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5-14631 - Conducting Virtual Presentations – How to Engage, Influence, and Persuade Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceHave you attended a boring webinar or online presentation? Even worse, have you ever given one? Virtual presenters assume participants watch and listen. But boring presentations waste company resources. The key is to maintain audience engagement. Regardless of the software, simple tools and techniques ensure that audiences do not read email, browse websites, or get distracted from what you say. Good design and execution transforms drab, disengaging virtual events into dynamic, interesting, mind-changing experiences leaving audiences asking for more instead of wondering when it will be over. 45 minutes Workshop Bruce Smith
4-14612 - Gas Distribution Station Design – Better Safety/Integrity and Reduced Operational/Financial Risks Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceFortisBC, a natural gas distribution company, provides service to over 1 million customers across British Columbia with an integrated transmission and distribution network. The distribution pressure control station includes below-grade, compact, safe, tamper-resistant stations for the densley populated areas it serves to provide gas to residential customers and the growing industrial and CNG loads in the area. This means safety, performance, noise, and emissions are all critical requirements to protect the public. Utilizing the Fisher FL regulators, FortisBC created an extremely safe, reliable, high performing station that included the Fisher regulator’s no-bleed and noise abating technologies for a complete low impact design for urban areas for the below grade, pit style installation. 45 minutes Workshop Niko Boskovic
Reese Dawes
Julie MacLennan
6-14674 - Reaping benefits in the bulk solids industry with multiple points measurement using 5708 3D Scanner Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: AdvancedRosemount 5708 is the only system, for bulk solids inventory management, delivering: continuous high accuracy volumetric measurements, improved production efficiency, educated financial control, improved operational management and increased safety. Measuring the volume of bulk solids is never easy, the larger the vessel, the more chaotic the material surface. Adding to that dusty environment, high angle of repose, multiple filling and extraction points making it difficult to get reliable and accurate volume measurements with current technologies. Rosemount 5708 incorporates 3 phased array antennas, transmitting acoustic signal to penetrate dust and collecting multiple points, generating 3D representation from the material surface, gaining optimal accuracy and repeatability. 45 minutes Workshop Adi Goldman
Eran Perlstein
3-14679 - Migration DCS Patache Port ( Mining Collahuasi) Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedMinera Collahuasi needed to modernize its current control system in ABB Plant to a new platform that allows them to integrate new technologies and develop the concept of CRRC (Copper Remote Reliability Center). 45 minutes Workshop Freddy Gomez
Victor Peña
3-14756 - Maximizing SAGD Production with MPC-PLUS Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateIn steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), it is efficient to withdraw the bitumen/water emulsion from a reservoir as fast as possible to minimize heat loss to its surroundings. By maximizing steam utilization, production is maximized. However, a small emulsion layer is required to prevent the steam from entering the wellbore which is inferred from a subcool measurement. We demonstrate that MPC-PLUS inherently manages the long process dynamics of SAGD production/subcool. We also show that process dynamics can vary up to a factor of 10 along a well’s length. To quickly model the well, we use Matlab to automatically create 60 process models per well along its length, and MPC-PLUS was easily configured to switch to the correct model when the controlling wellbore subcool position changed. 45 minutes Workshop Ken McClure
4-14698 - Are Your Control Valves Gold Plated? How to Reduce Unnecessary Cost & Lead-time from Over Specifying Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateWith the competitive markets in nearly all industries it is critical that control valve specifications be standardized. By standardizing technical specifications, we can reduce the cost of control valves instead of inflating the price and lead-time. Reviewing technical specifications upfront for gold plated (over specified) items helps gain alignment to industry standards. This reduces the cost of control valves, engineering hours, and often delivery lead-times needed on a project. 45 minutes Workshop Vince Mezzano
Keith Herbsleb
Janelle Prusha
3-14768 - Cracking Furnace Operation Optimization with Wireless Monitoring Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryFurnace temperature and pressure monitoring has been done with traditional wired transmitters in the past, but identifying exactly which set of tubes was fouling and to what degree was difficult. By the time a serious issue was identified, it was often too late. With the introduction of the low cost of wireless pressure/temperature transmitters, a plant can now monitor every set of tubes, starting with clean status and trending from there. This allows operation personnel to clean tubing when needed in a timely manner, reducing fuel costs and keeping efficiency at a maximum level. 45 minutes Workshop Jill Orellana
Marcio Donnangelo
1-14720 - Control Modernization, Unique Staging with Wireless Checkout and Many Unplanned Benefits Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryAmerican Crystal Sugar completed a controls modernization project with DeltaV in the Molasses Desugarization plant. They used a detailed cutover plan with pre-staging of the whole system and field device tagging before the outage. This minimized the time spent on the project by electricians and operators, respectively. MDS operators utilized the DeltaV mobile worker to complete the checkout under the scheduled time, while still completing their process outage tasks as well. Several unexpected benefits resulted from the mobile worker, after the project was completed. 45 minutes Workshop Amy Timian
Robin Brophy
Nick Elliott
2-14732 - Electronic Remote Sensor-Increasing Reliability and Reducing Maintenance in a Chemical Plant Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryDakota Gasification Company owns and operates Great Plains Synfuels Plant. This is a unique facility that specializes in the manufacturing of natural gas and is the only commercial scale coal gasification plant in the United States. DGC utilizes DP level for many of their applications. Over the years their legacy capillary systems were starting to become a reliability and maintenance issue. With ERS, DGC was able to reduce callouts,0 to any ERS that was installed in the last year, reduce inventory, increase reliability and throughput, and ease of install was a big benefit. With all of these factors taken into consideration the customer has realized about 20K in savings over the last year of eight systems installed on tar oil, seal oil tanks, and chilled methanol. 45 minutes Workshop Trevor Harris
Nick Ahlschlager
5-14701 - “Analysis Paralysis: Harnessing your Emotions and Intuition” Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryWe live and breathe in an analytical world, where decisions are predicated on big data, and the need for insights is further undermined by the overabundance of information. How many of us can recount personal experiences where personal judgement was clouded by the rational impulse to stifle our “gut feeling,” sometimes leading to less than desirable results? Systems and processes exist for a reason – to invoke order to the entropy of our daily lives – but we must remain cautious that such measures do not become self-serving. This presentation explores the research and empirical evidence of the power of emotional influence and INTUITION in informing actions, formulating strategies, and affecting our behaviors. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Helbling
3-14744 - DeltaV SIS with Electronic marshaling proved best fit for standalone F&G offshore platform upgrade End user is one of the leading offshore Oil & Gas company in UAE. As per the initial design of platform there was no F&G system implemented. Over the period and aging of some pipes/instruments there was a need to measure gas leaks and fire protection.Client had central processing and operation facilities (CCR) with remote production wells. Company adopted remote IO solution to reduce the multicore cable run from platform to CCR. Remote I/O and logic solving capability of the CHARMs SLS provides higher safety and availability in case of communication loss between the platforms compared to the traditional remote I/O solutions. Interface with existing plant DCS and modular design with expansion capability made CSLS most suitable for company's requirement. 45 minutes Workshop Swarup Gokhale
Sachin Sethuram
2-14775 - How Wireless Improved Flare System Management to Comply with the EPA Refining Sector Rule Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateAt Marathon Petroleum’s refinery, faulty relief valves (PRVs) were leaking too much product to flare stacks for burning, but operators could not easily identify which of 500 PRVs were releasing product. It could take weeks or even months to pinpoint a problem. Marathon installed wireless acoustic sensors on 40 critical PRVs, enabling them to quickly identify failed valves. Marathon had unexpected process benefits as well. By reducing product loss and the unexpected benefit of improving process unit efficiency, the monitoring system paid for itself in five months. 45 minutes Workshop Brian McClure
Marcio Donnangelo
Tom Garry
4-14770 - Saving your Bacon & Summer Shandy in Wisconsin – Valve Diagnostics to Keep the Electricity Flowing Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateAlliant Columbia is a 1200 MW coal fired power plant that provides electricity to many industrial companies in central Wisconsin. This session is for individuals who want to benefit from incorporating control valve diagnostic capabilities available with their smart positioners into their maintenance & reliability efforts. Methods and case studies will be shared pertaining to the online diagnostic program at the Alliant Columbia power plant. We will walk through our methodology step by step starting with the AMS Alert Monitor, diagnosing the problem, and the eventual repair. Our goal is to help you identify problems before operations is aware of an issue. Due to early detection, you may prevent unscheduled shutdowns or reductions in your plants output. 45 minutes Workshop Jake Janssen
Steve Zinda
Steve Hagen
6-14799 - Extend the Protection of Toxic Gas Monitoring to Challenging Sites with Wireless Gas Monitoring Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryToxic Hydrogen Sulfide gas poses a serious challenge at remote sites. However, the installation and commissioning of conventional gas detectors at these locations is difficult and costly so H2S often goes unmonitored. This poses a safety risk to operators and leads to delays when planned work must be abandoned due to unexpected gas leaks. With the introduction of the Rosemount 928 Wireless Gas Monitor end-users are now able to extend the protection of toxic gas monitoring to remote well-heads and other challenging applications. The 928 provides end-users with a reliable, high performance, WirelessHart solution to the problem of monitoring toxic H2S at difficult sites. Wireless Gas monitoring is a Pervasive Sensing solution that protects your workforce and improves operational efficiency. 45 minutes Workshop Sean McLeskey
3-14802 - The Slope of a Line Kept Our Plant Alive: Measuring Flow Using Linear Regression Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateMeasuring flowrate is usually an uneventful task, right? You just install the flowmeter, hook it up to the DCS, and you’re good to go. Sometimes, however, installing a flowmeter is prohibitive or downright impossible. On paper, the slope of tank level readings over time can be used to compute flow. In practice, computing slope in the DCS, accounting for disturbances in the tank, and dealing with noise make this task more challenging. Come see how we applied a least squares regression in DeltaV to measure flowrate without using a flowmeter. 45 minutes Workshop Sterling Bash
Adam Samet
3-14718 - DeltaV and Simulation Insure Successful New Plant Start-Up 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryNovita Nutrition, an animal nutrition company, produces two branded products through its innovative process, including NovaMeal®, a highly digestible bypass protein for the dairy market and NovaOil®, a renewable oil used in animal feed, at its green field plant in Aurora, SD. Novita Nutrition sources Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS), as the beginning feedstock & through a patented process extracts most of the unsaturated fat resulting in the two branded products. DeltaV allowed for late design changes without negatively impacting budgets. MYNAH Mimic simulation allowed for testing of DCS functions. Operator training on the simulation allowed for a safe start-up of the plant & reduced time to production. 45 minutes Workshop Abdul Titilope
Jeff Pingeon
3-14749 - Electronic Marshalling the right choice for legacy system migration Company is one of the leading offshore Oil & Gas company in UAE. Company has been using Emerson's RS3 control system for more than 20+ years at their offshore platform. RS3 system had reached its end of life in 2013. Since then it was challenging for Company to maintain this system and decided to replace it with latest control system. In addition the existing relay based safety system also needed to be replaced by smart Logic solver based ESD system. Main objectives under this project was flawless migration to new system with minimal complexity, cost and cabinet footprint. Company analyzed various systems available in current market. Company selected Emerson's Electronic Marshalling solution which met all of objectives. 45 minutes Workshop Sachin Sethuram
Swarup Gokhale
2-14814 - Wireless Condensate Detection System Improves Steam Delivery Performance on 1.5 Mile Pipeline Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis Workshop will present the CAPEX Savings achieved by Air Liquide during the installation of wireless Rosemount Instruments selected to provide early detection of condensate formation in a pipeline containing superheated steam that runs 1.5 miles on a public right of way along a busy highway. The presentation will conclude with discussion of the OPEX benefits detection system has provided during its' 2 years of service. 45 minutes Workshop Michael Day
Carlos Matos
3-14852 - Continuous manufacturing for pharmaceutical products Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedEli Lilly’s work with continuous process and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is changing the production methods used for pharmaceutical products. Traditionally, the products were manufactured in a batch process that was time consuming and included several different unit operations. These operations typically included dispensing, blending, blend laboratory analysis, granulation (if needed), tablet compression, and tablet laboratory analysis. The Continuous Direct Compression process utilizes advances in PAT and combines dispensing, blending, tablet compression and analysis, into a single process 45 minutes Workshop Ronald Ruff
Steve Dyer
Alan Mohr
6-14939 - DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller Zero Point Calibration Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediatePresentation on the DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller ability to be quickly replaced in a "Hot Swap" situation without the need to conduct a full travel calibration. This is a unique quality that the DVC6200 has giving it an advantage to be quickly replaced in the field under active process conditions and function effectively until an auto-calibration of travel can be completed. 45 minutes Workshop Ron Hager
Steve Hagen
6-14941 - A Coupling Worth Its Weight in Gold: A practical Understanding of Reliability Management Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThe conversation around achieving desired equipment performance which leads to optimal plant availability, profitability and safety is one that has found resonance in the last decade. However also quite apt is the saying that common sense is not so common. This training aims to introduce best practices in reliability and maintenance management in an immersive way, giving participants some of the knowledge required to achieve improved quartile reliability performance. Participants will be broken out into teams, so as to use the knowledge gained at the beginning of this training session to evaluate and understand the financial consequences of not implementing the discussed best practices in reliability and maintenance management. 45 minutes Workshop Emeka Anosike
6-14908 - Unleash the Power of FREE DeltaV Model Predictive Control (MPC) Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateLearn how to implement DeltaV's free single output MPC applications to achieve great economic results. This workshop will provide an overview of DeltaV MPC capabilities and a tutorial on how to implement a single output MPC block for advanced regulatory control. Applications to be covered include process constraint overrides, disturbance rejection, and dead-time compensation. Applications that traditionally are complicated to configure and maintain, can be implemented in minutes with a single DeltaV MPC function block, for free! 45 minutes Workshop James Beall
John Caldwell
4-14910 - Flint Hills & Emerson Collaborate to Increase Production Uptime by Using Fisher High Alloy Valve Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateWhen a valve has a standing preventative maintenance (PM) order for complete trim replacement, there might be a better option available. In the production of Purified Isophthalic Acid (PIA), there are unique vessel-mounted valves that are required to handle three phase flow-gas, liquid, and solid crystals. At Flint Hills Resources (FHR) Joliet plant, an existing Fisher valve required frequent (planned & unplanned) maintenance due to regular sticking issues and packing leaks. After learning from their LBP, Novaspect, that Fisher had new valve trim options for this application, FHR worked closely with Emerson and Novaspect to select replacement trim. Since installation, FHR has increased PM cycles to at least 18 months. The application challenges and Fisher valve solution will be discussed. 45 minutes Workshop Angel Arias
Mike Leinhauser
Dave Goode
3-14888 - Cargill Improves Maintenance by Connecting Field Information Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryAs a critical link in the global food supply chain, Cargill relies on records in its AMS Device Manager database. However, with devices that occasionally require field maintenance, managing data integrity used to be an overwhelming task. As a beta site, Cargill had early access to the AMS Trex communicator’s Auto Sync capabilities. With Trex, Cargill can ensure that every change in the field is updated in the asset database, and that the audit trail is detailed, accurate, and reliable. Not only did standard operating procedure not change, Cargill was even able to streamline by eliminating some tasks. 45 minutes Workshop Marshal Dreessen
Nicholas Meyer
5-15069 - Jumping to The Next Level – Is Business School Right For Me? And Is It Worth It? Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryFor several decades now, we have heard lively debate about the value of an MBA. Much of the recent debate focuses on the latest economic downturn and the broader conversation about the rising costs of higher education. Is it worth it? When will I have the time to take classes in my already hectic schedule? Will my employer sponsor this? What are my expectations? In this Workshop we will look to answer these questions and discuss the advantages, disadvantages and career timing for pursuing an MBA degree and the various program structures available: Full Time, Executive and Part Time. 45 minutes Workshop Shawn Fagen
Bob Stahlin
6-14960 - Improve Your Control & Operator Performance!! - DeltaV Performance Services Update & Roadmap Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis session will provide an update and roadmap on the latest DeltaV Performance Services primarily focused around Control Performance and Operator Performance. By leveraging services and solutions to optimize your Control Performance, you can improve throughput, quality, and profitability while reducing unplanned events and lowering maintenance costs. Similarly, you want your plant’s staff to have optimized efficiency and be able to work better, smarter and faster when working with process control applications. By leveraging services and solutions to optimize your Operator Performance, you can enable significant work practice improvements. Attend this session to learn more about DeltaV Performance Services. 45 minutes Workshop Matt James
Dirk Thiele
1-14996 - Exemplary Cybersecurity Improvements: Applying DHS Seven Strategies to Defend ICS Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceMany times, cybersecurity is treated as optional and solutions are reactively selected without a clear strategy. When in fact, applying a few select cybersecurity solutions proactively can significantly improve your system defenses. What’s more, many cybersecurity improvements require little investment, sometimes capitalizing on available features and integrating them into your operational culture. We will review MarkWest’s exemplary cybersecurity strategy through the lens of the Department of Homeland Security publication “Seven Strategies to Defend ICS." Using a novel approach and innovative solutions, MarkWest has created a consistent and defendable position across several facilities, yielding a reduced attack surface. 45 minutes Workshop Ron Sprengeler
Paul Miano
Ben Jackman
1-15021 - Selection of DeltaV Virtualization using VLANs at Shire Covington Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceA virtualized project has a range of obstacles from Sizing & Tech Selection to Network Design & domain management. To realize the practical and economic benefits of DeltaV Virtualization, the planning of every aspect cannot be ignored. This Workshop will cover the process of what happens after deciding to go virtual on a large project. From the beginning at Shire we asked “Where is the breakeven point for integrated solutions like the VRTX vs a SAN & Servers?” and “Who owns the shared networks?”. We managed unknowns by thorough preparation build plans early in the process. For instance, by properly gauging the difficulty of redesign, we saved over $150,000 using VLANs that simply can’t be justified in a critical system without skilled 24hr IT support. 45 minutes Workshop Marcos Feliciano
George Goodyear
1-15040 - Control System Migration - Hot Cutover Tool - Saves Time and Money To support the DCS migration of Suncor Energy’s extraction plant in Fort McMurray Alberta, CIMA+ utilized their TEMPUS tool (proprietary temporary hardware) to facilitate the replacement of an old Honeywell HPM DCS with a new DeltaV system. This was completed entirely online and with no loss of signal. This unique technology allowed for full online commissioning of the DeltaV DCS logic and wiring while the Honeywell control system was still running the plant. When ready, the cutover happened at the press of a button, and the control seamlessly transferred to the new DeltaV system. The TEMPUS technology can be used to cutover between any control platforms. There is also a TEMPUS solution that allows online installation of CHARMS in any location with no loss of signal. 45 minutes Workshop Andre Dicaire
David Findlay
1-15110 - Online diagnosis and health monitoring of a compressors valves Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: AdvancedValve failures can be attributed 50% of reciprocating compressor issues, and as critical equipment, the main pain is the ability to determine the moment when a failure starts and when it will result in catastrophic damage. Emerson helped Enap Bío-Bío to drastically improve their key performance indicators such as availability and reliability improving the performance of their compressors through the implementation of PeakVue ™ Fault Pattern Recognition to measure the Mean Time Between Failures, and how to optimize it. This paper will describe how the use of the PeakVue ™ Fault Pattern Recognition allowed Enap to increase the Availability and Performance of the reciprocating compressor, what is its impact on key performance indicators, Reliability and Maintenance, and the economic impact. 45 minutes Workshop Tomás Ignacio Stüven Piedra
Cesar Roa
3-15108 - Are Your Plants Cybersecure? - Attend This Workshop Before You Answer Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateAttacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at manufacturing plants can cause unsafe conditions and disruption to manufacturing processes. The number of cyber attacks is increasing exponentially. Manufacturing companies need a pragmatic approach to manage the implementation and maintenance of the required safeguards to protect their significant control system investments and ensure continuity of their operations. How would you like to go to your CEO and tell them that your DCS is being held hostage by 'ransomware'? It may be a career-limiting message! Join this engaging discussion about how to make sure this doesn't happen to you. 45 minutes Workshop Gary Lipson
2-15083 - Online Prediction of Claus Combustion Temperatures Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateHydrogen sulfide is a staple gas processing desulfurization intermediate. Hydrogen sulfide is combusted to form sulfur dioxide, which reacts with excess hydrogen sulfide to form elemental sulfur and water – the Claus process. Temperature is a critical process variable, ensuring safe operating conditions and low salt formation rates in the presence of ammonia. Infrared pyrometers and shielded thermocouples are the main sensory methods, each subject to external forces (e.g., flame transparency, purge rates). An analytical model was developed for real-time temperature estimation within a control system, a low-cost supplement to existing control strategies. After one year, environmental deviations were significantly reduced across four sulfur recovery units. 45 minutes Workshop Courtney Lane
1-15158 - Have you considered one DeltaV Library across multiple sites? – You should! Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateCargill embarked on a 10 year program to modernize their legacy control systems to DeltaV. When the program was started, Cargill and Emerson worked jointly together to develop a library that would meet their specific needs. Five years into the program, requirements have changed slightly and DeltaV has added some new features and function blocks. Cargill wanted to incorporate some of these into their library for future projects, but also needed to keep in mind the migration path of the already completed projects. This session will also take a look at some considerations and best practices to keep a DeltaV library updated and consistent across multiple sites. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Long
Matt Forbis
4-15141 - Material Compatibility Question? Keep Calm and Collaborate Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateMaterial selection is a crucial and often times misunderstood segment of the Chemical Industry. This presentation will provide insight into the process by which Emerson Process Management Fisher qualifies suppliers for high alloy castings and how control valve users, in collaboration with Emerson, can leverage performance history and process knowledge to make informed material selections. Proper material selection allows users to maximize product reliability and availability thereby limiting unplanned downtime and increasing product throughput. 45 minutes Workshop Joshua Phipps
Meredith Bell
1-15191 - Using a streamlining analysis workflow to explore and visualize your data Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateThe University of Texas at Austin is involved in a wide range of research initiatives including separations research, CO2 removal and reuse, and Divided Wall Column Technology (DWC). As part of the research data is carefully collected and analyzed. Considerable time is spent preparing data, looking for patterns and anomalies and generating analyses and reports for clients. Most of this analysis is performed after-the-fact. In this workshop methods and tools used for monitoring and analyzing data at the separations research center are presented. Any new tools and procedures must augment existing ones. 45 minutes Workshop Brian Parsonnet
Mark Nixon
3-15204 - Implementation of APC to Optimize Crude Oil Stabilization Process Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateAbqaiq Plants completed the implementation of Advanced Process Control (APC) techniques in South Stabilizer plant columns 12 and 13. The APC continuously optimize operating conditions of stabilization columns to increase steam savings and crude oil revenue. The project utilized highly sophisticated tools with complex formulas to accurately perform required calculations and directly adjust multiple operating conditions for superior control and optimization. In addition to APC , Abqaiq Plants developed innovative soft sensor model to predict H2S levels as an input to APC with no need for lab sample or costly online analyzers. 45 minutes Workshop Mohammad Al-SAEED
Omar Al-Mohisin
1-15165 - Retrofit Lime Kiln BMS with DeltaV CSLS to step up integration (and retain needed independence). Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateExperitec was engaged at International Paper’s cellulose fiber mill in Columbus, MS in 2016 to engineer the controls in the recausticizing area. One of the systems that was upgraded was the lime kiln Burner Management System (BMS). Rather than replacing it with a newer PLC, the best solution was to deploy a DeltaV CHARMs Safety Logic Solver. With this approach, we covered this important safety function and provided a better, more integrated solution. The revamp also included a review against relevant industrial standards and several changes were made to bring it up to current practice. 45 minutes Workshop Richard Wallace
Ryan Bosio
6-15115 - IIoT Business Transformation: Revolutionizing Cooling Water Performance Monitoring Track: 6. Emerson Presents Technical Level: Introductory Process plants and chemical suppliers alike are challenged to collect the necessary data to properly assess cooling water conditions and to supply the appropriate chemicals. Currently data collection is done manually each month or on some periodic basis. But this is time consuming, prone to inaccuracy, can put employee’s into harm’s way, and doesn’t tell us what’s going on between tests. Enter: The industrial internet of things… Emerson is working with end users to ensure that cooling towers, condensers, and pumps are properly instrumented with WirelessHART sensors so that data collection is easy, accurate and more insightful. 45 minutes Workshop Jason Sprayberry
Joe Johnson
David Gustafson
1-15122 - Online Virtualization of A Biologics Manufacturing Facility Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateIn the early 2017, Amgen Rhode Island (ARI) biologics manufacturing facility completed the migration of existing Upstream and Downstream production DeltaV server infrastructure from physical architecture to Virtual Machines (VM) using the Dell PowerEdge VRTX environment using DeltaV Virtual Studio. The primary design constraints were that running process could not be interrupted, and no data could be lost. This session describes the design and implementation of a multi-failover clustered virtual environment with an online cutover, the immediately-realized business benefits, as well as unanticipated benefits of the new architecture. 45 minutes Workshop Serge Saakov
Ray Emerson
3-15127 - ABB 800xA to DeltaV migration at a large mining operation - the 10-minute cut-over Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateAn ABB 800xA system at a large mining operation in central Africa was migrated to DeltaV in a series of warm cut-overs. The ABB system was installed in 2008 using Profibus for motor and analog I/O. However due to operational and optimization problems DeltaV was selected as a replacement. The location and local conditions required a well-organized solution to minimize both cut-over time and risk. Logic from the ABB system was exported in xml format and used to bulk-generate 80% of the DeltaV configuration. DeltaV was installed in parallel and cut over during normal plant maintenance. Profibus networks and hardwired I/O were reused. In this way, each cutover took less than 10 minutes and gave the security of a fall-back to the original system in case of problems. Optimization has started. 45 minutes Workshop Rob Perry
Don Umbach
Eddy Lam
NE-15538 - Networking Event - US Bank Stadium Join your peers on the gridiron for Thursday Evening's Networking Event at the Home of Superbowl LII - US Bank Stadium. Located just two miles from the Minneapolis Convention Center, US Bank Stadium offers something for everyone. Enjoy a backstage tour of the locker rooms, kick back in the field level lounge, or get out on Vikings Field to show off your skills - either way, don't miss the opportunity to network with your fellow attendees. Join in the spirit and wear your favorite team jersey! Learn more here: 3.5 hours Networking Event
JAM-15709 - Music Jam The Emerson Exchange conference can be intense. Studies have proven that a refreshed and relaxed mind, learns and retains information more efficiently. Join us to improve your mental efficiency and network in a relaxed setting while enjoying music performed by our high-powered band, and fueled by exchange participants like you. Relax and enjoy the music and social networking. Visit Emerson Exchange Community, to tell us what you want to hear. Or if you are a musician (working band member or semi-pro caliber) click here to register for a chance to play during the Music Jam. We have a wide range of slots available and would love to have you join us. Shuttle bus departures begin at 8:00 pm from Minneapolis Convention Center (2nd Avenue South), Marriott City Center, Hyatt/ Millennium and Hilton. Last departure from convention center at 9:00 pm. Other shuttles continue to/from hotels. 5 HOURS MUSIC JAM
1-14821 - DeltaV SIS Logic Configuration, Done With a Click of a Button! Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe conceptual design of a SIF/SIS and the associated SRS define the requirements for the application program logic for a DeltaV SIS system. Manually interpreting and converting the requirements is time consuming and can be error prone. In many cases, logic creation starts prior to requirements completion due to schedule needs. Subsequent rework provides another opportunity for fault introduction. Automating the logic creation ensures consistency, allows a start once all requirements are finalized, and generates the logic with a click of a button. This workshop will describe how the DeltaV SIS Configurator was used on a project to generate the application program logic, reviewing the project steps, and providing an overview of the time saved by automatically configuring DeltaV SIS logic. 45 minutes Workshop Greg Kramer
Kate Hildenbrandt
Iwan van Beurden
MTE-15475 - Justifying a Control System Upgrade Upgrading your control system and staying current with the latest technology enables new process performance and operator efficiency opportunities, increases your cybersecurity posture, and decreases the risk of unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs. Speak with experts to build a compelling strategic and financial justification to upgrade your control system. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Kurt Russell
Otis Raring
Navin Rajashekar
Yoga Gorur
EDU-15437 - DeltaV Simulate Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.This short course is intended for engineering and operations personnel responsible for developing and delivering DeltaV operator training and or testing complex controls with DeltaV simulation. The course covers the DeltaV Simulate product features and how to use them while training operators. Topics include SimulatPro setup, save, restore, simulation playback, training scenarios, simulate conversion and native DeltaV simulation. This course includes hands-on workshops. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Mark O'Rosky
Mark Dimmitt
EDU-15449 - Solids Measurement Technologies Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.Discover the solutions for measuring the level of solids. Find out what the different technologies are and how they work. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies. Discover some great applications and get hands on experience with acoustic devices and non-contacting radar for solids measurement. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Lydia Miller
Kevin Thomas
EDU-15451 - Temperature fundamentals & new products available from Emerson. Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This course will cover how to install, commission and maintain your temperature measurement points. Attendees will get hands-on, practical experience using devices and industry standard maintenance equipment to learn best practices and maximize your use of available temperature transmitter capabilities. This course will also show how to better select temperature instrumentation by focusing on key new features available and the benefits that will make your plant and maintenance more efficient. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Ryan Leino
Cheng Vue
EDU-15456 - Interactive Plant Environment: Higher Performance Through Best Practices Technical Level: Introductory PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. Learning will be hands-on in our simulated plant. Our experts will help you to identify best practices around performance and installation of Rosemount technologies. Alternative installations will also be reviewed. Practical labs consist of evaluating a variety of Rosemount instruments installed in our plant environment. Field communications will be available through: AMS Device Manager, AMS Trex, and 475 Field Communicator. We are excited to offer this course for the first-time ever at Emerson’s Global Headquarters for Rosemount Products at the Interactive Plant Environment, where courses simulate real-life plant situations. This course is held off-site at the Emerson Shakopee location. Round-trip transportation is provided to and from the Minneapolis Convention Center. Meals will be provided on bus when travel time occurs during breakfast or lunch hours. Travel to/from convention center and course time is included in this session timeframe. The bus will depart at the published session start time from the Minneapolis Convention Center - Second Avenue South Event Shuttle/Bus location, outside Ballroom A. Course time is 3 hours. 5.5 hours Educational Services Courses Paul Anderson
Jeff Walega
MTE-15470 - AMS Asset Management Solutions Tips & Tricks To keep your plant assets available and producing revenue, you need solutions that are custom to the criticality of the asset being monitored. Experts will discuss how to implement predictive intelligence and integrated protection technologies to reach business goals. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Will Goetz
Gary Adams
Derek Taravella
Drew Mackley
MTE-15482 - Safety Instrumented Systems Tips & Tricks In this open discussion forum the expert panel will discuss major trends and topics related to Saftey Instrumented Systems (SIS) including: SIS Energy Efficiency, Safety Lifecycle, and Cybersecurity on an Integrated SIS. You will have an opportunity to pose questions and participate in the discussion on how to reach safety goals. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Gary Law
Rafael Lachman
Alexandre Peixoto
Iwan van Beurden
Sergio Diaz
EDU-15432 - Control Valve Sizing, Selection and Noise Prediction for Conventional and Non-Standard Process Applications Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.This course is recommended for individuals who specify control valves for industrial processes. The course will provide coverage of the theory and methods that fall within the scope of present day IEC/ISA control valve sizing and noise standards, and additionally address specific process applications that fall outside the scope of these standards from the perspective of “real” fluid behavior. The participant will learn how to: identify the correct technical context of the application; identify the correct data for the application context; and perform preliminary valve sizing and selection. This course serves as a companion course to [Ed Services course on Fisher Specification Manager]. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Melissa Niesen
Roger Anders
EDU-15444 - Achieving Top Quartile Performance Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.Top Quartile performance is a realistic goal for companies that will allow them to be in an exceptional position to excel beyond their competition and achieve maximum financial performance. Also, Top Quartile companies enjoy more than 13% greater production availability of their assets over fourth quartile performers and by improving their maintenance procedures and technology staff exposure to safety risk bill be greatly reduced. Participants will learn what is Top Quartile performace and the steps to making Top Quartile performace a reality. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Bruce Hawkins
6-15571 - Intelligent Servicing of Valves during Aging Plant Shutdowns Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEconomic uncertainty has led to plant operators looking to maximise efficiency and output from existing facilities, meaning the typical lifecycles of plants are being significantly extended beyond original expectations. Aging plants need to be carefully managed to ensure that they continue performing to a high standard and remaining both profitable and safe. A key part of this strategy relies on effective service and outage management planning, minimizing plant downtime and equipment failure through adopting preventative maintenance techniques. 45 minutes Workshop Nave Orgad
Jodi Johnson
IF-15374 - Oil & Gas: Upstream Industry Forum Challenges in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry: A journey of survival by leveraging new technologies and automation As oil prices continue to stabilize, operators are continuing to focus on the fundamental cost structure improvements that increase operational efficiency. This forum will address the best practices of leading production operators in functional areas of facility design, well pad operation, and safety. The discussion will include new technologies such as multiphase metering and well pad optimization. 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Clifton Summers
Tim Loser
Chandra Sekhar Seethepalli
Jody Overshiner
Guido Mangieri
Jose Jimenez
6-15569 - Double Positive Isolation with Triple Offset Valves (TOVs) Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe achievement of (positive and) double positive isolation requires appropriate selection of valves and other pieces of equipment (such as spectacle blinds or spades, draining and pressure monitoring facilities, etc.) to ensure total safety during downstream equipment maintenance and inspection operations. Assumptions related to the safety credentials of standard valve designs may result in increased risks and lead to failures, especially when critical double positive isolation is involved. Metal-to-metal torque-seated Triple Offset Valves have been successfully adopted to contribute to the positive and, more recently, double positive isolation of equipment being capable of providing safe isolation, while delivering improved tightness performance and producing significant cost savings. 45 minutes Workshop Luca Vertova
RDM-15730 - DeltaV SIS Product Roadmap DeltaV SIS Product Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Sergio Diaz
RDM-15735 - Digital Worker of the Future Powered by Plantweb Digital Worker of the Future Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Peter Zornio
Will Goetz
RDM-15742 - Automation Solutions Lifecycle Services Roadmap Automation Solutions Lifecycle Services Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Johan Claassen
Sean Sims
TR-15350 - Cybersecurity The Cybersecurity Technology Roundtable is a forum for users to meet and discuss their cybersecurity concerns and problems. Topics will be customer testimonials on who and how they have been attacked. These discussions will include: Discovered the attack Steps taken to stop the attack Recovery from the attack Sharing of this information from users, to users will help everyone understand the circumstances and how we can make it more difficult for attackers to get to other process control entities. McAfee will also provide a speaker who will discuss the most recent aspects of attacks and what they (and Emerson) are doing to fight these attackers. 1.5 Hours Technology Roundtables Mansour M Al-Shehri
Alexandre Peixoto
James Olmstead
Jeff Potter
Lothar Lang
Rick Gorskie
3-14270 - Maximizing the Value of HART Outputs in DeltaV without Shooting Yourself in the Foot Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThis workshop is a continuation of the very well received 2016 presentation that was focused on the HART Analog Input. There is tremendous value in the information available with the HART protocol within DeltaV. However, taking advantage of this value without unintended consequences is more difficult that it seems. This workshop will guide the user through the various aspects of configuring HART within DeltaV and setting up the field device correctly to prevent making common mistakes that lead to undesirable behavior. Users will learn how to generate maximum value from the information available in today's HART instruments. 45 minutes Workshop Calvin Burnett
Jay Colclazier
5-14193 - 3 Superpowers to Boost Your Career Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryCareer growth has little to do with how smart you are or how hard you work. Despite the long hours, we stay in our role, wondering when we will get promoted or when our efforts will be recognized. Often we believe that others are holding us back, preventing us from getting that promotion or recognition and causing us stress. The truth is that, beyond a performance threshold, success has more to do with ourselves holding us back. The good news about this is that we can control ourselves. In this workshop, I will share three key concepts and techniques that I have learned that have helped me move from a worker to a leader - completely changing my career trajectory and limitations as a result. 45 minutes Workshop Aaron Crews
6-14496 - Fisher Instrument Roadmap Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryWe will review the noteworthy Fisher Instrument product updates, new product releases from the previous year, and the opportunities these products offer our customers. Topics will include: review of recent DVC6200 HART and Fieldbus firmware changes including key SIS enhancements, new Fieldbus PST functionality, a new DVC6200 high capacity construction to support large on/off actuators in SIS applications, a new FIELDVUE Product Matrix to simplify the instrument specification process, Zero Point Calibration to facilitate urgent field replacements, a new SIL2 rated DLC3100 digital level controller offering, and a new nuclear qualification for the DVC6200. We will also review user interface updates including DD, DTM, ValveLink Software and ValveLink Mobile releases. 45 minutes Workshop Matt Estabrook
1-14523 - Commissioning and Startup (CSU) Best Practices; part B, End Users requested: HOTSPOTS Elimination Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceIn 2016 a CII New Best Practices for improving Plant Commissioning and Startup complete with demos helped end users drop their 12-15 year old materials and shift to the updated release. The short course was 1-9104. The instructors indicated a Part B to identify and highlight the hand-offs from Construction to Commissioning to Startup to the plant Operations team that were not going well, causing major delays and cost over-runs was important and desperately also needed. The CII team RT333 on activities and HOTSPOT transitions or hand-offs was already engaged in adding this very important piece for End Users from all Industries, at their request, plus how to eliminate the 20 most prevalent and damaging found. Findings & AMS TREX as one of the key elimination tools will be demonstrated. 90 minutes Short Course Brian Nordmann
Marcos Peluso
Nicholas Meyer
3-14530 - Do you know if your system is healthy? System Health Monitoring dashboard has the answer! Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateEven a small DeltaV System has hundreds of diagnostic parameters relating to individual components, software and hardware. Additionally, these diagnostics come from disparate sources and require various applications and interfaces. Imagine driving a car with hundreds of speedometers! Consolidating these diagnostics into a single dashboard allows the DeltaV System administrator to "keep his eyes on the road." This session details how Pfizer's batch manufacturing facility in Sanford, NC, utilizes IIoT technology to centralize system diagnostics and enable Connected Services to drive proactive system maintenance. A novel approach was implemented, leveraging virtualization and blending Emerson solutions and custom tools to proactively monitor, trend and stay alert in real-time. 45 minutes Workshop Richard Dedzins
Josh Cloninger
Ben Jackman
2-14566 - Struggling With Inaccurate Flow Ratio Calculations? Learn How to Get Savings by Using CMFS / 5700 Coriolis Technology Track: 2. Measure & Analyze Technical Level: Advanced Nominated for Best in Conference Lyondellbasell is a global leader in manufacturing of Chemicals and Polymers materials for a wide range of industrial applications. In their Pasadena facility they have a reactor measuring EO Flow Ratio using four differential pressure transmitters sharing one orifice plate; they are SIL 3 rated included in a SIS with 2oo3 voting system. High or Low ratio will trip Rx Feed Valves and Block Valves. Consequences of inaccurate Reactor Flow Ratio are as follows • Runaway Reaction • High Pressure • Level 3 environmental Release of EO to atmosphere. The impulse lines of the orifice plates were plugged with EO polymer on average of 6 times a year, averaging more than 300 deviations alarms per month. Every product changes the dP transmitters range needs to be changed. 45 minutes Workshop SERGIO VICENCIO
Jody B. Smith
Woody Rogers
6-14535 - DeltaV Engineering Tools Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryYou want to easily create a configuration for your plant that is reliable, efficient, and supportable. This session will highlight the new features of the DeltaV Engineering Environment that will enable you to do just that. See how to replace complex custom configuration with brand new out-of-the-box function blocks that are easy to configure and support, all while reducing your controller load. New UI enhancements can cut hours from configuration and debugging tasks. Also, be among the first to see new features for DeltaV v14 including enhanced function blocks to make configuration easy; and upload/download enhancements that will provide you with more information so you can make informed decisions about your configuration quickly and effectively. 45 minutes Workshop Kenny Marks
3-14573 - New Coriolis Wet Gas Applications and Development Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateBy using an algorithm that leverages a Coriolis meter’s diagnostics to identify single-phase and two-phase conditions within the sensor, a flow computer is able to allocate mass flow measurement as dry gas or liquid and create two-single phase measurements in a single-stream, two-phase process. The original goal of the algorithm was to improve the dry gas measurement and ignore the liquid - which the algorithm is able to do well - but it was also found that by looking at the difference in the dry gas measurement and the bulk two-phase measurement, that a reasonable indication of liquid flow can also be obtained. Additional process insight creates a number of possibilities for managing wells of various artificial lift types more efficiently. 45 minutes Workshop Justin Hollingsworth
6-14650 - Critical Electrical Assets Everywhere Where to Start Monitoring Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateMost companies have many electrical critical assets currently not monitored for situations causing unexpected failure. Furthermore, most plants only inspect these assets periodically. As companies move forward toward continuous monitoring and pervasive sensing of their electrical assets, it can be mind-numbing to decide where to start. Which electrical asset should be monitored first? This paper will discuss the importance of moving from periodic maintenance to continuous monitoring. It will answer the question of why it’s important to monitor the condition of electrical critical assets, the types of monitoring that can be implemented to get a holistic view of the asset, which electrical asset is a good candidate for monitoring, and how to get started 45 minutes Workshop Mark Sagstetter
2-14655 - Installation Synopsis: ERS and Thermal Range Expander for Vacuum Bottoms Level Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis discussion focuses on the challenges of level measurement in the vacuum tower bottoms level measurement application. Inherent characteristics include high process temperature, vacuum service, build-up/plugging, and wide ambient temperature of Minnesota climate. Typically this application is approached with nuclear level technology but it has proven unreliable due to background X-ray events. To accommodate the vacuum bottom process demands and deliver a more reliable measurement a triple redundant ERS and Thermal Range Expander system was installed. The workshop discusses challenges faced during commissioning and what was done to address those challenges, and how the system is performing today. The Emerson solution provided better pump asset reliability and overfill protection. 45 minutes Workshop John Zimmerman
Scott Baruch
1-14643 - Mobile Temperature Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Products Used in Manufacturing Process Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateLonza Biologics utilizes a cryopreserved drug product(CDP)on the second floor of the facility. It must be maintained at a specific temperature to ensure proper application. It is transported via liquid filled Nitrogen dewars of various sizes. The dewars are stored in a remote area and moved to processing units on different floors via unattended elevators. The temperature must be monitored in real-time once every 30 sec to ensure the CDP does not experience an increase in temperature. The portibility requirement made implementing an wired solution challenging. A wireless network was able to solve the problem. This workshop discusses the problems involved and describes the wireless solution 45 minutes Workshop Rex Polley
Steve Kelliher
Joe Cipriani
6-14648 - DeltaV Mobile Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis session provides an overview of DeltaV Mobile, an intuitive, read-only mobile experience for iOS and Android that allows users to monitor real-time data, trends, and alarms. It securely provides the same richness of process data and alarms from DeltaV operator stations, now on built-for-purpose mobile screens. Users can receive alarm notifications and view alarm details that provide context around abnormal process situations.Integration with DeltaV allows users to leverage their DeltaV configurations and easily create custom watch lists that are specific to their needs. Users can also easily share data and alarm information, enabling secure collaboration. With DeltaV Mobile, managers, engineers, and operators can truly have their operations at their fingertips whenever they need it. 45 minutes Workshop Mariana Dionisio
6-14629 - Valve Material Selection Overview for a Refinery Instrument Engineer Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEver wonder why certain materials are used in refineries or why metallurgists suggest upgrading materials when crude supply sources change? This presentation will give instrument engineers an opportunity to understand what goes into material selection in the refining industry. In addition to discussing what materials are used to combat sulfidic corrosion, polythionic acid stress corrosion cracking, naphthenic acid, and alkaline stress corrosion cracking; an overview of the current NACE standards will be included. Specific process units where each of these considerations exists will be discussed and how these challenges impact valve material choices. 45 minutes Workshop Janine McCormick
Cherra Meloy
3-14249 - Oilsands project saves millions through asset consolidation and optimization best practices Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceLarge green field projects that require specification and procurement of thousands of instruments across multiple EPC scopes can present formidable challenges. When projects are driven mainly by cost it can be extremely difficult to coordinate and standardize asset selection for overall capital efficiency. Suncor recognized the need for standardization and recognized potential to improve on cost and coverage efficiencies. Suncor and Spartan worked together on a systematic analysis of the Fort Hills asset database. Suncor and Spartan found that with proper model analysis we could significantly reduce sparing requirements by consolidating recommended spares. 45 minutes Workshop Jesus Hernandez
Rob Gray
Adnan Zaheer
3-14706 - CIP One–A Modular Story:How Emergent collaborated to implement S88, Delta V CHARMs I/O & ASCO 580 Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateEmergent chose to take a progressive approach when it came to replacing an existing and outdated CIP system. Their utilization of the DeltaV modular hardware / software combined with the new modular ASCO 580 CHARM manifold reduced their construction, commissioning and validation costs by a combined ~50%. Is this session we will examine the WHY and the HOW did they achieve this success along with displacing existing competing plant automation and pneumatic standards. 45 minutes Workshop Neil Stephenson
Adam Troeller
3-14903 - Transforming Data into Information at Hawkins Chemical using Syncade Logbooks Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateHawkins produces and distributes industrial chemicals from their terminals in the Twin Cities area. A need developed for a method to transfer knowledge within shifts and at shift change. This included equipment undergoing maintenance, active processes, safety updates, etc. An additional need was a way to initiate operator actions in the event of alarms and track those actions. The facility operates using Allen-Bradley PLCs and FactoryTalk HMI Suite and needed a way to share data throughout the company. This included tracking the time trucks were on-site and processing them through the facility in timely fashion to avoid demurrage. Syncade Logbooks, Event Monitor and SQL reporting were implemented to transform data to information and visualize throughout the enterprise. 45 minutes Workshop Kevin ORourke
Kyle Nystrom
3-14977 - Data Analytics Strategy Combining DeltaV and Offline Instruments Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediatePharmaceutical engineers and scientists need a data analytics strategy that allows them to collect, organize, and analyze experimental results quickly. Too often the data is stranded in such a way that the scientist will simply rerun the experiment, wasting time and capital on results that already exist, hidden in the data. This workshop will present a data management solution at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals that used DeltaV’s Continuous Historian and Seeq to integrate process data with the offline analytics instruments. The result was fast insight into the product quality across different scales of equipment, obviating the need for superfluous experiments by the engineers and scientists. This way they could focus on the fun part of their job – developing better medicines. 45 minutes Workshop Tara Barreira
Brian Crandall
Lisa Graham
3-15045 - New Developments in Compressor Anti-Surge Control Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateDeltaV has been used successfully a number of times for compressor anti-surge control, but under limited situations. There has always been some concern whether DeltaV is fast enough to detect and respond to a surge event. Emerson has developed and submitted patents on a new technique to execute some the high-speed calculations in the transmitter so that DeltaV’s 100ms scan is sufficient for most industrial compressors. In addition, a new SmartProcess™ Compressor solution is available to optimize anti-surge and performance control in DeltaV. This paper describes the new development, where it can be applied and benefits expected. 45 minutes Workshop Mikhail Ilchenko
Pete Sharpe
3-15064 - Leveraging Existing Investments to Improve Plant Reliability Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryCurrent market conditions demand changes on how traditional challenges are approached. The evolution of IIoT applications allows producers to capture efficiently the value of the data generated on the field, and translate it into benefits through value adding actions. Plantweb Health Advisor is a great example of how to integrate new tools with existing infrastructure to drive insights and decision making to improve reliability across the organization. Explore how to help you make the business case to add analytics to your existing capabilities and drive success with condition based maintenance 45 minutes Workshop Orlando Gago
6-14740 - DeltaV Product Update: Recent Licensing Changes and Enhancements Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateHistorically, licensing of the DeltaV DCS has been an often misunderstood and, in some cases, complex topic. This workshop will explain several beneficial enhancements and simplifications made to the DeltaV system licensing model recently. Explanations and clarifications for several new license options will be provided. The workshop will also give users the opportunity to provide licensing feedback and suggestions for future enhancement. 45 minutes Workshop Randy Balentine
1-14815 - CTO Stands for Challenging Traditional Options Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryEveryone has heard for the last few years about DeltaV CTO cabinets benefiting your site. We can talk all about the features, options, and the theory behind CTO benefits, but what users really want to hear is if it really works, and who are the folks who have used it successfully. Well, here it is. During this session we'll talk about the Eastman Chemical CTO journey in Kingsport, TN. We'll outline the project details, the process to get to the right CTO solution, and review of the standard designs that led to the ultimate production and delivery. We'll share our takeaways from the experience from the perspective of the owner, the LBP, and the Emerson iCenter. We'll also have a CTO Factory rep available to answer questions about CTO, and a brief update of new CTO offerings. 45 minutes Workshop Gretchen Lewis
Jeremy Mahoney
Mike Knittel
2-14808 - Temperature monitoring in Natural Gas Storage Tanks - done wirelessly Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductorySawtooth NGL Caverns, a natural gas storage facility located in Delta Utah needed to monitor the temperature in their natural gas storage tanks in order to accurately calculate the volume of gas in the storage tanks. They also needed to easily get this information into their control system. The tanks are located in a large controlled yard, NGL wanted to minimize cost, and maximize safety during the installation. They did not want to use heavy equipment for trenching and pulling wires and they wanted to install the temperature sensors as fast and easy as possible. This workshop will show the cost analysis for wireless vs wired installation, required time for installation and integration into the control system, long term results and lessons learned. 45 minutes Workshop Tony Searle
3-14853 - World’s first FLNG project on the fast-track with project certainty, for operational certainty Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferencePETRONAS, Malaysia’s national oil & gas company, set out to build a floating LNG (FLNG) plant in record time. As the world’s first FLNG vessel, changes could be expected as the design was not yet fully mature. Moreover, the location is remote and staff is limited. Vessel weight and space requirements had to be considered. System I/O was installed indoors. 584 transmitters were replaced with only 73. The architecture has flexibility to add devices and signals with little or no wiring. Device and wiring cost savings were achieved. There were many changes after FAT but they were easily handled allowing project to stay on the fast track with confidence. Already in the first few months device diagnostics saved several man-days of investigation. 45 minutes Workshop Shah Rizal B Dahlan
Jonas Berge
Harun Ab Rashid
4-14865 - Control Valve Vibration Problems - Monitoring, Predicting, & Avoiding Them Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceVibration of control valves and piping systems can cause damage to the valve, measurement equipment, and the piping system. There are many ways that vibration is generated and there are options to monitor or predict the vibration levels. Examples will be given of measurement equipment that can be used for continuous remote monitoring of vibration and using this data to identify sources and impact of vibration. Sources of flow induced vibration will be described along with some basic means to estimate their strength. Examples of designing a valve structure as well as a pipe system to minimize vibration or the impact of vibration will be described. 90 minutes Short Course Travis Rosenberg
Adin Mann
Shawn Anderson
6-14896 - Emerging Cybersecurity Standards for Industrial Control Systems Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis session will provide details about the emerging ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards and the ISASecure SSA certification methodology specifically created to address the Industrial Control System cybersecurity requirements. The session will include a brief description of the standards and their current status. Information about current market adoption and what Emerson is changing in the DeltaV platform to attain certification (where applicable). The session will also cover aspects of control system hardening (baseline / benchmarks used), as well as additional literature available today that can be used as a reference to include the cybersecurity language in the process control request for quotes; e.g. Department of Homeland Security, ICS-CERT, and the DeltaV Security Manual. 45 minutes Workshop Rick Gorskie
Alexandre Peixoto
1-14891 - Results Achieved Using an Offline Development Platform with Process Simulation Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryUpdating control strategies is a necessity for the changing needs of a control system over the lifecycle of any plant. However, implementing these changes requires testing in an offline test platform prior to commissioning. In support of their multi-product facility in Fremont, CA, Boehringer-Ingelheim moved control system development and commissioning to a virtual platform. Through the use of Mimic Simulation Software and Virtual IO Modules, this platform included an offline, real-time simulation integrated to an unaltered copy of the production system. The use of process simulation allowed for changes to control strategies to be developed and tested without impacting GMP production. Changes are then transferred to the production system for validation with minimal downtime to production. 45 minutes Workshop Christopher Isaacs
Zach Sample
2-14889 - PeakVue - Outside the Box - Its not just for Roller Bearings and Gears Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateIn this session we will review case histories and examples of non-traditional PeakVue applications. The cases will include sleeve bearings, broken agitator blades, sliding surfaces and more. We will review the unique requirements of these assets and how we effectively applied PeakVue to the overall monitoring and reliability strategy. 45 minutes Workshop Reuben Wunder
Gary Gardner
2-14959 - Zinc Nacional S.A. Improves Operations and Personnel Safety with Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryZinc Nacional S.A. is a major producer of Zinc Compounds in the American Continent. Founded in 1952, our company is dedicated to the production of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate, as well as recycled Paperboard. Over the years, Zinc Nacional has established itself as one of the world leaders in the production of zinc compounds. 45 minutes Workshop Dan Ibis
Eduardo Godinez
Jorge Garay
4-14978 - Improving the efficiency of natural draft burner for oil and gas production Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryAn upstream oil and gas production company, in the Marcellus and Utica shale formation, has implemented a new fuel gas control system and burner design on their gas production units (GPU). The new system is a combination of Emerson’s Fisher Regulators and ASCO Solenoid Valves united with Millstream’s new M7 natural draft burner. Using this new combustion system reduces fuel gas usage and emissions by up to 43% while decreasing unplanned downtime. In addition, employee safety has increased by avoiding the need to manually light burners. 45 minutes Workshop Greg Nuk
Thomas Weyer
1-14992 - Integrated cybersecurity monitoring: from the Plant to the SOC Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateSecurity monitoring is an essential (but often missing) piece for every cybersecurity strategy. But plant-level resources lack the time and expertise to monitor security events 24/7. Consequently, events and logs from control system endpoints are left unchecked. Fortunately, corporate IT Security Operations Centers (SOC) already have the expertise and resources for security monitoring. One customer recognized this opportunity to integrate security events from its downstream facilities using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology. With support from their executives, they were able to realize a strategy to integrate security events from global operating facilities, even across control system vendors, achieving 24/7 security monitoring for their critical infrastructure. 45 minutes Workshop Ben Jackman
Rick Gorskie
4-15008 - ENI Improves Control Valve Reliability in Extreme Arctic Environments with Valve Connected Services Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryENI Petroleum is a 40K BPD oil production facility on the North Slope of Alaska. Critical control valves play a major role in the reliability of the facility. A process upset due to a failure of a critical control valve can be extremely costly to ENI's bottom line. ENI needed to standardize their control valve reliability program in order to avoid unplanned events. Developing a control valve expert was not a realistic solution in their remote location, so ENI turned to Emerson's Connected Services experts to gain the control valve expertise they needed to support the planned maintenance of critical valves. 45 minutes Workshop Robin Bogard
Todd Bell
Joe Johnson
2-15022 - Craft Brewing Insights and Inferences Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateBadger Hill Brewing is a quality-focused craft brewery passionate about producing attention-getting and award-winning beer. Most of its brewing processes are controlled manually by its experienced brewers. Badger Hill is expanding and we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our beer and make our lives easier. This workshop shares how adding key automation equipment enabled 1) big improvements in consistency and quality; 2) simplified processes, saving time and significant cost; and 3) prototyping self-documentation procedures. 45 minutes Workshop Michael Koppelman
1-15058 - A never been done Virtualization for a robust solution on large multiple DeltaV zones system Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateMinera Los Pelambres is a mine located in Coquimbo, north of Santiago. The plant produces 355.000 ton /year of copper. The plant had 15k DST distributed on 4 DeltaV zones implemented with 80 workstation / serves on DeltaV 10.3.1. This is the story of a challenging project, involving the virtualization of 95% of the physical computers and upgrade to DeltaV 12.3.1 in an online enviroment. This is the first virtualization project executed by the Mining Center of Excellence in Chile. 45 minutes Workshop Daniel Rojas
Jesus David Muñoz Enriquez
1-15060 - Deny malicious activity on your system with Whitelisting Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryA virus on a DeltaV production system could lead to downtime and product loss. To minimize risk of a cyber attack, Fuji implemented Automated Patch Management with McAfee antivirus and whitelisting. Automated Patch Management has been around for several years. The addition of whitelisting adds an extra layer of protection. Even if a virus did make it's way onto a workstation or server, the virus couldn't run with whitelisting enabled. 45 minutes Workshop Eric Schulz
Rick Gorskie
1-14973 - Active Flow Path Dynamic Alarming-Effective Alarm Management for Chemical Injection System on FPSO Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceHow to improve alarming performance on a system consisting of multiple flowlines with complex valve alignment and multiple pump-heads grouping under different operation modes? This presentation describes a dynamic alarming application based on the Active Flow Path of complex topside & subsea chemical injection systems on FPSO. It eliminates unwanted and/or false alarms generated during the normal operation, and highlights the primary alarms (the first or shutdown alarms) and suppresses consequential alarms in abnormal events. It helps operator to identify root cause quickly and respond to alarms effectively. The dynamic alarming management strategies were successfully implemented under process on-line condition without interrupting operation 45 minutes Workshop Peng Wang
June M Kobayashi
2-15027 - BP Refinery Uses Wireless, Non-Intrusive Instrument to Accurately Measure Temperature Track: 2. Measure & Analyze Technical Level: Introductory Nominated for Best in Conference Emerson’s non-intrusive X-well temperature measurement technology was deployed with great success at the BP Cherry Point Refinery on a diesel stripper tower feed line. The installation was on an 8” standard schedule carbon steel line, with a traditional thermowell installation immediately upstream of the X-well. The resulting X-well temperature measurement closely tracked the existing thermowell measurement, yielding high confidence level in deploying more X-wells in similar situations. The advantages of using X-well are no required process penetrations because the instrument clamps on to the outside of a pipe. Unlike other clamp on solutions, X-well delivers very high accuracy due to proprietary imbedded calculation algorithms. X-well uses standard thermocouple and RTD sensors. 45 minutes Workshop Roger Goecke
Marcio Donnangelo
Stephen Reeves
6-15034 - SIS: SUCCESS In Selection Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductorySelecting sensors for Safety Instrumented Systems can be confusing. There are numerous specifications to consider when choosing your devices. With the current IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards, multiple choices exist for qualifying devices for SIS usage – both for the manufacturer and the user. Does Safe Failure Fraction need to be greater than 90%? 45 minutes Workshop Natalie Strehlke
Randy Paschke
3-15109 - Implementing a Small historian for limited amount of data Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryA natural gas transport company in Eaststern Europe owns a 1150-mile pipeline system. Several gas quality readings along the pipeline need to be stored in a timely manner. The stored information has to be accessible by control room personnel as well as other personnel outside of the control room environment. A reduced set of instrument readings is required to be constantly updated and retained for up to 2 years. PipelineManager has been deployed to provide robust historian capabilities in a dual redundant solution. SCADA and field telemetry data are stored for remote access and visual presentation. PipelineManager database has proven to be a cost effective alternative to a full blown SCADA historian. 45 minutes Workshop Rafael Noguerol
4-15111 - How we leveraged Emerson's actuation technology and service network to increase plant reliability Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateEmerson Fisher was approached by Lyondell to improve compressor anti-surge valve reliability. The installed competitor valve had caused plant shutdowns on several occasions. After a few discussions, it was collaboratively determined that the best path forward to meet budget and obtain desired performance would be to retrofit a Fisher actuator and accessory package onto the competitor valve. Given the high criticality and history of this valve on site, we took a deep look at every detail during preparation, engineering, and execution to create a completely custom solution which was delivered on site and on time. Now, five months after installation, Lyondell is very pleased with the valve’s enhanced performance and we are looking to share this success with other Emerson users. 45 minutes Workshop Dino Desalvo
Mike Leinhauser
Jonathan Vance
3-15205 - The Challenges and Benefits of Wireless Evolution at a Specialty Chemical Plant Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryFor a 70-year-old batch chemical operation, maintaining safe, high quality manufacturing provides many challenges. 3M Cottage Grove has utilized wireless technology as a strategy to solve these problems. Starting small, 3M has gradually expanded its wireless capabilities and worked through the challenges of WIOC vs. Gateway. Projects include temperature and level monitoring, limit switches to eliminate valving errors, and remote flow measurement for leak detection. Each production building will have fully redundant wireless I/O. This enables many new capabilities. An example is a project is that will collect data in order to monitor equipment health. 3M views wireless technology as a key component in its strategic vision, and is realizing many benefits in operation and maintenance. 45 minutes Workshop Matt Peters
4-15084 - Celanese and Emerson work through challenges to implement Valve Connected Services Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryCelanese and Emerson identified a number of IT security and operational challenges when they implemented a Valve Connected Services contract. Working through those challenges has given both companies a better understanding of how this service will be executed now and in the future. 45 minutes Workshop Greg Gattis
Joe Johnson
Carla Pruneda
2-15104 - Energy Harvesting Application- Anything is Possible Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateWireless instrumentation allows companies to add measurement points to their processes quickly and inexpensively, but battery-powered wireless transmitters can present challenges. Fast data rates can quickly deplete the battery while extreme temperatures reduce battery capacity. In addition, replacing batteries in hazardous areas can be both dangerous and expensive. Energy harvesting devices can address these issues by generating sufficient power to operate wireless transmitters at their maximum update rates in temperature extremes. This session shows how energy harvesting devices have helped several companies, and provides information for others looking to implement similar solutions. 45 minutes Workshop Andy Zaremba
Josh Hernandez
2-15128 - Thank You For Not Smoking - Measuring Steam Flow to Flare Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateSteam is injected into flares to reduce visible smoke emissions and is governed by EPA 40 CFR Part 60. LCY Elastomers had regular orifice meters on their steam flow to flare lines that were not meeting expectations or in compliance with the regulation. Most steam flows to flare have very wide ranges and it is not possible to accurately measure them in one line. By using the Conditioning Orifice and Integral Orifice Meters exceptional accuracy was obtained over a wide flow range as well as savings in installed costs, future maintenance, calibration, and operational expenditures. 45 minutes Workshop Joel Lemke
Alyssa Bartholomew
2-15154 - “Over-Process No More”–using liquid Conductivity Tech. to Eliminate Processing of Zero Value Liquids Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateA Specialty Alloy and Components manufacturer had a project to install a new tank storage system to house and process liquids generated from their chemical operations. An element of the design focused on storage capacity. It was discovered as part of modeling the new system design that not all liquids coming to the storage system would require processing, as some of the liquids historically being sent to storage had zero value. The zero value liquids, being berm and sump “water”, had historically been mixed with all other liquids and sent to storage. The calculated volume of zero value liquids was sizeable enough to impact the initial project costs. Due to the potential for project and long-term processing savings, the decision was made to engineer a solution to remove zero value liquids. 45 minutes Workshop Stephen Adams
Frank Spevak
3-15142 - Changing Controls and working collaboratively saves $180K/yr Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateAmerican Crystal Sugar’s migration project from RS3 to DeltaV included extensive meetings between maintenance and operations to redesign the sequencing of the heaters to reduce the maintenance cost. The new agreed upon sequence still allowed operations to do the cleanout phases but limited them from getting into a situation where the plates could be damaged. This paper will go through the programing changes and in detail on how to work collaboratively with operations and maintenance. 45 minutes Workshop Zachary Bullinger
3-15178 - 400 MW Steam Turbine gets a new AMS 6500 Full Prediction and Protection System Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedThis workshop will discuss installation of a new 6500 prediction/protection combination rack on a 400MW Steam Turbine at the Dairyland Power JP Madgett Station located in Alma, WI. The turbo machinery tools including transient and 3D shaft centerline will be discussed. Additional, successes/saves will be discussed using the 2140 vibration analyzer on our coal conveyor bearings. Lastly, our plans to migrate our 4500 systems on our Boiler feedwater pumps, ID Fans, FD Fans, Primary Air Fans , and Coal conveyor gearboxes will be reviewed. 45 minutes Workshop Steve Ritscher
Chris Hince
3-15180 - Migration to DeltaV while maintaining existing GeniusBus Field I/O Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedThe main driver of this project was to replace end of life control system hardware in an existing pharmaceutical batch manufacturing facility. Continuing to utilize the GeniusBus I/O provided a cost benefit in that field wiring/marshalling was not required. The existing control system was comprised of a GE PLC(and associated GeniusBus I/O) and iFix SCADA. This was replaced with a DeltaV version 12.3 system employing S-Series Controllers and VIM2, utilizing the OVDA interface to communicate with Genius Bus I/O via a ProSoft Ethernet IP to GeniusBus Gateway. 45 minutes Workshop Christopher Vales
6-15161 - What Else Could We Have Done: Doing More with Project Certainty Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis session will review various projects and discuss some of the opportunities to improve Total Installed Cost that were left on the table. Discussions on why this opportunities were missed and how to pick them up next time will be covered. 45 minutes Workshop Deston Day
1-14194 - Using Automation Modernization as a Lever for Business Success Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateWhen your facility is challenged to improve productivity, process availability, and enterprise profits, modernization of your control system may provide the answer. By taking advantage of today's automation systems' advances, you can create more profitable operations and make a lasting difference. By positioning and employing modernization in the right way, management will see that these projects offer the operational benefits and return on capital that they are looking for, and they will more readily approve the project. They are also more likely to view the project team as company leaders who help the enterprise cost-effectively meet market needs. In this workshop, we will review the three key best practices that will ensure success in your modernization project and for your business. 45 minutes Workshop Laurie Ben
Aaron Crews
3-14409 - Finally be able to pump slurry - without the operator input Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryAt Red Chris Mine the concentrate de-watering system experienced frequent downtime due to the inability to pump slurry from the stock tank. The density of the copper/gold slurry was too low to be pumped up to the filter press. A more advanced approach using multiple input variables and MPC helped solve the problem permanently and increased efficiency. 45 minutes Workshop Thomas Gross
4-14492 - Marathon Petroleum Improves Refinery-Wide Control Valve Reliability Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryProcessing crude oil in refineries is tough on control valves, especially at Marathon Petroleum’s Garyville refinery, since it is built to handle the heaviest dirtiest crude available at market. During this presentation several examples of those tough control valve applications will be shared, from failure definition to solution implementation. Issues to be discussed include plugging, cavitation, actuation insufficiencies, vibration, and thermal shock. 45 minutes Workshop Randy Firmin
Rebecca Turner
6-14500 - Product Update - New Controller and I/O Hardware in DeltaV - I/O On Demand Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateCome learn about Distributed CHARMs and the PK controller releasing in DeltaV v14. Distributed CHARMs provides a new way to distribute Electronic Marshalling closer to the actual field devices which increases flexibility, simplifies installation, and reduces wiring, cable tray, and labor cost. The PK controller is targeted for skids and standalone applications with 100 to 1500 I/O, but can also be used in DeltaV for traditional process applications. The PK Controller also offers native controller connectivity to Ethernet I/O networks. We will also cover new functionality such as: M-series controllers communicating with Electronic Marshalling I/O and Wireless I/O to improve flexibility and easily enable I/O expansions. 45 minutes Workshop Rune Reppenhagen
2-14497 - Generating Safety With Concentration Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateOne of the most efficient electric generators is hydrogen-cooled. Prior to generator maintenance the H2 gas in the generator must be purged with CO2 then purged with air to avoid an explosion. The Micro Motion Gas Specific Gravity Meter (SGM) is used to constantly monitor the H2 purity in air, CO2 purity in H2, and air purity in CO2. The SGM accurately indicates when the generator is free of H2 or CO2 and safe to work on. To operate more efficiently, the SGM provides an additional 1% accuracy of H2 purity compared to the previous system allowing for approximately $90,000 annual operational cost savings. 45 minutes Workshop David Taplin
Hans Loewenheath
5-14269 - Best Practices for Preparing and Delivering a Successful PowerPoint Presentation Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis course will provide actionable strategies to deliver a well-polished and organized PowerPoint presentation. Learn about common PowerPoint pitfalls that can be a distraction to your presentation. Conversely, see what makes a successful PowerPoint presentation including overall flow and content organization, slide layout and structure, graphics and visuals, and overall presentation tips. 90 minutes Short Course Michael Olivier
Ben Louwagie
3-14562 - Fulfilling the iOPS Vision - The Future of Plant Operations made ready NOW Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductorySignificant cost, schedule delays, and inefficiencies are incurred on customers who have Operating facilities in remote locations. A Remote iOps was designed as a solution to monitor and control these remote locations from more accessible centers (e.g. Calgary). A combination of technology and network infrastructure allow for a single consolidated center of Operation hosted at the head office. Making this happen involves an integration of the latest technologies available including video conferencing technology, CCTV, VOIP, reliability software, virtualization and analytics software in a state of the art facility that features smart glass, lighting and acoustics. The iOps solution allows collaboration of experts, projects, and operations to view shared data, resources, and tools. 45 minutes Workshop Samer El Issa
3-14536 - Implementing ValveLink and Asset Management Solutions on a non-AMS Platform Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryInstrumentation asset management is continuing to gain momentum in many industries. A major challenge is to integrate the device information via the control system into an asset management platform. This is especially challenging when HART has not always been embraced as the control systems main communication protocol. This workshop will detail steps taken to launch device monitoring/asset management on a non-AMS platform at the CHS Refinery at McPherson. The primary focus will be monitoring the Fisher control valve asset via ValveLink but also other Emerson/Non-Emerson devices via DD’s and DTM’s. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Isom
Ken Hall
6-14586 - Emerson’s Approaches to Improving Safety and Reliability for Thermowells Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThermowells are a necessary component for industrial temperature measurements. However, they introduce errors on the measurement and are a source of sourcing, installation and maintenance frustration. Learn how Emerson is developing new technologies to support thermowell use or eliminate them altogether. 45 minutes Workshop Ryan Leino
3-14579 - Best Practices for SIS configuration Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryDeltaV SIS provides great out-of-the-box functionality that sometimes is unnecessarily replicated due to lack of knowledge. In other instances, certain configuration practices leads to either poor performance or complicated solutions which are difficult to maintain. In this short course, most of the SIS function blocks are explained from a practical perspective with examples from real projects. The course covers recently added functionality such as Global Safety Network, always from a real-life perspective. The course is delivered by unique combination: a experienced SIS lead, the Emerson Chief Technologist behind most of the DeltaV SIS, and an end-user. Attendees can understand why something was implemented, how it is implemented in real projects and why it is important. 90 minutes Short Course Rafael Lachman
Gary Law
2-14613 - Terminal Tank Gauging System Migration Improves Reliability Through Redundancy Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryKoch Pipeline's tank gauging system migration and expansion in Clearbrook, MN was executed efficiently and enhanced the terminal's tank automation system in several ways. The project included upgrading tank gauging system hardware and software for 11 crude tanks and addition of 4 new crude tanks. The upgrade leveraged the existing bus network and the Foundation Fieldbus device network to reduce installation costs and meet aggressive project commissioning deadlines. The new tank gauging system improved accuracy of tank measurements, reliability and safety of the system, achieved API 2350 category 3 status, and reduced overall operations costs. In addition, the WiHart communication infrastructure created a network for easy integration of future measurements across the terminal. 45 minutes Workshop Travis Falk
Scott Baruch
3-14618 - Lubrizol’s Chicago-area grease production glides into automation with a slick Emerson team Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe Polyurea project is an automation project with almost 500 I/O and complex configuration requirements designed to increase Lubrizol’s existing Polyurea production by about 30%. To this point in time, an old-school, labor-intensive fluid delivery manifold system has been used on-site for many years. A new capital project presented the Emerson team with an opportunity to implement a cost effective automation solution to expand the Chemtool (Rockton IL) manufacturing plant’s production capabilities. The new system greatly increases operator efficiency and safety. 45 minutes Workshop Austin Barber
Patty Wisz
Taylor Hines
3-14644 - PEMEX Standardize Loading Racks for LPG with mass measurement saving up to $300K Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryPEMEX is the National Oil Company with presence in the complete O&G value chain, including LPG storage and distribution. This paper describes the story of a standard loading solution implementation which solved measurement uncertainty challenges, contributed to increase terminal availability and helped to save installation and commissioning costs. 45 minutes Workshop Claudia Arroyo
Fernando Mirafuentes
Manuel Arroyo
6-14632 - How To Calculate The Financial Value of New Measurements Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryWhat is the economic value of a new measuring device in a process plant – a new analyzer, a more accurate flow measurement, an additional temperature or pressure measurement, etc.? Plant engineers are often presented with the issue of economically justifying new measurement in addition to those required to safely operate the plant and meet regulatory requirements. In this presentation a financially sound methodology is explained that yields quantitative benefit estimates. Examples from the process industries are used to illustrate the procedures developed. 45 minutes Workshop Doug White
4-14682 - Is there such thing as a SIL rated valve? Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryCan a valve alone be SIL (Safety Integrity Level) rated for use in a Safety Instrumented System (SIS)? Many users face the challenge of selecting a valve that is suitable for use in a SIS, meets SIL targets with an overall SIL verification, and operates as required. This workshop explores the topics of SIL rating, SIL certification and SIL capability as well as outlines challenges and considerations required to properly select a valve engineered and built for use in a SIS. 45 minutes Workshop Carsten Thoegersen
1-14668 - Competency Development of I&C staff thru training and ensuring implementation thru Capstone Project Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateCompanies have invested heavily in technology to make today’s plants safer, reliable and more efficient. These complex plants are run by local engineers and technicians. With ever increasing emphasis on localization, it is important that they are fully trained to support the maintenance and operations. They need to be trained in weeks and months, to replace years of experience of expatriate workforce. In designing a training curriculum for competency development, developers need to assess the unique needs of the organization, create a plan to address those needs, and identify means to measure the results. The presenters will share their learning from developing the program, from project kick-off to implementation and measuring the results. 45 minutes Workshop Mohammed al Kandari
Yaser Alghamdi
3-14687 - How a Centralized Control Room (CCR) study could influence a 3rd party DCS migration? Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateMOL Petchem had more than 25 years old TDC 2000 Honeywell system at MTBE Plant. MOL devoted to integrate this Unit into one Centralized Control Room (CCR) with ergonomic study for Operator Consoles, by using High Performance HMI philosophy as well. Unit integration without interrupting other running Main production technologies. MTBE Unit shutdown time was 2 weeks for migration. 45 minutes Workshop Istvan Kovacs
Norbert Nagy
Tibor Poór
Zoltán Máthe
1-14702 - How does Praxair Maintain a Secure and Reliable Control System? With the help of Guardian Support! Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryControl systems are the heart of manufacturing and production processes. Keeping them operating at peak efficiency while also keeping them reliable and secure requires time, energy and focus. Managing risk, particularly through managing software patches manually, is labor intensive and has grown over the years into nearly a full-time role. Learn how Praxair has optimized their efforts around patching and overall risk management with the help of Emerson's Guardian Support service. 45 minutes Workshop Mick Roberts
Chris Mallari
Bob Cruz
3-14745 - Connecting the Dots: How Safety Impacts Operational Excellence Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateOften organizations use the common metric of total recordable rate to measure safety success. Even extendable metrics, like severity rates and incident counts, are directly tied to safety. However, safety has a broader impact well beyond an employees’ well-being. During this session, cases will be shared exemplifying how safety performance is both an indicator and driver of increased operational excellence. Links will be made to improved operational discipline, decreased downtime, increased maintenance and reliability performance, and more efficient operations. Participants will see how to link operations to HSE while building the case for safety as a driver of operational excellence. 45 minutes Workshop Rich Eagles
Will Goetz
6-14776 - Improve Turnaround (STO) Performance and Reduce Risk through Emerson Processes and Expertise Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryShutdowns, Turnaround, and Outages (STO) are critical site maintenance operations. Schedule and Safety are key issues during these short-duration, high-risk activities. Customer are looking to increase their STO efficiency through better planning, decreased downtime, and reduced risk. Emerson has proven Tools, Processes, and Project Management expertise which directly impact duration, costs, and safety during these challenging events. 45 minutes Workshop Steve Thorp
Scott Grunwald
3-14707 - Dual Level for Process Towers with Guided Wave Radar & ERS Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn 2013 the refinery started the process of removing outdated pneumatic displacer level control on their process towers. Through an approved MOC a tee connection was added allowing us to install dual levels. During the testing phase we kept one pneumatic level and added either guided wave radar or ERS. At first the new level instrumentation was only used to monitor until the operations people saw how much better the device actually reported true level. Once they became confident in the newer technology we then replaced the displacer with guided wave radar allowing us to set up for either instrument to control or monitor tower level. We have since added this instrumentation scheme to several other towers in the refinery and plan on making this combination a standard for our level control. 90 minutes Short Course Craig Kalkhof
Richard Zahrobsky
IF-15375 - Pulp & Paper Industry Forum What are today’s Pulp & Paper mills doing to ensure continued operability? We’ll discuss current initiatives the industry is undertaking in order to be successful in the future. Some topics covered in the forum include: DCS Migration IIOT Sustainability Reliability CapEx/OpEx Additional topics suggested by attendees 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Chip Rennie
Tom Mladucky
Scott Kanning
Sushil Dudani
Doug De Bruin
Sushil Dudani
Danny Streets
ML-15589 - LUNCH: Women in Innovation Pre-registration required for this session. Add this event to your personal agenda via the myExchange scheduling tool or the mobile app. Open to all registered attendees. Join us for lunch where Janeen Judah will share her advice for career and life: the 3 E’s - Excellence, Endurance and Empowerment. Excellence to do your job well Endurance to get through the hard times, and how we all can Empower others. Janeen will share stories and insights in this Q&A session. Come away empowered! Sponsored by Emerson Women in STEM & Emerson Global Users Exchange. 1 Hour Meals
RDM-15731 - Reliability Solutions Roadmap Reliability Solutions Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Drew Mackley
Mani J
3-15224 - Ovation System upgrade Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateSaudi Aramco- Abqaiq Plants completed successfully an online upgrade of Ovation system software to the latest release. This upgrade was performed online with no plant shutdown. The upgrade was planned carefully utilizing several techniques including establishing dedicated networks for old and new systems and establishing an OPC soft link to transfer data between systems to tackle the issue of dependency between systems controllers. A total of 60 controllers were successfully migrated to the new software in two weeks with no single operation interruption. 45 minutes Workshop Omar Al-Mohisin
Mohammad Al-SAEED
6-15250 - DeltaV Operations Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn this session participants will learn about the new updates to DeltaV Operate and review updates in recent releases. These projects include the improved Process History View and the new tool for easy graphics deletion, as requested by our users. This new functionality helps address the challenges faced by users when configuring, maintaining and operating their regulated and non-regulated environments. Come and get a detailed look at what enhancements can help improve your plant. 45 minutes Workshop Camilo Fadul
MTE-15469 - Alarm Management Tips & Tricks An effective alarm management program provides in-depth, in-context operator guidance for consistent and timely responses. Learn from experts how to get clear and precise information from your alarm management system. Also, see how the new DeltaV Mobile app can be used to provide notifications, regardless of location, so that experts can collaborate with operators to resolve issues more quickly, and with more certainty. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Carlos Pereira
Todd Stauffer
Al Lee
MTE-15471 - Backup and Recovery of DeltaV This session will deep dive into deployment of the Emerson Backup and Recovery software. Topics will include system architecture, physical requirements, Emerson Backup plans, data integrity, and best practices. Typical usage issues and end customer questions will be covered. There will be time allotted for a Q&A session.” 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Phillip Smith
Brock Perry
Milton Pollard
MTE-15483 - Support and Maintenance of DeltaV A proactive support and maintenance plan helps keep your plant operating safely, consistently, and economically. It also enables optimizing your plant performance and achieving your business goals. Speak with experts for recommendations to improve your DeltaV support and maintenance strategy, address risk, incident, and lifecycle management, and leverage globally standardized best practices. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts John Robbins
Bob Cruz
Matt James
MTE-15572 - Selecting The Correct Overfill Protection Technology It is essential for companies to implement overfill protection systems to minimize risk and improve safety. As part of a complete overfill protection system, automation technology is increasingly being deployed to replace mechanical devices and human factors, but it is important to understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Overfill prevention experts will discuss the different layers of protection required and outline the challenges posed by the most common applications and the technologies available - especially level sensors. They will also provide recommendations for the most appropriate solution for each application. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Lydia Miller
Paul Fadell
Per Skogberg
Richard Ireland
Andy Crosland
Mikael Helmer
Christoffer Widahl
Teddy Tzegazeab
Nathan Stokes
Carsten Thoegersen
Tadeu Batista
TR-15349 - Industrial Internet of Things The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has become a key enabler for companies to achieve their digital transformation goals. The Plantweb digital ecosystem is a portfolio of solutions that harnesses the power of the IIoT to enable customers to work towards achieving Top Quartile operational performance. It is the result of an evolution of Emerson strategies and technologies, rooted in our broad portfolio of foundational solutions that leverage intelligent field devices and digital asset management strategies to fundamentally improve process control and plant operations. Now, using new IIoT solutions, we are helping customers securely connect OT data with their existing IT infrastructure, and providing them with the capabilities to extend digital transformation beyond process control and across the operational enterprise. Join a panel of industry experts in a discussion on what is being done to deliver value today and where things are headed in the future. 1.5 Hours Technology Roundtables David Van Dorselaer
Tom Madilao
Peter Zornio
Jose Valls
Mike Boudreaux
TR-15351 - Getting the Most Out of a Virtualization Infrastructure Virtualization is becoming commonplace in DeltaV deployments. Since its release in 2013, DeltaV Virtual Studio has been deployed on over 600 systems across all industries. In 2015, Chemical Processing Magazine awarded DeltaV Virtual Studio their Vaaler Award, in the category of Innovative Software Technologies. DeltaV Virtual Studio 3.3, based on Server 2016 has recently been released. Now that you’ve got DeltaV Virtual Studio deployed, how can you take advantage of your deployment to maximize your benefits? Still on the fence about virtualization or not sure how to get started? Come here from your peers and industry experts as they discuss strategies and trends for virtualization and DeltaV Virtual Studio. 1.5 Hours Technology Roundtables Ray Emerson
William Harris
Ben Wiegers
Matt Rauschke
Serge Saakov
Bruce Greenwald
EDU-15445 - Practical Loop Tuning using Lambda Tuning Method Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.‘Practical Loop Tuning using Lambda Tuning Method’ short course is a introduction to modern process control concepts that include understanding process dynamics and the use of non-oscillatory Lambda loop tuning methods to improve loop performance and minimize process variability. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Andrew Waite
Norman Ito
RDM-15729 - DeltaV Platform Product Roadmap DeltaV Platform 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Dawn Marruchella
EDU-15440 - DP Flow Measurement Fundamentals – Basics and Utilizing New Technologies Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.This course will cover everything from selecting the right DP Flow technology, to installation and commissioning of the DP Flowmeters. Advantages and disadvantages of common DP flow technologies will be explained. Attendees will get hands-on experience installing and using devices on live flowing demos to see the actual effects of common installation considerations. Other topics will include straight piping requirements, troublesome impulse lines, the effects changing process conditions, MultiVariable transmitter configuration and cost effective technologies for larger line sizes. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Dave Winters
EDU-15452 - The Asset Performance Model (APM) Connecting Asset: Reliability, Performance Modelling, Failure Hierarchy and Technology. Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.The Asset Performance Model is is process that enables the end user to connect the processes of: reliabilty, modeling the current to future... The Asset Performance Model is is process that enables the end user to connect the processes of: reliabilty, modeling the current to future performace improvements, understand the hierachy of failures and the correct application of technology to identify proactive actions moving the end user forward in effectively managing their assets. An overview of the APM will be covered explaining how to obtain the data needed to build the model, identify gaps in the installed technology required to improve information that can be sourced from the model, and how to prioritise closure of those gaps 4 hours Educational Services Courses HP Slater
Bruce Hawkins
EDU-15457 - Interactive Plant Environment: Commissioning & Loop Checking Wireless Devices Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. Learning will be hands-on in our simulated plant. Our experts will teach you the unique documentation and procedural differences for commissioning and loop checking wireless. Practical labs consist of commissioning, documenting, and loop checking wireless devices. Field communications will be available through: AMS Device Manager, AMS Trex, and 475 Field Communicator. We are excited to offer this course for the first-time ever at Emerson’s Global Headquarters for Rosemount Products at the Interactive Plant Environment, where courses simulate real-life plant situations. This course is held off-site at the Emerson Shakopee location. Round-trip transportation is provided to and from the Minneapolis Convention Center. Meals will be provided on bus when travel time occurs during breakfast or lunch hours. Travel to/from convention center and course time is included in this session timeframe. The bus will depart at the published session start time from the Minneapolis Convention Center - Second Avenue South Event Shuttle/Bus location, outside Ballroom A. Course time is 3 hours. 5.5 hours Educational Services Courses Paul Anderson
Jeff Walega
EDU-15438 - DeltaV SIS Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.The DeltaV SIS short course is intended for process control personnel interested in configuring SIS control strategies using the Logic Solver Cause & Effect Matrix function block and the Logic Solver State Transition Diagram / Logic Solver Sequencer function blocks. The students will develop an SRS strategy based on a control problem. The students will create the control strategy, develop the model of the process, generate the control and test the result using Control Studio and DeltaV Operate in a simulated environment. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Arturo Medina
Mark Daniels
NE-15490 - Fun Run Get your feet moving, your blood flowing, and meet some new folks! Fun runs will be offered twice during the conference week. Start off your day with a 3.5-mile (5.6 K) jog through the streets of Minneapolis led by local Emerson runners. The fun run will start at 6 AM on both Tuesday and Thursday, with each day having a different scenic route. Dress appropriately for weather that is typically 45 F (7 C) in the morning. Reflective clothing and personal lighting (head lamps, mobile phones with “flash light” feature, etc.) are also encouraged for safety as the runs will occur before sunrise. Meet at 6 AM at the outdoor plaza located across 2nd Ave S. from the Minneapolis Convention Center. First 100 runners each day will receive an Emerson Exchange-branded headlamp! Run is open to all registered conference attendees.   1 Hour Networking Event
IF-15370 - Chemicals Industry Forum Next generation productivity We are all dealing with the same issue: how to do more with less? On the one hand, you have an innovative company such as Emerson that continuously develops new technology and solutions to allow you to see and do more in your plants. And on the other hand, you have assets that need to keep running, whilst maximizing your automation investment, with less people and less experience to make these new technologies and ideas work. So how can we solve this dilemma and generate meaning and meaningful ROI from the mountain of available and valuable data? Some topics covered in the forum will include: State of the chemical industry Can IIoT help you find your “hidden plant”? How to achieve operational excellence in your facility? 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Jos Berkien
Kevin Swift
Maury Bayer
Paul Tomlin
Mike Allen
Joel Holmes
Julian Annison
Peter Cox
Danny Boykin
Robert Sentz
RDM-15736 - Field Instruments Product Roadmap Field Instruments Product Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Amy Johnson
Bret Shanahan
EDU-15433 - Coriolis Installation Best Practices & Smart Meter Verification Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.This Micro Motion short course is for anyone that is connected with the efficiency, safety and maintenance of any plant process and who wants to maximize profitability, uptime and product quality. The growth of Coriolis Flow and Density meters continues to displace other technologies. Whether you already use Coriolis or not, you will learn about how to apply it to challenging applications in your plant and also learn about Smart Meter Verification and the Data Historian feature of the new 5700 Transmitter. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Steve Lopez
Anthony Gentile
1-14656 - How did Qatargas adopt AMS technology to reduce PM cost and improve Maintenance Strategy? Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateQatargas has large installed base of Emerson smart field devices that are connected to Emerson's Asset Management System. Since the plant startup in 2008 Qatargas was looking to exploit the capabilities of AMS and realize the benefits. After successful startup and stable operation, Qatargas recently formed an internal Maintenance Excellence team to identify key areas of optimization where they envisaged potential scope for cost savings and improved maintenance strategy with better utilization of existing systems and resources. 45 minutes Workshop Durgesh Jha
3-14860 - QAFAC get insight to its critical ACHE (Fin-Fan) health condition with Pervasive Sensing Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryQatar Fuel Additives Company produces Methanol and MTBE in Qatar. Operation Excellence is a key focus as they have a vision to be among top 5 global methanol and MTBE producer by 2020. They are always looking for cutting edge solutions to help them in this initiative. Manual condition monitoring was not sufficient and Safe to monitor critical ACHE running condition. Qafac implemented Emerson's cost effective & easy to deploy wireless technology for 94 critical ACHE to monitor them online automatically. This helped in improved operation and insight to asset health condition at any given time. This also improved safety for their technicians who use to work at height for data collection earlier. 45 minutes Workshop Selvaraj Murugan
Durgesh Jha
3-14834 - Tackling Critical Transportation Capacity Requirements for the National Gas Pipeline Network Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateFollowing significant reforms in the Mexico energy sector, the single role that Pemex once had over the industry has changed, and a new player, CENAGAS, is now part of the management, administration and supervision of operations, transportation, and storage of natural gas on a national level. CENAGAS, which has a more corporate structure than other state owned entities, has also inherited the responsibility of overseeing the bidding process through which private enterprises can invest in the energy sector, a role that CFE, the national utilities company was previously in charge of. CENAGAS is responsible for Mexico’s gas provision and distribution coordination in the most secure, efficient, and reliable way possible and uses specific tools/applications to ensure gas availability. 45 minutes Workshop Nestor Gonzalez
Daniel Rubinstein
3-14935 - Life Is Too Short To Worry About Control Loop Failures. Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateA critical control loop failure, in most plants, doesn’t just pose a financial risk but a potential process safety event as well. Our facility has experienced many shutdowns in past years due to transmitter failures degrading a critical control loop. The reasons for the transmitter failures have varied and each situation had a different effect on the controller, but the result was the same; a major process upset. We needed a solution that protected the process, in any given scenario. This workshop outlines how we did just that. It also describes our findings and suggestions for fault detection, alarm management, and robust but seamless controller recovery. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Wright
3-15039 - Building Towards Reliability and Energy Efficiency Operational Improvement Through Essential Assets Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateCurrent market conditions demand changes on how traditional challenges are approached. Cooling Towers & Heat Exchangers are rarely monitored online but directly impact refinery performance. Changes in energy consumption and chemical treatment have a direct impact both in the quality of the product (transformation) & operational costs (finance). Pemex Minatitlan leveraged investments in Cooling Tower and Heat Exchanger turnaround to expand visibility into the operation of these assets, and help drive operational certainty through better reliability, lower operational costs and energy intensity 45 minutes Workshop Ariel Mijangos
Orlando Gago
Erendira Malpica
3-15072 - Eliminating the Bad Day with DeltaV Alarm Help Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryFlint Hills Resources, Pine Bend, like many facilities has been challenged with an aging operations workforce resulting in new operators being trained for DCS board operator positions. By leveraging DeltaV Alarm Help and knowledge captured during alarm revalidation meetings FHR is able to help the board operators to effectively respond to DCS alarms. The DeltaV Alarm Help installation at FHR is unique in that they were able to efficiently integrate their existing alarm validation data on over 15,000 points into DeltaV Alarm Help. Otherwise, this valuable data would continue to be inaccessible to the operators. DeltaV Alarm Help is proving to be an effective training tool for the new operators and is helping the refinery prevent the bad day. 45 minutes Workshop Mike Flinn
Jason Stafne
David Strobhar
3-14722 - MPC Applications in Pulp Mills that Save Money Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe pulp and paper process has many complex unit operations with highly coupled inputs, challenging dynamics, uncertain measurements, and unmeasured disturbances. Advanced control techniques provide a way to effectively address these challenges where conventional control falls short, resulting in reduced costs, increased throughput, and improved quality. This presentation will focus on case studies highlighting the successful application of model predictive control (MPC) to several pulp mill applications with savings ranging from $50,000/y to $1,000,000/y. 45 minutes Workshop Devin Marshman
4-14828 - Partial Stroke and Valve Signature Test Data for On/Off Valves Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateClients and end users are spending more money today to ensure they are operating a safe and efficient plant. What are users doing today to ensure they are maximizing their ROI.What data will they use to compare when the first PVST and valve signature tests are initiated at site? Are you prepared and ready to capture partial stroke and valve signature test data for on/off valves? More importantly what information needs to be captured and how do you plan on documenting and using the data captured during FAT. During this short course we will explain the procedures we have implemented for pneumatic on/off valves, critical data that should be captured, how to properly capture the data, describe what the information is used for, and discuss why it is important to you the user. 45 minutes Workshop Kerry McFee
Jose Breton
Loyd Hilliard
1-14809 - Emerson's Digital Plant Helps Customer Achieve Objectives Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateJapan Canada Oil Sands (JACOS) is a 20000 bpd SAGD technology based process. The plant choose to automate and secure its operations using latest Emerson products and solutions starting with DeltaV PCS and subsequently solutions for data management using Emerson IEH, disaster recovery using the Automated Backup and Recovery solution and finally cyber security based on the Automated Patch Management. The plant also used Emerson's latest automation products and technologies like CHARMS, AMS, DeltaV Switches etc. Considering the highest level of automation JACOS can be categorized as a smart plant that is operational in the region. Human Centric Design (HCD) based intuitive graphics are designed with most effective and easy navigation links to improve operator effectiveness and efficiency. 45 minutes Workshop Girish Mahajan
Nagesh Subramaniam
2-14816 - BASF Tackles Difficult Issue with Critical Electrical Asset Using IntelliSaw System Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryBASF Manufacturing Plant implements proactive solution to solve humidity issues in Transformers, Bus Ducts, medium voltage Switchgear and MCC lineups. The inherent design of arc rated equipment limits air flow in and out of the gear. This can lead to excess humidity buildup within the gear. This buildup has the potential to cause electrical faults, and can cause significant unscheduled outages. This paper addresses how BASF implemented IntelliSAW technology that continuously monitors one of their critical electrical assets. BASF installed Temperature, Partial Discharge and Humidity sensors in the assets, with data transferred to the DCS. BASF was able to increase reliability, lower maintenance costs, and avoid catastrophic failures due to unforeseen indicators. 45 minutes Workshop Joel Logue
Chris Short
4-14900 - Koch Pipeline Links Reliability of Fisher Valve with Efficiency of VFD for Optimal Pipeline Control Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediatePipeline energy usage, which includes either using a control valve to throttle pressure or a variable frequency drive (VFD) to control the speed of pumps, can be optimized for a wide range of operating scenarios. Koch Pipeline (KPL) learned that by using a control valve to throttle pressure can sometimes be more efficient than using a VFD to control the speed of a pump, considering energy losses and associated costs of isolation transformers, HVAC, etc. However, the inverse is also true in certain scenarios. In the scenario that will be discussed, using a Fisher™ V250 control valve in conjunction with a VFD provided better energy efficiency and greater reliability for the pump by ensuring that it operates within its design curve limits. 45 minutes Workshop Lee Schmidt
Ken Hillman
Eben Spencer
6-14929 - AMS Device Manager Overview and Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis session will cover a brief review of AMS Device Manager’s value proposition, current functionality, including ways you can achieve benefits at your site. Then we will dive into what’s coming next on the product roadmap and how this new functionality will impact your maintenance and reliability programs. AMS Device Manager users gain efficiencies through streamlining maintenance practices and avoiding or limiting downtime. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Hokeness
5-14885 - The other IoT – Interaction of Teams Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryResearch shows (Reference TED Talk Celine Fitzgerald -2015, over 16,000 views) that 93% of communication is non-verbal and only 7% deals with words. Many view communication/networking as a chore while others find it thrilling and for this reason we often have a love-hate relationship with it. In today’s society, there are effective ways of face to face networking and digital networking. It’s important to keep in mind that networking is about being sincere, authentic and understanding how you can help others. There are best practices that can assist with effective networking and keeping a balance between face to face and digital methods. Presentation will include real-time survey with audience interaction. 45 minutes Workshop Spencer Drake
Panthini Patel
2-15073 - Fast and Easy Calibration Verification of Non-Contacting Radars Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryLevel measurements in the chemical industry are critical. Periodically, it is important to confirm accurate performance and know that the measurements are reliable and any potential problems detected. Safety and minimizing effects on operations are extremely important. Given the modular design of the Rosemount 5400, a verification station for non-contacting radars was built to easily and safely remove and test the 5400 transmitter without violating the integrity of the vessel or disconnecting any wiring. 45 minutes Workshop Doug Isaac
Tim Lekie
6-14943 - Top 5 things I may have known as a Turnaround Manager…….but never really exploited Track: 6. Emerson Presents Technical Level: Introductory If everyone agrees that turnaround performance could be so much better, then why do we see so little improvement? The answer: there often isn’t enough time to figure out what to do differently. So typically, it becomes the “do what we did last time” approach. Having moved recently into Emerson after 24 years in the Chemical Industry, the speaker will reflect on his top lessons learned working alongside customers and things he wished he had done more (or maybe less!) of as an Engineering Manager. This workshop will provide a unique opportunity to not only learn from a different prospective but also to reflect on some of the basics about how we go about turnarounds. 45 minutes Workshop Julian Annison
John Sanders
4-14979 - Improving Severe Service Valves Applications in New Tula Delayed Coke Utilizing Fisher Technology Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediatePemex Tula Refinery did acquire one of the largest DCU units in the world with a 166-thousand BPD total capacity to achieve its goal of expanding the refinery’s capabilities. Comprehensive long-term care of control valves has been a crucial directive to achieve expected performance meeting production schedules, maintaining product quality while taking full advantage of the waste from the primary units of the refinery. Utilizing Fisher specific and special severe service control valves as well as FIELDVUE technology for common delayed coker valve selection issues will represent long lasting and cost effective valve solutions, savings in maintenances and unexpected shutdowns. 45 minutes Workshop Fernando Parga
Daniel Cano
6-15061 - Optimizing Ball Valve Seals to Meet Stringent Fugitive Emission Requirements Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIndustry requirements are becoming more and more stringent with Fugitive Emission Testing (FET) requirements; this is one of the biggest challenges facing the valve industry moving forward. According the US Environmental Protection Agency, “60% of all fugitive emissions come from valve stem packing.” Many EPCs and end users struggle to meet these requirements while keeping valve cost under control. Being able to adhere stringent requirements for Fugitive Emission Testing per ISO 15848-1 & Type Acceptance Testing as per Shell MESC at a reasonable cost takes special engineering effort. This workshop will cover how Emerson engineers used a combination of design tools and industry experience to successful meet the requirements and keep cost in control for our customers. 45 minutes Workshop trey gore
Jeff Roseneder
6-15042 - Emerson Next Generation of Learning - Competency-Based Education (CBE) Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryFactors such as aging workforces, limited talent pools, rapid growth in new industries and fast-paced changes in the way we do work because of technological advances has intensified the demand for education and training to produce qualified and competent workers. These changes are driving the need to evolve curricula design, use technology to instruct, and measure the impact of the education through on-the-job performance metrics. Emerson is transforming learning programs to competency-based education (CBE) programs. This session will introduce Emerson's competency-based education program by explaining how it works and what can be expected by learners, managers of learners, and company leadership. This is a companion session to the PDO Graduate Development and KOC Capstone sessions. 45 minutes Workshop sandra schwarz
Bert Evans
4-15066 - Creating a Smart Gas Lift Control Valve! Getting Creative with Fisher easy-Drive Solutions Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe Internet of Things focuses on the interconnectivity of products, services and people. Emerson and Fisher are consistently pushing the boundaries on smart technology and communication efficiency. With the recent release of the Fisher Generation 2 easy-Drive controller came a microprocessor and an extra set of Digital Input/Output terminals. These allow endless customizations to a customer's well pad and other process control applications. We will discuss how you can leverage the power of smart electronics to maximize operational insight of processes like Gas Lift, Plunger Lift, Separators, Heater Treaters and much more! 45 minutes Workshop Scott Losing
Shawn Fagen
6-14967 - New Solutions for In-Situ Oxygen Measurement Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEver increasing global environmental and safety regulations have made it necessary to achieve the best possible combustion efficiency and utilize safety certified devices. Rosemount is introducing two new in-situ oxygen measuring products to serve the combustion market. The first, the Rosemount 6888C In-Situ Oxygen Transmitter for hazardous locations brings the same industry-leading oxygen sensing platform to hazardous locations. The second, the Rosemount CX1100 In-Situ Oxygen Transmitter, is ideal for a continuous oxygen trim system to meet Major Source Boiler (MACT) compliance. 45 minutes Workshop Jesse Sumstad
Sara Wiederoder
6-14981 - New Pressure Products for Critical High Pressure Applications Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe oil and gas industry today is beginning to shift to explore and extract oil in hard to access formations. These formations require more advanced instrumentation that can operate under higher pressures than ever before, while also withstanding challenging environmental conditions. This session will look at the new pressure and remote seal technology being introduced to withstand these high static pressures of up to 20,000 psi. Even at these extreme pressures, the products are available with all communication protocols, safety certifications and process connections that the market requires. 45 minutes Workshop Eric Beltz
Dave Broden
4-15009 - Emerson & Fluor use SmartPlant Instrumentation to keep ExxonMobil’s RAHC expansion on track Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryAs industry moves toward a data centric engineering environment, a critical element are control valves which are complex to specify, have critical lead times, and impact piping design. Emerson, Puffer-Sweiven and Fluor have combined their expertise to automate the work process from specification to piping design using Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) and Fisher tools. By transferring data electronically rather than using paper documents, the work content, schedule lead time and data entry errors are significantly reduced. 45 minutes Workshop John Dressel
Keith Herbsleb
Janelle Prusha
5-15030 - The Cloud is Here for Smart Manufacturing - Part 2 Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceAt the 2015 Emerson Exchange, we presented how a DOE-funded prototype of a cloud-based Smart Manufacturing system demonstrated significant energy savings on a Praxair Steam Methane Reformer using advanced modeling and optimization applications running in the cloud. Fast forward two years. The DOE recently appropriated $70MM in funding to setup 5 regional centers around the US to further commercialize and promote Smart Manufacturing technologies. This paper will describe the results achieved in the first prototype and the aspirations of the new Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute. (CESMII) 45 minutes Workshop Pete Sharpe
4-15085 - Improving Turbine Bypass Reliability through Actuation Retrofits Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe Wisconsin Public Service Fox Energy Center is a 620MW 2x1 Combined Cycle Power Plant that began operation in 2005. The facility is located just outside of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, about 20 miles Southwest of Green Bay. This session will discuss the challenges that Fox Energy Center faced since 2005 with their turbine bypass valves during startup and operation. It will dive into how Plant Fox was able to improve performance and reliability by retrofitting their actuation package with a Fisher actuator, volume boosters, and a Fisher DVC6200 onto competitor valves. The presentation will finally discuss the benefits to that Fox Energy Center has seen since the retrofit. 45 minutes Workshop Marc Puyleart
Keith Nehring
6-15100 - Behind the Times? Wireless Modernization, Just About Anywhere (Even Ex-proof!) Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryAs you're challenged by management to squeeze every last penny out of that old process loop, consider getting creative with wireless solutions that can modernize measurement. Join this session for guidance on how the wireless adapter can used to pull stranded variables and diagnostics from the most remote locations - and now explosion-proof areas! We will demonstrate modernization success stories collected from across the globe and learn how you can use wireless in similar applications to save money and gain more visibility into operations, especially dangerous areas and SIS loops! 45 minutes Workshop Josh Hernandez
3-15092 - DeltaV Virtual Studio – Planning For Success Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateVirtualization with DeltaV Virtual Studio can provide significant improvements in reliability and flexibility for your DCS system. However, proper preparation and implementation require considering areas that are often unfamiliar to control system engineers. This workshop will look at several different items that should be planned out to ensure the smooth implementation of a virtual system. From networking to load balancing, time synchronization to patching, we will discuss many different areas that are needed to make a DeltaV Virtual Studio deployment smooth and successful. 45 minutes Workshop Nathaniel Miller
2-15181 - Cost Effective Process & Inventory Control with Wireless Instrumentation Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryAn asphalt terminal in the Midwest supplies liquid asphalt for road paving operations throughout the region. Different customers have varying specs they must adhere to and rework due to incorrect mixes is costly. Wireless level and flow instruments were added throughout the facility to replace aging/ inaccurate measurements, manage inventory levels, and verify the right components go into each batch. Ease of implementation of wireless instruments enabled them to quickly and cost-effectively gain insight into their processes. Tighter batch quality control removes risk of shipping bad mixes which can cost in the millions of dollars and having real time inventory allows for instant notification if a tank level changes when it isn’t supposed to, leading to safer and more profitable operations. 45 minutes Workshop Drew Frederixon
Zachary Bauer
3-15129 - Optimize Offshore Chemical Injection - flow assurance with active flow rate control Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryOffshore chemical injection is a major component of OpEx funding. By implementing a real-time Active Control solution, a major E&P company was able to eliminate manually bypassing their chemical injection skids that were plugging up within 2 hours of startup. Combining the TESCOM ER5000, pressure regulator, and Micro Motion coriolis flow meter eliminated the manual bypass and system downtime, reduced chemical usage and waste of over-injection, and provided the control room with feedback on the status of the chemical flow, saving over $300,000/year in chemicals. 45 minutes Workshop Anthony Hartman
2-15186 - APC USES WIRELESS TO AUTOMATE OPERATOR ROUNDS AND ADD PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceAnadarko Petroleum Corp needed a way to remotely monitor head pressure coming off their 70K barrel oil tanks going to compression pumps at a South Texas Midstream facility. Existing manual gauges required routine rounds to determine required maintenance of the inline screens above the compressor pumps. The Wireless Pressure Gauge provided a quick, cost efficient installation with no disruption to operations. The elimination of traditional wired installation methods and wiring costs resulted in CapEx savings of $60,000 and 320 labor hours. Wireless pressure monitoring and automated shut-downs are allowing APC to prevent pump damage and extend pump life by using predictive maintenance. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Diaz
David Penny
2-15193 - Improving Energy Efficiency Through Heat Exchanger Monitoring Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryConstant failure and accelerated deterioration of the Packinox Heat Exchanger condition led to frequent process slowdown and subsequent shutdown. To mitigate this, the refinery installed a tube shell heat exchanger on standby to jump into operation when failure occurred. Pemex Minatitlan leveraged investments planned for the Heat Exchanger turnaround to expand visibility into the operation of this asset, and help drive operational certainty through proper condition and efficiency monitoring 45 minutes Workshop Ariel Mijangos
Orlando Gago
Erendira Malpica
2-15167 - Lessons learned – How to optimize gas turbine performance in a power generation plant in Mexico Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateMexico is a net importer of natural gas, mostly via pipeline from the United States, and its natural gas demand is rising because of expanding power generation capacity. Many of Mexico’s newer power plants are highly efficient, gas-fired, combined cycle plants which integrate gas and steam turbines. Each power plant that use natural gas has to be strictly controlled in the quality and flow rate to improve the Turbine performance. For this reason, Grupo Avanzia was looking to develop a project for a reliable system to measure, regulate and analyze the quality of gas for a power turbine. Grupo Avanzia is a worldwide leader that build and operate industrial infrastructures based on excellence in integration and technological innovation. 45 minutes Workshop Ivan Goñi Conde
Ignacio Ramirez
Raul Olivera
6-14210 - Emerson Presents: Applying Technology to Modernize Your DCS to DeltaV Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateWith all of the available technology out there, it can be challenging to decide which solutions to apply in your modernization from an older DCS to DeltaV. This workshop will focus on the available field-proven brownfield solutions that can help work around your project's constraints - whether those be time, space, or budget - for all types of legacy systems (Foxboro, Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, Rockwell, Novatech, etc). We will cover creative uses of Electronic Marshalling, integration methods, operator transition solutions, cutover and commissioning concerns, use of tools to simplify project execution, and even potential brownfield applications for the upcoming PK controller. 45 minutes Workshop Aaron Crews
Laurie Ben
3-14493 - EVERYTHING IS ALARMING! Implementing Alarm Management at McClean Lake Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceAREVA set a goal to improve the safety and reliability of the milling process by proper utilization of alarming from their DeltaV DCS at their Uranium Mill in Northern Saskatchewan. This presentation includes the process of developing alarm design criteria, utilization of tools for analysis, the rationalization process, implementation of change and early results. Culture and ownership are the major driving forces behind an alarm management project. This presentation will delve into how the project was justified and the importance of commitment to continuous improvement. There are currently 11,600 alarms configured in the plant and AREVA has rationalized 3,000 to date. 45 minutes Workshop Adrien Rudulier
Darren Walls
3-14498 - Solve Level Control Loop Problems To Smooth Your Plant Operation Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateLiquid level controls may appear to be “just tank controls” but actually function in key areas such as column feed, column bottoms, inlet separators, reactor volume, or boiler drums. Level loops often have a surprising impact on plant stability and operator effectiveness. Properly designed and maintained level loops can absorb variability. However, many plants encounter level loops that generate variability (by self-cycling), propagate the variability to other vessels, or regularly cause alarms. We present 10 never-published examples from the oil & gas, LNG, refining, agrichem, and power industries in context of the plant operations. This presentation will show instrument engineers, process control engineers, and commissioning teams how to rapidly isolate, diagnose, and fix problems. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Coughran
1-14513 - How Emerson's RVO2 succeeded in early acceptance of systems & FAT schedule reduction for Sasol LCCP Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateFacing a challenging, intense, and extremely compressed schedule of software FATs for the Sasol LCCP Program, early acceptance of software configuration - including program control module standards, graphics libraries, and individual graphics implementations as well as unique control strategies were necessary to be vetted, proven, and reviewed with Sasol customer involvement prior to FAT. This involvement, done well in advance of customer witnessed FATs, enabled FAT schedules to be abbreviated as well as assist in Control System, Operator, and Maintenance familiarization with the systems. Moreover, due to the involvement of multiple Emerson world areas in the Program (Asia, Europe, and North America) - consistency and application of approved Standards for Program could be confirmed. 45 minutes Workshop Chris Gibbons
Matt Raterman
3-14520 - Automating Fertilizer Crystallization Process using Remote I/O, Delta V batch-like Logic Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateAZOMURES fertilizers factory, an Ameropa company, in order to improve reliability and product variance, it revamped NPK crystallizing plant composed of 20 units - 102 remote operated valves in a cycle of seven hours. Low reliable, old automation based on hundreds electromagnetic relays, operated for years only in remote manual mode, it has been replaced by a new one integrated in Delta V DCS. Field interface is made by Profibus DP network of SIEMENS remote I/O modules: ET200X. Logic has been created in Delta V to solve the interlocks and the operation of units in automatic mode, manual mode and out of service/ test mode. Units work synchronized between them during crystallizing phase and synchronized with filling/collecting units after attaching them during filling/dumping phases. 45 minutes Workshop Lucia Giurascu
Ion Paidiu
2-14563 - Micro Motion Coriolis Meters Improve Combustion Control in Natural Gas Condensate Plant Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateFired heaters are used in MarkWest Energy's condensate plant in the fractionation process of natural gas liquids (NGL's). The fuel supply for those heaters comes from off-gas from various processes within the plant. The process control challenge is to maintain stable operation of the burners in the fired heater when the composition and therefore the BTU content changes suddenly. MarkWest installed a Coriolis Meter and a Specific Gravity Meter on the fuel gas to the burner to better control the BTU's feeding the burner. They were able to achieve much tighter control of their combustion, reduced heater upsets and the associated flaring events, saving an estimated $200,000/yr. This paper will discuss the process challenges, project implementation and the results achieved. 45 minutes Workshop Julie Valentine
Rick Kline
Michael Sylvester
1-14575 - Minimize DeltaV Maintenance Cost and Implement an Asset Management Program Using Guardian Support. Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn 2015, Watercare Services Limited, New Zealand's largest water utility, initiated a project to upgrade the DeltaV system in six of its largest treatment plants. In the same period, it also adopted a risk-based approach to its DeltaV maintenance and asset management programmes. Guardian Support Services was utilised to justify and plan for the system upgrades, provide guidance to Watercare on matters pertaining to DeltaV asset management and with the features available in the Guardian Portal, used for implementing enhanced DeltaV system maintenance. This presentation describes how Watercare continues to utilise Guardian Support Service to drive its DeltaV maintenance and asset management programs, lessons learned and opportunities for improvement. 45 minutes Workshop Fernan Abuid
Bob Cruz
6-14532 - Overview of Rosemount Product Returns Analysis Service Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe Rosemount Product Returns Analysis service is available to users to help troubleshoot and understand what corrective actions to take when an instrument is not performing as expected. This session will provide an overview of this service and process, and share insights into some of the more common and preventable instrument failures that the Rosemount laboratory sees. 45 minutes Workshop Thomas McCulloch
Dave Armbruster
Connie Lundtvedt
6-14570 - Enhanced ERS Systems Improves Level Accuracy, Flexibility, and Performance Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryQuickly specify Electronic Remote Sensors (ERS) in new applications which were previously impractical and challenging. These applications are with wide ambient temperature differentials and pressure spans. With the new Enhanced ERS System specifications, customers can determine the product performance of their ERS system without a separate software application. The Enhanced performance specification combines both temperature effects and accuracy specification into a single, easy to understand specification. Other additions include increased cable lengths and new inline level flange options. The additional cable lengths provide flexibility of installation and the opportunity for new applications. The inline level flange reduces overall costs and complements the coplanar option. 45 minutes Workshop Douglas Carlson
Andrew Bronczyk
6-14582 - OPC UA in DeltaV and update in Data Integration Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIn this session participants will learn about the new OPC UA implementation in DeltaV, that allows to securely and easily interface with OPC servers and clients in their plant. Participants will also get an update on new functionalities in the Ethernet I/O card (EIOC) and how it helps to easily integrate 3rd party systems information into DeltaV using different protocols. 45 minutes Workshop Juan Carlos Bravo
3-14619 - Utilizing the ControlWave Micro as a Data Gateway. Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateUpgrading or implementing system solutions usually requires interfacing to technologies with specific hardware interfaces, data interface restrictions and/or support for custom protocols. Each implementation can provide its own specific challenges with hardware and custom protocol requirements. Implementing the custom or specialized interfaces on a standard host based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems can be difficult and generally require specialized host based application knowledge. Levering the RAS (Remote Automation Solution) CWM (ControlWave Micro) as data and/or protocol gateways is one way to address the interface challenges. The presentation includes three CWM gateway examples and includes standard Modbus as well as custom protocol interfaces. 45 minutes Workshop Nerino Persic
2-14621 - Rosemount GWR Level Design for High Pressure Separator Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis session is to discuss the level design approach that was taken on an existing high pressure separator in a refinery for a new safety function to protect a downstream equipment from a gas blow through scenario that could cause a catastrophic failure of low pressure equipment. The new safety function was a SIL 2 with an RRF of 250. This requires the SIS level design to be very reliable to provide the required RRF and a low spurious trip rate. The unit had a history of unreliable level measurements due to challenging process conditions and technology misapplication and was less than five years old. Site preference was to use external chambers for GWR’s for maintenance convenience rather than consider alternative level designs for best reliability and performance. 45 minutes Workshop Robert Ancrum
Christopher Trino
Len Laskowski
6-14626 - Bridging the Gap from Reliability Strategies to Technology Solutions Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryStill having issue with asset failure even though you have a Condition Monitoring program or Reliability Centered Maintenance program in place? You may not even have any program but you want to understand how to be in position to benefit from condition monitoring. This workshop will help you to understand how to formulate all the data you need and find the stranded data that you already have to drive the best outcome with a condition monitoring program for your most important assets. 45 minutes Workshop Tinh Phan
Skye Snyder
3-14599 - DeltaV Offline Systems Mega Cluster - Part II (The Odyssey) Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThis is second part of a presentation that was first given in 2015 and was awaiting the v13.3.1 release of DeltaV. Virtualization brings a new era of DeltaV system design. A portion of the offline DeltaV systems at Eli Lilly and Company are being centralized. With help from Cornerstone Controls we set forth to capitalize on the aspects of virtualization that can be leveraged from clustering a large number of offline systems together into a single geographical location. Design aspect pro’s and con’s will be discussed and analysis for tradeoffs will be included. Now beyond the conceptual phase this behemoth is still being fed existing physical systems as they are upgraded to virtual systems. 45 minutes Workshop Kurt Russell
August Behling
3-14688 - Difficult Process Control - EnTech & Model Predictive Control In Practice. Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThe company ZT Kruszwica SA owned by BUNGE, is a leading producer of edible oils and margarines in Poland. Company decided to use modern techniques of Process Analysis and Control for a nonlinear, very noisy process with a long dead time. Considered process has a significant impact on a plant efficiency and product quality. Due to a process complexity it was not possible to control it by a classic PID. A manipulated variable was undetermined before an analysis. Process was controlled manually, based on operators’ knowledge and experience. Workshop will present: - process transfer functions evaluation; - process analysis (EnTech) results with real screenshots; - MPC function block with trends before and after tuning; Workshop will not reveal process details (proprietary information). 45 minutes Workshop Jacek Brauer
Ryszard Boron
1-14683 - Planning Ahead for Control System Migration and Upgrading Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryBased on the large Migration program at the Covestro Baytown, TX site this workshop discusses migration approaches, experiences and examines solutions for planning ahead when migrating to new automation and control systems. Also discusses migration justification, project management, budget controls, downtime minimization, and safety and security hazard avoidance. Covestro is a world-leading manufacturer of high-tech and premium polymer materials for key industries. The Baytown, Texas site is the largest plant in North and Central America. A control system migration program has been implemented at Baytown site to migrate from Emerson legacy Provox to the latest DeltaV Control System and to upgrade the SIS system to the latest safety philosophy. 45 minutes Workshop Gerrit Vogel
Juan Wu
Venu Rebba
2-14727 - Are you on the level? How Rosemount technology provided reliable level measurement at BP Whiting Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryLight ends distillation presents a wide variety of application concerns for traditional level technologies. The T-201D primary gas oil (PGO) stripper at BP Whiting was notoriously one of the most difficult level measurements made on site. A nasty combination of low material reflection (dK), high temperature/pressure, reliance on external measurement chamber and wide range of product density all contributed to the difficulty. A low level alarm designed to protect unit infrastructure from catastrophic failure and potential fire relied on this measurement. Prior to leveraging Rosemount's Probe End Projection technology, the measurement was a top 5 bad actor on site. PEP mode provided an immediately reliable level measurement, and resulted in throughput increase in the crude unit. 45 minutes Workshop Andrew Jablonski
Christopher Trino
2-14676 - Pump up the volume: how pervasive corrosion monitoring can help increase production Track: 2. Measure & Analyze Technical Level: Introductory Like many refineries in today's market, a Midwest refinery is being pressed to hit increasing throughput numbers while minimizing downtime in production. The site refines many different high-TAN count crude slates, meaning the material they are processing is inherently harmful to their refining infrastructure. Market pressure to produce more gasoline and diesel is forcing the site to push limitations on their production units. One area of specific concern is in their diesel production stream. The high TAN crude source pushes production numbers down in order to protect against corrosion issues such as napthenic acid attack. By deploying a pervasive corrosion monitoring solution, process technologists have the confidence to increase throughput by understanding real-time corrosion values. 45 minutes Workshop Christiane Lederer
Christopher Trino
2-14746 - Using Coriolis Meters in Recovery of Partially Calcined Clay from Scrubber Water Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryKaMin Performance Minerals mines and processes kaolin clay at three plants in Georgia. A slurry waste stream from the calcination process at one of the plants contained unmeasured amounts of kaolin clay. A system was designed to detect, recover and reuse the clay, utilizing outputs from Coriolis meters integrated into a process control system. The recovered clay will reduce waste accumulation in KaMin’s impound by as much as 8000 tons annually and result in substantial product savings. Additionally, 45 million gallons of clarified waste water can now be reused at the plant, contributing toward our goal of a 30% water use reduction by 2020. 45 minutes Workshop Jeanine Maxwell
Eric Prather
4-14772 - Chevron and Emerson Journey to Successful Partial Stoke Testing Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateChevron presented their Safety Instrumented System vision and laid out the instrument that will support their vision during a technical exchange session with Emerson. Emerson incorporated these requirements into various valve instrumentation development projects and has been working with Chevron to validate that the development is in line with their requirements at various key stages in the project. This workshop will discuss the reasons behind the vision, the development challenges and the solutions. 45 minutes Workshop Joe Pittman
Stanley Af
5-14777 - ROI is the New TCO: Get the 411 on Why You Need to Consider Performance Improvements ASAP Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryWhen it comes to making a capital investment in automation, many companies determine value by looking at the cost to install and operate a system over the course of its lifecycle. But what’s arguably more important is the impact the solution has on the overall performance of both their facility and workforce. Our experience with many global customers shows that a return on investment (ROI) equation will determine the best overall value. This takes into consideration the total cost of ownership (TCO), plus the operational impact and monetary savings generated by performance improvements. 45 minutes Workshop Kurt Russell
Matt James
3-14715 - Making Big Rocks Into Litte Rocks with DeltaV Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateFreeport-McMoRan Sierrita's Crushing Operations was experiencing difficulty breaking in Sandvik Secondary and Tertiary Crushers after a liner change or overhaul. Sierrita’s Automation team worked with Operations and Maintenance to develop a control scheme using DeltaV to take over the role of the Operator during the break-in process. A control scheme in DeltaV was developed which eliminated unsuccessful break-ins and reduced the break-in time from a week to 8 to 48 hours. 45 minutes Workshop Sam Del Rey
David Miscisin
IF-15371 - Engineering Industry Forum Organizational Change Management: “How’s the Change affecting your Change”? This forum will address and discuss how to plan for the change and what a company can do and what employees can do to prepare and implement change to bring desired results. A positive attitude, as well as, embracing the change will bring better results. Panel members will discuss and share their observations and learning on how to successfully navigate though the organizational change process. Some topics covered in the forum include: Organizational behavior resulting from change Intra-company challenges across world areas and cultures Effective communications in mergers, buyouts, staff reductions and reorganization Embracing the change for the betterment of the organization 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Jim Schreiner
Pat Griffin
Mike Wheeler
Lance Boudreaux
Arthur Williams
MTE-15477 - Predicting PRV Stability on Safety Relief Valves Emerson—in conjunction with the University of Bristol and Budapest University of Technology and Economics—has been engaged in a four-year study on the stability of direct spring operated pressure relief valves used throughout the oil and gas refining and chemical process industry. The objective of this research was to determine, through detailed valve data analysis and computer modeling and simulation, whether a design tool could be developed to predict pressure relief valve instability on compressible and incompressible fluids with various inlet piping systems attached. This research resulted in a mathematical model for use in the designing pressure relief valves, edits to the sixth edition of API to include the findings of the research, and more. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Marcelo Dultra
2-15249 - Integrated Industrial Systems of the Future (IISoF) Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateEstablishing zero unplanned events takes foresight and leadership; as well as a mature integrated advanced instrumentation system. Monsanto has partnered with John H. Carter and Emerson on the Dicamba Project to implement an Integrated Industrial System of the Future (IISoF). This bridge of reliability and capital projects has challenged many. Monsanto is shattering the view that reliability will increase expense as opposed to increase revenue. This presentation will show how these solutions can increase profitability, reduce safety exposure and lower maintenance cost. 45 minutes Workshop Derek Taravella
Jay Meyer
Gary Adams
2-15251 - Always dreamed about predictive maintenance? Learn how to start the journey with little to no effort. Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateLearn how the new asset alerts templates worked at UT JJ Pickle Research Facility (fieldbus and HART) And how the new AMS Device Works revealed asset health in the new thin client. How this was pushed to Operations Management cell phones via AMS ARES And how this enhanced their fiscal operations And finally how easy or hard this was to do. 45 minutes Workshop Tinh Phan
Duncan Schleiss
NE-15489 - Yoga Technical Level: IntroductorySlow Flow - Vinyasa Class Space is limited. Add this session to your agenda using myExchange to enroll. Mats will be provided. Bring water and wear clothes you can move in. 1 Hour Networking Event
TE-15530 - Technology Exhibits - Monday Get “hands on” with cutting-edge technologies, experiencelive demonstrations and talk with the subject matter expertsbehind Emerson’s products and solutions, as well as productsfrom complementary vendors. Brands like Rosemount, Fisher, Micro Motion, DeltaV, Bettis,Ovation, ASCO and Appleton, plus strategic third parties,will make up a comprehensive collection of the latest andgreatest automation technology solutions — all in one placein a highly interactive format. Reception food and beverages will be served. 4 Hours Technology Exhibits
ML-15535 - LUNCH - Wednesday Join us for plated lunch with a special, entertaining performance by Jeff Civillico! Lunch Program: Jeff Civillico blends physical comedy, action-packed stunts and world-class juggling with family-friendly audience interaction and insane amounts of energy. One of the youngest headliners on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, Jeff Civillico: Comedy In Action was voted one of Total Vegas Guide’s “Top Ten Things to Do in Las Vegas,” and is uproariously entertaining for all ages. A Headliner with Caesars Entertainment for 5 years now, Jeff has performed 1000+ shows at The LINQ, The Flamingo, and now, The Paris Hotel & Casino. His “Comedy in Action” show is highly acclaimed, with an impressive list of accolades that includes: Named 2014, 2015, & 2016 “Best of Las Vegas” by the Las Vegas Review Journal, “Entertainer of the Year” by Vegas Inc, and TripAdvisor’s “Show of Excellence.” The audience joins Jeff on stage to take part in this clean comedy fun, creating a hilarious and unique experience every show! 75 MINS Meals
IF-15376 - Refining & Petrochemicals Industry Forum Downstream industry challenges and best practices related to improving operation efficiency, safety, and reliability including behavior changes Solomon Associates has indicated the top two quartiles of processing facilities continue to improve. The industry forum panel will represent both refining and petrochemical to discuss a modernization project, and a continuous improvement culture related to reliability. Emerson will also present on downstream industry conditions, and discuss best practices related to using collaborative workshops to uncover opportunities, prioritize them, implement changes, and show benefits achieved. The refining and petrochemical industry forum will discuss these topics of interest; there will also be an opportunity for the audience to participate in the discussion, which can include best practices used at their facility. If you have specific questions on these topics, you can forward them in advance of the event to 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Ed Schodowski
Shonna Victorian
Steven Elwart
Marcelo Carugo
Robert Bailey
Tim Olsen
1-14690 - The Event Chronicle as a 401K - Put Gold Into It Now to Pay Dividends When You Need It Later Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateSomething has happened in the facility and you receive a panic phone call to troubleshoot. You can see the alarms that occurred and the actions the operator took, but is that the whole story? Interlocks can occur and clear; other logic can command your devices independently of the operators; and transient conditions may prohibit an operator action at just the wrong time. Can you see the culprit when you examine YOUR Event Chronicle? You can put additional information (gold) in the Event Chronicle that can make the difference between a half-hour ‘Ok, this is what happened’ and a six-hour ‘What really DID happen?’ Come see use cases, code examples, and do’s and don’ts. 45 minutes Workshop Stephen Posey
TOUR-15509 - Emerson's Rosemount Global Headquarters Tour PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR THIS TOUR. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda in myExchange scheduler or the mobile app. Join us for an exclusive visit of the new Emerson global headquarters for Rosemount products in Shakopee, Minnesota. Get an insider view of the new, state of the art manufacturing facility and see Emerson quality processes first-hand. Tour our manufacturing floor. Talk to our technical experts and engineers and Emerson executives who work with the Rosemount products. Learn how we drive quality and innovation by collaborating between manufacturing locations, implementing rigorous quality processes and working together across engineering, marketing, production and supply chain employees. With over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 300,000 square feet of engineering, design, marketing and support - global quality and manufacturing sync up to produce world-class products. Refreshments will be served and buses will depart from the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) and return to the MCC or drop off at the airport. Expect to spend about 3.5 hours from departure to return. Click here to read the Tour FAQ and Logistics flyer for additional details.  3.5 hours Tour
TR-15352 - Reliability Programs of the Year: Technology & Best Practices Ever wonder how some companies are able to proactively manage their site reliability while others seem to struggle to keep up with day-to-day firefighting? During this session, three companies with best-in-class reliability programs will present the details of their company’s program, highlighting their effective use of reliability-based technologies, effective work processes, integrated maintenance best practices, leadership commitment and the associated business results. There will be time for questions at the end of each customer presentation. At the end of the second session of the week, a panel of reliability experts will recognize the company with the best reliability program and award them the “2017 Reliability Program of the Year” trophy. 1.5 Hours Technology Roundtables Paula Hollywood
Kim Kallstrom
Mathieu Fyfe-Leblanc
Terrence O'Hanlon
Dr. Klaus Blache
Bruce Hawkins
EDU-15441 - Energy Management Strategies for Process Plants Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.This short course will review methods and technologies for improving energy management on an industrial process site. Topics will include an introduction to the ISO 50001 methodology, review of technologies for measuring the major energy streams (WAGES – Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam), techniques for improving the energy performance of significant energy process units such as boilers, heaters, and distillation columns, and the basics of implementing a site wide Energy Management Information System (EMIS). All attendees will receive a copy of the Sustainable Energy Efficiency User Guide (132 pages) and other materials to support development of energy improvement projects at their sites. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Andrew Verdouw
Bob Sabin
Eric Schmidt
EDU-15453 - Valve Sizing and Selection for Severe and Critical Service Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This course is recommended for individuals who deal with challenging industrial processes that depend on severe or critical service control valves. The course covers the process of sizing and selecting control valve solutions for severe and critical service applications. Focus will be on cavitation, erosion, corrosion, out-gassing, and high noise applications. For each, the discussion will cover how to identify the condition, the underlying theory, and a review of the process used to come up with potential solutions. This information is applicable to those involved with both initial system design and those responsible for operation, maintenance, and improvement of existing fluid systems. This course serves as a companion course to [Ed Services course on Fisher Specification Manager]. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Roger Anders
Melissa Niesen
EDU-15439 - DeltaV Virtualization Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.The DeltaV Virtualization short course is intended for DeltaV system administrators and IT personnel who support DeltaV Virtual Studio on the Dell VRTX hardware. Students will be given an overview of the virtualization technology and VRTX hardware followed by hands-ons workshops utilizing DeltaV Virtual Studio and VRTX hardware. Workshops will include creating DeltaV workstation virtual machines, modifying virtual machine prosperities post deployment, live migration between cluster hosts, configuring thin clients with DeltaV Remote Desktop Connection and editing virtual networks. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Jesse Parker
EDU-15458 - Interactive Plant Environment: Valve Troubleshooting with ValvelinkTM Software Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. Learning will be hands-on in our simulated plant. Our experts will teach you how to unlock your plant’s true potential through improved asset management of control valves using Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controllers and ValveLink™ Software. Both Advanced (offline) and Performance (online) diagnostics will be used to monitor control valve health, identify potential problems, and troubleshoot the assembly. Field communications will be available through: AMS Device Manager, AMS Trex, and 475 Field Communicator. We are excited to offer this course for the first-time ever at Emerson’s Global Headquarters for Rosemount Products at the Interactive Plant Environment, where specially designed courses simulate real-life plant situations. This course is held off-site at the Emerson Shakopee location. Round-trip transportation is provided to and from the Minneapolis Convention Center. Meals will be provided on bus when travel time occurs during breakfast or lunch hours. Travel to/from convention center and course time is included in this session timeframe. The bus will depart at the published session start time from the Minneapolis Convention Center - Second Avenue South Event Shuttle/Bus location, outside Ballroom A. Course time is 3 hours. 5.5 hours Educational Services Courses Brent Baker
Michael Tingley
5-15472 - Nail a Speech, Launch a Career Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryPeter Drucker, business analyst extraordinaire, has said it well,;As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word.” Indeed, being able to put one’s thoughts into words and communicate effectively may be the single most effective way to launch a career. Yet, the average engineer has little skill in this area. Most engineers deploy the ;Death by PowerPoint method whereby they do a data dump on an increasingly bored and disengaged audience. The result is often a stalled career, a lost sale, or missed opportunity to have one"s project funded. 90 minutes Short Course David Beckmann
MTE-15484 - Tips & Tricks for DeltaV Operate and DeltaV Live Optimizing your plant operations has never been easier. Direct, intuitive access to all operating information - including process values, operating displays, and alarms - provides operators with the insight needed to make time-sensitive decision. Experts discuss how to improve decision making in your complex operations. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Andre Dicaire
Jessica Sumner
Cindy Scott
Danny Strinden
Camilo Fadul
EDU-15434 - Custody and Fiscal Transfer - challenges, technology selection, issues and remedies Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.The purpose of this course is to provide a deeper understanding of applicable standards, techniques and best practices in custody and fiscal transfer of liquid and gas. Common product transfer measurement challenges (including proving), pros/cons and limitations with an emphasis on available technologies that are best deployed (Coriolis, Ultrasonic, DP Flow, Turbine, etc). Review of custody transfer best practices and case studies. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Laura Schafer
Karl Stappert
EDU-15446 - Pressure Transmitter Fundamentals - How to Specify, Install, Commission, and Maintain Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.This course will cover how a pressure transmitter works as well as how to specify, install, commission and maintain your basic pressure transmitters. Attendees will get hands on experience using live devices and industry standard maintenance equipment to learn best practices and to maximize the capabilities of a pressure transmitter. This course will also show how to better select pressure instrumentation by focusing on key features available and the benefits that will make your plant and maintenance more efficient. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Josh Friesz
Wally Baker
RDM-15732 - Lifecycle Services Operator and Control Performance Roadmap Lifecycle Services Operator and Control Performance Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Martin Berutti (M)
Sean Sims
RDM-15737 - Remote Automation Solutions Roadmap Remote Automation Solutions Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Bryan Sauer
3-14917 - Using analytics and AI to shift from reactive to predictive operations Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateTraditional manufacturing practices rely on repetitive procedures with significant human interactions to deal with planned and unplanned events. Mistakes in following these procedures or assessing a situation can lead to costly outcomes. The combination of analytics and AI creates an opportunity for a significant shift in how plants will be monitored and problems (or abnormal conditions) avoided and diagnosed. New practices consist of creating solutions that learn from data and deploy the extracted knowledge in real-time. Thus, equipment failures and process disturbances can be predicted and costly damages prevented. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Nixon
Noel Bell
Samy Achour
1-14766 - Journey to upgrade the fuel oil feed pipeline in a Mexico Refinery while protecting the environment Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediatePemex is the National Oil Company in Mexico and has six Refineries . The Salina Cruz Refinery decided to switch the consumption of Fuel Oil into Natural Gas in all its heaters and boilers in order to reduce the high pollution levels and to reduce operation and maintenance costs. By utilizing the Emerson MAC approach and linking Automation, Control, Monitoring, Regulation & Metering Systems to the existing National SCADA system, Pemex was able to reduce the high fuel costs, eliminate some bottlenecks and reduce pollution around 42% with overall total savings over $400MUSD/year. 45 minutes Workshop ISRAEL GERMAN RAMOS TAPIA
Fernando Mirafuentes
Raul Olivera
2-14711 - Outdoor Piping Leak Detection - Tough Terrain Challenges & Wireless Solutions Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateAre you designing a system for outdoor piping leak detection? Is it in a challenging and tough terrain? If so, this workshop is for you! This workshop will discuss the topographical challenges of Red Chris mine’s tailings pipeline leak detection project and how they were addressed through careful planning and radio audits, utilization of WirelessHART technology and installation best practices. The project was successfully commissioned with 23 pressure and rupture disk transmitters along 4 tailings pipeline choke stations located in a challenging mountainous and forested terrain in northern Canada. 45 minutes Workshop Thomas Gross
Andrew Yick
6-14672 - The new normal for Process Radar – The new two-wire FMCW radar’s are here! Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryWhat are the main differences between FMCW and pulse radar and what makes the FMCW radar the best fit for most application conditions? Does the technology really matter? How is the level measurement affected by the sensitivity of the radar? In a simple wording, we will explain this by looking at the theory behind new FMCW radars. Radar is the fastest growing level measurement technology for a reason and you will see when and how radar increases plant efficiency and improves your safety on common applications. We will also cover the latest news regarding FMCW radar´s. 45 minutes Workshop Ingemar Serneby
Andreas Hessel
6-14704 - DeltaV Virtualization – Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis workshop provides a product overview with details of recent product enhancements for DeltaV virtualization hardware and software. DeltaV Virtual Studio is an integrated software application for virtual DeltaV system development, testing, operator training, and on-line production. A virtual platform offers benefits of less hardware, increased productivity and flexibility, higher availability, and disaster recovery. 45 minutes Workshop John Caldwell
6-14761 - DeltaV Batch Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis product update session will provide a first-hand look at the DeltaV Batch enhancements that are coming in the DeltaV v14 release. In addition, we will explore how you can leverage the new DeltaV Discovery, DeltaV PK Controller and DeltaV Mobile offerings to improve the overall efficiency of your product development lifecycle from research, through engineering design, to production. 45 minutes Workshop Ryan Nielsen
3-14792 - Device Alerts - Finally! An Emerson Solution for Installed Base Users Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateMany users have experienced the negative consequences of improper device alert configuration defaults in DeltaV. High volumes of confusing, non-actionable device alerts fill up the Event Chronicle and flood operators with meaningless alarms. This workshop will discuss the Emerson developed solution to improve the device alert experience for installed base users. This workshop will show users how to get the new Emerson solution and how to use it to improve the device alert experience. 45 minutes Workshop Jay Colclazier
Duane Toavs
1-14728 - Need to Transition an Old Control System to DeltaV? Think Outside the Box to Reduce Costs and Time Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateIf you are struggling with shrinking budgets and accelerated installation schedules to replace obsolete control systems then Savannah River Site Engineers will share creative solutions they have developed by Thinking Outside the Box. In today’s ultra-competitive world of manufacturing, budgets to upgrade are tight and schedules even tighter. Analysis of how to minimize the labor and time needed to upgrade the system requires new approaches and different thinking. The old rip it all out and start from scratch approach is not always an option anymore. Engineers at the Savannah River Site have switched to Thinking Outside the Box and will discuss the planning, decision processes, and lessons learned used to upgrade several obsolete control systems to DeltaV. 45 minutes Workshop CHRISTOPHER LYNCH
Robert Fogle
6-14735 - Have a challenging pressure application? Consider it solved with the Rosemount 3051 Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryNew pressure measurement requirements are becoming more and more challenging with unique and stringent conditions. To answer those challenging applications, Emerson continues to innovate pressure technology with the Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter to meet the requirements and provide users with a robust and reliable pressure measurement. These applications range from the coldest ambient temperatures to the highest pressures and even unique material compatibility concerns. The 3051 can now measure pressure up to 20,000 psi and also at ambient temperatures as low as -60C all while maintaining high accuracy with SIL certification. The 3051 also improves the measurement success of applications at risk of hydrogen permeation at high pressures. 45 minutes Workshop Emily Saopraseuth
Pam Kunkel
3-14805 - Notre Dame Challenges Tradition - by simplifying their process control with 580 CHARM and DeltaV Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateEmerson’s 2009 introduction of Electronic Marshalling (EM) for DeltaV revolutionized many aspects of plant control, and not coincidentally of system implementation. ASCO has extended EM — and for the first time allows integrated control of pneumatic valve manifolds on one network. Notre Dame recently employed this new technology for control of a water system on campus which simplified the process of valve control and made a cleaner more manageable installation using ASCO's 580 CHARMS Node, 500 series valves, and Panel Mount Kit. 45 minutes Workshop Thomas Cole
Don Launder
2-14836 - Energy Harvesting Enables Real-Time Monitoring of Fans at BP Refinery Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe BP Cherry Point refinery in Washington needed to continuously measure and display the speed of turbine-driven fans in locations with no available power wiring. Running new wiring would have been too expensive and disruptive to existing operations, so the BP team turned to Emerson for a wireless solution. All Emerson wireless instruments have power modules, but require battery replacements. BP wanted to avoid this maintenance task, particularly in this situation where replacement would have been more frequent than usual due to the need to continuously power the wireless transmitter and an LCD display. Multiple locations in the plant have similar requirements, making it critical to identify a wireless solution that could be replicated throughout the refinery. 45 minutes Workshop Roger Goecke
Stephen Reeves
Janet Dobbs
3-14898 - Flexible Continuous Processing Suite Control with Validated Batch Reporting Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateSingle Use and Continuous Processing are the buzz words of the pharma industry. But, OEM equipment vendors only provide a piece of the puzzle. Manufacturers need cohesive systems not a return to islands of automation. This session reviews a modular, holistic approach utilizing best in class skids with easily validated and maintained modular DeltaV system. Utilizing customizable DeltaV elements, right sized interfaces to OEM skids, and a unique method for capturing batch data from a continuous process, approach discussed has delivered best in class total cost of ownership solutions. Approach delivers one button startup and shutdown of the suite, and batch reports from the continuous process that contain all FDA required data for product release. 45 minutes Workshop Maury Bayer
Ed Smigo
2-14901 - Wireless non-intrusive integrity monitoring system enables refinery to achieve better profitability Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateHMEL Bhatinda refinery is one of the largest refineries in India which has the capability to process 300K bpd. This is a world class facility which is looking maximize refinery margins by processing a large proportion of opportunity crudes which are cheaper to procure. The new project was to process high acid crude in the existing facility. An effective online corrosion monitoring system that is easy to install and maintain is critical to ensure the integrity of the refinery infrastructure while processing high acid crudes. This workshop will show on how Emerson’s non-intrusive corrosion monitoring system over the traditional corrosion monitoring systems and how it helped HMEL to achieve the refinery margins. 45 minutes Workshop Sanjay Thakker
Anupam Srivastava
Jake Davies
2-14881 - The Customer Rules: Designing next generation Process Radar by working close together with customers Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateRadar is the fastest growing level technology for a reason: In this workshop we will show how to develop radar’s that are flexible enough to fit most application conditions but yet easy to install and to use. We will here listen to Instrument Technicians at a major paper mill in Europe how they worked together with Emerson to develop the next generation Process Radar – and making it possible to increase plant efficiency, improve the safety and decrease the maintenance costs. 45 minutes Workshop Per-Anders Fast
Andreas Berntsson
Ingemar Serneby
1-14913 - DeltaV Virtualization Benefits with an off-site Cluster Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateAmerican Crystal Sugar implemented a DeltaV virtualized system. This improved general system maintenance efficiency, while improving the ability to monitor the systems health. This upgrade simplified and streamlined the backup process with the replication feature. The configuration was able to handle a couple of server failures without causing any overall downtime. To add more network bandwidth and resilience, NIC teaming was introduced. Workstations are created in 1/4 the time using templates. New nodes are less expensive since no hardware is required. Thin clients have a filter to block settings changes for better security at the remote stations. Node resources are independent to each cluster and provide flexibility for normal operation versus failover. 45 minutes Workshop William Harris
2-14918 - Address Tough Measurements to Improve Boiler and Combustion Process Performance Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateEven though boilers are crucial to plant/mill operation, their performance is often not ideal. Poor combustion causes higher fuel costs and increased emissions. Lack of reliability and response hurts site production throughput and quality. A root cause of poor boiler operation is often inadequate process measurement, and this is often due to the fact that many combustion process parameters are difficult to measure reliably and repeatably. This session will provide guidance on how to overcome tough boiler measurement challenges including where to place devices, preferred technology choices, and installation methods. 45 minutes Workshop Bob Sabin
Scott Pettigrew
Joel Lemke
5-14886 - Stop Millennials from Walking Out the Door of Your Company Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn 2016 a survey of Millennials across the globe found that only 27% expected to stay at their current company for over 5 years. In 2017 that number has grown to 31% indicating that Millennials are starting to become a little more loyal. Though, according to the survey, this has less to do with shifting company policies and more to do with the current political and economic climate. In this presentation we will explore what policies, on a supervisorial, company and societal level will help improve the retention of the other 69%. 45 minutes Workshop Sara Wiederoder
Dale Perry
Zeke Domowski
2-15074 - Unilever Increases Production Efficiency and Improves Dosing Control with Wireless Pressure Gauges Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateUnilever Food Solutions Costa Rica produces salsitas, beans and Lizano sauce. The plant has replaced its mechanical gauges with Wireless Pressure Gauges to locally indicate and wirelessly track both hopper and pump outlet pressures. These processes have tight tolerances, so measuring these pressures is critical as any variation could cause a safety or quality issue. Using WPG's Unilever can remotely monitor pressures allowing for the detection of possible process issues and increased production output. Operators are now able to focus on proactive improvement activities and their surroundings 45 minutes Workshop Mauricio Salazar
Jorge Espinoza
Ariel Vega
1-14944 - WDM as a WMD (Wyse Device Manager as a Widget for Manipulating Domains) Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateThe Shire plant in Georgia utilizes DeltaV Remote Terminal Servers (RTS) set up on the Virtual Host for connecting the operator interface terminal (OIT) thin clients to the system rather than physical PCs. The site has more than 120 OITs in 3 different product areas and maintenance area. WDM has been implemented to provide enhanced remote support for users, manipulate configurations and easily track assets. There are both ISO9 and ISO8 classified areas within the plant and WDM allows remote maintenance and configuration access to OITs, saving an least $150 in labor and gowning materials 45 minutes Workshop Byron Thomas
Daniel Reid
1-14987 - Reducing Cost and Going Green – Using DeltaV with a PLC to Control and Monitor an Ice Storage HVAC Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryLooking for a way to reduce the high costs of operating your facility’s HVAC? Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Engineers will share their experience interfacing a DeltaV controller to an ice storage based HVAC system capable of providing precise environmental controls without the full time use of a mechanical chiller system. VIMs interfaced to a remotely located Allen-Bradley PLC provide the capability to monitor, control, and display environmental real-time data from a centralized location eliminating the need for facility personnel to perform equipment manipulations and check of status at the HVAC skids. 45 minutes Workshop Megan Taylor
Kaitlyn Allport
4-15005 - Future of Tank Management Wireless Monitoring Control Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateVale is amongst the largest mining companies in the world. Located North of Brazil, Carajas is one of the most significant iron reserves for Vale. Trucks are used as the main product transportation mean at this site, leading to considerable Diesel consumption. Vale consumes 2.5% of Brazilian Diesel. Following API 2000 standards, atmospheric tanks strategically store the flammable liquid, meeting the high demand at this remote location. Unmonitored from the Control Room, Storage Tanks are essential assets that directly impact operational efficiency. Managing the vapor space inside the tank improves Safety, Product Quality and the Environment. In addition, fine tuning and live monitoring reduces costs related to tank management 45 minutes Workshop Marcelo Valandro
Diego Cruz
Victor Oliveira
2-15029 - Inventory Management of Bulk Solids (Frac Sand) Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryHalliburton has drilling sites throughout west Texas which require frac sand on a regular basis. They were losing about $600,000 worth of sand per year due to differences in their volume measurements and what they were paying for. Halliburton wanted to have better control of operations and improve logistics of delivery of frac sand to their drilling sites. They were able to achieve more accurate volumetric measurement of bulk solids (frac sand) and will be saving $360,000 per year in costs for frac sand, in addition to improving control of their operations. 45 minutes Workshop Brandon McDaniel
Andy Foust
Kyle Hall
4-15036 - Valve Connected Services Offer Early Value to Shell Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryShell in Deer Park, TX decided to subscribe to Emerson's Valve Connected Services for support in analyzing control valve diagnostic data. This this workshop will discuss the early findings from the service and outline plans for using those findings at an upcoming Turnaround. 45 minutes Workshop Joe Johnson
Craig Jeane
6-15048 - Get Greater Process Insight with Flow Pervasive Sensing Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateEmerson's Rosemount 8700M magnetic flowmeter platform has more diagnostic capability than ever before. Through these diagnostics, the meter can proactively detect and alert users to process or meter related issues before they become a problem. Additionally, Emerson's Universal capability in all of their magnetic flowmeter transmitters makes taking advantage of this device intelligence easy for every user. 45 minutes Workshop Trever Ball
2-15043 - Finally! Now you can KNOW that your GWR measurement is valid! Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateWith the release of API 18.2 and BLM 43 CFR 3174, an onshore Oil & Gas producer was looking to optimize the way they sold and accounted for their oil. The new regulations allow for Automated Tank Gauging instead of manual hand gauging. However, per the updated regulations you must be able to verify that your equipment is working properly and accurately. Emerson introduced a new service utilizing a GWR Verification Box, also called a Vericase for short. The Vericase will verify that the GWR electronics are interpreting the signals appropriately and more importantly, accurately. By utilizing this service, the production company was able to minimize the number of ticket discrepancies as well as increase the safety of their operations. 45 minutes Workshop Richard Swimm
Anders Willberg
6-15000 - Emerson Presents the Wireless Deep Hole Measurement Solution Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateDeep hole level measurement has been a difficult challenge in many applications ranging from earthen dams to plunger arrival. A specific mining facility in South America prompted Emerson to investigate in a new solution to help with these applications. Emerson was tasked to create an all new wireless solution to help accurately measure the level within the dam to prevent the dam wall from collapsing. With the help of the end user, a new wireless deep hole measuring solution was created to alleviate this pain. 45 minutes Workshop Josh Hernandez
Mario Molina
2-15012 - Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) Using Hybrid QCL/TDL Spectrometer for Emissions Monitoring Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateNominated for Best in ConferenceBP Cherry Point has tested a Rosemount CT5400 Hybrid QCL/TDL Analyzer to measure analytes O2, CO2, CO, SO2 and NOx. Traditionally, BP and many other sites have used CEMS configured from multiple analyzers, each measuring specific analytes: NOx measured with Chemiluminescent analyzers, O2 with Paramagnetic, and CO2, CO, SO2 with Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) analyzers. BP and Rosemount Analytical worked together to install, run and perform a RATA with the CT5400 alongside their legacy analyzers. 45 minutes Workshop Ryan Holgate
David McMillen
6-15093 - Emerson Solutions for Single-Use Manufacturing in the Life Science Industry Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe use of Single-Use Technologies in Life Science manufacturing is quickly growing. Single Use Technologies reduce drug manufacturer's costs by increasing equipment utilization and allow changes to be quickly implemented due to extreme flexibility in design. The shift from traditional stainless steel to a single use plastic introduces significant challenges and limits the types of automation measurement and control technologies currently available. This session will cover the recent developments in Emerson products being developed specifically for Single Use manufacturing. 45 minutes Workshop Nathan Stokes
Paul Fadell
6-15098 - Lift Off! Boost Your Productivity With Cloud Enabled DeltaV Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEver wished you could try out a new strategy or tweak a graphic and test it somewhere other than the Production system? Ever started up an on-premises development system only to find that its software is outdated? What if you could login to a DeltaV development or training system from the convenience of your desktop PC with NO additional on-premises system footprint or maintenance? With Emerson's DeltaV Cloud Hosting Services for Non-production virtual systems, you can build and test new control strategies and displays in an off-line system; train personnel using a copy of your production system configuration, or simply host your standards library (DeltaV templates) for reference. Join us to learn how cloud hosting services can boost your engineering and training productivity. 45 minutes Workshop Jean Pressly
6-15132 - Improving Well Pad Efficiencies and Reducing CAPEX Via Modular Multiphase Metering Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThere is a need for cost effective well pad operations with the rise of unconventional wells and their complexities driving up measurement costs. This abstract shows how a new modular and flexible multiphase meter (as opposed to the expensive meters of the past) is leading to efficient and cost-effective well pad operations with reduced equipment and improved real-time well performance monitoring. Whereas previously well pads often had a test separator per well (up to 10 in total), the new meter is a modular, flexible and compact alternative, performing real-time well testing and reservoir monitoring in all conditions. Operators can reduce costs per well pad by as much as 50%, double the efficiencies of field technicians, and meet the changing needs of the well over the reservoir life. 45 minutes Workshop Sharon McCurdy
Rusty Liner
3-15199 - How Evonik used Plantweb Insight, ARES, and AMS to Enable Corporate IIoT Strategy & Improve KPIs Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceEvonik’s corporate IIoT initiatives included an effort to centralize resources into the Mobile Alabama site and offer services to the region. What started as a small energy monitoring system for Mobile has quickly grown to offer a host of services for the entire region. Several Emerson applications and different types of hardware are being used to provide this in a cost effective manner. Two keys to the success was the WHART infrastructure and the centralization of the expertise and IT overhead in one facility. This workshop details how Evonik leveraged a mostly Emerson IT infrastructure to begin their path to enterprise-wide collaboration to ultimately improve operational efficiency and exceed KPI objectives. 45 minutes Workshop Michael Sowell
Richie Graham
David Gustafson
3-15207 - Race Car Tire Mfr Uses Connected Services to Improve Performance, Emissions, & Profitability Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductorySteam is an important component in the process of making tires. Steam trap failures can waste steam, impact process performance, or worse, damage equipment and upset availability. These conditions can have a major impact on profitability and product quality. A North American Tire Plant decided to invest in Emerson's Steam Trap Health Monitoring Connected Service to monitor their most critical steam traps. This workshop will describe the use case and results achieved from the remote monitoring service. 45 minutes Workshop David Gustafson
Paul Kapur
GS-15529 - General Session Opening session with keynote addresses by: Rob Sentz- Chairman, Emerson Global Users ExchangeKeynote Topic: Welcome and the Conference Week  Mike Train - Executive President, Emerson Automation Solutions  Keynote Topic: For Top Quartile performers, technology is empowering the digital worker of the future…today! Terry Buzbee - Group President, Final ControlKeynote Topic: How Emerson’s expanded final control portfolio can bring your operation some muscle Robyn Benincasa - Guest Keynote SpeakerFounder of World Class Teams, a world champion adventure racer, a CNN Hero, former corporate sales expert and a full-time firefighter who advises organizations on building World Class Teams of their own. One of the highest rated female speakers who regularly shares the stage with world leaders and business icons, her customers include many Fortune companies like Starbucks, Deloitte, Aflac, Fast Company, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ARAMARK, 3M, Coldwell Banker, Ameriprise, Microsoft, AT&T. With a background in marketing, she was previously in corporate sales with Baxter and Allergan. World Champion Eco-Challenge Adventure Racer, CNN Hero, Founder of the Project Athena Foundation (Survivors to Athletes!), 3x Guinness World Record Distance Paddler and proud owner of 2 metal ‘bionic hips’, Robyn definitely knows a thing or two about creating Human Synergy – “that magic that allows groups of ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things together.” Her New York Times best-selling book How Winning Works, published by Harlequin, has been reviewed as “an excellent resource for all business owners on approaching challenges with a team mentality.” 2 hours 45 minutes General Session
3-15226 - Energy Efficiency Improvement on a Black Liquor Concentrator Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryZellstoff Celgar is a large pulp manufacturer in North America and recently completed an energy efficiency improvement project on an Evaporator used to increase the solids content of weak black liquor (WBL) from ~15% to heavy black liquor with a solids content of ~75%. There is an interim Evaporator process step where the liquor solids content is ~45%, known as sweet black liquor (SBL). The project involved modifying the Evaporator's concentrator rinse circuit to use SBL in lieu of WBL during the rinse cycle. Less total energy is now used with the Evaporator. This was achieved with the installation of two 6" and one 8" V150 Fisher on/off valves along with a 4" Micromotion coriolis meter needed for accurate process measurement of black liquor flow and specific gravity. 45 minutes Workshop Robert Zwick
Dave Paulson
Maxime Bell
IF-15372 - Life Sciences / Pharma Industry Forum Leveraging Automation in Continuous Manufacturing As the industry plans operational improvements via changing production from batch to continuous, understanding how to apply automation and data management solutions to the new unit operations becomes a critical element for delivering the benefits. Some topics covered in the forum include: Advanced control application design for continuous processes New continuous unit operations in large and small molecule manufacturing Emerson’s Life Science growth plans to broaden our solution set and deliver projects in support of continuous manufacturing 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Paul Brodbeck
Mark Nixon
PJ Millan
Eric Jayjock
John Nita
Bob Lenich
MTE-15473 - DeltaV Configuration Standards & PCSD In this session, the expert panel members will present the future scope of PCSD and ask for feedback on future or past PCSD configurations. Some features of PCSD can be shown through a live demonstration to aid in the feedback discussion. This demonstration could include examples of batch, continuous and safety systems. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Frederic Menard
Matt Stoner
MTE-15485 - Valve Health Tips & Tricks Valve health is critical in keeping your operation running smoothly. Both operations and maintenance play a key role in monitoring valve health and performance to improve reliability by spotting problems before they affect your process. Join an expert discussion on wireless, safety, partial stroke testing and remote diagnostics. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Steve Hagen
Sean Raymond
Ron Hager
Stanley Af
Jordan Mandernach
TR-15353 - Control with Wireless WirelessHART (IEC 62591) field devices have been used to address a wide variety control applications. This panel will include discussions on how distillation overhead and bottom temperature, and heater temperature, feed and steam flow control applications that have been successfully addressed using wireless instrumentation. Examples will be used to show how tank level and temperature control have been addressed using wireless discrete valves. Information will be provided on a prototype Gateway platform with a PID+ inside to perform modulating control applications. Guidelines for the application of wireless control will be presented and discussed as well as a new Device Family addition with the HART Foundation. 1.5 Hours Technology Roundtables Eric Rotvold
Kurtis Jensen
Melissa Donahue
Mark Nixon
Neil Peterson
RDM-15733 - Project Services Roadmap Project Services Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Som Sreedhar
Kent Zimmerman
IF-15409 - Metals & Mining Industry Forum Coming soon! 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Michael Schaffer
Ramón Brito
Robert Holdenried
Felipe Cabrera
Al Novak
Paul Yaroshak
TE-15531 - Technology Exhibits - Tuesday Get “hands on” with cutting-edge technologies, experiencelive demonstrations and talk with the subject matter expertsbehind Emerson’s products and solutions, as well as productsfrom complementary vendors. Brands like Rosemount, Fisher, Micro Motion, DeltaV, Bettis,Ovation, ASCO and Appleton, plus strategic third parties,will make up a comprehensive collection of the latest andgreatest automation technology solutions — all in one placein a highly interactive format. Reception food and beverage will be served. 4 Hours Technology Exhibits
ML-15536 - LUNCH & Awards Ceremony Join us for a plated lunch followed by the 2017 Emerson Exchange Awards Ceremony. The Emerson Exchange Best in Conference awards celebrate conference participates who presented stellar sessions at this year’s conference. Come celebrate with us and congratulate these exceptional speakers! 1 Hour Meals
EDU-15435 - DeltaV Cybersecurity Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.The DeltaV Cybersecurity short course is intended for system administrators or IT personnel who support the security of the DeltaV system. This course will focus on the newly adopted McAfee/Intel Security solutions. Workshops will have students deploy endpoint protection and application whitelisting. Students will use two hardware security appliances, the System Information Event Manager (SIEM) and Network Security Monitoring (NSM) appliances. Time will be spent exploring how these technologies features and functions operate. Studens will learn how these technologies meet Emerson's defense-in-depth strategy for a DeltaV system. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Jesse Parker
Matt Kane
EDU-15447 - Produced Fluids Management and Well Optimization Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.Optimizing Well Pad Automation with Pre-engineered Applications – E&P Workforce and budget reductions test the mettle of Industry professionals to achieve production gains and Health, Safety and Environmental compliance. Custom software requires specialized staff to program, is expensive to maintain and can often expose producers to unwanted regulatory scrutiny to ensure compliance. This course will introduce you to the implementation of standardized pre-engineered well pad software applications which speed well pad completions, reduce operational costs and improve inventory accounting through deployment of Well Optimization, Surface Control Automation, and Produced Fluids management applications using the ROC800 RTU/Flow Computer. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Alfredo Sanut
MTE-15478 - Selecting the Right Flowmeter Selecting a flowmeter is one of the trickier tasks that engineers perform. There are many overlapping technologies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and lifecycle costs. Flow technology experts from Emerson will discuss how to select and own the best flowmeter technology for applications, balancing capital as well as operating expenses. The audience is encouraged to bring application examples and questions for the experts, creating a great learning experience. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Karl Stappert
Trever Ball
Steve Ifft
Jeff Foster
Dan Hackett
MTE-15480 - Process Control Optimization In this session the expert panel members will explore the challenges that are often encountered when using traditional and advanced control techniques to optimize plant operations. The experts will discuss basic steps that they recommend be followed when addressing a control optimization project. Also, each panel member will present an application they have commissioned that demonstrates how process control techniques were used to optimize process operation. The presented control optimization projects will demonstrate how to achieve technical and economic objectives in various industries. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Lawrence Neumeister
Doug White
Andrew Waite
James Beall
5-15769 - Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryPeter Thiel, the billionaire venture capital investor who was the founder of PayPal and the first investor in Facebook, in his recent book ;Zero to One says this: ;Every moment in business happens only once. The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won't make a search engine. And the next Mark Zukerberg won't create a social network. If you are copying these guys, you aren't learning from them. 1 hour Short Course David Beckmann
EDU-15430 - Blended Learning: FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controller using ValveLink Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. This blended learning course will be delivered as a virtual classroom and live workshop event. It offers insight on the operation of Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ digital valve controllers. The course focuses on operational details such as repairing, maintaining, and calibrating FIELDVUE™ DVC2000 and FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 products. Students will identify and understand components of a digital valve controller, describe and demonstrate proper instrument mounting, connect to a live device using ValveLink Software, discuss and perform a Guided Setup routine, and perform an Auto Travel Calibration routine. 2 hours English Educational Services Courses Bert Evans
EDU-15442 - Introducing the FB Flow Computer Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.This short course is for anyone concerned with fiscal measurement in the oil & gas industry and will highlight how to perform critical tasks using Emerson’s new family of Flow Computers, the FB 1000 and 2000 Series. Students will be given an overview of the devices and configuration software, followed by a hands-on workshop utilizing FBxConnect and the FB2200. The workshop will include using the FBxConnect configuration software to connect to the FB2200, perform initial configuration, set up meter runs and control, calibrate field devices, and perform typical operational tasks. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Bill Wyre
Alfredo Sanut
EDU-15454 - Visualizing Machinery Vibration Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.It can take years of training and experience to master vibration analysis. The analysis of vibration waveform data and spectra is often compared to learning another language. One tool that vibration analysts sometimes use to help simplify the analysis, and demonstrate vibration characteristics to others who may have limited vibration experience is ODS, or Operational Deflection Shape. In this short course, students will witness a live demonstration of ODS. This demonstration will begin with data collection using the AMS 2140 and end with the ODS animation created using AMS Machinery Manager and Vibrant Technology’s ME’scopeVES animation software. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Christopher Wills
Dan Rains
RDM-15740 - Actuation Technologies Roadmap Actuation Technologies Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Joseph Zawacki
Dianne Eldridge
Vikas Sharma
6-14209 - DeltaV Historian Product Overview & Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIn this session participants will be introduced to the Emerson line-up of history collection products and best practice deployment architectures. 45 minutes Workshop Jessica Jordan
6-14211 - DeltaV PK Controller Overview Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis session will introduce users to the capabilities and use cases of the new DeltaV PK Controller. 45 minutes Workshop Joe Rigby
Jessica Jordan
3-14449 - User Driven Enhancement Program (UDEP) Update Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThe User Driven Enhancement Program (UDEP) is a direct means for users to provide input and influence Emerson's product enhancement plans. The session will give an overview of the UDEP committee activities, with details on enhancements that have been included in Emerson products based on user ideas and the committees’ work. There will also be information on what enhancements are coming in future products/releases based on user ideas. 45 minutes Workshop Bob Keyser
2-14514 - Micro Motion Saving the World by Getting Rid of Nukes. Density Measurement Without a Gamma Source Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryMost plants running Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) systems use nuclear densitometers to measure lime slurry density/concentration. Nuclear densitometers are typically a single point calibration and may have to be calibrated frequently to adjust for process changes. Requirements for nuclear devices can be rigorous. These range from state requirements to federal, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), documentation and testing to specific training and long-term disposal plans. This workshop will investigate alternatives to nuclear densitometers including vibrating element densitometers. In addition to highlighting the safety benefits, this paper will illustrate the operational benefits. Finally, this session will evaluate the capital cost and on-going operational costs of this approach. 45 minutes Workshop Dave Prince
Mark Head
2-14470 - UAE biggest oil-field, Path for becoming Top QUARTILE Performing COMPANY Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateUAE Biggest Oil and Gas field is facing Challenging Oil and Gas Prices that put pressure to improve the performance of their existing assets. They are looking for Partners who have one window solution for improving Assets Reliability, have single Platform for multi technology Condition Monitoring and give real time performance of their assets to take timely decision making for improving efficiency, increasing productivity and achieve excellence to be in list of top Quartile performance company. 45 minutes Workshop Jawad Sherwani
3-14329 - Replacement of Legacy ESD system with DeltaV SIS and Integration to Existing DeltaV Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateAbqaiq Plants is Saudi ARAMCO biggest oil processing and crude stabilization facility in Saudi ARABIA, With a capacity of 7 million barrels per day, the facility is the primary oil processing site for Arabian extra light and Arabian light crude oils. ABQAIQ crude oil stabilization columns (C-10 and C-11) were connected to centralized and obsolete legacy ESD system, Interfacing to existing DeltaV DCS system was through standard MODBUS RTU interface and no provision of field instruments diagnosis for predictive intelligence, This poses ABQAIQ plant to safety and availability risks, maintenance and troubleshooting complexities The presentation will address how replacement of the legacy ESD system in ABQAIQ with DeltaV SIS has addressed those issues 45 minutes Workshop Mahmoud ElSohaymi
Hamad Shehab
Mohammad Al-SAEED
2-14519 - Rethinking Diagnostic Functions in Pressure Transmitters Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateMOL Petchem conducted a study utilizing Emerson pressure instrumentation to determine if the technology could help improve operations by examining the relationship between installed equipment and the technology supplied by Emerson to monitor for impulse line plugging. The historical solution was to monitor for impulse line using periodic reactive maintenance when an alert was received by the maintenance department. In the analysis, we examined the long-term correlation between various measurement values provided, along with plugged line detection. The end goal was to determine whether there was a way to combine all of this data to help proactively plan maintenance or cleaning and also give a warning to the operator of inefficient chemical dosing. 45 minutes Workshop István Bognár
Erik Mathiason
Tibor Szabo
Norbert Nagy
5-14590 - E+R=O Success Mantra for Professionals Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe book “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield focusses on the Success Mantra “Event(E) + Response(R) = Outcome(O)”. The Speaker decided to specialize in Functional Safety and within a short span of 4 years, rose through the ranks from being a SIS Programmer to Functional Safety Discipline Technical Authority & ISA84 Voting Member for his company by directly applying the principles covered in this book. The essence of this mantra is that we are faced with Events in our life that we mostly cannot control. The Outcome to these Events can be directly controlled by our Response. If we don’t like the Outcome, we should change our Response until we get the Outcome we want. The speaker will go over several examples of how strategies captured in this book can be used in our day to day life. 45 minutes Workshop Nagappan Muthiah
4-14557 - 10 Years Later: Did the Fisher™ Severe Service Valve Survive in Flint Hills Resources’ Hydrotreater? Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn 2007, Flint Hills Resources (FHR) Pine Bend refinery executed a project in their Gas Oil Hydrotreater (GOHT). They replaced four separator letdown valves with Fisher™ severe service valves. The original valves required maintenance intervals between 6 and 18 months, and were often the unit reliability constraints. Fisher’s solution was a high pressure angle valve with engineered-to-order trim for separator letdown service, where a phenomenon known as outgassing is common. Valve selection for these applications required up front collaboration between FHR, Novaspect, and Emerson. This DST-G design (Dirty Service Trim for Gassing) was a new Fisher product and was the first of its kind at the Pine Bend refinery. 45 minutes Workshop Patrick O'Connor
Ryan Enockson
Kim Barron
4-14610 - “VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION PROCESS FOR FINAL ELEMENT OF SAFETY LOOP” Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateSafety shutdown valves or emergency shutdown valves (“Final Element) are critical component of Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) Loop. Major accidents worldwide have raised awareness in improved plant safety, especially in the chemical refinery, oil & gas industries. Growing concerns with Safety Instrumented System and enforcing of governing industry standard is creating a significant demand for a device that can provide a method for testing safety valve operation without disturbing the process and providing diagnostics information about the final control element. 45 minutes Workshop Bridget Spencer
Riyaz Ali
1-14634 - Smart software validation tools deliver significant cost savings and quality assurance. Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: AdvancedThis presentation covers the details of smart tools developed and used to validate the DeltaV BPCS and SIS software configuration being built for the Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals site with over 45000 I/O. The project extensively uses Smart Plant Instrumentation(SPI), Alarm Management Database(AMD), standard templates and graphics library. The project developed Automated smart tools utilizing these structured inputs and DeltaV configuration native files for software validation. This is estimated to lead to substantial minimization of tedious manual validation of software configuration and savings of approximately 15% of the ICSS software test budget. 45 minutes Workshop Prasad Burugupalli
Darshan Shah
Carlos Pereira
3-14595 - Motivations for new approaches in the pharma industry – From vertical slices to modularization Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThis presentation will cover the needs, as well the challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing today and how they can be overcome by following new approaches. A key to success is the modularization of large scale production plants, while doing the same with the automation systems. We will explain how a project as well the system architecture can be splitted in packages to be able to be executed in a more parallel rather than a serial way. By following this new approach, for an example - technology transfer steps - can be reduced from 3 to 2 ! This modularized approach was realized recently with a DeltaV System, with the CHARMs residing on the modules. The full flexibility of the Electronic Marshalling Architecture could be utilized and played beneficially to the bottom line results 45 minutes Workshop Gerald Dollberger
Juergen Harwalik
6-14639 - Increase reliability and uptime of your instruments with grounding best practices Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateInsufficient or incorrect instrument grounding can cause issues such as loss of communication, transmitter malfunction, or, in worst case, a unsafe device. Often grounding related issues occur intermittently and hours, sometimes days, could be spent trying to localize the problem. In this workshop Emerson's instrument experts will share grounding and istallation best practices and experiences from various industries including oil & gas, refining, power and chemical industries. 45 minutes Workshop Christoffer Widahl
3-14684 - Financially Justifying Plant Reliability Improvements Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryIt is well accepted that improving equipment reliability and the associated increased plant availability has a positive operational impact in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants. Enhanced online real time measurements and use of predictive reliability analytic models based on these enhanced measurements can result in significant reliability and availability improvements. But how can these enhancements be financially justified? Maintenance cost reductions are seldom sufficient. We have to look further at operational impacts. 45 minutes Workshop Doug White
3-14759 - A Program Approach to Achieve 30% Efficiency Gains Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryCargill Corn Milling has 5 separate plants undergoing upgrades from obsolete control systems to DeltaV and/or adding new DeltaV infrastructure to interface with existing control system technology. A central program approach was implemented to manage all of the projects consistently across all sites as well as to execute to the developed program standards. This presentation will provide an overview of the program approach including a deep dive into the performance metric data, achievements, continued challenges, and continuous improvements using Project Certainty elements. 45 minutes Workshop John Krueger
Tom Canterberry
Nancy Shoup
5-15031 - Quiet Warriors - Incorporating Your Natural Style as a Strength Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryA high proportion of engineers are quiet, analytical thinkers. The executive space seems to favor the loud, quick, and socially confident. If your carefully organized thoughts and great strategies are not finding a foothold in discussions maybe it's time for a new approach. Nina Golder and Shirley Marquardt-Tynan will share their experiences as Quiet Warriors: sharing the statistics that show introverts can win in the end. They will help you understand yourself and the perceptions of others. They will encourage you with ways to selectively push your boundaries of comfort without compromising your natural style and strength. Quiet Warriors unite! 45 minutes Workshop Nina Golder
Shirley Marquardt-Tynan
RDM-15738 - Flow Controls Roadmap This session will give participants a look at the Fisher products and services that are coming soon. 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Leah Stanley
Perry Carter
5-14879 - Funding Automation Projects – Federal Style Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceAny automation company dealing with the United States Government would be interested in understanding the overwhelming complexity of the Federal Government Planning, Programming & Budgeting Process, essential to getting automation projects funded. This presentation will provide an overview of this three phase Federal Budget Process and explain the improvements made by the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions - Savannah River Tritium Enterprise to align itself with the Federal Budget Cycle for authorization of future automation projects. Detailed discussions will be based on two improvement processes; the Strategic Planning Investment Process and the Strategic Roadmap. Tailoring these improvement processes to include over $75,000,000 of future automation projects will be reviewed in depth. 45 minutes Workshop Joe Riddle
3-14949 - Burner Management System design following IEC 61511 on CHARM Smart Logic Solvers (CSLS). Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateIn 2016, Agrium Fort Saskatchewan Nitrogen Operations Plant together with Spartan Controls designed and fabricated six (6) fuel gas trains with Burner Management Systems (BMS). This project was executed following the IEC 61511 Standard. Tasks such as Process and Hazard Risk Analysis, Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) development, SIF & SIL determination, detailed design and SIL verification were all performed following an SIS Lifecycle Management Plan. The Burner Management Systems were built with DeltaV SIS CHARM Smart Logic Solvers (CSLS). This presentation will share the entire project execution process following IEC 61511 and highlight several important technical advantages of using DeltaV SIS for burner management applications. 45 minutes Workshop Lawrence Neumeister
Hailei Jiang
Scott Wright
3-14963 - Anatomy of a Successful APC Project on a Crude Oil Distillation Unit Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThe crude oil distillation unit (CDU) is the first processing unit in virtually all petroleum refineries. The CDU distills the incoming crude oil into various fractions of different boiling ranges, each of which are then processed further in the other refinery processing units. Thus, the performance of the CDU impacts the entire refinery. A successful APC project includes technical aspects such as a benefit study, control foundation improvements, model predictive control and neural based property predictors. However, non-technical aspects such as acceptance of new technology, operator training and an on-going support plan are just as important! We will present the strategies and methods to complete technical as well as non-technical aspects in order to have a successful APC project! 45 minutes Workshop Eric Wheatcroft
James Beall
3-14968 - 10. It’s Hit the Fan, So Flush Meaningless Alarms using Alarm Flood Suppression Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThe period after an equipment trip or shutdown is one of the most stressful and challenging times for operators. Part of the challenge stems from alarm floods; when the operator gets more alarms than they can respond to. If unabated, alarm floods can lead to a loss of situation awareness, the missing of alarms, operator error, or an incident. Alarm floods are one of the hardest alarm management issues to solve. This presentation will discuss Ashland’s journey to eliminate alarm floods using DeltaV’s Alarm Flood suppression modules and exida’s SILAlarm tool. It will discuss the design process (identification of flood scenarios, alarms to be suppressed, trigger conditions), the implementation (how was it configured in DeltaV and tested), the results (feedback from operators), and next steps. 45 minutes Workshop John Rezabek
Todd Stauffer
3-14994 - Controlling from a Hazardous Area Far Far Away... Operate & Manage Technical Level: IntermediateConnecting an operator interface terminal (OIT) in the process area to DeltaV workstation in the control room has traditionally been done using KVMs. When the OIT is 850 feet from the workstation, fiber optic communication is required to carry the signal between the two. Additionally, the OIT needs dual screens, water resistance, and is located in a Class I, Division 2 hazardous area. This left the LyondellBasell’s Morris, IL facility with few options. The ultimate goal is to migrate to a virtualized DeltaV system. This session will detail how the Morris site deployed four OITs with the Pepperl+Fuchs industrial Box Thin Client (BTC) with RM Shell firmware to meet both the short-term and long-term objectives with a seamless transition. 45 minutes Workshop Zachary Hochhalter
Matt Pavlik
3-15055 - Online Major Version Upgrades in a Highly Integrated Commercial Biologics Facility – A Case Study Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThere is a perceived dichotomy between performing business critical system upgrades without those upgrades having a significant impact to production cadences. The upgrade team was asked to challenge this dichotomy by performing a Major Version upgrade of (2) highly integrated applications, without the need to shutdown. In this scenario, the Process Automation System (PAS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) were tightly integrated at all levels of the S95 Hierarchy in a paperless Commercial Biologics facility and the project faced many challenges related to technology, schedule, risk, and cost. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Clark
3-15067 - Modernization of Liquid Terminals: SOL Petroleum case Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateSOL Petroleum bought Terminal business from ESSO International. As a result of it, SOL inherited Emerson legacy terminal automation system, DANTAS, and legacy Daniel preset, Danload 6000s. The terminals have legacy software and hardware for 10+ years and it was the time to modernize the terminals. Working closely with Emerson, SOL has successfully migrated to the latest Emerson Terminal Automation system and latest Emerson presets. SOL has successfully modernized its terminals using Emerson’s technology without any data loss and changing the work flow. The modernization enable SOL to keep up with the latest technology; hence avoiding long manual process and expensive repair cost for obsolete hardware. It also helps SOL to shorten the loading time and improve terminal efficiency. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Child
Gabriel Prieto
Myo Thane
3-15079 - Paving the Way for Improved Operations at Midwest Asphalt 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateMidwest Asphalt operates a terminal in LaCrosse, WI. They receive product by barge, rail & truck, blend formulations & ship via truck to regional plants. Truckers had set switches to line out the valves & entered data into preset controllers based on instructions given at the scale house. MA looked for a solution that would reduce errors when incorrect products were shipped, eliminate overfills & provide improved workflow. DeltaV utilizes a barcoded BOL that is scanned at the loadout rack. Valve alignment & load amounts are set automatically eliminating the possibility of operator error. Auto-sampling systems were installed to collect required retention sample. Documentation of delivery is generated & stored in the system. 45 minutes Workshop Drew Frederixon
Jeff Pingeon
1-14723 - From Paper to Electronic Procedures – How to Capture Knowledge and Standardize Work Using Syncade Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryWhat is the impact of an error in your facility? In a nuclear facility, it can be devastating. Engineers at the Savannah River Site switched from paper procedures to electronic procedures. Imagine moving from a paper map to using a GPS. A GPS provides clear instructions to reach your destination. Similarly, electronic procedures provide a structure to perform work in compliance with safety and quality assurance. Operators are more susceptible to human error when handling paper procedures. The risk of misreading data and possessing physical forms can be cumbersome. Emerson’s Syncade provides user-friendly, efficient tools so that the specifications, responsibilities, and best practices are enforceable and traceable. 45 minutes Workshop Jennifer Turner
Dale Nicosia
1-14724 - Help Wanted: Building a Customized Help Utility on a DeltaV system Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateSavannah River Site Engineers will share their successful deployment of a simple yet powerful Help Utility customized for operations personnel and integrated into the DeltaV workstation. This session will show how the Tritium Process Controls Group at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions integrated an off the shelf product into the DeltaV to show work instructions, procedures, network drawings, troubleshooting and maintenance guides and even training videos that can be accessed on demand from any DeltaV workstation. The tool is based on the existing Microsoft Help framework, is easily customizable and editable, and has applications beyond the control room. 45 minutes Workshop Kaitlyn Allport
Tommy Patterson
3-14813 - Improving PEMEX Safety level in Offshore Facilities Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateImproving safety was Pemex’s primary concern after a fatal explosion at an offshore Abkatun platform in the Gulf of Mexico. ASCO took this challenge very seriously and came up with a great safety control panel for the Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDV's) and Bettis spring-return pneumatic actuator assembly. The safety control panel, along with various other Emerson solutions, enabled the company to improve their confidence in their safety level and also the reliability of the facilities. 45 minutes Workshop Carlos Jacobo
Hector Anibal MARTINEZ
3-14832 - Techniques for Remote Monitors in Hazardous Areas Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThree general technical solutions are available today to deploy and operate a remote monitor in a hazardous location: 1. KVMs with a suitably rated remote monitor 2. Purge-Pressurized enclosure with remote monitor 3. Industrial Thin Client remote monitor A remote monitor in any process area, especially a hazardous area, must be industrial, rugged, and suitable for use in that area, including wide-temperature ranges. 45 minutes Workshop Marc Seissler
Aaron Severa
Bruce Greenwald
3-14844 - DeltaV Logbooks streamline an internal communication in organization Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe company ZT Kruszwica SA, owned by BUNGE, is a leading producer of edible oils and margarines in Poland. Almost the whole process is controlled by DeltaV DCS. The system architecture is widely distributed over ten local control rooms. Shift and operation managers work in different, remote offices. A lack of consistent and efficient communication between operators and shift mangers happened to be a reason of some misunderstanding and various interpretations of past events. Issues were reported to automation manager who decided to implement a DeltaV Logbook solution. 45 minutes Workshop Marcin Palacz
Ryszard Boron
3-14851 - Kuwait Oil Company Increase Production Capacity Building New Facilities using CHARMS Technology Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateKuwait Oil Company recently has constructed 4 new facilities through various EPCs with a total of 21,000 IOs (DCS+SIS) in different locations and overcame space constraint and challenging project schedule using DeltaV CHARMS based Electronic Marshalling technology as an approved ICSS solution 45 minutes Workshop Yousef Al-Humoud
Yash Bhatt
Shailesh Wattamwar
6-14856 - How Intelligent is your Isolation Valve? It can be smarter than you think. Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn this workshop we will talk about some of the instruments used with isolation valves. We will discuss traditional methods that you may be using already and then cover a few things that you might consider. With the addition of some instrumentation, paired with the use of some diagnostic tools, you can ensure your isolation valve will make the grade. We will discuss how you can start to identify issues with your isolation valves before they give you a bad report card. Don’t let your isolation valve get you or your plant a trip to the office. If you have isolation valves in your facility this is the workshop you don’t want to miss. 45 minutes Workshop Sean Raymond
Mike Hoyme
6-14863 - Plantweb Implementation Guide: How to Modernize with IIoT Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateSo the plant management wants to adopt IIoT to improve reliability and energy efficiency. Now they want you to deploy it. With so many options, how do you pick the right architecture? How many sensors do you need, and how to connect them? Which standards should you use? Should you use a historian platform or web apps for analytics? What kinds of analytics technology should you use? How do you support mobile devices? How is it integrated with your ERP system? Should the plant be monitored on premise, by corporate engineering center, or outsource to a connected service provider? And how do you keep your plant secure? Should it be a direct deployment or a phased approach? This session helps you make the right choices for your plant. 45 minutes Workshop Jonas Berge
6-14894 - AMS Products – Lifecycle Services Update and Roadmap Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryAre you tasked with minimizing unscheduled shutdown, operational cost, limiting risk while increasing safety and achieving greater plant profitability? Are you struggling with retiring workforce, fewer specialist and more complex processes? This session will give an update on existing lifecycle services for all AMS products and an overview of what is coming in the pipeline that will help you achieve your goals. 45 minutes Workshop Sam Tanyous
Hermann-Josef Rehnen
6-14926 - Knocking Down the Barrier to IIoT Adoption Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn a world of Big Data, the Internet of Things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, users from process and automation industries are still hesitant towards adopting new operational tactics. Large investments, architecture complexity, data flow, lack of quantifiable proof, and cyber-security are all holding users in a "wait and see" frame of mind. This session will discuss how Plantweb Insight has addressed the major concerns of industry professionals and become a simple solution for IIoT applications. From on-premise to cloud, small focus to large, existing infrastructure to new, Plantweb Insight has the capability to fit the needs of a wide range of users. 45 minutes Workshop Brian Joe
4-14933 - Critical Applications in the Pulp and Paper Industry Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntroductoryNominated for Best in ConferenceThe pulp and paper industry has twelve critical applications known as the “dirty dozen” which are usually problem valves for customers. Spartan Controls worked with Skookumchuck Pulp to provide Fisher valve solutions for these applications to improve reliability, efficiency, and the lifespan of the control valves. Each application is unique and must be reviewed carefully in order to select the proper valve solution. It is important to match application requirements with available control valve designs and options to provide for a more optimal and profitable process operation. When a valve is properly selected for an application, it can last in service for many years even in the most challenging applications. 45 minutes Workshop Matt Thompson
Dirk Feenstra
Mary Barker
5-15070 - What are the challenges of becoming a truly strategic partner and achieve trusted advisor status? Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryBP has encountered challenges to Account Management with Suppliers. However, BP has developed solutions to improve supplier and customer communications. Emerson has also faced challenges in communications with our internal stakeholders and customers, and Emerson has developed solutions to improve communications internally and externally. Thus, what are the best practices in account management communications for both BP and Emerson, and what does great account management look like? What steps can be taken to promote great account management and communication by both suppliers and customers? 45 minutes Workshop Nathan Young
Maruti Dey
2-14945 - Modernization of the electronic ignition system using Emerson Process Management wireless technology Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryPEMEX APATG – Activo de Producción Aceite Terciario del Golfo" is part of the Subdirección de Campos no Convencionales. Safety at the facilities is a matter of great importance for the APATG, one of the most relevant works in 2017 will be the rehabilitation of the 100 mmfcd gas burner (currently damaged) at the Tajin II compression station. In order to perform the rehabilitation works of the gas burner a 20mmpcd alternating burner with a traditional ignition system had to be installed in place to maintain operations running, integrate the new burner variables to the existing DeltaV system to monitor and operate. • Integrity of the facilities by having a reliable electronic ignition system. • Continuous monitoring of the burner defogging system. • Measurement of the fuel gas used. 45 minutes Workshop Eduardo Mena
Jorge Garay
5-14952 - Establishing the Business Case for Approximate Fuel Gas Energy Flow Control Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: AdvancedThe business case for upgrading multiple oil refinery fired heaters from existing fuel gas pressure or volumetric flow control to approximate fuel gas energy flow control was quickly and efficiently established during a recent study. During this workshop, we will provide a brief overview of how variability in the fuel gas header's operation drives up operating costs and we will provide a brief overview of how Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters and a single Micro Motion 3098 Gas Specific Gravity meter may be used to bring these costs back down. The focus of the workshop however will be on how large sets of operating data were transformed into net present values using Emerson software based on calculations first presented during Session 3-5160 of the 2015 Emerson Exchange. 45 minutes Workshop Julie Valentine
1-15032 - Emerson Helps Koch Fertilizer Improve Data-Driven Decision Making using Advanced Service Technology Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryEmerson has created an application utilizing mobile work flow technology to improve customer asset data collection and evaluation of the asset heath while improving field service productivity. This tool simplifies and streamlines data collection that allows our service teams and LBPs to quickly take asset data and work with Customers to generate inventory recommendations to maximize their plant’s availability and reliability while minimizing inventory investment. The session will show what a customer can expect in terms how Emerson will collect data and how they will collaborate with Emerson to build a parts stocking strategy or create a plan to achieve other reliability goals. 45 minutes Workshop Nick Hunter
Clinton Schneider
Jim Toyne
6-14957 - Plantweb Advisor Suite Updates and Roadmap Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryEmerson launched the Plantweb Digital Ecosystem at Emerson Exchange in 2016. The Plantweb Advisor Suite consists of three applications (Health, Performance, and Energy Advisor) which provide a set of rich analytic tools to turn data into actionable information. This session will provide information on the updates that have been made to the Advisor Suite since October 2016, as well as a roadmap of planned improvements and additions over the coming year. 45 minutes Workshop Brian Atkinson
Pete Sharpe
2-15006 - ERS – Providing a New View into Fermentation – What a Gas! Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryWith the use of ERS on a series of existing fermenters, MillerCoors Milwaukee was able to improve CO2 collection through vessel headspace monitoring and increase fermenter throughput by monitoring the changing fluid density masquerading as changing tank level. All told, these process insights will provide a tremendous savings to the brewery in terms of capital avoidance, additional throughput, CO2 savings and labor savings. In rough numbers, this would total $1 million on an annual basis resulting in a three month ROI for the project. This was a true win in terms of improving the sustainability of the brewery as well as helping reduce a production bottleneck. 45 minutes Workshop Andrew Klosinski
Larry Wavrunek
5-15020 - Get Up! Stand Up! Stand Up for Your LIFE! Track: 5. Business Management & Career DevelopmentTechnical Level: IntroductoryToday’s business reality sets high demands on us, and the demands on our time and energy will continue to increase. Many of us are exhausted after a long day of work and some of us also suffer from side-effects incurred in our jobs. Sitting all day is killing us. Studies show that sitting 6+ hours a day increases our risk of death by 40%. Add stress and fatigue to that and it compounds. Join this session to learn what you can do to decouple your mind and body to regain some of your energy and balance, to improve on your performance, and how to combat some of those pains and aches! This will be an interactive session so come ready to participate and to leave with new skills, feeling invigorated! No hiding in the back allowed. 45 minutes Workshop Joel Galmor
3-15099 - Find and Fix Unhealthy Devices Fast Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryWith a focus on device alert reduction, Monsanto was able to reduce smart device generated spam by over 70%. But that still wasn’t enough to fully move our E/I maintenance to primarily planned work. Once we rid our system of redundant alerts, we began using the new device health based analytics in AMS Device Manager to turn our optimized alerts into action. With the new graphical overview of device health via AMS Device View, we are able to plan and prioritize our maintenance more effectively. With a more planned approach to maintenance, Monsanto continues to strengthen our already strong reliability culture. 45 minutes Workshop Joel Holmes
Mike Fredericks
Scott Hokeness
1-15107 - Implementation of Leak Detection on a Gas Pipeline System used for Power Generation Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: AdvancedThe customer has a network comprising segmented and interconnected gas pipelines, approximately 75-mile in length, diameters between 20-24 inch, handling flow rates of up to 6 MMSCFH. California energy regulations require that gas-liquid pipeline systems have Leak Detection Systems, LDS The Customer installed a Gas LDS, GLDS, years ago, however, due to limited system support, the GLDS had started to generate false alarms and inaccurate leak locations during leak tests. The Customer took the decision to replace the old system with a solution with fast response time, high sensitivity and location accuracy. Emerson offered its proprietary PipelineManager application, with a Real-Time-Transient-Model, RTTM based LDS, with redundancy capability and interfaced with a PI historian. 45 minutes Workshop Alberto Acevedo
Jaime Bermudez
2-15082 - Hot Process DP-Level Solved with Cool Thermal Range Expander! Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateMarathon Petroleum was searching for a solution to their critical crude tower overfill protection problem that had previously used DP technology with heat-traced capillaries. Additionally they had a similar need on their steam drum condensate levels. Very high process temperatures of 665 and 500 degrees F, respectively, had dictated high-temperature silicon fill fluids be used with remote seals. This required the entire capillary lengths to be heat traced which was expensive and presented reliability issues in itself. By collaborating with their local Rosemount account manager, they discovered a brand new product along with another proven technology would provide the perfect solution and meet their need for SIL 2/3 approval. 45 minutes Workshop Xi Lin
Douglas Carlson
Tom Garry
3-15114 - Refinery Upgrades Terminal Automation System for Improved Operations Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateCeylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has a petroleum products distribution terminal at Sapugaskanda adjacent to the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery which is about 17 km from Colombo, Sri Lanka. The terminal has an installed capacity of 12 storage tanks and 18 number of gantries to distribute Auto Diesel, Motor Gasoline, Kerosene and different grades of fuel oil. CPC has been operating this terminal for more than 15 years. In 2015, CPC decided to automate the terminal for improving the operational efficiency, replace the obsoleted installed products and systems with the latest technology solutions. It will be implemented in two phases. The first phase is to replace the existing Terminal Automation System (TAS) and the second phase is to upgrade the existing tank gauging system. 45 minutes Workshop Rajith Perera
Murali Krishnan Thiagarajan
6-15126 - AMS Trex Overview and Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateAMS Trex is the latest entry in Emerson’s long line of handheld communicators. This session will provide an overview of current and planned product functionality including ways you can achieve benefits at your site. AMS Trex users are able to work more efficiently, do more with one tool, and go everywhere in the plant. 45 minutes Workshop Stephen West
Nicholas Meyer
2-15169 - Increasing Fuel Ethanol Fermentor Capacity with Advanced Guided Wave Radar Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryGuardian Energy, a 100MMGPY ethanol plant in Janesville, MN has increased ethanol production by nearly 5% - providing an estimated $8 million per year in additional revenue, added approx. 6 hours of additional hold time, and removed a significant amount of process variability all by installing guided wave radar gauges in their fermenters. Variable fluid density and foam had presented an insurmountable challenge to other level technologies. High signal strength and advanced features of the Rosemount 5300 proved to be reliable and allowed higher fill levels and eliminated risk of overfilling. 45 minutes Workshop Trent Lamar
Zachary Bauer
3-15176 - RF200 - Wireless Natural Gas Regulator Flow and Pressure Solution Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductorySaskEnergy is a Western Canada natural gas utility which needed the ability to remotely measure and monitor flow and pressure data at natural gas regulation sites. Spartan Controls along with Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies developed the RF200 solution to provide remote flow and pressure information from their Fisher EZR regulators directly to SaskEnergy’s web browser. The RF200 program was developed to use existing field proven Emerson hardware for pressure measurement and communication while adding remote monitoring and flow estimation capabilities to the pressure regulators. The RF200 solution also allows for alarming, remote set point changes, valve trips, and other additional features. 45 minutes Workshop John Anderson
Doug Scheffler
Brian Burkowsky
3-15195 - Using Version Control and Procedures to Easily Manage SIS Changes and Downloads Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryCargill has a number of burners, many centrifuges and several high hazard reactors running on DeltaV SIS. Validating a system after a small logic change, a trip point change for example, would typically require a full functional check. This would mean keeping the unit down for an extended period while a team of engineers and operators ran through every possible trip and permissive condition. Using VCAT and a robust Management of Change document, the team can isolate which item changed and only retest that change. This translates into shorter downtime and less plant personnel tied up in functional checks. This methodology also maintains control of SIL2 and SIL3 rated SIFs by only authorizing certain safety resources to approve downloads of these functions. 45 minutes Workshop Dan McDonald
Zach Brooks
2-15171 - Simplicity Meets Flexibility - deployment of a reliable flow measurement system for Underground Storage of LPG in Southern of Mexico Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateThe LPG is the most used hydrocarbon in Mexico specific for living places, around 80% of houses are using it that means if there is a problem in the supply chain it impact directly to the basics needs of the population. One way to mitigate this risk is to count with a properly storage system. The current storage capacity in Mexico is 2.64MMb which leads to an average of 2.37 days of storage in the areas with a big consumption and there is a limited infrastructure to deal with contingencies. The project scope is regarding a 20-yr leasing contract of underground storage using salt caverns with a capacity of 1.8MMb. This is a “take-or-pay type of agreement”. As part of the scope a Metering Skid System was included. 45 minutes Workshop Raul Puente Rodriguez
Juan Najera
Ignacio Ramirez
2-15119 - A Stroll to Save Thousands: Timely Walk Downs During Construction Saves Thousands in Project Costs Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryAppropriately scheduled walk downs by properly trained investigators for instruments and valves during a capital project saved thousands of dollars by eliminating device failures, process shut downs, exposing workers to hazardous situations and facilitating an on-time start-up. Through proper scheduling by qualified individuals, failures and reworks can be kept to a minimum. This session will cover parameters to help define the schedule, as well as many of the common and not so common issues that should be looked for will be discussed. 45 minutes Workshop Brandon Wilson
Steven Moore
1-14469 - Upgrading a problematic BMS with DeltaV SIS: Liberation of the PLC Mindset. Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntroductoryPLC’s have long been the bronze standard for cheap burner management systems. When challenged with a problem ridden PLC system on their calciners, BASF Savannah had to make a cost effective decision on how to replace a comfortable PLC platform with their budget, minimal documentation and in a short amount of time.Their legacy Allen Bradley PLC was covered in fine powder, remote located and riddled with shoddy push button controls. BASF chose to engage their LBP for consultation on how to replace their BMS system in order to centralize their control capability and ensure platform reliability. Control Southern provided a centralized BMS package using DeltaV CHARM SIS that will standardize their BMS system architecture and control methodology for future systems projects inside the plant. 45 minutes Workshop Ken White
Tristan OBrien
6-14471 - DeltaV Cybersecurity and Networking Products Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateThis DeltaV Product Update session will provide highlights of DeltaV v13.3.x and v14.3 Cybersecurity and Network roadmap. The session will present a recap of v13.3 and v13.3.1 products and features released recently (e.g. new switches models and features, the Firewall-IPD, new DeltaV LOCK command, etc.), and for the first time we will present details about new projects which will be part of the DeltaV v14.3 release (Independent Domain Controller, Cybersecurity Features and ISASecure SSA Certification). 45 minutes Workshop Alexandre Peixoto
Rick Gorskie
Neil Peterson
4-14510 - Bridging the Knowledge Gap - Blended Learning Lessons Learned with Lucite International Inc Track: 4. Final Control & RegulateTechnical Level: IntermediateEmerson Blended Learning combines conventional classroom training with video, eLearning, and workshops in order to keep customers at their plant as much as possible while still delivering high quality education to them when needed. Our customers have trouble getting away from their plants for a long duration, add to that the cost of overtime and travel expenses and it becomes almost impossible for some of our customers to attend an instructor-led week long course. The solution is Emerson's Blended Learning approach which allows students to meet on their time, often 2 hours 2-3 times a week over a 2-3 week period to still achieve the training they need when they need it. 45 minutes Workshop Richie Ritter
Rudy de Anda
3-14560 - Virtual Instruments? Big $$$ from 1’s and 0’s. Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: AdvancedA “virtual” instrument is a computed value, based on a collection of actual measurements, to measure something as if an actual instrument were there. These virtual instruments can be as simple as inferring a tank’s outlet flow by computing the change in level or as complex as inferring a flow via mass balance. Come see how our plant uses a variety of these virtual sensors to corroborate actual measurements, provide real time ‘calibration’ of actual sensors, or perform the function of a primary instrument. The why's are addressed, but the focus is on the implementation of these sensors. We have fielded over 2 dozen virtual instruments and will discuss the pain and the payoff. 45 minutes Workshop Jim Coleman
3-14553 - Gas Lift Optimization Application Increases Crude Oil Production Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateGas lift is a common method of artificial lift for crude production and deliquification of gas wells. The optimization of the process in order to minimize lift costs while maximizing production gains is an ever present concern to all operators. Automated applications can achieve significant improvements by offering various alternatives, and by placing the equivalent of a seasoned lease operator, at every wellhead, 24/7 in order to make adjustments. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Mease
Joey Raskie
3-14558 - A strategic guide to advanced control in your plant for the “cautiously interested” Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryMany industrial users are keen to try advanced controls, but are unfamiliar with the tools and technology or just not sure how it fits in their facility. This presentation will outline an approach to the implementation of advanced controls for the “cautiously interested”. By starting with a high-level opportunity audit that looks for key indicators to identify high-value applications, the most promising advanced control applications can be identified and formed into an actionable plan to deliver meaningful results. The presentation will also cover best-practices to achieve successful commissioning and long-term solution sustainability. Over $20M to date in case studies and observations from the perspective of an end user will be provided by Potash Corp. 45 minutes Workshop Dave Sosulski
Devin Marshman
2-14541 - THE X-WELL X-FACTOR: HOW APC REDUCED SAFETY RISK, CAPEX AND OPEX Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntroductoryAnadarko Petroleum Mainline Facility in Catarina, Texas needed to measure temperature at multiple points along their gas line. Liquid drop due to temperature variance was identified as the cause for $800K in unexpected maintenance costs to clean solidified carbon pellets in six sulphur treaters. The facility was designed without these temperature measurement points and lacked adequate I/O for expansion. Wireless technology and X-well temperature transmitters provided a quick, cost efficient installation with no disruption of operations. The elimination of traditional hot tap installation and wiring costs resulted in CapEx savings of $45,000 and 230 labor hours. Temperature monitoring will prevent future OpEx costs associated with the solid formation build-up in the sulphur treaters. 45 minutes Workshop Daniel Volz
David Penny
2-14565 - Increase 0,42% availability of Stream Cracker with diagnostic of instruments,wireless technology&AMS Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateMOL Petrochemical (MPC), a Hungarian Petrochemical company (formerly TVK) introduced a plant wide campaign after the successfully implemented pilot in order to increase the reliability, availability and the up-time of it’s Olefin 2 plant. MPK has identified the following bottlenecks in its Stream Cracker 2 facility where the availability are critical and needs to be improved: - uncertainty of the main technology stream line - availability of the cooling water system - reduce pump failure by using diagnostics - operator activity Beside the increased reliability the Customer targeted less maintenance cost and increased operation efficiency, too. 45 minutes Workshop Tibor Poór
Norbert Nagy
Megan Wiens
István Bognár
3-14577 - Going for the Gold! Advanced Control in an Ore Grinding Circuit Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateIn the mining industry, advanced control usually means expert systems or fuzzy logic. These have been used in the past with mixed results at Barrick Nevada’s Cortez Mine. Barrick recently migrated the existing controls on the SABC circuit to Emerson's DeltaV. The PredictPro (MPCPlus) multivariable, model-predictive control technology embedded within Delta V was selected for the optimization objective of maintaining consistent operations from shift to shift. The MPCPlus applied in the grinding circuit enforces consistent operations from crew to crew. This presentation will describe the three MPCPlus's configurations, designs, interfaces, implementation, commissioning, and performance reporting for the SAG, Ball Mill, and Thickener circuits at Barrick Nevada’s Cortez Mine. 45 minutes Workshop Jim Bosch
Lou Heavner
6-14611 - Corrosion monitoring provides refineries with operational certainty to process opportunity crudes Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateFlexibility in the range of crudes that can be accepted by a refinery is paramount for maximising profitability. However, introducing cheaper crudes carries significant corrosion risk to plant integrity. Therefore, refiners have to walk the tightrope between maximising profit and managing plant availability. Top quartile refiners are proactively deploying a portfolio of corrosion monitoring techniques. Tighter monitoring enables cost-effective tracking of corrosion in areas of concern, and enables pinpointing of specific feedstocks or process operations that result in accelerated corrosion rates. Corrosion mitigation strategies can be optimised and validated online so that timely, evidence-based, integrity management decisions can be made 45 minutes Workshop Jake Davies
Kjell Wold
3-14642 - How Pascuales-Cuenca project save space, time and cost in greenfield project (Pipeline - Terminals) Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryPascuales-Cuenca projects has 134 miles of pipeline to transport refined products such as Gasoline, Diesel and LPG, also has 2 storage Terminals. The pipeline goes across the Andes mountains and required 5 pumping stations, 19 segmentation valves between the 2 Terminals. The project need to reduce cost and fast implementation to meet local need and quick product distribution to the cities of Pascuales and Cuenca. 45 minutes Workshop Jose Luis Amaquina
Manuel Arroyo
Jose Luis Amaquina
6-14630 - Appointment with the Valve MDs-Diagnostics Can Keep your Valve Alive Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIn this appointment the Valve MD's will provide insight into Control Valve Diagnostic Data. If some of your processes in your plant have started to feel a little run down and sluggish, maybe its time to gather an EKG (Valve Signature) and Treadmill Test (Step Test and other diagnostic data). The Valve MD's will provide some help and guidance so your valves live through the next maintenance cycle. This is one appointment you do not want to miss. 2 Hours Short Course Steve Hagen
3-14678 - European Refinery Saves Millions with Emerson In-Line Fuel Blending Solution Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateFuel Blending operations around the world today are faced with stricter environmental regulations, increasing product requirements,and tighter product specifications. Remaining competitive and compliant in today's market requires plant modifications, modern blending technology, and advanced controls so you can blend your product right the first time,every time. Emerson can help you produce repeatable on-spec blends, improve tank utilization, and increase profitability by designing blending operations and providing integrated, turnkey blending systems and controls. This session will highlight how Emerson helped solve a refiner's fuel blending challenges and save them more than $10 million a year in re-blends and product downgrades by implementing an in-line blending solution. 45 minutes Workshop Arnold Josefson
3-14680 - Lean and Mean – Optimizing the PCSD Library Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThis workshop will discuss techniques to optimize the processing speed of the PCSD library as well as to minimize processing requirements based on the needs of the user. Optimizations will be discussed that can be implemented during design to reduce controller utilization and the number of required controllers without sacrificing features important to the user. Also, code structure can be customized to speed execution resulting in faster responses of final control elements. 45 minutes Workshop Vincent Wojtaszek
Matt Sarcopski
1-14755 - How Air Products implemented a multi-site turnaround program with Emerson Life Cycle Services Track: 1. Solve & SupportTechnical Level: IntermediateWith more than 40+ sites in North America and reduced staffing for turnaround planning and execution, Air Products turned to team Emerson to design a turnaround program. The program consists of program management, development of scopes of work, planning, scheduling, and execution of the turnaround for all automation assets including valves and instrumentation for each site. Team Emerson consists of Fisher Valve services, Rosemount Instrumentation Services, and Local Business Partners Services. The program has been successfully implemented on several sites in 2016 with many more sites scheduled for program execution over the next couple of years. As of the end of December 2016, Air Products has realized savings of nearly $400k with turnarounds completed on time and within budget. 45 minutes Workshop Clay Roccaforte
Augie Di Giovanni
Jake Pittman
6-14762 - DeltaV Alarm Management Product Update Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntermediateIn this session we will review the current DeltaV Alarm functionalities including Dynamic Alarming Modules, DeltaV Analyze and Alarm Mosaic. In addition, we will provide a first-hand look at the DeltaV Alarm Management enhancements that are coming in the DeltaV v14 release. 45 minutes Workshop Ryan Nielsen
2-14692 - Ten Most Difficult Flow Applications in a Pulp & Paper Mill Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateThere are many challenging flow measurements in a Pulp and Paper mill, from noisy stock flows, expensive additives, aggressive chemicals, abrasive materials, and high process temperatures, to varying steam quality and fuels. Selecting and installing the right technology and configuration is critical for effective flow and density measurement in any typical paper mill. 45 minutes Workshop Larry Hammett
Vince Miller
3-14705 - Cold Water Storage = $2.5M Savings in Electricity! Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryWith ever increasing electricity costs, a novel approach to energy storage was used to save the University of Guelph millions of dollars in electricity costs and reduce their carbon foot print dramatically. For users with large cooling requirements, such as a university, large scale cold water storage offers many unique benefits; namely, the ability to produce and store thermal energy when electricity costs are at their off-peak rates. This allowed the University to shave 7MW of electrical load during peak periods and save $2.5M in electrical charges form the local utility provider. 45 minutes Workshop James Gray
Steve Sullivan
2-14673 - ONGC set to recover $3M Annually by reducing gas custody transfer uncertainty Track: 2. Measure & AnalyzeTechnical Level: IntermediateONGC Gas plant at Uran, India supplies over 353 MMSCFD gas to various consumers. They had custody transfer systems based on orifice metering with uncertainty of 0.9%. ONGC wanted improvement in the system. Emerson proposed, designed & implemented Daniel Ultrasonic gas flow custody transfer systems to reduce measurement uncertainty to 0.3%. Emerson India manufactured the skid locally to reduce the project cost & schedule. The new system pays for itself in an year and will help ONGC to recover $3M annually from their custody transfers. Paper discusses project details & savings calculation. 45 minutes Workshop Bhupendra Shringi
Shardula Nogaja
5-14798 - Getting the most out of LinkedIn and Emerson Exchange 365 Track: 5. Business Management & Career Development Technical Level: Introductory You have been too busy to keep up with social media, but are you missing out on anything important? It can be hard to keep up with your contacts, know where to go with industry questions, or find out about the newest innovations. LinkedIn has become an important way to keep up with networking and find information pertinent to your industry. And Emerson Exchange 365 allows for collaboration and sharing after the Emerson Global Users Exchange for this year is over. Learn the key benefits and rules for social media, update your LinkedIn profiles, learn the power of Emerson Exchange 365 and get more comfortable with social media with this hands on session. You'll be ready to solve problems faster, gain experience faster by learning from peers and develop your personal brand. Please bring your laptop to this hands-on session.  90 minutes Short Course Jim Cahill
Lydia Miller
3-15222 - Improvements in system gain losses across pipelines and tank farms Track: 3. Operate & Manage Technical Level: Introductory Presentation to demonstrate how a tank farm and/or a pipeline company could make improvements to their gain losses by 0.015% to 0.025% over a twelve month rolling average through training, updates to instrumentation and improvements in procedures. A reset as to what is considered normal data collection and acceptable accuracies. 45 minutes Workshop Lance Berry
TE-15532 - Technology Exhibits - Wednesday Get “hands on” with cutting-edge technologies, experiencelive demonstrations and talk with the subject matter expertsbehind Emerson’s products and solutions, as well as productsfrom complementary vendors.Brands like Rosemount, Fisher, Micro Motion, DeltaV, Bettis,Ovation, ASCO and Appleton, plus strategic third parties,will make up a comprehensive collection of the latest andgreatest automation technology solutions — all in one placein a highly interactive format.Reception food and beverages will be served. 3 Hours Technology Exhibits
ML-15537 - BREAKFAST Hot and delicious breakfast buffet served from 7:00 am - 8:00 am. 1 Hour Meals
MTE-15479 - Rosemount Instrumentation - Best Practices & Common Mistakes With the Emerson Exchange being in Minnesota, meet the faces behind the emails and phones of the Technical Support Specialists team that help users everyday with their questions on Rosemount Instrumentation. Rosemount experts will be prepared to discuss:• Common questions they receive on Rosemount Pressure, Temperature, DP Level, and DP Flow Instrumentation• Best practices in specifying, installing, operating, and maintaining Rosemount instrumentation• How to make the process of integrating and commissioning Rosemount devices into your control system and asset management program as simple and pain-free as possible• Other open questions from the audience on Rosemount instrumentation 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Rick Fox
Todd Wallace
Kevin Branger
Michael Olivier
EDU-15429 - Approaches to Large Well Pad Automation Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.O&G Producers continue to increase the number of wells per pad in the shale environment, and the approach to automation continues to evolve to meet their needs. In this course, participants will be introduced to key technologies for deploying a large well pad solution and have the opportunity to configure system to meet these needs. This will include ROC800 configuration, SmartProcess O&G Applications, and the Distributed RTU Network. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Alfredo Sanut
EDU-15431 - Changes to partial stroke testing and the related evaluation criteria. Technical Level: Intermediate PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda. The partial stroke test has been modified to better suit large actuators. New configurable scoring criteria have been added. The instrument automatically scores each test using the configured criteria and sets an appropriate alert. Both successful and abnormal partial stroke tests set a corresponding alert that can be logged for record keeping. To aid in the instrument setup for performing a PST, ValveLink offers a PST calibration. 2 hours English Educational Services Courses Jordan Mandernach
Stanley Af
EDU-15455 - Wireless Level Solutions and Advanced Diagnostics Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.Learn the ins and outs of setting up wireless devices, especially the wireless guided wave radar and the wireless vibrating fork switch. See how easy they are to set up and configure, learn key features, and how they work, and discover some great applications. Also learn how to access advanced diagnostic features. Get hands on experience setting up a wireless network and with wireless level devices. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Kevin Thomas
Dale Perry
MTE-15474 - DeltaV DCS Tips & Tricks This session covered DeltaV Best Practices specific to ProPlus performance, controller Loading, and DeltaV upgrade. For each topic, key considerations were presented, and a Q&A allowed for deep dives on specific focus areas. The ProPlus performance topic included maintenance and impact of concurrent engineering. The controller Loading topic focused on architecture and configuration impact. The DeltaV upgrade topic covered planning and execution. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Matt Forbis
Kenny Marks
Jay Colclazier
Bruce Greenwald
MTE-15486 - Implementing an IIoT Vision There are many paths to achieving Operation Certainty, but deciding where to start can be a challenge. Emerson enables the Industrial Internet of Things with the Plantweb Digital Ecosystem, consulting, services, and existing data infrastructure. Experts in IIoT strategies will discuss a framework method for developing an IIoT vision based on ROI that determines general infrastructure requirements. The forum will be open to questions on technology, IT/OT collaboration, security, scalability, business justification and more. 1.5 Hours Meet The Experts Scott Hokeness
Kyle Nystrom
Brian Atkinson
Dan Carlson
RDM-15739 - Regulators and Relief Valves Roadmap Regulators and Relief Valves Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Mark Jordan
Trent Decker
Doug Scheffler
3-14647 - What to do when your operator can’t see the forest for the trees – COSA graphics Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe loss of operator situation awareness has been identified as a contributor in several major process incidents. Effective graphics, and specifically overview displays, have been identified as one important solution to improve situation awareness. However, users have struggled in creating overview displays. This is often due to the lack of information on what is required for this type of display. The Center for Operator Performance investigated industry best practices for overview displays, developing rules, guidelines, and examples for creation of effective displays to maintain an operator’s situation awareness. Overview displays based on this process are called Console Operator Situation Awareness (COSA) displays. 45 minutes Workshop Ike Brackin
Cindy Scott
David Strobhar
EDU-15436 - DeltaV MPC Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.The DeltaV Model Predictive Control short course is intended for process control personnel interested in configuring Model Predictive Control strategies using the DeltaV MPC Plus function block. The students will develop an MPC strategy based on a control problem. The students will create the control strategy, develop the model of the process, generate the control and test the result using Control Studio and PredictPro. 4 hours Educational Services Courses J.D. Wheelis
David Strebe
EDU-15448 - Reliability Awareness Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.Reliability Awareness is an overview of the essential reliability elements for that reinforces how a strong reliability program helps corporations achieve success. The session will cover the basic elements of program development based on RCM principles and a proactive maintenance approach for the development of a successful maintenance program. 4 hours Educational Services Courses HP Slater
IF-15373 - Oil & Gas: Midstream Industry Forum The Opportunities of the IIOT for Terminals & Pipelines The promise of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) applications has created the potential to add new value with existing assets, customer relationships and supply chains. However, the lure of IIOT often meets the reality of legacy infrastructure hurdles that delay the integration of sensing, communications and analytics. This forum will discuss the challenges and successes that the IIOT has for midstream terminal and pipeline operators to: Improve reliability by minimizing risks to health & safety and unplanned events and disruptions Optimize operations by increasing productivity, customer service and supply chain optimization Create new sources of competitive advantages 1.5 Hours Industry Forums Mike Boudreaux
Tengbeng Koid
James Haw
William Giles
Chris Amstutz
RDM-15734 - Syncade Product Roadmap Syncade Product Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Kevin Stembridge
RDM-15741 - Isolation Valves Roadmap Isolation Valves Roadmap 1 Hour Product Roadmaps Joanne Lunsford
Trevor Shanks
Michal Pierzchalski
Alberto Bertamoni
Adrie Robbeson
EDU-15443 - Learning Lab Technical Level: IntroductoryPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.Emerson is working with our customers on a consultative basis to help them assess, by job role, the skills gaps by individual. We call this the "competency development" program. We assess the individuals, identify the gaps, and put a blended learning training plan in place to bridge those gaps. Over the last few years Emerson has developed new flexible training delivery options. The new options include virtual classroom, HD streaming video and eLearning courses that compliment traditional classroom courses. Each attendee will get a chance to hands-on sample many of the new course types. 45 minutes Educational Services Courses Mike Brouse
EDU-15450 - Tank Management – Understanding the dos, don’ts and standards behind Tank Pressure Control and Overfill prevention. Technical Level: IntermediatePRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pre-register by adding the session to your personal agenda.This two-part course will provide deeper understanding of the dos, don’ts and standards behind tank pressure control and overfill prevention. Many tank owners are living with poor tank pressure control, or the effects of poor tank pressure control t high that can include excessive nitrogen usage and maintenance costs as well as product quality issues. The challenge is that many tank owners and operators don’t know where to start to improve their systems. Tank owners will learn how each of the tank top pressure control devices works and, most importantly, key aspects to focus on to make sure the devices properly work together. In addition to pressure controls accurate and reliable overfill detection and prevention is vital to ensuring that movements within the terminal are conducted in a safe manner. API2350 overfill prevention standards will be reviewed along with common issues with overfill detection equipment and the basics of a compliant overfill protection program approach. 4 hours Educational Services Courses Michael Calaway
Magnus Johansson
Richard Ireland
John Anderson
6-15570 - Pressure Relief Valves Fugitive Emissions Testing Track: 6. Emerson PresentsTechnical Level: IntroductoryFugitive emissions, which are unintended emissions of gases or vapors from pressurized plant components, have been a key concern for operators of oil and gas plants as well as regulators for a long time. Fugitive emissions could be hazardous, contribute to atmospheric pollution, and could represent an economic loss for the plant. As the number of potential leak sources at large industrial facilities can be numerous and difficult to identify, controlling fugitive emissions is particularly challenging. One particularly challenging potential source of fugitive emissions is pressure relief valves (PRVs). 45 minutes Workshop Emile Tezzo
Calvin Deng
Amr Gado
3-14971 - SIS 101: The Basics of Functional Safety Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryThe purpose of this course is to provide the attendee with a basic understanding of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), the associated standards, commonly used terminology, and the fundamental requirements for IEC 61511 and IEC 61508. This course will discuss the HAZOP to the LOPA analysis, and then decipher probability of failure on demand (pfd) and architectural requirements. Additional discussion on topics related to the Operational Phase of the safety lifecycle will also be covered, including validation and proof testing, partial stroke testing, proof test coverage, and control of modifications. Questions will be highly encouraged. 90 minutes Short Course Loren Stewart
Erik Mathiason
Andy Crosland
3-14976 - Chemtura Invests in Operator Health, Safety, and Well-Being Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductorySince 1974, Chemtura's Great Lakes Solutions business unit has operated its largest bromine producing facility, West Plant, near El Dorado, AR. Over 42 years, the plant has enjoyed steady bromine production levels, but until recently, had not made any substantial upgrades to its control system or facilities. In conjunction with a control system upgrade, plant management decided to evaluate a redesign of the control room that would improve the health, safety, productivity, and comfort of their operators. Completed in 2016, the system and facility upgrade not only improved production and lowered maintenance costs, but Chemtura operators are now enjoying the benefits of ergonomically-designed consoles and a streamlined, safer, and more comfortable work environment. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Garnett
Bruce Johnson
3-15049 - Process Simulation for Specialty Chemical: Challenges and Triumphs Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateCharacterized by a manufacturing process that is often complex while needing to remain flexible, specialty chemicals present unique challenges to automation and process engineers. Unlike commodity chemicals manufactured in a continuous process, batch processes for specialty chemicals are in perpetual startup and shutdown, produce a spectrum of products, and have interrelated batch yield, production, quality, and repeatability. Dow Chemical successfully utilized Mimic simulation in a virtual environment to address operational and engineering difficulties for their batch chemical manufacturing. Tough challenges were encountered from proposal to FAT but all were overcome and incredible results were realized. 45 minutes Workshop William Teng
Spencer Absher
3-15051 - Justifying Virtualization Technology in a Batch Specialty Chemical Plant Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntroductoryIn a risk-averse environment where capital funding is increasingly difficult to obtain, translating the costs and benefits of virtualizing a DeltaV control system to management is a challenge. Virtualization technology may seem to add complexity to an already difficult to maintain DCS. To help overcome this problem, 3M and Novaspect developed a model to compare the overall lifecycle cost for systems with varying degrees of virtualization. This workshop will provide insight and clarity to help you convince management that virtualizing your system shouldn't be viewed as an unnecessary luxury but rather an investment with a range of benefits. We will discuss the pros and cons of the various paths you can take to reach your goals of delivering improved uptime and lower lifetime costs. 45 minutes Workshop Julie Reindl
Ben Wiegers
Matt Rauschke
3-15068 - AXION Energy's Terminal Operations streamlined at 3 sites in Argentina Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateEven after the acquisition AXION has continued to operate their terminals with Emerson's DANTAS system. With change in technology and difficulty in maintaining system it became evident a need to migrate. AXION went through a extensive evaluation process before selecting a vendor that could migrate their existing DANTAS system to a system that can help maintain increase in throughput and be easily supported. Emerson's Truck Loading System was selected as their system of choice. 45 minutes Workshop Shoyeb Hasanali
Myo Thane
3-15075 - Procedural Automation for Continuous Processes – ISA 106 Track: 3. Operate & ManageTechnical Level: IntermediateThe automation of a process allows every start up to be the same. This eliminates potential errors and overshoots which preserves the integrity of the process and eliminates most recycle, purges, safety trips and lost production. Using procedural automation cuts average start-up time by as much as 50% or more. This is accomplished by streamlining the process and using the logic tools for automation. Automated start-up improves profitability and enhances flexibility of the process. Project ROI estimates show that the project typically pays for itself in 3 months. Examples of state logic and typicals of control modules will be illustrated. Controller loading, how to plan and best practices for state based control on a DeltaV will be discussed as well as how to avoid pitfalls. 45 minutes Workshop Dustin Beebe
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