due to early identification of corrosion/erosion activity and understanding of the causes.  At any time, operators can gain immediate insight into exactly how assets are coping with ever-changing operating conditions. This enhances real-time operational decision making leading to improved asset uptime and increased profitability. 45 minutes Workshop Peter Collins
2-10674 - High Signal Mag Flow Meter Mitigates Process Noise to Digester Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryAmerican Crystal Sugar's waste water system contains organics from processing sugar beets. The biologic activity changes in winter producing large amounts of CO2 leading to excessive process noise and loss of flow measurement to their digester. Several remedies were tried. Ultimately, a Rosemount High Signal Mag Meter provided a reliable measurement. Various noise mitigating capabilities of the 8712E transmitter are explored and industry leading performance of the high signal 8712H transmitter for noisy processes and slurries is discussed. 45 minutes Workshop Kevin Hoaas
Darin Hook
4-10686 - Recipe for Operational Success- Batch solutions to maximize value and performance Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateThere are many ways to improve conversion, optimize energy usage, increase reliability, and improve safety in batch specialty chemical facilities. Batch reactor performance is one of the most critical components impacting the facility’s through-put and ultimately the bottom line. This workshop will walk through critical control valve and measurement applications associated with reactor performance. It will highlight the application, issues/challenges, and the opportunities for improvement, including real-life examples of successes. (Combined Rosemount and Fisher. Could be placed in Measure.) 45 minutes Workshop Blake Coleman
Robin Cherre
5-10807 - #ILoveSTEM, How to Refill the Engineering Talent Pipeline Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryAs a part of its 125th anniversary, Emerson, in partnership with Hank Green, launched an "I Love STEM" campaign to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness and focus on STEM education. Getting kids interested and involved in STEM early will help to refill the shrinking engineering talent pipeline. Launching a STEM campaign can seem like a daunting task but in this session you will learn how to get started with a STEM program and hear best practices from Emerson's I Love STEM campaign. 45 minutes Workshop Brian Atkinson
Nikki Bishop
4-10819 - Reducing Operating Cost by Supplying Uninterrupted Gas Flow while Safely Maintaining Natural Gas Piping Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryQuestar is a gas utility company that faced an issue when they serviced or replaced the meter sets for residential and commercial customers. Integrating a mobile CNG system on the maintenance trucks eliminated end customers without natural gas during maintenance and increased technician productivity, saving $700,000/year. Scheduling became much easier to coordinate causing additional productivity savings. 45 minutes Workshop Doug Todd
Wendell Love
6-10821 - 3051S pushing the envelope Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe 3051S transmitter has been solving measurement challenges and customer concerns for well over a decade. The 3051S product line introduced new capabilities including SIL certified ERS systems, accurate highly improved measurement in high process temperature applications using a Thermal Range Expander, High Static Pressure DP Measurement rated up to 15 thousand psi, HART rev 7, advanced diagnostics, and a Multi-variable offering for the FOUNDATION fieldbus protocol. 45 minutes Workshop Feroze Hamid
Darin Peterson
3-10782 - Husky Energy's Centralized terminal solution across Canada Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateHusky Energy has been operating it's 8 asphalt loading terminals across Canada on DANTAS, Emerson's legacy Terminal Automation system. With change in technology and having to support improved business and operating processes they migrated to the current Emerson's TA Logistics Truck loading system. Migration was seamless with no data loss. Since all terminals are remotely monitored many secured UI screens were built. More importantly, they are now positioned to further automate and account for all the movements across their terminal landscape. 45 minutes Workshop Myo Thane
Shoyeb Hasanali
2-10787 - Exchanger Fouling Monitoring Solved with Emerson Smart Wireless Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateOur facility has a number of spiral exchangers that are crucial to the Operation. The exchangers were installed without any instrumentation. It is inevitable that the exchangers will foul and begin to lose efficiency to the point of affecting the process. Cleaning is costly, and even more so when the exchangers are cleaned to early or too late, determining the optimal cleaning schedule saves us money. We needed to find a way to measure the temperature and flow. Conventional IO and cabling was cost inhibitive. We were able to install 22 wireless devices and program exchanger fouling logic. 45 minutes Workshop Eric Brousseau
6-10799 - Direct Wellhead Measurements for Well Testing in Harsh Economic Environments Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIn today’s economic environment with increased well performance key, too many wells are without well testing instruments or face high CAPEX/OPEX costs from test separators. This abstract looks at a smart multiphase metering alternative to test separators that measures accurate flow rates direct from the wellhead (eliminating the need for dedicated test lines and test separators), reduces CAPEX/OPEX, and increases well knowledge. Particularly suited to unconventional fields, it also makes a one meter-per-well and a field-wide production strategy for increased recovery a potential reality. 45 minutes Workshop Chad Jordan
Sharon McCurdy
4-10876 - Exponential Control Valve Lifespan and Performance Improvement in Pulp and Paper Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe LV-6/LV-7 chip chute level tank valve is a very critical control valve in a Pulp & Paper mill. Due to high pressure drop and particulates, valves get eroded and typically fail in 4 to 8 months. A pulp and paper plant in Maine was using a full bore ball valve in these applications and it exhibited poor controllability, scaling, and stiction issues. New England Controls provided the customer the Fisher CV500 Cam Vee-Ball solution. The CV500 showed better control performance and increased lifespan up to 15 times more than the full bore ball valve in these applications. 45 minutes Workshop Al Dunham
Mary Barker
Sunand Mohan
1-10890 - Top 10 Ways ExxonMobil Mitigated Project Risks on Rotterdam Hydrocracker Project Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: Intermediate33% of capital budgets finish on schedule - Less than 50% stay on budget.* What if you could improve your odds? Come explore how solid project management best practices for instrumentation can help keep your project on track, on budget and on time. *Source: Accenture, July 2012 45 minutes Workshop Amit Verma
Steve Newton
3-10895 - Improve Operational Efficiency with Cooling Tower Remote Monitoring Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateCooling Towers are Essential Assets that are rarely monitored online but that can directly impact the refinery’s performance. Pemex Salamanca Refinery implemented a remote monitoring system to help improve visibility into the operating condition of the cooling towers, reducing manual monitoring trips for inspections, and provide actionable information to increase operational efficiencies. 45 minutes Workshop Alejandro Orozco
Alejandro Lopez Reyes
Orlando Gago
1-10833 - Legacy Bailey DCS Migration to DeltaV Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateAtlantic Power Corporation – Williams Lake Power Generation site deemed the unsupported legacy DCS system unsafe and were challenged with a DeltaV migration in its primary processing areas. By working collaboratively with the local LBP, Spartan Controls, Atlantic Power was able to reduce the complexity of the upgrade and migrate approximately 1154 I/O points with a savings of $834K based on previous estimates. The workshop session demonstrates best practice of executed a successful migration from a hardware design and software logic perspective. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Turner
George Urchuk
Parm Tatlay
5-10852 - Cut the Fat and Keep It Off - Implementing Lasting Lean Improvement Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntermediateLearn essential tools and tips for implementing lasting lean improvement at your site. This session will describe the lean journey that the Emerson Rosemount vortex flowmeter manufacturing line in Eden Prairie, MN embarked on to identify and eliminate waste from the manufacturing process. By recognizing early successes and fostering a lean culture, lead times were reduced and first pass yields soared. 45 minutes Workshop Grant Eldred
Ryan Bowlds
1-10922 - CNRL Ensures DeltaV Availability with a System Lifecycle Plan Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateCNRL operates a large oil sands mine and upgrader in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Nameplate capacity is doubling to 250,000 bbl/d with the completion of Phase 3 in the next year. At that time the DeltaV system will be very large: 6 zones, 40,000 DSTs, 200 redundant controllers, 120 computers and 150 switches. In addition to managing the system growth it was also important to provide 100% system availability. CNRL had experienced several unplanned outages due to issues with their legacy switches. CNRL and Spartan collaborated to develop an overall lifecycle plan to maintain system availability. 45 minutes Workshop Jozef O'Beid
Colin Stapleton
6-10934 - Finally! A complete pipeline solution by Emerson Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe emerging Midstream Oil & Gas market has customers updating old pipelines and creating new pipeline capacity to move the abundance of both Crude Oil & Natural Gas that upstream technologies have brought to the market. Instead of soliciting multiple vendors, Emerson is able to provide a complete pipeline solution for all your Final Control Element needs. The new Bettis Smart EHO Electro-Hydraulic Actuator paired with a Fisher control valve or Virgo isolation valve is a full Emerson solution for liquids pipelines that hasn’t been possible in past. Best quoting practices will be discussed too. 45 minutes Workshop Reid Youngdahl
MTE-11709 - Nail a Speech - Launch A Career Peter Drucker, business analyst extraordinaire, has said it well, “As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word.”  Indeed, being able to put one’s thoughts into words and communicate effectively may be the single most effective way to launch a career.  Yet, the average engineer has little skill in this area.  Most engineers deploy the “Death by PowerPoint” method whereby they do a data dump on an increasingly bored and disengaged audience.  The result is often a stalled career, a lost sale, or missed opportunity to have one’s project funded. Through the use of time honored speaking techniques, the speaker can retain the attention of the audience, communicate clearly his or her ideas, and elicit action from the hearers.  This session, presented by Exchange veteran and “Best in Conference” award-winner Dave Beckmann, will outline the methods and techniques required to produce hard hitting and effective presentations. The ultimate goal is to Accelerate Your Learning on how to be an insanely great communicator. Attendees will have the tools and the knowledge to prepare and deliver effective presentations.  Ideas can now be clearly communicated, audiences will respond, and careers launched. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Dave Beckmann
MTE-11242 - DeltaV Configuration Standards & PCSD Deep Dive In this open discussion forum the expert panel members will explore the needs, benefits and challenges of configuration standards as well as the history of Emerson's configuration standards for DeltaV (PCSD), highlight recent PCSD enhancements and allow opportunities for deep dive discussions into these topics.   1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Matt Stoner
Frederic Menard
MTE-11230 - Process Control Optimization In this session the expert panel members will explore the challenges that are often encountered when using traditional and advanced control techniques to optimize plant operations. The experts will discuss basic steps that they recommend be followed when addressing a control optimization project. Also, each panel member will present an application they have commissioned that demonstrates how process control techniques were used to optimize process operation. The presented control optimization projects will demonstrate how to achieve technical and economic objectives in various industries. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Terry Chmelyk
Mark Coughran
Gregory McMillan
James Beall
Jay Colclazier
Lou Heavner
Andrew Waite
RDM-11730 - DeltaV SIS DeltaV SIS Product Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Sergio Diaz
3-8931 - Real Time Monitoring of Air Compressor Performance with WirelessHART Power Meters Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedTo protect operation-critical air compressors, CMC Steel utilized WirelessHART power meters to measure energy consumption in their South Carolina steel mill. CMC deployed three power meters on three separate rolling mill compressors to measure Voltage, Current, Power Factor, and power usage for each compressor. The system also provided real time power usage information to indicate compressor performance and air pressure stability.. For energy saving perspective, CMC also realized a significant operating cost savings by ensuring the air source supplier provided more stable air pressure. 45 minutes Workshop Greg Evans
Yicheng Pan
Sam Matson
2-9612 - Enabling Competitive Wellhead Testing with Advanced Phase Measurement and Coriolis Meters Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: AdvancedUtilizing Micro Motion's 5700 transmitter with Advanced Phase Measurement software has allowed Accuflow do develop a highly competitive well monitoring system that uses smaller cyclonic separators to reduce cost and footprint of well testing skids. The ability of the Micro Motion 5700 transmitter with APM to handle some multi-phase conditions enables the selection of what would normally be considered an 'undersized' separator. The customer leverages Micro Motion's leading technology to create a competitive solution in a challenging market. 45 minutes Workshop Justin Hollingsworth
Herb Liu
Laura Schafer
6-9631 - DeltaV Upgrades Program Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateUpgrading your DeltaV system periodically is a natural part of the system's overall lifecycle. While running the plant's originally configured DeltaV system for many years may be convenient, it increases the overall risk profile of the plant if a proper lifecycle plan is not in place. DeltaV upgrades can be done online and with flexible payment plans. When done systematically over the plant lifecycle, upgrades continuously help reduce potential lost operations, reduce maintenance costs, address cybersecurity requirements, and provide access to new features needed for peak plant performance. 45 minutes Workshop Yoga Gorur
Chris Madeira
3-9749 - A DeltaV Cybersecurity Primer Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryConcern about cyber-attacks on control systems is on the rise. There are well-publicized vulnerabilities in common software libraries used by many applications and operating systems. In the absence of any security defense, control systems are vulnerable to espionage or worse. How secure is your control system? What security best-practices should you put in place to prevent accidental infection from negligent employees? We’ll discuss how to reduce your risk to cyber-attack by covering installation, configuration, security appliances and applications, auditing, best practices and more! 2 Hours Short Course Rick Gorskie
Neil Peterson
Alexandre Peixoto
3-9869 - Getting Started with DeltaV MPC - Tips and Techniques Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateDo you want to implement DeltaV MPC but don’t know where to start? This workshop will explain how to select small applications for DeltaV MPC, how to calculate potential benefits and how the DeltaV MPC works in easy-to-understand terms. Field proven practical tips and techniques to implement MPC will be explained. This information will be worth years of experience in applying DeltaV MPC! 45 minutes Workshop James Beall
3-9989 - Simplify Protection of Your DeltaV System from Cybersecurity Threats through Virtualization Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateManaging the different aspects of DeltaV system cybersecurity and administration can be resource and hardware intensive. Previously, management of these cybersecurity applications was time-consuming and required IT support to manage multiple dedicated servers and specific non-DeltaV security applications. This session will detail how Pfizer's biotech manufacturing facility in Sanford, NC, utilizes the DeltaV virtualization solution to consolidate and automate system cybersecurity applications into a Dell VRTX server managed solely by the site automation engineering team. 45 minutes Workshop Jim LaBonty
Bruce Greenwald
Richard Dedzins
5-8429 - Focused Training - Providing Results with Minimum Time Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntermediateIn efforts to achieve and maintain operational excellence, Baxalta’s implementation of a state of the art automation system including DeltaV and bus technologies was only part of the equation. The human factor in engineering, maintenance, management and operations required new knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of automation. Traditional training practices of generic vendor training courses did not meet Baxalta’s requirements. Baxalta needed an alternative to the traditional training approach in order to address application specific knowledge and skills required in each job. 45 minutes Workshop Michael Bright
Mark Dimmitt
3-9249 - Increase Returns By Optimizing Your "Business" Process Control Track: 3. Operate & Manage Technical Level: Introductory The idea of finding hidden capacity within existing process plant is not new. Many approaches have been proposed to achieve this goal, from keeping things running (improved reliability) to scheduling the best use of equipment whilst it is running (capacity planning). The workshop focuses on optimizing the running process, from the level of collections of control loops through to plant-wide optimization. Case studies from a European-based process consultancy group will be used to illustrate how process optimization projects can be selected, justified, implemented and their results verified. 45 minutes Workshop Glyn Westlake
3-9390 - Sanofi Genzyme's Batch Record Review-By-Exception (RBE) Implementation Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateIn 2013, with 3 bioreactors in commercial production, the 4th train at the manufacturing facility was commissioned. This created two main drivers for the RBE program: a 33% capacity increase, and shortened timelines for bulk release. The primary goal was to reduce manual reviews of Electronic Batch Records (EBRs). This was achieved by integrating DeltaV and PI with MES. The automatic transfer of data greatly reduced the number of manual data entries. Since 2014, there have been 45,000+ EBRs completed and 38,000+ have been automatically reviewed, resulting in savings of over 18,000 man-hours. 45 minutes Workshop David Maglaya
Alex Lee
3-7729 - UDEP (User Driven Enhancement Program) Update Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateDo you have an idea for the product or just wish something worked differently? The User Driven Enhancement Program (UDEP) is a formal means for the User Community to directly collaborate in and drive Emerson’s product plans. Users input, prioritize, and select enhancement ideas they would like to see in Emerson offerings. Attend this session to meet the UDEP members and learn more about the projects that have been selected for implementation in the next round of Emerson products. 45 minutes Workshop Tracy Waller
Carson Perkins
4-10155 - Make sure your valve is ready for the long haul at Start-Up and Commissioning Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn this workshop we will talk about the traditional methods for start-up and commissioning and how diagnostics can be used to supplement those methods. We will show how diagnostics can identify issues at the point of commissioning and start-up. Diagnostics can make your start-up smoother and ensure that your valve is ready for the long haul. We will show how diagnostics identified potential issues that would have led to possible downtime that would not have been identified with traditional methods. If you perform start-up and commissioning at your plant this is the workshop for you. 45 minutes Workshop Sean Raymond
Gahan Mullen
1-10162 - Lessons Learned During the Migration of Provox to DeltaV DCS Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe objective of this workshop is to share with the audience the lessons learned during the migration of a Provox DCS to DeltaV. The workshop provides tips and watch outs covering the phases of: design, execution, hardware installation and configuration, and commissioning. Among many aspects presented are the challenges faced to configure VIM2 cards for communicating DeltaV with PLC’s and drives and how success was achieved. See how the communication protocols barrier between both Provox and DCS controllers was overcome and how the use of an alternative database can save downtime. 45 minutes Workshop Hector Torres
Carlos Hernández
2-10198 - Reduce Chemical Injection Costs with Confidence in your Measurement Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateFlow assurance is critical to a field’s ROI and chemical injection is the generally accepted method to combat a number of flow assurance challenges. Because the consequence of under-injecting chemical is so severe (ie catastrophic loss of well), most operators over-inject chemical – over-inject by an average of 20%! This is a tremendous expense that can be eliminated with accurate flow measurement. With improved accuracy and confidence in measurement, customers can reduce the amount of chemical injected and quickly identify failing equipment for overall reduction in OPEX. 45 minutes Workshop Tim Drost
Laura Schafer
6-10112 - Struggling with your level solutions? Ground-breaking new radar - dependable level, made easy! Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis workshop will review key level applications in chemical and petrochemical plants with special considerations for level measurements in critical applications. In most plants there are several applications where the process conditions are difficult and traditional technologies are high on maintenance costs and/or do not track the changes fast enough. During this workshop we will look closer on how new two-wire FMCW radar’s with high sensitivity can resolve very demanding process conditions, thus optimizing performance, increasing safety, and reducing the maintenance costs. 45 minutes Workshop Ingemar Serneby
Andreas Hessel
2-10206 - Minimize your project costs with multivariable technology. Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn the last 5 years, there have been many advancements made to multivariable transmitter products of today’s industry. A lot of advancements are focused on accuracy or maintainability, but which ones can a user leverage to significantly reduce project costs or budgets? This session will go into specific detail, including customer testimonials and applications, on how multivariable technology can be leveraged. Everything from reducing pipe penetrations, to minimizing wiring, and even eliminating traditional measurement points will be covered. 45 minutes Workshop Thomas McCulloch
Eric Beltz
6-10193 - Not Your Grandpa's Machinery Protection System Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEmerson’s new CSI 6500 ATG Machinery Protection System has value add benefits that the general machinery protection market has never dreamed of. With features such as flexible I/O, OPC UA, PeakVue prediction functionalities, and a phone application, this protection system goes above and beyond your run of the mill OEM system. 45 minutes Workshop Jacob Swafford
6-10237 - If you don't know to pull the pin, a hand grenade is just a funny looking rock Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryAs with most things in life, operating a plant is not something that can be learned solely from books – it’s learned from experience. This is especially true with ‘tacit’ knowledge - recognizing patterns, noticing anomalies and having a good mental model of the process. Training this type of knowledge is a challenge because it is difficult to articulate and convey. Instead, we usually rely on build it over time, through experience. This presentation introduces the audience to Center for Operator Performance training approaches specifically tailored to build operator tacit knowledge. 45 minutes Workshop Dave Strobhar
Cindy Scott
Ike Brackin
3-10030 - Kuwait Oil Company Utilizes ICSS Opportunity to achieve plant safety, availability & Reliability Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateKOC NK has old BOT facility of EPF50 with obsolete ICSS system operating in a Portacabin Temporary control room. KOC is looking into upgrading the facility during a short project schedule for 24 Weeks where it will optimize the production required of 50K bpd and shutdwon aimed for 10 days only for commissioning activities. 45 minutes Workshop Nasser AbuTaleb
David Kraft
6-10270 - Execute Your Project's Success with Emerson's iCenter Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThrough Emerson's global iCenter network, iCenter locations are providing system integration services for DeltaV, ControlWave and Ovation projects using the latest advancements in the PlantWeb hardware platforms. The Configure to Order (CTO) cabinets and associated tools are powerful solutions to optimize project performance. This workshop will focus on the specific CTO models offered and the cabinet configuration/specification tools available to provide hardware solutions at lower cost, lead times and design effort than what is realized in a traditional project execution scenario. 45 minutes Workshop Chris McDonald
Mike Knittel
3-10201 - Directing an Instrument Reliability Trio: AMS Device Manager, Work Processes and Contracted Resources Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateCargill Inc. is a Bio Refining Company with multiple facilities. The Fort Dodge facility is in its third year of operation and they believe they have made good strides toward an effective Instrumentation Reliability Program using AMS Device Manager with Third Party Service, traditional methods, and by engineering in Reliability. 45 minutes Workshop Marshal Dreessen
John Witte
2-10232 - A Wireless Odyssey - Resistance to Enthusiasm Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceFor almost a decade, Hunt Refining Company has been a leading user of Emerson’s wireless technology. Initially, there was some resistance due to concerns of network reliability, security and integration into the existing DCS. This resistance gave way to acceptance and ultimately a partnership as the wireless network continued to expand. From the early adoption of a pre-standard wireless solution to aiding in the development of future Emerson products, Hunt has truly blazed a wireless trail. We will cover the transitions Hunt traversed along this journey of wireless technology adoption. 45 minutes Workshop Donna McClung
Steven Moore
Alan Weldon
2-10249 - Wireless Thief Hatch Monitoring Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryExtraction successfully implemented wireless thief hatch monitoring on new sites to comply with CO state regulations. In addition, we have been able to point to this as an example of our environmental stewardship to show the company's attempt to be a good, considerate neighbor when working within city limits and other residential locales. This presentation will tell the story of the culture in CO that encouraged Extraction to go beyond the minimum requirements set by the state, the steps involved in developing a reliable switch to be wired to RMT's 702, and the benefits Extraction has seen. 45 minutes Workshop Dean Rucker
Vance Ray
Nathan Shaw
1-10410 - How can Operator Training Systems support the efficiency and safety of your facility? Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: AdvancedMOL currently has 9 OTS systems in its Danube Refinery, in Hungary. More than 8 years’ experience allows specification of the custom functionality required to provide an effective knowledge-transfer and training tool for its operators to develop competencies so that plants can be operated safely and effectively with the minimum number of staff. We would like to present the best practices underlined with data of utilization, number of trainees and the different training topics and methodologies we follow, and illustrate these points by looking at a project which is currently in progress. 45 minutes Workshop Tibor Szabo
Anetta Vaida
3-10489 - Emerson saves 18% CAPEX for ONGC by supplying Integrated High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateFor the ONGC Daman Development project, the oil company needed 7 High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) to ensure safe operations at their wellhead platforms. Emerson became one stop shop for the total integrated HIPPS system with quick acting actuators, control systems, valves and transmitters. The main EPC Swiber and ONGC saw a great value in single point of responsibility and awarded complete HIPPS package to Emerson. This is a first in Asia Pacific. 12% project capex is saved and schedule is reduced by 30%. Paper discusses project details & savings calculation. 45 minutes Workshop A Ravi
Patil Sanjay
Shardula Nogaja
3-10509 - How to Automate Natural Gas Wells and Pipelines with Renewable Power Sources Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateA significant part of the natural gas pipelines in Russia lies in remote hard-to-reach places with no electricity. Often even gas well sites have no source of electricity. Due to low power consumption of controllers ControlWave Micro, it becomes possible to obtain data about pressure and temperature of natural gas in a pipeline and to automate valve sites of main pipelines and gas wells without laying expensive power lines, and to provide operational staff with real-time data about processes online. 45 minutes Workshop Leonid Berner
Sergey Lavrov
Tour-11829 - Emerson Innovation Experience Tour PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR THIS TOUR. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda in myExchange or the mobile app. Join us for an inside look at past and future technological breakthroughs at the Emerson Innovation Center for Process Systems and Solutions in Round Rock, Texas. Tour the Educational Services training center, see the scale of the development and testing of DeltaV in the system test labs, and experience the Integrated Operations Center, where Emerson and users work together to solve problems. Refreshments will be served and guests will be transported round-trip via chartered bus from the Convention Center. Expect to spend about 2.5 hours from departure to return. 2.5 hours Tour
6-10908 - Project Management: Achieve Top Quartile Performance - Top 5 Enablers for Fisher Flow Controls Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryUsing the Project Management Triangle (also call the Triple Constraint or the Iron Triangle) which shows cost, schedule, scope, with quality in the middle we will show that the more design work and collaboration conducted earlier by becoming Trusted Advisers will save the end user time and cost while maintaining a high-quality product. Project Certainty eliminates cost, accommodates change, and reduces complexity for projects. The top 5 enablers for Project Certainty will be examined in order to share with end users how they might be able to start implementing these enablers. 45 minutes Workshop Richard Ritter III
3-10989 - Successful Application of PeakVue Analysis for Journal Bearing Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateA multiple stages nitrogen compressor unit driven by a motor via speed increasing gearbox experienced periodic sudden vibration increasing and reached the alarm limits in some cases which caused operational disturbance and costly downtime in other cases. Utilizing the PeakVue capability to capture the high frequency low amplitude signals in parallel with AMS Machinery Health Management powerful features lead the inspection section to determine the main cause of vibration in the compressor and rectify without major loss of production. 45 minutes Workshop Jumaian Al Juhani
Fathi Mayoof
EDU-11209 - Practical Loop Tuning Using Lambda Tuning Method Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. "Practical Loop Tuning using Lambda Tuning Method" short course is a introduction to modern process control concepts that include understanding process dynamics and the use of non-oscillatory Lambda loop tuning methods to improve loop performance and minimize process variability. 4 hours Educational Services Norman Ito
Andrew Waite
EDU-11211 - DeltaV MPC Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. The DeltaV Model Predictive Control short course is intended for process control personnel interested in configuring Model Predictive Control strategies using the DeltaV MPC Plus function block. The students will develop an MPC strategy based on a control problem. The students will create the control strategy, develop the model of the process, generate the control and test the result using Control Studio and PredictPro. 4 hours Educational Services John (JD) Wheelis
David Strebe
EDU-11223 - Solids Measurement Technologies Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. Discover the solutions for measuring the level of solids. Find out what the different technologies are and how they work. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies. Discover some great applications and get hands on experience with acoustic devices and non-contacting radar for solids measurement. 4 hours Educational Services Kevin Thomas
Lydia Miller
EDU-11228 - Maintenance 101/201 Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. Participants will learn the critical elements of philosophy, process, organization and leadership that are critical to creating and leading a proactive maintenance program. Practical examples, tools, and reference documents will be provided to enable participants to return to their workplace and immediately put the concepts into practice. 4 hours Educational Services Bruce Hawkins
EDU-11216 - Temperature Fundamentals & New Products Available From Emerson Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This course will cover how to install, commission and maintain your temperature measurement points. Attendees will get hands-on, practical experience using devices and industry standard maintenance equipment to learn best practices and maximize your use of available temperature transmitter capabilities. This course will also show how to better select temperature instrumentation by focusing on key new features available and the benefits that will make your plant and maintenance more efficient. 4 hours Educational Services Zeke Domowski
Omar Ghazi
ML-11689 - Lunch: Women in Innovation PRE-REGISTRATION IS PREFERRED FOR THIS EVENT. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda through the myExchange scheduling tool.  Women as Leaders and Innovators: Accelerating Global Business Success Join us for lunch where Ingrid Vanderveldt, Tech entrepreneur, media personality, investor and philanthropist, will share her “inside secrets” on unlocking the power of women as key to building a winning global business strategy.  She will share the unique strategies and hands-on tactics that she used to build multiple entrepreneurial ventures and a $250M business segment in less than 2 years. Learn to: Understand how women leaders positively impact your business Learn to effectively engage, attract and retain more women as leaders Identify tactical ways to foster a diverse workforce Discover actions you can take today to accelerate your success 1 Hour Meals
RDM-11754 - Lifecycle Services & Reliability Consulting Product Roadmap - Lifecycle Services & Reliability Consulting 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Sean Sims
Will Goetz
RDM-11850 - Operational Excellence Enabled by Industrial IoT Product Roadmap - Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Technologies and Services 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Peter Zornio
MTE-11235 - Level Applications & Selection Considerations With many different level measurement technologies available, it can be challenging to determine which technology is the best fit for your specific application.  At this session, experts from Emerson will discuss available level technologies and how to analyze the trade-offs between the technologies in different applications.  Key level measurement best practices will also be discussed for common application types so that the chosen technology can be implemented to achieve the best performance possible. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Ken Mauer
Ingemar Serneby
Paul Fadell
Joe Willson
Nathan Stokes
Ulf Johannesson
Teddy Tzegazeab
Eran Malka
2-8929 - Improving Safety Integrity Through Advanced Diagnostics Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryManufacturers developing products for use in SIF/SIS are improving their products’ ability to detect failures with added diagnostic capabilities. These diagnostic can have a significant impact by increasing the product’s inherent safe behavior. Advanced diagnostics typically lead to a lower Dangerous Undetected failure rate and therefore a higher Safe Failure Fraction. This course will give an overview of functional safety standards and how a product with more advanced diagnostics, and therefore a higher SFF, may be allowed single use in SIL 2 applications instead of redundancy. 90 minutes Short Course Iwan van Beurden
Tonya Wyatt
2-9371 - Achieve a profitable tank terminal operation in a challenging market thru reliable equipment Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryNY Terminals operates a bulk liquid terminal in the NJ/NY harbor area. A new system for tank gauging and overfill prevention was implemented to eliminate manual gauging and enhance operational safety. Utilizing modern 2-in-1 radar tank gauges, high accuracy temperature measurement and SIL2 rated over fill prevention system eliminated manual tank climbing and hand gauging reducing risks for the operators. The system allowed for more rapid barge turn around due to higher pump rates. Furthermore the tanks are utilized at a higher degree due to adjusted safe fill levels. Saving 25% man hours/annum 45 minutes Workshop Craig Royston
Lance Berry
2-9996 - Remote Diagnostics Support - Providing Expertise in Isolated Outback Australia Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryHydrocarbon producers and transporters need to know the composition of the gases and liquids for accurate custody transfer and reliable, efficient operations. Gas Chromatographs (GCs) are used to identify the composition of the fluids or gases. On-site installation and commissioning of the GC allow it to communicate vital information and diagnostic back to the central control room but this can be challenging and costly. This project depicts how Emerson wireless technology helped a gas pipeline company to reduce installation costs and integrate communication across a gas distribution network. 45 minutes Workshop Greg Latch
2-10802 - Challenges with Critical Steam Drum Level Measurements and a very Distant Control Room - Hydrastep and Fiber Optics Save the Day Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateIndustry safety regulations require an independent, secondary boiler drum level measurement to be displayed in the Central Control Room (CCR), as well as other locations. Tesoro’s CCR is located a quarter mile from the boiler drum. Tesoro chose Emerson's Hydrastep to supplement the existing d/p measurements, using the existing fiber optic network to transmit the signal to the CCR, independent of the DCS. Integrating the Hydrastep with the existing infrastructure meant that a very long, new conduit and wire run did not need to be installed, resulting in time and money saved for the refinery. 45 minutes Workshop Steve Smith
Matthew Weber
1-8309 - Back to the Basics - Are You Specifying The Right I/O For Your Project? The Devil is in the Details Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryMistakes made during I/O design are causing significant pain at startup. This results in added cost to the project and lost revenue due to delayed startups. This workshop will focus on traditional and CHARMS I/O but many of the lessons learned will apply to bus I/O as well. A key lesson will be insuring that we have the I/O, wiring and field devices properly matched. We will be going “Back to the Basics” so new engineers will feel at home but there will plenty of lessons to be learned by the veteran engineers 45 minutes Workshop Calvin Burnett
Michael Truitt
6-10888 - Selecting the Best Portable Tool for Maintaining Your Intelligent Field Devices Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryHandheld configurators, calibrators, loop validators, laptops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, and other specialty devices are just a few of the possible tools that today’s instrument technician may need to install a device or diagnose a problem in the field. While many of these tools have overlapping capabilities, a dedicated field communicator is often recognized as the go to tool. This session will address specifics needs as well as challenges posed by field work practices, security and other factors that can affect what tools should be used (or even allowed) in a plant. 45 minutes Workshop Stephen West
Nicholas Meyer
3-8189 - Smart Connected Data; Analytics and Dashboards Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateManufacturing Intelligence and operational Intelligence technologies help users tap into the vast amount of data available in the plant and expose the data as intelligent information using analytics, dashboards, and other visualization tools. This workshop will include results from a recent survey about how a cross section of global manufacturing companies are obtaining benefits from plant and other types of data and the resulting intelligence. 45 minutes Workshop Janice Abel
2-9149 - Remote Monitoring Service Helps Plant Reduce Energy Consumption Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateDenka Singapore, a styrenic resins plant reduced their steam consumption by 7% by replacing faulty steam traps as soon as they fail. Rather than manually inspecting traps yearly the traditional way, they opted for a new business model contracting Emerson to automatically monitor the steam traps remotely as a service for a monthly fee. The Emerson Global Pervasive Sensing Centre of Excellence provides reports to the plant to direct maintenance improving energy efficiency by quick replacement. It is digital transformation of standard operating procedures with the Industrial Internet of Things 45 minutes Workshop Jonas Berge
3-9930 - How To Justify Plant Reliability Improvements Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryIt is well accepted that improving equipment reliability and increasing plant availability in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants has a positive operational impact. Enhanced online real time measurements and use of predictive reliability analytic models based on these enhanced measurements can result in significant reliability and availability improvements. But how can these enhancements be financially justified? 45 minutes Workshop Douglas White
6-9632 - New and Improved Guardian Support Improves Your Lifecycle Costs! Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIf you are responsible for a DeltaV distributed control system in your facility, then you have probably been challenged to help your company improve its return on automation investment — especially in times where every penny counts. You may also have been asked what you can do to ensure that your facility is operating safely, reliably, optimally and more profitably. You aren't alone! Join us to learn what Emerson's Lifecycle Services team has been working on this past year to help our customers manage their lifecycle costs. 45 minutes Workshop Bob Cruz
Yoga Gorur
3-7869 - Leach Process Monitoring and Control Through Wireless Instrumentation Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe success of a heap leach pad is dependent on the ability to deliver the right amount of raffinate solution to the right places. This concept is especially critical at Freeport-McMoRan’s Safford Mine, where the acid-consuming nature of the ore requires a high level of precision to where the raffinate flows are being delivered. Prior to 2013, the irrigation system at Safford was flow-controlled based on a single flow meter for the Leach Pad with manual adjustments made on valves at each ~8,000 m2 module. This basic system did not meet the precision needed for Safford ore. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Wooten
Larry Bolton
Chase Zenner
3-8069 - Solving Temperature Control Loop Problems in Process Plants Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateTemperature controls are important to profitability and safety. Often the product quality and yield are closely related to temperature in operations such as reaction, fermentation, heat exchange, distillation, combustion, and extrusion. Many plants encounter temperature loops cycling or unable to respond properly to disturbances. Numerous examples from life sciences, oil & gas, LNG, refining, and chemical plants show how to rapidly isolate, diagnose, and fix problems. This presentation will be of interest to instrument engineers, process control engineers, and commissioning teams. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Coughran
3-7749 - LOPA - Beyond the Basics Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThe use of LOPA has become commonplace in the process industry as a Safety integrity Level (SIL) evaluation technique and as a more semi-quantitative review tool. However, the implementation and effectiveness of the results vary widely. Misuse can lead to excessive additional protection layers that result in reduced facility availability, and a waste of project resources for little benefit. This presentation expands on some of the concepts of LOPA to provide guidance in its effective and appropriate use. 45 minutes Workshop Blair Robichaud
1-8090 - Plant Automation System Project Execution Strategy for a Shell Greenfield plant benefits from Emerson's "Project Certainty" Initiative Track: 1. Solve & Support Technical Level: Advanced Shell is building a new Petrochemical plant near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This presentation covers the Plant Automation System (PAS) Project Execution strategy being implemented for this new asset. The overall project description includes an DeltaV ICSS, BPCS and SIS CHARMs, virtualization, Profibus, Field Auxiliary Rooms, Wireless mobile worker, and instrument asset management. Significant reduction of risk and cost are realized by, by utilizing value engineering, current & future technology, and innovative execution strategies, those ties into Emerson's Project Certainty initiative. 45 minutes Workshop Anup Seshadri
Jaime Ortiz
3-8449 - : Adoption of wireless vibration system for cooling towers life cycle management Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedRashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. (RCF) a Government of India undertaking is a leading fertilizers and chemicals manufacturing company. Competency Development Module (PCMML3) to enhance constantly the capability of the workforce to perform their assigned task & responsibilities. RCF developed advanced wired & wireless automation demonstration plant with Delta V interfaced through gateways 1420connected HART wireless transmitter 648, Fischer valves 4320, DVC 6220, vibration monitoring transmitter (CSI 9420) for understanding of new technology to employees, other industries & institutes. 45 minutes Workshop Hanumant Kadam
1-10118 - ERS Level Measurment Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryLike many other refineries worldwide United uses displacer level for both control and indication on many of its vessels and drums often fitted with either a pneumatic or 4-20 ma transmitter that sends the signal back to the control room. While this level control system has worked over the years its many inherent flaws have been very costly. How costly is dependent upon when, how, and where it has failed. Simple calibration can constitute a couple of thousand dollars while total failure not caught by operators can cause an overflow resulting in millions of dollars. 45 minutes Workshop Richard Zahrobsky
6-10163 - iOps Workspace Improves Control Room Team Effectiveness Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEmerson’s new iOps Workspace improves not only the individual process operator’s effectiveness, but enables the whole operations team to make better decisions faster. It includes a state of the art ergonomic console as well as a unique software platform for content sharing and collaboration across the customer’s operations. This session introduces the new iOps Workspace platform and solution offering in the context of a collaborative, connected Integrated Operations enterprise. 45 minutes Workshop Todd Brase
Cindy Scott
1-10194 - The Power of PMO!!! Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryBechtel utilized the Emerson Project Management Office organization to stay on schedule and under budget on the Wheatstone LNG Project. Wheatstone LNG was a complex project requiring coordinated execution from several world areas with multiple stakeholders and contained non-Emerson content. The PMO team helped Bechtel streamline the quoting and documentation process resulting in a significant reduction in man-hours and the elimination of change order fees. 45 minutes Workshop Jessica Smith
Jacob Ceasar
3-10149 - Why BASF is now moving away from their own library towards PCSD Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn this presentation, we will discuss why global acting customers like BASF are transitioning away from internal project libraries to standard vendor libraries like Emerson v13 PCSD. A key factor in this decision is the ability to leverage the vendor’s knowledge of their own system and take advantage of library enhancements. One example is the combination of the PCSD Library standard functionality and associated graphics elements to ensure all aspects of Alarm Management and Operator Visualization are consistently met. 45 minutes Workshop Michael Moody
Joseph Veron
Klaus Erni
3-10120 - Considering virtualization using VRTX's, but you have more than one DeltaV system? Consider it solved! Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateTwo DeltaV systems were upgraded on two separate schedules at a pharmaceutical site. Physical servers and physical operator stations were migrated to virtual servers and Pepperl & Fuchs thin clients on terminal sessions. This session will discuss the details and the advantages gained after the upgrade. 45 minutes Workshop Sandra Owens
Brandon Williams
Mark Moore
5-10132 - Legends and Untold Stories from the Original DeltaV Development & Launch Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: Introductory20 years ago, nearly to the day, DeltaV was launched ushering in a new era in process automation. Original DeltaV members Duncan Schleiss, Mark Nixon, Cindy Scott and Jim Cahill, and Cornerstone Control’s Ron Knecht will share untold stories and legends from this era. Make sure to bring those “always wondered about…” DeltaV history questions! 45 minutes Workshop Ron Knecht
Jim Cahill
Duncan Schleiss
6-10151 - DeltaV Batch Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThe current release of DeltaV includes new functionality to help address the challenges faced by batch users in both the regulated and non-regulated environments. This product update session will provide you a detailed look at DeltaV enhancements that can help to improve your overall plant operations. 45 minutes Workshop Kam Yuen
6-10269 - Rosemount Pressure Technology is combined with WirelessHART Technology to Deliver: The Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryRosemount has recently added a wireless pressure gauge (WPG) to the Rosemount portfolio. This new product leverages Rosemount proven pressure technology and combines it with Emerson smart wireless technology to deliver a pressure gauge to the market place. With this addition Rosemount can further support users with local pressure measurement. With the added capabilities of WirelessHART users can realize further benefits such as increased personnel safety by reducing exposure to remote and hazardous locations. 45 minutes Workshop Sven Hendrickson
Paul Sundet
2-10271 - Limiting the HSSE Risks of an HF Alky Unit: How Wireless Pump Monitoring Helps Citgo Lemont's High Octane Unit Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryCitgo Lemont needed a reliable solution for monitoring a series of 17 critical pumps in their Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Unit. The goal was to monitor pump bearing housing temperatures in order to determine if the bearings lost lube oil mist. A loss of lube oil mist would cause a catastrophic pump failure within 8 hours. Refinery operators were deployed twice per shift to measure bearing housing temperatures. The HSSE constraints of the HF Alky unit combined with the critical nature of the pumps drove the need for a robust, reliable and fast solution to be deployed. 45 minutes Workshop Pedro Lopes
Christopher Trino
1-10290 - Grounding vs Grounding - Man & Machine vs Automation Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceWe will follow case studies of Grounding Methods in Process Controlled Plants, Physics of Electrical Events and accumulative effect of low impedance AC exposure on Automation Systems. Most Power and Grounding designers believe that a traditional Ground Grid is sufficient for protection and safety of personnel, as well as to provide equipotential bonding for sensitive Process Control Systems and other Electronic Services requiring Isolated Grounding. However, recent data provides insight beyond traditional installations. NEC Electrical codes are for the safety of Man & Machine, not electronics. 45 minutes Workshop Terence Colleran
Jesse Godwin
3-10310 - Automatic Line break Control Valve RTU Case Study – FortisBC Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryLine Break Valves have been installed to protect the public and property in the event of a rupture or major leak in the transmission pipeline. Each LBV installation includes a valve and a valve operator. The operator closes the valve under certain pipeline pressure conditions. The valves also lock in pressures strategically to aid in providing supply to areas for an extended period if such an event should occur. The LBV RTU controls the opening and closing of the valve & sends data to the host. 45 minutes Workshop Fred Fernandes
Ravi Rao
3-10207 - Taking Inventory Management to the Next Level Wirelessly Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryA customer stores/sells solvents creating a Div 1 atmosphere around the tank farm that relegated the maintenance staff to manual level checks with site glasses. By using the 3308 Wireless Radar, temperature and calculations done on the Delta V has allowed them to automate their inventory management for two plants. Moving forward they will automate the inventory management county-wide with auto refill orders from their customers. We will look at the system details, cost benefit analysis and how it easily integrates with other suppliers host systems. 45 minutes Workshop Rick Nah
4-10233 - The How-To Guide to Valve Diagnostics Integration Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis workshop introduces a how-to approach to understanding key factors to consider when integrating valve diagnostics via the system integration technologies that are common today. These system interface technologies include custom interfaces, Field Device Integration (FDI), Field Device Tool (FDT) / Device Type Manager (DTM), as well as older technologies. This is not a technical overview of the integration technologies nor is it a technical presentation on valve diagnostics. This is a commonsense guide to understanding system integration technologies as they relate to valve diagnostics. 45 minutes Workshop David Ingram
4-10353 - Fuel Gas Train Survey Improves Ethanol Plant Safety Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryCargill has an old Ethanol plant in Iowa that has been expanded over time. Emerson conducted a fuel gas train survey that exposed safety risks. Drawings did not reflect the new process conditions, and overpressure protection systems were not built to meet the current demand. As a result of the survey, process conditions were documented, a thermal oxidizer gas feed was redesigned, vent lines were adjusted, and wireless pressure transmitters will be installed to provide feedback on overpressure protection systems. Plant safety was improved and shutdown costs of $100K/hr were avoided. 45 minutes Workshop Dennis Landrum
Kevin Wilbeck
3-10409 - Project Execution Strategy and Technical Solution to a multi-year facility migration project Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThis workshop will provide insights into the project execution methodology, design considerations and technology selection process utilized by Novo Nordisk to migrate an integrated control / IMS solution to a standard, modular and supportable platforms while minimizing change-over costs, improving existing functionality and usability while maintaining regulatory compliance. Key consideration points included Usability by Operators, required IT infrastructure, Modular recipe approach and reporting needs will be discussed. 45 minutes Workshop Brian Molbech
Jonathan Lustri
Michael Saaby
6-10529 - Introducing the all new Rosemount Radar Master Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe new Rosemount Radar Master configuration tool for radar level transmitters has been designed from the ground up. User feedback and observations in the field have been key drivers for the design of the new tool to enable users to successfully, intuitively and efficiently commission and maintain radar transmitters. The tool complies with the new FDI technology making it interoperable into the future. This presentation will walk through the highlights of the new tool and how it creates value for users. 45 minutes Workshop Tomas Wennerberg
6-10555 - DeltaV Cybersecurity and Networking Products Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis DeltaV Product Update session will provide highlights of DeltaV v13.3 and v13.3.1 Cybersecurity and Networking features. The session will cover the new DeltaV Smart Switches and new Firewall-IPD which were included in the DeltaV product line, as well as new security features such as: new DeltaV LOCK command, DeltaV Security Administration application, and support for BlueCoat ICS Protection, Microsoft Credential Guard and implementation of secure remote access to DeltaV. 45 minutes Workshop Alexandre Peixoto
1-10567 - Intelligent Centralized Automated Loop Checking (iCALC) Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateImprove efficiency and reporting while decreasing time required to shoot loops in the field using centralized wireless loop shooting coordination. Redundant servers power the software to coordinate loop shooting between the field and engineering workstations, driving both the wireless field handhelds and the workstations while automatically reconciling and reporting progress and other real time performance statistics. Lost communications queuing allows for stack reconciliation upon reconnection. Dynamically change tag assignments to different teams and allow for lockouts, maintenance and more. 45 minutes Workshop Patrick Charles
Chris Howell
Victor Coleman
3-10574 - Taking DCS Independent Protection Layers Seriously Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateCredits are often taken in Layers of Protections Analysis for DCS control loops and/or DCS alarms. A risk reduction factor of ten is taken for each DCS IPL. The IPL typically operates in conjunction with a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) which normally has a risk reduction factor between 25 to 250. After the LOPA, all the attention is given to the SIF and none to the DCS IPL. This lack of attention of the DCS IPL’s means it is most likely to not provide the required layer of protection and will make the SIF operate at a greater rate than it was designed for. 45 minutes Workshop Robert Ancrum
Len Laskowski
6-10581 - Availability + Safety + Profitability = RELIABILITY with the Rosemount Thermal Range Expander Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryObtaining accurate and reliable pressure or level measurements in applications with hot processes and cold ambient conditions can be futile. The Thermal Range Expander, a new DP Level technology, utilizes two optimized fill fluid types within a single system to achieve a more safe, reliable, accurate and faster measurement for process temperatures up to 770°F and ambient temperatures down to -103°F. This session will review this new technology and highlight case study applications which achieved faster time response, improved performance, and reduced installation and operating costs. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Thompson
Douglas Carlson
2-10586 - Improving Feedwater Heater Level Control to Maximize Thermal Efficiency Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceTo measure the efficiency of a coal fired power plant, the term heat rate is commonly used. Heat rate is the measure of energy put into a system (Btu/kWh), divided by electricity generated(kW). By understanding where improvements can be made there are opportunities for increasing profitability. Feedwater efficiency is a controllable loss that can be mitigated by accurate level control over changing process conditions. We will demonstrate how the 5300 Dynamic Vapor Compensation guided wave radar solution in conjunction with valve control and control system logic will improve heat rates. 45 minutes Workshop David Fern
Matthew Brummer
Trevor Anderson
1-10593 - Simplifying Legacy DCS Migrations, Utilizing DeltaV CHARMs & FlexConnect Solutions Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateThousands of plants across the US are reluctant to migrate their legacy DCS. The simple reason; the cost and time associated with a system migration can be prohibitive. As a result, the majority of sites are operating on systems over 30 years of age and not taking advantage of the huge advances in technology. However, migrating to the advanced DeltaV DCS using CHARM technology can be simplified. This workshop with focus on simplifying migrations; changing the methodology with a proven alternative and allowing total site migration in a fraction of the time. 45 minutes Workshop Jeremy Valentine
Scott Ross
3-10598 - 33 year-old Off Shore Platform leverages its profitability replacing Invensys DCS/SIS with Emerson's Plantweb Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedNominated for Best in ConferenceAbkatun-A Offshore Platform located in the Mexican Gulf installed on March 5th, 1982, was affected by a fire last April. Beside the crude compression as the main task (4 compressors), this platform manages deluge water, power feed and distribution, main CCR of surrounded platforms, local CCM, gas regulation skids, warehouse, maintenance stations, gas drying units, gas sweetener units and many more which were hardly affected because of this incident. Without this platform, regulation and control of oil extraction was dangerous and uncertain. 45 minutes Workshop Fernando Mirafuentes
Ana Matute
2-10613 - CSI2140 Machinery Health Route Savings Achieved by Potash Corp Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryPotash Corp of Saskatchewan has five Potash facilities in Saskatchewan that represent 1/5 of global capacity. A reliability improvement program was implemented to improve their ability to produce when required; more efficiently, on spec product and safely. Potash Corp was challenged with outdated Machinery Health technology (route based vibration) in use at its facilities that was not allowing them to achieve their operational goal of utilizing a reliability centered maintenance program in a timely and cost effective manner. 45 minutes Workshop Greg Frondall
Matt Chaplin
Kevin Mansell
3-10632 - Steam Management and Optimization Track: 3. Operate & Manage Technical Level: Intermediate SipChem facility includes utility plant supplying steam to seven downstream production plants. Utility plant was struggling with reliability issues that had caused a ripple effect throughout the entire facility causing significant production loss. SipChem consulted Emerson and based on recommendations; SmartProcess Header solution was implemented along with improved control strategy and conceptual design for steam load shedding solution. Project was implemented online with no disturbance to plant operation and has delivered a robust and reliable plant wide master header control. 45 minutes Workshop Sam Thiara
Jim Dunbar
Asim Mumtaz
4-10649 - Fuels Unit use of CCC Controller and Fisher ODV Improves Start-up Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateExisting valves were at end of life. Multiple failures early calendar year 2014 lead to a replacement opportunity for Fisher® Controls Optimized Digital Valve (ODV) and a Compression Controls Corp (CCC) upgraded controller. 45 minutes Workshop Wayne Jacobson
Wm. Craig Jeane
1-10656 - Journey to become a Trusted Advisor for PEMEX - Crude Oil Metering Station Tale of Success Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateThe value chain in the oil industry in Mexico is made up of the exploration, production, distribution and marketing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. One of the strategic activities in this process is the reliable determination of the quantity and quality of the transported volumes. For that reason PEMEX has relied on Daniel Measurement and Control for the optimization of their measurement systems by assigning a contract for the upgrade of two metering stations with a major role on their storage and distribution process of crude oil in Mexico. 45 minutes Workshop Juan Najera
Ricardo Acuña
3-10769 - Remote Safety Valve Monitoring in Shale Gas oilfield Increases Plant Safety and Improves Production Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis section will present how the Argentina O&G Company has effectively increased plant safety in a large oil filed area by monitoring hundreds of safety valves using WirelessHART devices. Early detection of open valves have reduced production losses due to open, leaking/misseated valves. 45 minutes Workshop Alberto Lucero
Andres Brunetta
Marcio Donnangelo
5-10771 - Accelerate the Learning Curve: How Cargill TDP program leveraged the Emerson Innovation Center Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryCargill’s annual technical development program provides an opportunity for first year engineer’s to share best practices and receive hands on learning. Cargill’s TDP team and Emerson collaborated on an event focused on high impact topics and real world scenarios. A case study was created utilizing the Plant Web lab equipment and technology to simulate a plant start up. The case study scenarios provided allowed TDP engineers to experience real issues and working together to solve problems utilizing Emerson technology in a controlled environment. 45 minutes Workshop Ryan Hopfinger
Curtis Scheuerman
John Witte
6-10687 - Remote Diaphragm Seals Made Easy - New iPhone App for Seal System Selection Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediatePressure transmitters with diaphragm seals provide a simple and reliable way to measure tank level. Traditional methods have used balanced remote seal systems with identical lengths of capillary and seals on both connections. New technologies such as Tuned-System Assemblies, Electronic Remote Sensors (ERS) Technology, and Thermal Range Expander can provide significant performance benefits over balanced systems, but knowing which new technology is best for a specific application can be challenging. This session will demonstrate a new mobile tool available for users that makes selection simple. 45 minutes Workshop Ryan Kees
Douglas Carlson
2-10694 - Chemours 3D Solids Scanner in Dusty Powder-Like Environment Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceAfter using several level measurement technologies, the Chemours LaPorte plant was unable to measure the true level of Fluorospar in their two storage silos. Fluorospar is a dusty, powder-like material used in the production of Hydrofluoric Acid. Rosemount’s 3D solids scanner was installed to provide accurate level measurement by mapping the surface of the powder through the dust. Both of the storage silos are equipped with highly accurate, continuous level measurement with visualization enabling accurate consumption data, and eliminating manual, single point level measurement. 45 minutes Workshop Ariana Buckley
Brian Cleary
James Simon
6-10714 - New Hygienic Pressure Instrumentation - Rosemount 3051HT Hygienic Pressure Transmitter Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateFood & Beverage and Life Sciences industries are facing continuous pressure to reduce costs and cycle time in order to increase yield while maintaining high quality – all while responding to increased global competition. Reliable process control instrumentation is necessary to monitor and control each batch to meet the stringent industry demands while complying with the changing government regulations. The new Rosemount 3051HT hygienic pressure transmitter extends the experience and capabilities of the proven Rosemount 3051 in a hygienic package to meet your most demanding application needs. 45 minutes Workshop Sara Wiederoder
Josh Friesz
3-10733 - Wondering about the health of your plant assets while at Exchange? Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryNOVA Chemicals decided to install Wireless Vibration Transmitters at their Corunna facilities as part of the reliability improvement program. Built on human centered design principles, ARES is the next generation asset management platform that delivers asset health at your finger tips for the assets that you care for. In this session, NOVA will explain their experience with the installation of the wireless vibrations on-line monitoring and its integration and use through the ARES platform; They will talk about the benefits they realized. 45 minutes Workshop Sean McCarthy
Marco Martinez
Geoff Bunda
3-10738 - DCP Midstream's Focus on Reliability, Risk Management & Efficiency Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryDCP Midstream operates 62 plants and tens of thousands of miles of pipeline across North America. Each asset has it's own unique challenges. In today's tough commodity environment DCP has set a new direction where they connect and benchmark, and display the performance of every asset in their new Integrated Operations Center in Denver, CO. This center will enable DCP to operate more assets remotely and to the maximum benefit to the enterprise. Decisions that were once made on "gut feelings" are now made on hard facts based on diagnostics all the way down to the device level. 45 minutes Workshop Drew Baier
Tad Cahill
3-10740 - Improving Process Efficiency by Reducing Disturbances Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe most disturbing disturbances are self-inflicted. The disturbances from outside influences (raw materials and weather) and internally (surface fouling and catalyst activity) tend to be slow, giving time for the control system to react. The disturbances from automation systems and operations are often fast and frequent. Cyclic disturbances are key examples, creating abrupt changes in flows and posing additional problems in terms of propagation and resonance. We can track down and eliminate these disturbances by taking advantage of advances in modeling, valves, PID options and tuning. 45 minutes Workshop Gregory McMillan
3-10808 - Intelligent Solvent Tank Farm Management Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in Conference3M and Emerson collaborated to improve 3M’s existing solvent delivery system. The system was migrated from an energy-intensive, pressure-based system to an on-demand system with intelligent monitoring and bookkeeping. The solution was developed through the use of an inventory management system/DeltaV interface, better flow measurement, smart VFD flow calculations, and wireless limit switches. The new system has reduced accounting discrepancies, eliminated rail car unloading errors, and provided real-time verification of the piping network integrity using a software-based leak detection system. 45 minutes Workshop Matt Rauschke
Colin Singer
Kyle Nystrom
4-10810 - Optimizing Offshore Chemical Injection Flow Assurance with Real-Time Active Flow Control Track: 4. Final Control & Regulate Technical Level: Introductory A major offshore E&P has offshore rigs that have issues injecting the right amount of chemicals. By implementing a real-time Active Control solution, their Latin American site was able to eliminate manually bypassing their chemical injection skids that were plugging up within 2 hours of startup. Combining the TESCOM ER5000, pressure regulator, and Micro Motion coriolis flow meter eliminated the manual bypass and system downtime, reduced chemical usage and waste of over-injection, and provided the control room with feedback on the status of the chemical flow, saving them up to $367,000/year in chemicals! 45 minutes Workshop Anthony Hartman
3-10815 - Emerson Presents - Emerson's new family of Flow Computers the FB1000 & FB2000 Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThis session provides an insight into the recently released family of Flow Computers from Remote Automation Solutions, that satisfy the ever increasing demands of Oil & Gas Fiscal Metering applications. We will briefly introduce the 4 new Flow Computers and highlight the benefits, showing where each each one can be used to improve measurement uncertainty, operational performance,safety and security. This course will highlight the new features available from the new FB1000 & FB2000 flow computers that replace the legacy FloBoss & ControlWave flow computers. 90 minutes Short Course Martin Johnson
6-10822 - Making Device Alerts Meaningful - Emerson Project Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn 2016, Emerson made tremendous strides toward the goal of making HART and Foundation Fieldbus device alerts more useful. This workshop will update users on the 2016 changes made in AMS, DeltaV and field devices to make device alerts more meaningful and actionable. Information on what users must do to implement the new functionality will be provided. In addition, the workshop will provide information on even more improvements to come in AMS V14 and DeltaV V14. 45 minutes Workshop Duane Toavs
Jay Colclazier
3-10776 - Ticklers on DeltaV - No Funny Business Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateDoes your facility have some system in place to remind operators to do something on a periodic basis? Things like swapping fans for equal runtime. Does your system involve a lot of paperwork to generate the reminder and get signoffs that it was completed? Ticklers can be put into DeltaV modules for those conditions that DeltaV can see. This can save a lot of paperwork. Credit can be taken for the tickler actions being taken in the normal course of events. Operators can see upcoming ticklers and process them ahead of time as they have spare time. DeltaV can automatically log completion. 45 minutes Workshop Stephen Posey
2-10783 - Stay on the Ground and Stay Safe! How Automatic Tank Gauging can be used to keep workers off tanks Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateManual gauging of production tanks is a dangerous operation. Nine oil worker fatalities related to manual gauging or sampling of production tanks has been identified by OSHA during 2010-2014 (OSHA 3843). The workers have been exposed to extensive amounts of toxic hydrocarbons when thief hatches has been opened for manual gauging. With new standards and updates to outdated federal regulations, automatic tank gauging has become a viable option to keep oil workers safe on the ground, and thief hatches closed in line with OSHA's recommendations. 45 minutes Workshop Hilary Gleitz Jr
Christoffer Widahl
6-10839 - ValveLink and FlowScanner...a winning combination! Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateBlend the convenience of FIELDVUE ValveLink valve diagnostic testing with the detail of FlowScanner valve diagnostic testing for a deeper view into the health of your control valve assembly. This session will showcase a means for Lifecycle Services to combine test results from these two Emerson valve diagnostic tools. 45 minutes Workshop Jeff VonAhnen
5-10853 - The journey to first quartile Solomon performance in Refining and Petrochemical plants Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: AdvancedRefineries are continuously challenged to improve performance metrics in the areas of energy, availability and safety. Refineries have process improvement programs in place because data shows that many unscheduled or undetected incidents can reduce quartile performance of key metrics. This paper will review some of the key metrics and how a path can be created to improved performance. 45 minutes Workshop Jeff Dudley
Ed Schodowski
1-10858 - Batch Digester Controls Migration to DeltaV Using SmartProcess Cook Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateThe Harmac Pacific pulp mill near Nanaimo, BC, Canada migrated a legacy Foxboro control system in their batch digester area to DeltaV and modernized the controls using Emerson’s SmartProcess Cook as a framework. Mynah’s Mimic was used for testing and logic verification, while a combination Mimic/DeltaV Operator Training System (OTS) was used to train operators. By working together with Emerson and local business partner Spartan Controls, Harmac was able to implement the project on a compressed schedule by utilizing industry expertise, a proven configuration framework, and an OTS. 45 minutes Workshop Keith St.Thomas
Matt Austin
1-10860 - If it was free everyone would do it Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceTraditionally capital projects only focus on the total installed costs and give no consideration to long term value and future profitability. That’s all changing. Companies want to spend their money in the smartest way possible. By leveraging Emerson reliability monitoring equipment and spending additional money in the CapEx, companies are seeing improved results in lowering operating costs, improving reliability, reducing energy, increasing safety, and the bottom line. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Murphy
Melissa Toten
Edmund Sanders
TR-11293 - Cybersecurity Increasingly complex attacks on industrial control infrastructure are straining current security paradigms; attacks evolve. Companies need to defend against accidental, insider, and well-funded criminal attacks regularly forcing the requirement for resilient and secure solutions. Learn how Emerson is helping customers with the big three: People – Procedures – Technology.  Join our roundtable on how to plan, manage your defense against, and respond to cyber incidents with the principles of IEC 62443. 1.5 Hours Technology Roundtables Rick Gorskie
Brian Soldato
Jeff Potter
RDM-11729 - DeltaV Platform DeltaV Platform Product Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Dawn Marruchella
RDM-11750 - Fisher Flow Controls Product Roadmap - Fisher Flow Controls 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Perry Carter
Leah Stanley
RDM-11755 - Project Services Product Roadmap - Project Services 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Som Sreedhar
NE-11849 - NEW! Fun Run ACCELERATE YOUR RUNNING!  Get your feet moving, your blood flowing, and meet some new folks! New this year, fun runs will be offered twice during the conference week. Led by Peter Dolan of Emerson, along with 10 guides, you will make your way to the beautiful Hike & Bike Trail around Lady Bird Lake in the middle of town, just two blocks from the Austin Convention Center.  Tuesday's run will be the 3.57 mile (5.7km) "Out-N-Backer" and includes the new Boardwalk built out over the lake; Thursday's jog will take runners on the 4.23 mile (6.8km) "Pfluger Loop", crossing the lake on Pfluger Bridge - both are very scenic and sure to inspire.  Meet on the corner of 4th Street & Trinity Street outside of ACC on the sidewalk at 6:00am.  Open to all registered conference attendees. Sponsor Evosite will give out T-shirts to the first 100 participants at the runs. 1 Hour Networking Event
IF-11250 - Engineering - Leveraging the NEW Commissioning and Startup (CSU) Best Practices to Improve Project Certainty The Construction Industry Institute (CII) located in Austin, TX for over 30 years, has recently released RT-312 "NEW Best Practices for Project CSU" guidelines significantly improving project certainty for on-time and on-budget CSU completion.  EPCs and End Users guiding EPC projects should attend to gain understanding of the CII findings, key EPC project take-aways, recommended key support technologies including AMS and Mobile Worker, and how, when and why to use Supplier SMEs for field device alert test verifications to improve startup success and schedule at a 20:1 advantage.  A 4-person panel with actual RT-312 EPC and End User team members will also answer additional questions and further discuss findings via additional Q&A, following the initial RT-312 Findings and Critical Success Factors presentation. 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Ron Johnson
Dale Millsap
Brian Nordmann
Joel Tremblay
Arthur Williams
Jon Lance Boudreaux
EDU-11217 - Control Valve Sizing, Selection and Noise Prediction for Conventional and Non-Standard Process Applications Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This course is recommended for individuals who specify control valves for industrial processes. The course will provide coverage of the theory and methods that fall within the scope of present day IEC/ISA control valve sizing and noise standards, and additionally address specific process applications that fall outside the scope of these standards from the perspective of 'real' fluid behavior. The participant will learn how to: identify the correct technical context of the application; identify the correct data for the application context; and perform preliminary valve sizing and selection. 4 hours Educational Services Melissa Niesen
Roger Anders
EDU-11212 - DeltaV Simulate Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This short course is intended for engineering and operations personnel responsible for developing and delivering DeltaV operator training and or testing complex controls with Delta simulation. The course covers the DeltaV Simulate product features and how to use them while training operators. Topics include SimulatPro setup, save, restore, simulation playback, training scenarios, simulate conversion and native DeltaV simulation. This course includes hands-on workshops. 4 hours Educational Services Mark O'Rosky
Mark Dimmitt
1-9473 - Exploring DeltaV Performance for Multivariable Control and Optimization of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateThe Novartis Continuous Manufacturing Initiative redefines the future of Pharmaceutical manufacturing. To address the very different dynamics, long delays and non-linear optimization objectives of upstream and downstream areas, a test environment has been created to evaluate model predictive control (MPC) for the control and optimization of various process units used in continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing. Information will be provided on the test environment , automated test procedures. Control of a continuous reactor and test results will be discussed in detail. 45 minutes Workshop Markus Krumme
Mark Nixon
Philipp Heger
4-9889 - DIGITAL VALVE CONTROLLER'S ADVANCE TUNING PROVIDES STABLIZED & OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE OF ANTI SURGE VALVE LEADING TO INCREASED PLANT AVAILABILITY Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateAntisurge control valves recycle flow from the outlet of the compressor back to the inlet to keep minimum amount of flow going through the compressor. Surge is characterized by fast flow reversals through a compressor and is caused by a large-scale breakdown of flow patterns. When flow decreases below a certain minimum point, compressor become unstable and fluid can move back through the compressor from high to low pressure side. Since surge is a fast, high energy phenomenon, it can introduce excessive dynamic loads on internal components, and unwanted pipeline vibrations. 45 minutes Workshop Nagappan Muthiah
Riyaz Ali
3-9992 - Is Your System Healthy and Secure? DeltaV System Health Monitoring has the Answer! Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateMonitoring the status of DeltaV system components is a requirement for every administrator. Previously, monitoring of system performance was a time-consuming manual process that required direct system access and detailed knowledge of all performance parameters. A virtualized infrastructure adds additional health monitoring dynamics. This session will detail how Pfizer's batch manufacturing facility in Sanford, NC, utilizes the virtual DeltaV System Health Monitoring service to proactively analyze system performance real-time and provide automatic notifications of potential issues 24/7/365. 45 minutes Workshop Richard Dedzins
Josh Cloninger
Ben Jackman
5-9649 - Collaborative Innovation Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe new economics for business is Collaborative Innovation. Since the second industrial revolution, when American factories began to electrify their operations, innovation has been at the forefront of economic growth. From efficient electric motors to indoor plumbing to air travel, innovations have been the engine that has driven our economy. Collaborative Innovation generates value throughout the supply chain creating a value chain. Collaborative Innovation drives growth through new or improved goods and services that tap into marketplace demand creating value to both companies and consumers. 45 minutes Workshop Bryan Suggs
3-10170 - Emerson Presents: Applying Technology to Modernize Your Legacy DCS to DeltaV Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThere are new products and services released all the time. But how do the latest DeltaV technologies apply in the brownfield world? This workshop will dive into how this technology can be utilized to help work around some of the unique constraints in modernization projects. We will cover integration of 3rd party devices with the EIOC and VIM2, reuse of existing I/O, wiring solutions for quick cutovers, documentation and conversion tools, and other solutions to help modernize your system from RS3, PROVOX, ABB, Honeywell, Siemens, Foxboro, and PLCs to DeltaV v13. 45 minutes Workshop Aaron Crews
Laurie Ben
4-11089 - Improving Safety and Reliability of Combustion Dampers Utilizing Emerson EIM Drive Units Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryDynegy Baldwin Unit 2 is a 630 MW coal-fired steam generator with 14 cyclone furnaces used to mix and ignite coal and air to complete the combustion process. The shutoff air dampers on each cyclone provide safety isolation and light-off position. The dampers are driven by 480V drive units. The existing drive units were obsolete and unreliable. Collaborating with Experitec, Dynegy was able to utilize Emerson EIM drive units to improve reliability, ease maintenance, and increase safety. 45 minutes Workshop Joel Erwin
Tom Johnson
Nate Cordz
3-11109 - Environmental Monitoring for Compliance in a Vaccine Facility that uses Mobile Clean Rooms Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateKey to regulatory compliance is the ability to record relevant parameters (i.e. temperature, humidity, pressure, airflow and particulates), respond to and report on conditions in controlled environments such as clean rooms. In mobile clean rooms, in addition to the above decontamination and purge sequences prior to use and post use have to be recorded. Fuji Diosynth Biotechnologies, College Station, TX Vaccine facility was looking for a robust and comprehensive solution to monitor mobile clean rooms and stick built clean rooms to achieve compliance. 45 minutes Workshop Elvin Vargas
Janard Rao
MTE-11229 - DeltaV Tips & Tricks Expand your knowledge through an open discussion on the DeltaV system. This Q&A session will be led by an Emerson experts panel who can provide details of the internal workings of the DeltaV system and share best practices to improve your overall experience. Specific areas will include DeltaV performance, engineering, and diagnostics. Come ready with your questions and tips to share with other fellow users. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Andre Dicaire
Camilo Fadul
Debbie Colclazier
Keith Bellville
MTE-11231 - Wireless Installation and Organizational Best Practices End users are investing in site wide wireless infrastructure to support many applications spanning process, reliability, energy, and HSSE needs. This session focuses on user driven questions on how to design, operate, and maintain site wide wireless solutions that include Wi-Fi, WirelessHART, or a combination. Advanced technical questions on applications, technology, integration, project planning, and economic justification are also welcomed.  1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Dale Perry
Dan Carlson
MTE-11243 - DeltaV Licensing When asked to make a list of your favorite things to hear about, odds are DeltaV licensing is not going to be on that list.  But, the DeltaV team has been working hard on licensing, and the improvements may just change your mind. Responding to valuable user feedback, several simplifications and beneficial enhancements to the DeltaV system licensing model have been completed.  This session will detail these licensing simplifications and enhancements with specific examples, and will highlight the customer value realized through implementation of the changes.  Recent licensing changes and near-term future direction will also be covered. Finally, the session will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and make suggestions for future licensing enhancements. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Randy Balentine
Al Lee
GS--GenSess - General Session Opening Session with Guest Keynote Speaker, Tom Flick. Tom is a former NFL Quarterback and Authority on Leadership, Leading Change & Accelerating Performance. Dynamic and highly sought-after, leadership expert Tom Flick has delivered over 3,000 presentations to clients including Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, Boeing, American Express, Amazon, NASA, Mercedes-Benz and the Pentagon. 2 1/2 hrs General Session
2-10606 - French Tank Farm Implements Wireless Liquid Hydrocarbon Leak Detection Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryWireless leak detection can be used in many liquid hydrocarbon applications. Many leaks are not discovered until someone notices the smell of fuel, or after surface/below-ground water has become contaminated. Sensor cables and point sensors can detect and pinpoint a leak when interconnected with wireless transmitters and the DCS. Emerson France partner Vegase Controle designed, engineered, procured, and installed a complete hydrocarbon detection solution that is compliant with safety and environmental rules. This session describes how this solution works and how it was deployed at a tank farm. 45 minutes Workshop Patrick Vieira
Stephane Grosselin
Benoit Paredes
2-10916 - Continuous steam trap monitoring improves co-generation plant efficiency and steam system reliability Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryADM’s cogen plant supplies steam and power to crush and refinery operations in the facility. ADM was looking for ways to increase energy efficiency and steam trap maintenance was identified as an area for improvement. An online steam trap monitoring system was installed using Rosemount wireless 708 acoustic transmitters and SteamLogics software to catch failed or leaky traps when they occur rather than on an annual audit basis. Implementation took only 6 hours and showed an almost immediate payback by identifying 3 leaking traps that had gone undetected. 45 minutes Workshop Zac Bauer
MTE-11236 - Power, Grounding and Environmental Considerations Power quality in your process control system affects the reliability of your processes. This session discusses why power quality can increase process risks and what steps you can take to improve the power quality in order to reduce risk associated with the control system and ultimately improve your bottom line. The quality of the power feeding our processes will become a bigger and bigger issue as our world becomes more automated and control systems become more complex. Understanding and controlling the impact of the quality of power will help to mitigate risks associated with your process control system. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Marco Mancilla
Michael Truitt
2-10741 - Improved Tank Capacity and Automated control of Plastic Pellets silos with Guided Wave Radar and a universal control unit Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe customer was experiencing problems with ultrasonic level measurement during fill cycles. The measurements were unreliable and did not allow an efficient use of their storage silos. By using guided wave radar to deliver an accurate level reading, they were able to use full capacity of their silos and increase the accuracy and dependability in their inventory of raw material. Additionally, to automate the silos during fill cycle, they used a universal controller to engage audible Hi and Low level alarms, which helped the operators prevent overfill of the silos. 45 minutes Workshop Elkin Suarez Durall
1-10758 - Dynamic Process Simulation... It's More than Just OTS Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe use of dynamic simulation for control system testing and development and operator training is a proven method to increase the effectiveness of operation staffs and automation systems. Advances in the DeltaV Virtual Plant are reducing the time and investment required to get significant business results. This will cover advances in DeltaV Simulate, Mimic Dynamic Simulation, and virtualization that have made the promise of the Virtual Plant available to all DeltaV users. 45 minutes Workshop Todd Jaco
3-10873 - Improved data management with vibration monitoring at Arauco panels plant in Chile Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateArauco is a Chilean company that produces pulp and derivatives, in 5 plants located across Chile. This abstracts tells the full story on vibration technology implementation, the results obtained at the control room and how it helped to improve plant availability. 45 minutes Workshop Dorlysu Moreno
6-10885 - Solutions for monitoring Floating Roof buoyancy and tilt Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryA sinking roof is a major safety risk, with mechanical damages, vapor release and potential explosions as a result. Leaking pontoons, blocked drain pipes, heavy rain/snow and wind may affect the floating condition of the roof. Increased industry awareness on health, safety and environment lead to regular roof inspections. Inspections are labor intensive and require personnel to climb the tanks This presentation will review this situation and show how Wireless products and other Level solutions help end-users keeping their floating roofs floating while reducing the risks 45 minutes Workshop Mikael Helmer
3-10900 - Match Made in Heaven: MES and PAT Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryBMS combined Syncade and Process Analytical Technology to enhance process understanding and control around critical process parameters, leading to shortened production cycle and batch release times, and greater confidence in product consistency and quality . Optimal SynTQ was integrated with Syncade Recipes at an oral solid dosage plant for real time monitoring and control of processing equipment including blenders and tablet presses. Data models fed into SynTQ orchestrations monitor critical process parameters, providing real time critical quality attribute data. 45 minutes Workshop Nirav Patel
3-10847 - Seven Steps to a Peaceful Control Room: How to Implement an Effective Alarm Management Program for your DeltaV System Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateHas the alarm horn become the nemesis of your operators? This presentation describes how to create (build) an effective and sustainable program using ISA-18.2’s alarm management lifecycle (the blueprint) and DeltaV’s alarm management capabilities (the tools). It shows how following the program will allow you to address common alarm management issues (alarm overload, nuisance alarms, alarm floods, incorrectly prioritized alarms) and create a control room environment that maximizes operator performance, improves process safety, and drives operational discipline. 45 minutes Workshop Todd Stauffer
Kim Van Camp
2-10861 - Your wireless homework assignment: Appoint an owner. Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateWireless systems are often not assigned to a person or position of responsibility. Marathon Petroleum found it difficult to gain acceptance of adding applications to the existing wireless networks due to some initial installation problems that needed to be addressed. It took the “attitude of ownership” by an individual to transform the existing infrastructure into an integral part of the refinery’s viable options for solving problems. This, combined with lessons learned and best practices, tell a valuable story every plant should hear. 45 minutes Workshop Ricardo Real
Tom Garry
4-10866 - Natural Gas Pipeline System Integrity Improvements - Reducing Operational and Financial Risks through Pressure Control Station Reinforcement Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceFortisBC, a natural gas distribution company, operates a critical distribution pipeline serving over 600,000 customers. This pipeline is supplied by a large pressure control station using six parallel 16” Fisher V250 control valves. This single station design was identified as being a reliability concern as a single point of failure. Utilizing Fisher 24” V260 control valves, Bettis Gas Hydraulic actuators, and ControlWave telemetry, FortisBC created complete redundancy including over pressure protection, true failsafe, low bleed, remote & local operation, and control performance requirements. 45 minutes Workshop Niko Boskovic
Andrew Loge
Reese Dawes
1-10859 - Simplicity meets Flexibility - Implementation of a reliable Measurement Management System for Crude Oil Metering Systems in Mexico Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateThe “Dos Bocas” Marine Terminal (TMDB) is located in Paraiso, Tabasco and receives 1.4 MBPD of total crude oil production for the country from offshore platforms. In order to meet with the Hydrocarbon Technical Measurement Guidelines by the regulatory body which is the National Hydrocarbons Commission CNH, METCO implemented a Measurement Management methodology for nine metering systems for crude oil, where the Uncertainty level for a crude oil system should be ?0.3%. Pemex will apply this guidelines across all the field operations to avoid administrative penalties and fines. 45 minutes Workshop Luis Fernando Lopez Cisneros
Ignacio Ramirez
IF-11270 - Oil and Gas: Managing the Business - Automating the Operations Management Functions; Beyond SCADA/DCS - Industry Forum Today's facilities generate an enormous amout of data that are difficult to organize, analyze, and act on.  With the retirement of experienced personnel to manage the business, more standardization and automation of business and engineering workflows will be required.  This opportunity is the next frontier of automation and operational efficiency.  Come participate in a discussion of how the evolving best practices of operation's management functions can be effectively linked to the business opportunity.  Some topics covered in the forum include: - Order to Cash:   *  Scheduling   *  Capacity Planning   *  Production Planning   * Production Operations - Surveillance - Maintenance 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Tengbeng Koid
Steve Pankhurst
John Little
Gary Krushell
Sebastiano Barbarino
Jose Jimenez
TR-11294 - Getting the Most Out of a Virtualization Infrastructure Virtualization is becoming commonplace in DeltaV deployments.  Since its release in 2013, DeltaV Virtual Studio has been deployed on over 500 systems across all industries.  Last year, Chemical Processing Magazine awarded DeltaV Virtual Studio their 2015 Vaaler Award, in the category of Innovative Software Technologies. Now that you’ve got DeltaV Virtual Studio deployed, how can you take advantage of your deployment to maximize your benefits?  Still on the fence about virtualization? Come hear from your peers and industry experts as they discuss strategies and trends for virtualization and DeltaV Virtual Studio. 1.5 Hours Technology Roundtables William Meltzer
Aaron Severa
Jayson Sanders
Bruce Greenwald
JAM-2016 - MUSIC JAM The Emerson Exchange conference can be intense. Studies have proven that a refreshed and relaxed mind learns and retains information more efficiently. Join us to improve your mental efficiency and network in a relaxed setting while enjoying music performed by our high powered band, and fueled by Exchange participants like you.   Relax and enjoy the music and social networking. Visit the Emerson Exchange Community to tell us what you would like to hear. Or if you are a musician (working band member or semi-pro caliber) click here to register for a chance to play during the Music Jam. We have a wide range of slots available and would love to have you join us.   5 HOURS MUSIC JAM
3-10924 - Human Centered Design - A Case Study in Reducing Complexity Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis workshop examines the problems associated with poorly designed Human Machine Interfaces and how Human Centered Design (HCD) effectively addresses them. Displays which are overly complex, carry too much information or fail to focus on critical functions can be confusing, distracting or misleading to operators, but DeltaV HCD concepts eliminates these problems at source. Various customer projects leveraged these features to implement an HCD solution which improved operator effectiveness in the areas of Navigation, Operator Focus, Pattern Recognition and Contextual Information. 45 minutes Workshop Allan Chau
3-10950 - Lockout - New User Manager Provides New User Security Solutions Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedToday’s companies are facing increased pressure to meet tough operational challenges with increasingly stretched resources. On top of this, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure concerns create additional hurdles for these organization to overcome. This workshop will cover how AMS Device Manager and it updated User Manager can address security and organizational concerns while improving instrument and valve reliability. 45 minutes Workshop Mike Fredericks
Scott Hokeness
Nicholas Meyer
MTE-11232 - Reliability Best Practices to Keep Operations Running Smoothly As much as 43% of unplanned downtime is caused by equipment failure.  Effective reliability programs are essential to maintaining production levels and reducing lost revenue. This session will bring together Emerson experts, customers, and industry experts who have designed and implemented effective reliability programs. Topics will include developing an effective reliability program, managing asset alerts efficiently to turn data to action, and measuring and documenting the success of a reliability program. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Terrence O'Hanlon
Scott Hokeness
Will Goetz
Drew Mackley
RDM-11749 - Field Instruments Product Roadmap: Field Instruments 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Bret Shanahan
Amy Johnson
RDM-11751 - Regulator Technologies Product Roadmap - Regulator Technologies 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Curtis Bagby
1-10917 - Fighting Irish Tackle Alarm Management - Implementing an Alarm Management Program @ UND Power Plant Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceThe UND Power Plant team set a goal to improve the performance of their DeltaV alarm system. This presentation discusses their game plan for achieving victory including the goals they wanted to achieve, the process they went through, key success factors, alarm system requirements, and the paradigm shift they went through in how they thought about alarms. Their play sheet included initial benchmarking, operator interviews, alarm philosophy development, alarm rationalization, conditional alarming, and implementation of Alarm Help. 45 minutes Workshop Thomas Cole
Todd Stauffer
Bill Farmer
6-11129 - Fisher FIELDVUE Instruments Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsWe will review the significant changes with Fisher FIELDVUE Instruments over the last year and how planned upcoming enhancements will affect Emerson customers. Topics include: DVC6200 HART firmware changes including major SIS enhancements, DVC6200f Fieldbus firmware enhancements to include support for Partial Stroke Testing, and a new DVC6200 high capacity construction to support large on/off actuators in SIS applications. In addition, we will discuss the upcoming LCP100 obsolescence and replacement LCP200 product for SIS applications. Required user interface updates to include DD, DTM, ValveLink Software and ValveLink Mobile releases will also be reviewed. 45 minutes Workshop Lorin Miller
EDU-11213 - Pressure Transmitter Fundamentals - How to Specify, Install, Commission, and Maintain Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This course will cover how a pressure transmitter works as well as how to specify, install, commission and maintain your basic pressure transmitters. Attendees will get hands on experience using live devices and industry standard maintenance equipment to learn best practices and to maximize the capabilities of a pressure transmitter. This course will also show how to better select pressure instrumentation by focusing on key features available and the benefits that will make your plant and maintenance more efficient. 4 hours Educational Services Josh Friesz
Wally Baker
IF-11249 - Chemicals (Industrial/Specialty) Industry Forum The last few years have been quite challenging for the chemical industry across the globe.  Low oil process, regulatory pressures, global climate plans & competition, and changing demographics to name a few.  All of these have had a huge impact on the industry.  The opening presentation of this forum will talk about the challenges and opportunities of the NA Chemical Industry.  Following this presentation, the forum will address the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Also known as the Industrial Internet, IIoT incorporates machine learning and big data technology, harnessing sensor data, machine-to-machine communication, and automation technologies that have existed in industrial settings for years.  The idea behind the IIoT is that smart machines are better than humans at accurately & consistently capturing and communicating data in addition to making fast and appropriate decisions.  This technology enables companies to pick up on issues and inefficiencies sooner, saving time and money along with supporting business intelligence efforts.  A panel of experts will share with us how they have applied the IIoT in their production environment.  Please join us for this interesting exchange of knowledge. 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Guhan Prabhu
Ted Masters
Joel Holmes
Peter Cox
Robert Sentz
IF-11251 - Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals - Complete, Consistent, Accurate Breadcrumbs: Data Integrity Unveiled In April 2016, the FDA issued Data Integrity and Compliance With CGMP Guidance for Industry. This is on the heels of a lot of related 483s, warning letters, and more severe actions with respect to this issue.  Data Integrity is defined as complete, consistent and accurate data that is attributable, legible, contemporaneously recorded, original or true copy, and accurate.  Data Integrity includes all aspects of instrumentation, field devices, automation, IT, and procedural solutions.  While the Guidance document provides several recommendations, the implementation of these can vary based on the interpretation of “appropriate controls”, “critical data”, “data vs record”.  The Life Sciences Industry can use risk-based strategies based on process understanding, knowledge management technologies, and business models to meet core regulatory requirements.  As continuous manufacturing strategies are progressing, due to shear increase in data and importance of real-time data, the theme of data integrity becomes even more relevant for the industry.  In this session, we will discuss the data integrity topic and its importance for continuous manufacturing.    1.5 Hours Industry Forums Chris Wubbolt
Doug Hausner
Midhu Varghese
Michalle Adkins
Daniel Reid
4-10948 - Outgassing and Cavitation: Not So Good Vibrations Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateOutgassing and cavitation are two of the most common issues associated with control valves. Both phenomena often occur in high pressure drop applications and result in excessive vibration; however, the solutions to combat these critical applications vary greatly. This presentation will help control valve users differentiate between the two phenomena and introduce Emerson Process Management’s broad portfolio of products designed to combat these severe service applications. Proper control valve selection allows users to maximize product reliability thereby limiting unplanned downtime. 45 minutes Workshop Jonathan Vance
2-10234 - Automatic & Continuous Monitoring of Silica in Peaking Power Plants Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryAt IID power plant, a silica analyzer was installed to provide continuous measurements as an addition to the existing chemical control program. This power plant conducts periodic shutdowns and startups which introduces magnetite in sample lines. Magnetite adversely affects sensors that require relatively clean samples. Due to such conditions, tedious manual grab samples twice a day are taken. However, the silica analyzer has been able to withstand the influx of magnetite in process lines and continues to provide 96 measurements a day while saving 25% on overall maintenance time. 45 minutes Workshop Shrey Prajapati
EDU-11218 - Valve Sizing and Selection for Severe and Critical Service Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This course is recommended for individuals who deal with challenging industrial processes that depend on severe or critical service control valves. The course covers the process of sizing and selecting control valve solutions for severe and critical service applications. Focus will be on cavitation, erosion, corrosion, out-gassing, and high noise applications. For each, the discussion will cover how to identify the condition, the underlying theory, and a review of the process used to come up with potential solutions. This information is applicable to those involved with both initial system design and those responsible for operation, maintenance, and improvement of existing fluid systems. 4 hours Educational Services Roger Anders
Melissa Niesen
EDU-11220E - ENGLISH Blended Learning: FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller using ValveLink Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This blended learning course will be delivered as a virtual classroom and live workshop event. It offers insight on the operation of Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers. The course focuses on operational details such as repairing, maintaining, and calibrating FIELDVUE DVC2000 and FIELDVUE DVC6200 products. Students will identify and understand components of a digital valve controller, describe and demonstrate proper instrument mounting, connect to a live device using ValveLink Software, discuss and perform a Guided Setup routine, and perform an Auto Travel Calibration routine. 1.5 hours Educational Services Larry Tipton
Bert Evans
EDU-11225 - Reliability Awareness Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. Reliability Awareness is an overview of the essential reliability elements for that reinforces how a strong reliability program helps corporations achieve success. The session will cover the basic elements of program development based on RCM principles and a proactive maintenance approach for the development of a successful maintenance program. 4 hours Educational Services Stan Moore
ML-LUNCH - LUNCH Monday Lunch buffet in Exhibit Hall 5 on the Ground Level. Tuesday Lunch buffet in Ballroom DEFG on the 4th floor. Wednesday Plated lunch with a special performance by extraordinist and entertainer, Craig Karges. Craig Karges is truly extraordinary! He is an award-winning entertainer, a nationally recognized speaker and an author. He combines the art of magic with the science of psychology and the power of intuition to create the impression that nothing is impossible. Tables float, minds are read, metal bends and your imagination is challenged because you won’t believe your eyes! Thursday Plated lunch with special Emerson Exchange recognization and awards ceremony. 75 MINS Meals
MTE-11237 - Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Right Flowmeter Selecting a flowmeter is one of the trickier tasks that engineers perform.  There are many overlapping technologies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and lifecycle costs. Flow technology experts from Emerson discussed how to select and own the best flowmeter technology for applications, balancing capital as well as operating expenses. The audience brought application examples and consulted with the experts, creating a great learning experience. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Dave Mesnard
Ryan Bowlds
Dan Hackett
Steve Ifft
Karl Stappert
Trever Ball
EDU-13889 - Learning Laboratory Learning new ways to leverage your Emerson Automation investment is essential to improving efficiency and reducing costs.  The challenge is finding the time to learn new skills.  During the “Learning Laboratory” you’ll discover the latest methods to train your operations and maintenance staff while respecting their precious time.  You’ll learn & experience (hands-on) the very latest Educational Services direction, the virtual classroom, blended learning, and how a competency development plan can address the skills shortage of your automation workforce!  45 mins Educational Services Tanner Rundall
Mike Brouse
3-10114 - Thermal Oxidizer Optimization Through Model Predictive Control Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateTwo Model Predictive Controllers were implemented on a Thermal Oxidizer at Ascend Performance Materials using DeltaV’s MPCPro block. These controllers allowed Ascend to optimize firing rates, combustion air usage and heat recovery while maintaining environmental compliance. This made it possible to reduce fuel consumption by more than 10% relative to baseline operation. 45 minutes Workshop Joshua Pathasema
Lou Heavner
6-10133 - Smart Consoles - Control Room Console Innovations Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryLearn about improvements and new Technical Workstation Systems for Industrial Control Rooms. New ergonomic and safety feature implementations. We listened to our customers and implemented and consequently improved practical features. 45 minutes Workshop Guenther Christoph
1-10138 - Process Control HMI Migration to a High Performance HMI Track: 1. Solve & Support Technical Level: Introductory Using industry best practices outlined in "The High Performance HMI Handbook" and built-in DeltaV themes, a site specific HMI style guide was created and used as a basis to design and implement new high performance graphics for three green field process units during a mill upgrade. Rolling out the new graphics alongside the existing graphics in a staged approached allowed the operators to compare the differences and provide valuable feedback to help them operate more efficiently. This session will highlight key steps of the High Performance HMI migration process. 45 minutes Workshop Adrien Rudulier
Darren Walls
3-10152 - Increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness - the low hanging fruit of the Industrial Internet of Things Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryWhile predictions and applications about the IIoT abound, the risks and standards are still not well understood. But shareholders still demand maximum returns on their assets. And OEE is a critical tool to deliver that return, especially in an IIoT context. RtTech is a leader in OEE applications and has delivered OEE solutions with Emerson at customer sites around the world. This course covers [1] best practices in running an OEE project; [2] the keys to success including Asset Hierarchies, Reason Trees and Time Usage Models; and [3] how to improve OEE including real-world applications. 90 minutes Short Course Keith Flynn
Rob Brannan
3-10289 - Condition Monitoring as an Effective Safety Risk Mitigation Strategy Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe only way to have a safe facility and to maximize production capability is to implement a comprehensive Reliability program. A good Reliability program consists of a number of aspects and one of the most important is having the tools that allows a facility to be proactive instead of reactive. It is all about early detection and appropriate response. This paper will demonstrate the real consequences of a poor Reliability approach and will discuss how and where CM can be effectively applied for risk mitigation. It will also discuss CM requirements, application methods, and technologies. 45 minutes Workshop Brad Grieves
Mark Granger
3-10330 - Rest easy with onsite support from Resident Engineers Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryCustomers and local offices all over the world are taking advantage of Emerson's Resident Engineering (RE) program. Novaspect has been utilizing the RE program for 2+ years in both Schaumburg, IL and Chanhassen, MN. The Resident Engineers at Novaspect augment the existing Field Service staff. They are responsible for service activities at customer sites (troubleshooting, software installation, system maintenance, etc) as well as in house project activities. 45 minutes Workshop John Robbins
Shelli Callender
4-10556 - How Valve Selection Can Impact SIS in Refining Applications Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceThere are many hazardous processes in today’s refineries which, in the event of an accident, can pose threats to human health, environment and operations. Refiners strive to make safety a top priority at their facilities, which can be seen via safety moments at meetings, as well as a "Target 0" goal throughout manufacturing areas. In some cases, a safety instrumented system is required to reduce risk to a tolerable level. In this session, we will discuss various high risk applications in refineries, and the role of valves in mitigating or preventing dangerous and costly occurrences. 45 minutes Workshop Tommy Elkins
Janine McCormick
2-10563 - Micro Motion Coriolis Reduces Operating Expenses from O&G Production Heater Treaters Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateWPX has multiple producing O&G fields in NA. The Bakken has been looking for ways to reduce Operating Expenses related to operation and measurement of oil on their 3-phase vertical heater treaters. Utilizing Emerson's Micro Motion Coriolis meter with Production Volume Reconciliation (PVR), WPX is able to save on average ~$20k per well in the first year alone, and nearly $400k based on a projected 20 well completion schedule. Micro Motion's PVR gives real time Flow and Diagnostics Data to reduce man hours and optimize treater and production operations. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Zink
Eric Schmidt
Terry Worm
2-10208 - The Better Mouse Trap, GC for SO2 CEMS Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceAs part of the steel refining process SO2 production requires certified emissions monitoring. Because the sample can easily be washed out and create hazardous byproducts, care must be taken to design a system that is reliable and accurate. By utilizing gas chromatographs we made the measurement 95% more reliable, allowing increased uptime and better accuracy. We will look at the regulations in force, the details on the system and a cost performance comparison to the system it replaced. 45 minutes Workshop Lewis van Kamp
Gerry Seguin
3-10241 - NAMUR Recommendation 148 - How the modularization of Process Plants should work in the near future Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis presentation will discuss in detail how the NAMUR Recommendation 148 see’s the modularization of Process Plants coming together in the near future. The NAMUR Group is the User Association for Automation in Process Industries. Emerson is represented in the Working Group of the ZVEI Automation Division. ZVEI is the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association. As some specifications were completed recently, it’s time to share and discuss them with a wider spread audience. The goal of this session is to share insights and receive feedbacks from users out of Europe. 45 minutes Workshop Klaus Erni
6-10246 - Extreme Points of Measurement Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateMeeting high performance measurement demands in critical process environments, with required regulatory compliance, and ensuring an extended device life are often inseparable demands. From the ocean floor to the inside of a nuclear reactor the extreme points of measurement for proper monitoring or control are imperative. By utilizing Emerson’s pressure, temperature and flow sensors, clients are addressing some of the most demanding environmental and regulatory measurement challenges. 45 minutes Workshop Lee Smith
Joe Kitzman
Don Miller
3-10335 - Smarter Than Your Average Kiln - The Benefits of Optimizing a Pulp and Paper Industry Lime Kiln using DeltaV MPC Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateOne of the primary processes in an integrated pulp and paper mill is recovering the chemicals required for pulping. The Lime Kiln is a key component of this recovery process and has historically presented challenges to operators and process engineers. The objective of the project was to reduce variability and allow for a more stable operation of the kiln with significantly less operator interaction required. The number of variables and long dead times make them difficult to control. Model predictive control has stabilized the operation of the kiln across different shifts who had slight variations of operation methodologies previous to the project. 45 minutes Workshop Tom Elenz
Jim Dunbar
Phil Russell
Danny Streets
1-10549 - Integrating Capital projects in Turnarounds - From "Fix It" To "Improve It" Track: 1. Solve & Support Technical Level: Intermediate Traditionally turnarounds have been focused on returning unit equipment to performance close to original design effectiveness with minimum off line time. But turnarounds also provide the opportunity to increase the unit’s ongoing mechanical availability and reduce operating costs through improved operations analysis and control - without increasing the turnaround duration. 45 minutes Workshop Eugenio Aviles
Marcelo Carugo
Alejandro Lopez Reyes
3-10291 - Skid Package; No Integration, No Problem Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryA midstream gas plant elected to incorporate a new condensate stabilizer into the process to take advantage of the market by providing a refined product. A skid package was selected to lower the capital cost, reduce process downtime, minimize on-site commissioning effort and increase the safety of the project execution. Those benefits were maximized when the skid package arrived on-site with the native control system operating the plant. Savings were extended even further by deploying Emerson’s electronic marshalling technology with AMS Device Manager. 45 minutes Workshop Brad Gentry
Forrest Churchill
6-10309 - Enabling electrical power asset predictive maintenance with the IntelliSAW CAM platform Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryAs electrical power demand increases, the assets delivering the power are still expected to operate at the highest performance and reliability. Periodic condition-based monitoring has been employed for some time, it does not provide data under normal operating conditions, required for effective predictive maintenance programs. Learn how customers are reducing maintenance costs, increasing personnel safety, and protecting equipment from significant damage through installing a continuous critical asset monitoring system design to detect the 3 most common failure modes of electrical power assets. 45 minutes Workshop Jonathan Murray
1-10551 - Best Practices for Using Condition Monitoring to Drive Maintenance Workflows Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateA well designed condition monitoring system can find the early warning signs of failures but what happens next is equally important. This session will explore real world failures to develop the best practice model for using condition information to drive maintenance work. It will use Doc Palmer’s time study analysis to illustrate the productivity potential of planning & scheduling and demonstrate the impact of these practices on the MRO supply chain. In addition, it will explore the use of criticality/risk models in prioritizing work and explore the business impact of the best practice model 45 minutes Workshop Will Goetz
2-10619 - Pressure Transmitters - Save Time & Money by Calibrating Only When Needed Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductorySave time and resources by calculating the expected calibration frequency of your pressure transmitter to perform routine calibration only when needed. You might find that you are calibrating at the wrong frequency or using the wrong equipment/procedures when conducting routine maintenance. This workshop will present a method to estimate the required calibration frequency and cover calibration best practices. The calibration frequency tool used will be distributed to attendees for their own use. 45 minutes Workshop Josh Friesz
Ben Louwagie
3-10570 - Intelligent Drive Solutions with AMS Device Manager and DeltaV Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryVariable Speed Drives are the workhorse of today’s automation industry. Modern VSDs not only control the motor with a high degree of precision, but often have an increasing amount of complete machine control capabilities built-in. This added drive functionality can reduce costs by eliminating the need for an expensive PLC in many cases. However, as VSDs become more capable, the complexity of setup and operation often increases proportionally. Fortunately, we can conquer that complexity with tools enabled by AMS Device Manger and DeltaV software. 45 minutes Workshop Todd Bertrand
Tyler Anderson
2-10621 - Blending Crude to Optimize Refinery Operations Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateThis paper will look at the challenges faced by a Southern California Refiner to optimize operations related to the blending of various crude oil feedstocks. The refiner blended crude from multiple sources with wide variability in the character and quality. The accuracy of the target blend had implications for the logistics of the refinery but also for the crude and vacuum units operations all the way through downstream processes. The refinery reported savings of $1.5 million in 5 months with a more accurate and reliable blending system. 45 minutes Workshop Julie Valentine
Steven Garai
2-10657 - When the Heat is On, Monitor with Wireless Temperature Track: 2. Measure & Analyze Technical Level: Introductory Many measurement challenges exist when monitoring high temperature assets such as arc furnaces. These challenges include high temperature, moving platforms, and high electromagnetic interference (EMI). Many steel mills use these points for control where their only solution was shutting the furnace down and replacing wires often. By implementing an Emerson Wireless technology, the case study customer was able to reduce or eliminate all of these measurement challenges, resulting in greatly reduced maintenance costs while providing additional throughput. 45 minutes Workshop Cheng Vue
3-10602 - Process Feed Stabilization with Model Predictive Control - A Potash Application Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediatePCS Allan in Saskatoon, Canada uses a series of crystallizers to produce a high-quality white product for specialty applications. Compared to standard red potash, white potash is more energy intensive to produce but commands a higher market price. Operation of the crystallizers is extremely challenging and further complicated by historically variable feed quality. In 2015, PCS Allan and Spartan Controls implemented feed stabilization controls in DeltaV to reduce feed variability and improve product recovery. Preliminary cost savings from the project are conservatively estimated at $184,000/y. 45 minutes Workshop Stefan Boehme
Devin Marshman
3-10614 - CHARM Technology: Unexpected Benefits Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateOur project decided to use CHARMs after our MAC provided proof of cost savings associated with this technology. Later we realized additional benefits that were not immediately obvious. The first of these benefits was with hardware testing. Since our PCS cabinets were not constrained by having to wait for cross wiring, we were able to purchase, build, and hardware test all the PCS cabinets at the same time. Another unforeseen benefit of the use of electronic marshalling was in the purchase of CHARMS. We were able to wait until later in the project to actually purchase the CHARM modules. 45 minutes Workshop Vincent Scurria
4-10708 - Emerson Isolation Solution at Buck Combined Cycle Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceThe Duke Buck Combined Cycle station was in need of a reliable high pressure spray attemperator isolation valve solution. This solution was required to provide bubble tight shutoff over many cycles and needed the ability to withstand large temperature changes. Collaborating with Emerson and their Emerson Local Business Partner (RE Mason) Duke was able to install an engineered Emerson solution which met their design requirements and exceeded their performance expectations. 45 minutes Workshop Jim Webb
Josh Bevill
Mark Nymeyer
1-10669 - Intelligent MCCs Lead to Lower TIC and Smarter Operators Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateTraditional motor control installation includes long conduit runs, lots of wire and cable and interposing relays to interface between the plant control DCS and the MCC. With recent technological and design advances this no longer needs to be the case. This paper will discuss how an intelligent approach to MCCs can simplify design, optimize cost and accelerate project schedule. 45 minutes Workshop Adrian Lee
Mark Murphy
Larry Lammers
3-10715 - It's Not Rocket Science - a Phased Approach to Energy Management at NASA Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryWhile many have heard about the benefits of an energy management program, concern over the costs, both in terms of capital and effort, continues to be a primary obstacle in their implementation. But what if instead of a comprehensive effort, an organization could tackle the problem piecewise, without giving up economies of scale later? That's precisely the approach taken by NASA in their recent project with Emerson, where a small scale implementation of Energy Advisor began with monitoring and analyzing energy usage from a selection of 14 buildings on their Langley campus. 45 minutes Workshop Todd Herbert
Andrew Verdouw
4-10727 - Utilizing Wizard Pressure Controller to Provide Second Layer of Protection Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateIn an oil and gas processing facility, all of the offspec or unstable crude in the facility is routed to the storage or offspec tank. This tank has fuel gas blanketing and vents to the flare. The NFPA69 requirement is two independent layers of protection for tanks in a Zone 1 area. The first layer of protection is a pressure control loop with an automated control valve tied to the PCS. Utilizing the Emerson 4150K or 4160K pneumatic pressure controller with transmitters provides the second layer of protection. 45 minutes Workshop Surya Mangipudi
Rebecca Rougeau
3-10734 - Getting to Know DeltaV MPC - A Fired Heater Application Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateDeltaV embedded Model Predictive Control (MPC) provides many operating benefits and can be easily implemented. In order to gain acceptance, new technology should be introduced to personnel on small, easy to understand applications. This presentation discusses the application of MPC to a fired heater application to provide more efficient operation, and to gain acceptance from operators. 45 minutes Workshop Kirk Giles
James Beall
3-10809 - Raising the bar in safety and efficiency @ PEMEX Corporate IT - Emerson PipelineManager (PLM) Expansion delivering outstanding results Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediatePEMEX Corporate IT (DCPNTI) was the sole administrator and user for all off-line and online hydraulic simulation applications, prior to the ongoing PEMEX restructure. PipelineStudio (PLS) and PLM were originally purchased for a few users and a limited amount of pipelines by PEMEX PGPB. With the latest update and expansion, a recent release of PipelineStudio is now available for both gas and liquids, for simultaneous engineering, operations, planning and/or training users, assisting PEMEX with capacity related analysis, transport system logistics and a more complete system monitoring, via PLM. 45 minutes Workshop Daniel Rubinstein
6-8349 - Product Update - DeltaV I/O on Demand, Controller and I/O Hardware Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis product update presentation will give an overview over the different DeltaV hardware families and will cover their latest improvements and features based on the version 13.3.1 release. DeltaV M-Series offers a classic I/O product portfolio while DeltaV S-Series offers, in addition to the I/O on Demand portfolio, new products that enhance S-series flexibility such as the Ethernet I/O Card (EIOC). 45 minutes Workshop Rune Reppenhagen
2-9789 - Energy Harvesting Application- Anything is Possible Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateWireless instrumentation allows companies to add points of measurement quickly and inexpensively, but battery-powered wireless transmitters present problems. Fast data rates deplete battery life and cold weather cuts battery life, and replacing batteries in hazardous areas is difficult. Energy harvesting devices address these issues by generating sufficient power to keep wireless transmitters running, even at high data rates in cold climes. This session shows how energy harvesting devices have helped several companies, and provides information for others looking to implement similar solutions. 45 minutes Workshop Andy Zaremba
Josh Hernandez
6-8969 - New Pressure Products for Critical High Pressure Applications Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe oil and gas industry today is beginning to shift to explore and extract oil in hard to access formations. These formations require more advanced instrumentation that can operate under higher pressures than ever before, while also withstanding challenging environmental conditions. This session will look at the new pressure and remote seal technology being introduced to withstand these high static pressures of up to 20,000 psi. Even at these extreme pressures, the products are available with all communication protocols, safety certifications and process connections that the market requires. 45 minutes Workshop Jennifer Blodgett
Ryan Kees
Erik Mathiason
2-8849 - TPI Polene gained Visibility into Operations and improved Safety at the Plant, by deploying the largest Solids Multi-Scanner Wireless system in Asia Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateTPI Polene, one of the largest cement plants at Thailand, had significant deficiencies in inventory monitoring that led to substantial product losses. Existing measurements suffered from poor tracking during filling and emptying. Buildups on silo walls was a cause of concern for Safety and Maintenance. Leveraging on Emerson’s Multi-Point Level and Volume Solution, TPI Polene commissioned the Rosemount 5708 3D Solid Scanner, together with Wireless transceiver devices. 45 minutes Workshop Pumin Pruettipongsit
Woragarn Wudthanakijthumrong
1-9710 - Dow and Emerson Improving DeltaV System Reliability Through Teamwork! Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryHow can a consistent global Support and Sustain approach be attained? What is the proper balance of preventative and reactive maintenance for maximizing the availability and lifecycle of your DeltaV control system? What KPIs should be in place to ensure maximum system performance is achieved? These are questions that Dow and other companies are challenged with. Through a partnership with Emerson enabling direct access to Emerson’s lifecycle services team, Dow is collaboratively managing these challenges on a continuous basis. 45 minutes Workshop Brian Clemons
Natalie Grothause
2-9619 - Emerson Viscosity Solution for Coiled Tubing Cleanout Measurement Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: AdvancedCleanout flow and viscosity measurements are critical for well control and verifying sweep effectiveness and efficiency. By integrating a dP cell with a Coriolis meter, the user is able to monitor gel viscosity development as well as flow rate, to prevent sticking of the coiled tubing and maintain proper flow rates. The current viscosity technology is unreliable and customers are seeking an alternative. 45 minutes Workshop Justin Hollingsworth
Mark Simons
5-9013 - Connecting the Dots Between Tactical Execution and Strategic Vision Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntermediateReliable assets that are available and cost-effectively maintained is a company's competitive advantage. Agrium Wholesale, has been at work developing and refining a program that delivers on that tenet. Initially, the key foundational tools and concepts were established. These were then overlaid with a corporately-supported asset management program that established a clear vision and path forward. Advancing the program forward meant connecting leadership to the front line and understanding both the tactical and strategic requirements for a robust program. 45 minutes Workshop Kevin Baioni
Stan Moore
3-9289 - AMS Device Manager and Safety PLC Integration Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedAdvanced diagnostics information on smart transmitters goes unused if it cannot be easily harnessed though AMS Device Manager. Diagnostic information such as plugged line diagnostics or power monitoring is even more important on safety system instrumentation. There are many challenges to connecting an AMS Device Manager system to a safety system but many proven ways to do it. Using Quick Check and AMS calibration manager streamlines the commissioning and maintenance of safety systems. The flexibility of AMS integration was essential to bringing the entire site onboard with online diagnostics. 45 minutes Workshop Aaron Higginbotham
Jason Henry
3-8109 - Condensate Units APC Implementation Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedKPC-Apache Egypt has 7 gas plant trains. Implementation of an Advanced Process Control strategy aimed at the optimization production process for AG Gas Production field. Demands of APC meet the harsh reality of control valves, and other field instrumentation. The basic principles were of high-performance control valve selection, flow/Temp. Meters, and all required field instrumentation Emerson has lots of brands that enabled us to cover all our needs. We built a new APC Project and all its components are Emerson’s products, we delivered a very successful project lead saving around up 2M $/Year 45 minutes Workshop Mahmoud Salama
Araby El-sayed
Emad Hamza
6-8589 - AMS Device Manager Overview and Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis session will cover a brief review of AMS Device Manager’s value proposition and current functionality, including ways you can achieve benefits at your site. AMS Device Manager users gain efficiencies through streamlining maintenance practices and avoiding or limiting downtime. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Hokeness
Greg Rome
4-8729 - Working Smarter, Not harder - reducing refinery control valve capital spend with "out of the box" turnaround strategies Track: 4. Final Control & Regulate Technical Level: Introductory To give a workshop on different “out of the box” strategies to reduce capital spend on control valves for a refinery turnaround by using today’s technology and problem solving to work smarter, and not harder. These strategies can reduce the number of man hours, reduce the number of valves pulled, and reduce expediting fees for parts or valves. The result leads to a cost saving for the site by not doing unnecessary work. 45 minutes Workshop Casey Mullen
Neil Dalal
Brian Young
3-9431 - Well Pad Inventory Management - Reducing Operational Cost While Getting Paid for What You Produce Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThis course profiles operator solutions to effectively and safely manage well pad tank inventory. Improved fluid handling and transfers have reduced unaccounted for losses from 15% to 1% in 60 days. Issues addressed include vapor control, vapor recovery, inventory monitoring and management, manual tank gauging, custody transfer and remote operations. Case studies outlining automation best practices and achievable cost benefits will be discussed along with enhanced safety by minimizing exposure to vapors during manual gauging operations. 2 Hours Short Course Josh Johnson
Michael Machuca
Chris Ziegler
2-7909 - Fast Roaming Wireless ICSS Network Keeps FPSO out of Deep Water. Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateCommunication between a Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO) vessel and a Wellhead Platform (WHP) is typically via subsea FO cable. This multi-fibre cable provides communications for the SIS, PCS, CCTV and telephone. When the FO link fails, visibility of operations on the WHP is lost and for the safety of the facility and crew, production must stop. This presentation overviews the development of an ICSS Hybrid Communications Link that includes ‘fast roaming’ 360 deg. wireless network technology in parallel to subsea FO cable between the WHP and the FPSO across 2km of Timor sea. 45 minutes Workshop Siwadol (Max) Matayakul
Tony Jones
3-10169 - Integrating a Standalone DeltaV SIS to Honeywell PKS through the SZ controller Modbus TCP interface Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateDeltaV SIS CHARMS were used to bring process heaters up to current safety standards. Modularity and the ability to integrate via the inherent redundant Modbus TCP interface on the SZ controller provided a cost effective standalone safety system. Start-up and commissioning activities are streamlined through the use of AMS and the QuickCheck Snap-on as well as for ongoing maintenance activities on the safety system and instrumentation. AMS Device Manager may be leveraged in the future for both HART and FF devices across other process units connected to the Experion PKS system 45 minutes Workshop Edward Smigo
6-10195 - DeltaV Virtualization - Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis workshop provides a product overview and roadmap for DeltaV virtualization hardware and software. DeltaV Virtual Studio is an integrated software application for virtual DeltaV system development, testing, operator training, and on-line production. A virtual platform offers benefits of less hardware, increased productivity and flexibility, higher availability, and disaster recovery. 45 minutes Workshop John Caldwell
3-10210 - High Performance Graphics and Operator Efficiency Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryHigh Performance Graphics benefit operations dealing with issues of staffing, production efficiency and standardization. United Refining Company (URC) in Warren PA was faced with these issues as they consolidated four process units to a single operator for a centralized control room. 90 minutes Short Course Christina Larson
Mark Nixon
Dirk Thiele
5-9633 - Achieving Top Quartile Performance in the current Global Services Environment Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryOperational Excellence is executing in an efficient and effective manner across the value chain with a focus on delivering value based outcomes to customers. The future of operational excellence in the services environment is not only in words like productivity, efficiency, and standardization. It will need to expand in concepts like forensic data analytics, XaaS, customer value outcomes and continuous innovation. This workshop will focus on the behind the scenes journey that Emerson Process Management embarked on to achieve top quartile performance in the current global service environment. 45 minutes Workshop Johan Claassen
Melinda Hull
2-10796 - Coriolis Direct Well Head Measurement of Wet Gas Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateAn operator in the Marcellus Shale is able to measure the flow of wet gas from a well head using only a Micro Motion Coriolis flow meter, a pressure transmitter, and ROC 809 gas flow computer. This direct, wellhead measurement was compared to a two-phase separator downstream of the Coriolis flow meter and is able to measure the dry gas to within 3% of the separator. This can lead to major cost savings totaling $1 million in capital, operations, maintenance and potentially eliminate the separator, reduce piping, and needed containment area for a smaller site footprint. 45 minutes Workshop Todd Williams
Robin Dutton
Ted Reppi
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